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F-86H Restored and Ready for Debut

Dedicating the recently restored F-86H with a 50s Style Sock Hop Hangar Dance!
The restoration of our F-86H is complete and pilots were able to gain the advantage. The Official Newsletter for Members and Friends of Wings Museum
more than 100 guests helped us celebrate its
debut, along with the team that restored this During that conflict, Sabres shot down 792
mighty aircraft, Aug. 29, at our 50s style sock MiGs with only 76 Sabres lost – a victory VOL. 15, ISSUE 3 3rd QUARTER 2009
hop hangar dance. ratio of 10 to one. All 39 of the United

The evening featured the restoration team

Nations’ jet aces in that conflict were F-86
pilots. Actor/Pilot Harrison Ford to be Honored at
Wings Over the Rockies Annual 2009 Gala
while live music was played by Six-Foot Joe
and the Red Hot Rhinos. The “H” Series F-86H Restoration Sock Hop
Our restored aircraft at Wings is the North
The F-86 Sabre was used in the 50s & best American F-86H Sabre. The F-86H, perfected Featuring the restored F-86H
and music by Six-Foot Joe and Star Wars; Air Force The Spreading Wings Gala celebrates
known for its Korean War role, where it was after the signing of the Korean Armistice, rep-
the Red Hot Rhinos
pitted against the Soviet MiG-15 to obtain resented the practical application of knowl- August 29, 2009 One; Six Days, Seven and sustains Colorado’s distinguished
United Nations air superiority. The F-86 Sabre edge gained from the thousands of combat 7 - 11 p.m. Nights; and the leadership in aviation and space with
was America’s first swept-wing fighter jet. missions flown by the earlier F-86A, E and F
Indiana Jones series. proceeds supporting the Wings Over the
variants. Wings Over the Rockies
It gained its highest fame during the Korean Tickets: $20 in advance, Ford is an accom- Rockies Museum and the Spreading
Conflict as a “MiG Killer.” Though the The museum obtained the F-86H in 2004. It $25 day of event plished pilot who Wings Education Outreach program.
Russian-built Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 jet is exhibited with part of its stressed skin Call 303.360.5360 ext. 105 for generously gives his Contact 303-360-5360 ext. 170 or
fighter was slightly superior to the F-86, Sabre removed to show the internal structure. more information.
time to help support a for more
variety of aviation- information.
related organizations,
including the 2009 Wings of Wonder
Experimental Aircraft
Association (EAA).
Event Series*
Harrison Ford is the 2009 Spreading Wings' Honoree
Ford is a national
6th Annual Spreading Wings Gala Celebrates F-86H Rollout & Hangar Dance
spokesperson for
Ford’s Passion for Aviation & Wings Over the Rockies
Colorado’s Leadership in Aerospace Education EAA Young Eagles, Aug. 29, 7 - 11 pm.
which provides vol-
3rd Quarter 2009 Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space unteer pilots to fly more than 1.4 million Open Cockpit Demo Days

Air and Space Museum has announced young people giving them a personal flight Wings Over the Rockies
Harrison Ford as this year’s honoree at Sept. 12, 10 a.m.- 2 pm.
Denver, CO 80230-6929
7711 E. Academy Blvd. experience.
its 6th Annual Spreading Wings Gala Oct. 10, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
taking place on Nov. 14. “We are honored to recognize Harrison Ford Hauntings at the Hangar
with the Spreading Wings Award at this year’s Wings Over the Rockies
Ford will receive the organization’s Gala for his tireless dedication to promoting Oct. 31, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
distinguished Spreading Wings Award aviation and the aerospace community,” said
Spreadin Wings Gala
at the event honoring those who have Greg Anderson, president and CEO of the
dedicated their lives to flight and Wings Over the Rockies
Wings Over the Rockies. “His continued sup-
advances in aviation. In addition to Nov. 14, 6 p.m.
port of aviation-related organizations and non-
promoting his personal love of aviation profits makes him the ideal recipient for this *All events are subject to change; visit for more information.
The Official Newsletter for Members and Friends of Wings Museum through many of his films, including unique award."

News from the Cockpit P.2 B-17 Air Power Heritage Week P.4 Vote Wings for Best Museum P.6
Wings' Volunteer of the Year P.3 B-17 Hangar Dance P.5 Research Library Update P.7
MK36 Restored & on Exhibit P.3 Wings' Youngest Fund Raiser P.6 40th Anniversary Moon Landing P.7
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Behind the Ropes

FROM THE COCKPIT Moon Landing Event Wings' Research Library Update
Greg Anderson, President & CEO Closes Out Stories The all-volunteer Research Library staff con-
From Space Series tinues to be quietly busy. Jean Armstrong has
Partly Cloudy Equals Partly Sunny been again invited to research on an author’s
second book about heroes of WWI. George
A meteorologist will tell you that a within the next six to eight months, allowing Over the Rockies, and we are excited To conclude the Stories From Space
series the Museum hosted VAdm. (Ret.) Blood and Dick Palmer are immersing
partly cloudy forecast means clouds will planning to proceed for capital about what he will do for our cause. themselves in a massive cataloging effort to
cover between 3/10ths and 7/10ths of improvements in 2010. We are already Richard Truly, USN. who discussed
What About Those Clouds? his role in space along with the rami- make a cohesive picture of the ever-growing
the sky. Of course, during daylight working with an architect to conceptually collections. Ray Casperson is succeeding
hours, that means that the sky condition plan for a new entrance that will include a In addition to the “sunny” fications the moon landing had on his
career and space missions and noted in keeping over 513 titles in the Periodical
will also be partly sunny. Welcome Theater and vending area for opportunities above, we have also
author Craig Nelson author of the new Section under control and located for speedy
refreshments, possibly with an outside deck planned for the clouds in our skies.
As we continue to hear (and prepare for) book Rocket Men, was on hand to reference. Don Wippermann is concentrating
overlooking an elevated B-52 and plaza area. Our June Board meeting reduced our
economic forecasts that stress the discuss his new book Rocket Men. The on Colorado Aviation and has been adding
2009 budget in several areas. We
negative, there are almost always Centennial Airport book chronicled the efforts leading up to the Library’s various databases. The staff
have frozen salaries, wages and
positive things happening as well. It is to and those following the landing on is also looking for a replacement for our
The success of our B-17 Airpower Heritage planned hires; we have reduced
up to each of us to find the proper the moon a voyage into the unknown dedicated map/chart volunteer, Bob Brown.
Week in early June continues to draw expenses in exhibits, maintenance • Apollo Moon Missions, the Unsung
balance, plan ahead and create positive motivated by politics, faith, science Please contact a staff member if you can
community support and memberships from and overhead; and we have made Heroes. (Billy Watkins) (Above).
opportunities. Such are the times for and wonder that changed the course of help.
the Centennial Airport area. We have changes, such as bringing our
Wings Over the Rockies as we begin the “Wingspan” newsletters to you history.
accepted a generous offer of a leased hangar The Library’s perpetual project to identify • Chariots for Apollo, the NASA History
second half of 2009. on-line in order to save printing and The event also debuted a special
which will allow museum activities and exact duplicates in our collection has pro- of Manned Lunar Space craft to 1969.
I am very excited about what the next aircraft storage for airplanes such as the postage expenses. showcase of 40th Anniversary Tribute
duced another crop of materials for sale at (Courtney Brooks).
six months will bring. Our Board of Canadair Tudor jet which has been offered to Exhibit Items – commemorating the
Meanwhile, our programs continue to events of the 1969 Moon Landing. The rock bottom prices. Please see contact note
Directors’ meeting in late June carefully the Museum. In addition, long-range serve veterans, families and young below to arrange to come and harvest! From • Last Man on the Moon. (Eugene
considered our forecast as well as planning can continue for a second site at complementary exhibit items are on
people. From our growing education time to time, informal sales will be held fol- Cernan).
opportunities. Centennial. As part of this planning, we will loan from NASA and includes; Apollo
programs to exhibits and B-17 Photographs, Six Moon Rock Repli- lowing the Saturday Volunteer meetings.
be investigating the possibility of an activities, there has never been a • NASA Apollo 11 Owner’s Workshop.
Hangar 2 Plans cas, Apollo Mock Up Suit W/Helmet,
aerospace charter school to be developed in more exciting time to be part of the To commemorate Apollo 11’s Monumental (Christopher Riley).
We continue to work closely with conjunction with the Centennial site. Manned Space Flight Panels, Apollo
Wings family. Suit Display and Project Apollo Panels. Achievement, the Research Library has
Hangar 2 Partners to make the most of If you are interested in reading these
Spreading Wings Gala This exhibit is a perfect complement acquired several new titles:
our Hangar 2 redevelopment plans. Our core mission has not changed ... new additions, or any of our books,
to our permanent exhibit “Colorado’s • Apollo 11, the NASA Mission
Around storage spaces created in the We anticipate the biggest and best Spreading “Education and inspiration of all ages of course, please contact the Research
Astronauts: In Their Own Words, Reports, Vol. 1-3, CDS included. (Robert
hangar (including an area for Wings), Wings Gala ever this November 14th. We through aviation and space” has never Library or
presented by Lockheed Martin.” This Godwin, ed.).
and boutique retail in the north and will honor Harrison Ford with the prestigious been more important. AS call (303)360-5360 ext. 119 and leave a
south buildings, a “dining district” is award by the same name. Few people have MEMBERS AND VOLUNTEERS, exhibit features the personal reflections,
• Apollo, the Epic Journey to the Moon. message.
planned for free-standing buildings promoted flight to more people than YOU ARE THE FUEL FOR OUR memorabilia and artifacts of more than
60 astronauts with Colorado ties. (David Reynolds).
along the west and south side streets. Harrison through his best-selling movies, MISSION. Also, the staff can offer other books
Designs have the look and feel of and through tireless advocacy for general We are prepared to fly through sunny and still other alternatives to items the
• Journey to the Moon, the History of the
Larimer Square. aviation and youth programs. He is also a or cloudy skies with your continuing library may not hold in its collection.
Apollo Guidance Computer. (Eldon Hall).
great pilot of several types of aircraft. support. This is true for many aspects of aviation
While entitlements and the economy are
Harrison believes in the mission of Wings and space exploration.
challenging, closing should happen • Live from Cape Canaveral. (Jay Barbee).
Greg Anderson, President & CEO Kevin Smith, Education Program Manager
• NASA Engineers and the Age of Apollo. For more information you can visit
Matthew Burchette, Curator & Grants Manager Courtney Walsh, Director of Sales & Corporate Events
Liz Ann Fischer, Volunteer Coordinator Darci Wert, Director of Education (Sylvia Doughty Fries). these interesting Web sites for special
Jeff Franta, Facilities Manager Apollo information, http://www.nasa.
Yael Franzen, Grant and Program Development Manager Directors & Officers:
• Moon Shot, the Inside Story of America’s gov/mission_pages/apollo/40th/, www.
Kristin Love, Director of Administration Harold Smethills, Chairman
Ed Massman, Controller Pat Wiesner, Co-Vice Chairman Race to the Moon. (Alan Shepard/Deke, and www.
Nancy McCurdy, Museum Store Manager Jack Cronin, Secretary-Treasurer Slayton).
Craig Nelson (left), author of Rocket Men, Jim Dolan, Museum
Joseph ‘Moo’ Muniz, Director of Marketing; Editor Wingspan
volunteer and Astronaut VAdm. (Ret.) Richard Truly, USN. - Marilyn Chang, Librarian
Wingspan is a quarterly publication of Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum • 7711 E. Academy Blvd., Denver, CO 80230-6929 • (303) 360-5360
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Behind the Scenes at the Wing News and Info from Wings
Wings' Newest Fund Raiser is itsYoungest Fund Raiser Long Time Volunteer Named 2009 Volunteer of the Year
We’ve all seen the news, read the papers and possibly watched As part of their Portfolios, each student must complete a service Harry Blout Recognized as Twelve volunteers were nominated by the mu- delights visitors with stories of the
Wings' Ultimate Ambassador seum staff and Harry was selected by his peers. “old days” at Lowry. Harry is also is
portfolios drop. There is no denying that times are tough. And project and do a write up on it. Some of the things suggested at
Harry’s dedication and love of the museum is an exceptionally professional docent
most nonprofits are seeing a decline in giving. That’s why this the third grade level are helping an elderly neighbor, donating to a
expressed in many ways beginning with his for our Education department. His
story is so remarkable. food bank, or collecting toys for a Long time volunteer, Harry Blout,
commute to serve as a volunteer at the Muse- versatility is obvious if you listen
shelter. Tristan and his mother has received the Donald B. Welsh
Tristan Ropa just turned nine- um. Harry travels more than 64 miles each way as he leads a tour of three-year olds
were discussing what kind of Volunteer of the Year Award for
years old. Most boys his age from his home in Colorado Springs. in our “Top Gun for Tots” program
service would be meaningful to 2008-2009. The award, presented by
are focused on sports or video and then deftly conducts a tour for a
him, and he asked if Wings was Greg Anderson, CEO of Wings, at
games, not on giving back to Through the years Harry has held a variety of group of senior citizens.
a nonprofit organization (he the Annual Volunteer Appreciation
the community. Not in this volunteer positions at Wings. In 1998 he began
knows what nonprofits are, Picnic held on July 11.
case. as the soaring curator and Additionally, Harry is often a greet-
since Lori works for one). He
continues to work in many er for our many public corporate
Tristan is in third grade at the said he loved the museum and
different departments. Ev- events he represents the Museum’s
Rocky Mountain School of really wanted to donate some
ery Tuesday you can find values and education mission as
Expeditionary Learning money to it so it would always
Harry greeting members a member of the Speakers Bureau
(RMSEL) in Denver. The be there.
and guests from his post at – covering an array of aviation
school’s mission is to
On May 9th, Tristan, Lori and the Welcome Center. He topics for discussion to community
empower their students “to be
his friends arrived at Wings to is genuinely concerned in organizations.
learners, thinkers, citizens,
present his donation. Museum each guest’s experience
and explorers engaged in and
staff rewarded his efforts with and engages them in con- The staff and volunteers of Wings
inspired by the real world.”
an orange Wings T-shirt, versation about the many Over the Rockies are very proud to
Their motto is: “We are crew,
customized dog tags, a wonderful features of the have Harry Blout on our volunteer
not passengers.”
certificate of appreciation and a Museum. team.
According to Tristan’s mother, An aerial view shows Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space museum (right) and Hangar 2 (left). lapel pin for when Tristan
Lori, students at RMSEL do begins to wear suits. There was Harry served as an Air Be sure to say hello to Harry on
not receive traditional grades a brief pause as the Museum’s Force pilot here at Lowry your next visit to Wings Over the
for their work, but have Portfolios that demonstrate their curator explained to Tristan exactly what a lapel was! After the Wings' Volunteer Harry Blout (left) accepts the Donald B. Welsh Volunteer of the Year Award Air Force Base in the Rockies. – Liz Ann Fischer, Volun-
learning and character. informal ceremony, Tristan and his friends toured the Museum for 2008-2009 from Greg Anderson, CEO Wings Over the Rockies.
1960’s and entertains and teer Coordinator
and even had a chance to get pictures taken with some of the
At several points (3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th grades) RMSEL
students go through “Passages,” an intensive process of putting
Museum’s costumed Star Wars volunteers.
Restoration Team Completes Latest Project – Restoration of MK36
together their Portfolios and reflections on their work, all for Tristan’s selfless act shows us that Wings Over the Rockies means
presentation to a Passages Panel that will determine whether or something to everyone. Tristan, we hope to see you back as a This July marked the com- system to generate yields
not the student is ready to move on to the next grade level. volunteer when you turn 16! pletion of Wings’ Restora- up to about 10 megatons.
tion team’s latest project –
the restoration of a MK36 The MK 36 was a more
Wings Nominated for Denver Channels A-List as Best Museum thermonuclear bomb. The advanced version of the
restoration of this item earlier MK 21 nuclear
Wings Over the Rockies has been nominated as one of the As the premier image-based has been underway, led bomb, which itself was
top MUSEUMS in the Denver area as part of the Best of guide of local businesses, by Wings’ volunteers Jack a weaponized version of
Denver's 7 A-List. the Denver's 7 A-List brings Lenten and Dave McCord, the "Shrimp" design, the
together information and vi- since April. first "dry" (lithium deu-
The Denver's 7 A-List features a promotional contest and sual content to form a unique teride) fuel thermonuclear
city guide through Denver's 7 and CityVoter that profiles lo- place for local businesses to promote their business. The MK36 was a heavy bomb the U.S. tested, in
cal businesses and allows consumers to vote for their favorite high-yield US nuclear the Castle Bravo ther-
local businesses. Voting is conducted online at http://kmgh. Vote for Wings as best Museum today! Contest ends Sept. 19. bomb designed in the monuclear test in 1954. Help us to become Denver’s 7 A-List best museum. 1950s. It was a thermonu- About 920 MK 36 bombs
clear bomb, using a multi- were produced as new or
stage fusion secondary converted. Wings' MK36 after four months of restoration work. All MK36 nuclear bombs were retired between August
1961 and January 1962, replaced by the B41 nuclear bomb. The MK36 bomb is 56.2 to 59 inches in diameter,
depending on version and 150 inches long. It weighed 17,500 or 17,700 pounds depending on version.
4 5

B-17 Air Power Heritage Week 2009 B-17 Air Power Heritage Week 2009
Hangar Dance Wraps Up B-17 Week
More Than 4,000 People Take Part in B-17 Week
Wings Over the Rockies hosted EAA’s First Female Jet Demonstration Pilot Delivers
B-17 Aluminum Overcast: “Keep Inspirational Presentation at Hangar Dance
it Flying Tour,” at Signature Flight
Support at Centennial Airport the first More than 375 people came out to the annual Airpower Heri-
week of June in honor of Veterans tage Hangar Dance to dance under the wings of the mighty
since WWII while also offering guests B-17 Aluminum Overcast and support Wings Over the Rock-
a chance to fly on one of the few still- ies.
flying B-17s.
This year’s featured guest speakers for the event were Air
More than 4,000 people attended Force Maj. Nicole Malachowski, current White House Fel-
the fifth annual heritage week event, low and MajGen. Mike Edwards, Adjutant General, Colorado
hailed as one of the best B-17 tour National Guard.
stops in the country, offering them
The beautifully restored B-17 Aluminum Overcast comes in for a landing at Centennial Airport following a flight during B-17 Air Power Heritge Week.
not only the opportunity to take flight Maj. Malachowski holds the distinction as the first ever, high
“missions” on this spectacular aircraft performance jet demonstration pilot in the U.S. military as
but also take ground tours this mag- a member of the Air Force Thunderbirds. She delivered an
nificently restored aircraft. inspirational presentation that chronicled her achievements in Guests on hand at TAC Air Hangar at Centennial Airport for the Hangar Dance under Aluminum Over-
the Air Force with a slide show presentation and speech that cast during the B-17 Air Power Heritage Week.
Daily events included; B-17 flight brought the gathering to its collective feet.
simulators, Veteran’s corner, airpower
theater, free young eagle flights, pedal MajGen. Edwards is responsible for the command administra-
planes for children, static vintage tion of over 5,000 Colorado Army and Air National Guard
WWII military vehicles – including a members currently deployed to operations in Iraq and Afghani-
tank – and WWII military reenactors. stan. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Depart-
Above Left: (Clockwise): Wings Volunteer Dale Bristol
shows visitors how to fly the B-17 flight simulator as ment of Military & Veterans Affairs and is a member of the
According to Wings’ CEO Greg An- part of the events at B-17 week. (Above) The B-17 Governor’s cabinet.
ground crew volunteers take a break between flights at
derson the event will take place again Centennial Airport. (Below) Young Eagle flyers depart
next year, so mark your calendars now the flightline after a complimentary flight, part of
B-17 week that offers free flight experiences to youths During the Hangar Dance, guests dined on USO–style BBQ
for 2010. between the ages of 8-17. while dancing under the wing of a B-17 to the “big band” spins
from our house DJ. Guests dressed in vintage WWII attire
while paying tribute to the B-17 bomber and veterans. Above: (Clockwise): Air Force Maj. Nicole Mala-
chowski leans over to talk to a young lady at the B-17
Hangar Dance. (right) Vanity Dollz performers pose
in a vintage jeep on display at the Hangar Dance.
(below) MajGen. Mike Edwards, Adjutant General,
Colorado National Guard, Maj. Malachowski and
Greg Anderson, CEO Wings Over the Rockies, in front
of Aluminum Overcast. (left) A guest tours the B-17
during the Hangar Dance.

B-17 flight participants walk around Aluminum Overcast prior to

their "mission."

Wings Over the Rockies Would Like to Thank our Sponsors for B-17 Week