My Special Friend Your cheerful smile Your caressing hand It's the really simple things That make your

life look so grand You're a special woman It's in your eyes I see the truth There is no disguise It's your spirit Maybe your soul But my life without you Would feel painfully old You've been a true friend I hope you stay I would be so very empty If you ever went away

The Story by Jordanna Tillinghast Two separate lives brought together Our love and friendship shared forever. The laughs, the love, even some tears Were planned to be spent all our years. Then one day things fell apart, And time and hurt pulled at our heart. "Together always," were words only said; And reality was, it was all in our head. But through it all, we truly shine; It will be you and me till the end of time. "I love you always," will now be said and a great friendship waits ahead.

they are someone you share your deepest secrets with. Treasure all that you¶ve been blessed with. This person knows everything about you and still loves you just the same! You know you are truly blessed to find a friend this special at least once in your lifetime. You and Me! I hope you read this poem. I thank the Lord daily for the rare gift of your friendship and the blessing bestowed to share such a gift. Never let it free. a rare kind of friendship comes once in a lifetime. You and Me! Longer than a phone call.*Best friends we are . For always forever. You and Me! Put it in a bottle. and never have to try and put on an act. You and Me! *A true friend is someone you can be yourself around. keep it in your heart. All this belongs to us. laugh together at lifes treasured moments. Deeper than the sea. Remember it for me. Sometimes we laugh together for absolutely no reason at all. Best friends we¶ll be. My only hope is to someday be the kind of friend you¶ve always been to me! A true forever kind of friend!! . Look after it with care.

you will always know why A friend like you is hard to find you put my problems all behind you were there when no one cared the best times were the ones we shared We've been together through good and bad you made me laugh when i was sad and no one else could ever be as good of a friend you are to me Our time together is wilting away more and more everyday but now until the very end you'll always be my special friend. submitted by Anon I sit alone thinking of you and all the things we've both been through You are my soul mate. .BEST FRIENDS ARE FOREVER! © Anon. my very best friend and i know you'll be there until the end Your shoulder to cry on will soon be gone who will be there when something is wrong when times are tough you're always there It shows me just how much you care Although were going separate ways you're in my heart till my final days nothing can make a person see how special a friend you are to me I dreamed of a friend just like you and finally my dream came true noting else could ever fulfill everything you're friendship will You understand a side of me that no one else could ever see you know whats wrong before i cry but if I do.

A Laugh A Cry A Prayer A song Good-bye. But Our Futures are Bright Yes. my friends. I say with a sigh My pain and anguish Uncovered emotions Our Pasts Diminish Into the race of time. I must be Strong But How do you say farewell To a Lifelong Friend? Dear Friend Days without you are none Your spirit fills the air At nights I stay awake to listen to your voice Faintly I hear you say that you are right above Dreams seem all too real I feel your hands and your breath Laughter and fun we have had for so long Then I am awoken by an alarm Letters written back and forth Memories made to stay a lifetime Your lifetime made all too brief But I made sure your life goes on I miss you See you soon you helped me laugh you dried my tears because of you i have no fears together we live together we grow teaching each other what we must know .

you came in my life and i was blessed i luv you friend you are the best release my hand and say good-bye please my friend don't you cry i promise you this it's not the end 'cause like i said you're my friend .

Whether near or far apart. we went thru moments that were good and bad. To be a source of courage When troubles come our way. ARE ONE OF A KIND GOD knew that everyone needs Companionship and cheer. Someone whose love we'll always Hold and treasure in our hearts. Make new friends But keep the old One is sliver and the other gold ! Poem For My Best Friend : DEAR FRIENDS ARE HARD TO FIND DEAR FRIENDS BRING PEACE OF MIND YOU MY BEST FRIEND . even moments that were happy and sad.* Forever Friends you'r my friend and that is true. miles away cant keep us apart. He knew that people need someone Whose thoughts are always near. GOD knew that we all need someone To share each happy day. but it has reached its very last day. its really sad that it had to be this way. 'cause you'll always be in my heart. He knew they need someone kind To lend a helping hand. Someone to gladly take the time To care and understand. but the gift was given from me to you. That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends! .. you supported me when i was in tears. Someone to be true to us.. we stuck together when we were in fear.

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