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presently working with Avvas InfoTech Pvt Limited,Banaglore BOM:Standard Option class Model Planning Product family Bill of material information will be stored in BOM_BILL_OF_MATERIALS BOM_INVETORY_COMPONENTS



Project Mgmt
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Take full responsibility and accountability for the project Apply lessons learned from recent project Define project roles and responsibilities Lead the Project Start Up activities Perform project tracking Adopt project management best practices Manage to project priorities

Project Cost Management :By calculating the expected expenditure versus actual expenditure at any point.This requires some special handling if accrued costs are involved. we can calculate how we are performing against our budget.y y y y y y y y y Perform risk management Communicate project status upward and to the client Drive decision-making to lowest possible level Promote client involvement Encourage and supports escalations Enforce effective change control Mentor project members Promote good working relationships Make things happen o Time (How are we going against schedule) o Cost (How are we going against budget): . o Resources (How much time are we spending on the project) o Scope (Is the scope creep in line with expectations) o Quality (Are we reviewing and fixing quality problems) o Actions (Do we have action items outstanding) 1)Project Integration Management 2)Project Scope Management 3)Project Quality Management 4)Project Schedule Management 5)Project Cost Management 6)Project Risk Management 7)Project Communication Management 8)Organizational Impact Management 9)Project Human Resource Management 10)Project Procurement Management .

Project Charter:A description of major project deliverables including the final product(s) and the hardware. not detailed listings of each piece of hardware and software Project Intiation Activity: 1)Identify all project stakeholders 2)Communicate with stakeholders 3)Acquire/set up space. equipment 4)Organize the assignment/recruitment/transfer of employees and/or contractors to the project team. procurement and risk . quality. software. consisting of the end products that will be delivered 2)It identifies the project activities that will be performed 3)It describes the interdependencies between the activities and when the activities will be accomplished 4)It defines the resources necessary to acquire/develop and implement the end products 5)It describes the processes and procedures that will be used for managing schedule. cost. 5)Conduct project/phase kickoff meeting 6)Conduct initial team orientation/training Project Planning: 1)It defines the scope of the project. and documentation required to produce the final product(s). The documentation should be descriptive at a high level.

Project Planning activities: Core Plannin Process: 1)Scope Planning 2)Scope Definition--wbs 3)Activity Definition 4)Activity Sequencing 5)Resource Planning 6)Activity Duration Estimating 6)Schedule Development 7)Cost Estimating 8)Cost Budgeting 9)Project Plan Development Facilitating Planning Processes 1)Quality planning 2)Organization planning 3)Staff Acquisition Planning 4)Communications Planning 5)Risk Planning 6)Procurement Planning including Solicitation Planning .

Scope Management Plan . Present the project Scope Statement and obtain feedback. 2. Scope Statement: Project description Phase description Project deliverables Project objectives The business justification for the project A description of functional scope A description of the organization/user scope A description of the geographical scope A description of the technical scope A description of the potential risk factors for the project Validating the Scope Statment: Prepare a brief presentation for the project stakeholders. the criteria used to determine if the project or phase has been completed successfully.Scope planning is the process of developing a written scope statement as the basis for future project decisions including. 3. in particular. Make necessary changes and obtain sign-off from the project sponsor and stakeholders.

For example. i. A change control process and approval procedure for any significant changes in the project scope that may affect quality. schedule or cost. and monitoring of the project plan to watch for the addition of out-of-scope activities.A good and complete definition of project scope at each layer.e. Scope Definition and Activity Definition. and user documentation. Scope Planning. software. and the inprocess or intermediate deliverables associated with these tasks. there is a whole set of inprocess deliverables that must be prepared and approved appropriately. whereas the final project deliverable may be an implemented system with hardware. Scope definition involves identifying the major tasks required to produce the project deliverables and meet the objectives defined in the project budget proposal and the project charter. Some examples are: . Precision in the definition of scope is critical or control of scope creep is impossible A scope verification process to monitor the project scope. Scope verification involves inspection and formal approval of project deliverables such as design documents to ensure they are consistent with the approved project scope.

· Requirements document · Installation hardware and software for the development team · System design document · Program specifications · Work plan · Test plans The profile options are Utilities: Diagnostics = Yes/No Hide Diagnostics = Yes/No The form mainly contains four sections. Trigger Object and Condition Trigger Event:WHEN-NEW-FROM-INSTANCE WHEN-NEW-BLOCK-INSTANCE WHEN-NEW-RECORD_INSTANCE WHNE-NEW-ITEM_INSTANCE WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD . Conditions:Conditions decide the event the rule to be executed. Trigger Event. there should be conditions attached which power the execution of the rule. For each rule.e. Each condition mainly contains three sections i. They are Rules:Defining rules doesn t identify when the rule should get evaluated or applied.

responsibility Industry User Actions: Property message: Error.View. server or client side.fnd_function. Menu label is the prompt which appears to the users when Tools menu is invoked. Warning.window.Context: site.exceute special:Select the SPECIAL menu which is not used by the form.Canvas. . block specifies the blocks for which the special menu should be activated and Icon name is the . using Message Dictionary button. Hint.ico file canvas. Question and Debug Builtin:DO_key.go_block.forms_ddl.gloabl variable ON ERROR: This trigger is executed when an error occurs and it processes all errors. object type:Item.block.Raise-from-triggerfailure.fnd_utilities.open_url.

enter-Query Mode:Does not allow out of current data block.Toolbar Canvas.validate the record .mouse event.Image item.isolated.updating.Tab canvas Triggers:Item Interaction. A datablock with query ALL records property Type of content canvas.Navigation.Pushbutton.delete Master-detal :non-isolated.Hierarichal Tree Item.inserting.cascading Block co-ordination:Imeediate.validation.Calculated scope:Form/block/item type:pre/post/when/on/key qyeying process->pre-query.erros/messages quries.stacked canvas. Summrized item:Ths same blcok as summrized item.deferred(with autoqurey/without-autoqury) text-items:querying.deleting non-displayitem:Display item.Sound tiem.exiting run time session.insert.A control block with single record proprety set to YES.Update.

Base a data block on FROM clause sub query Base a data block on a stored procedure Return a REF cursor from a stored procedure Return a table of records from a stored procedure Select the appropriate data source for a data block On-Clear-Details: Implements the Clear phase On-Populate-Details: Implements the Populate phase On-Check-Delete-Master: Implements the restricted-delete rule Effect of trigger failure open_form/new-form/close-form You can only change what Oracle Forms allows at runtime. . the following cannot be changed: ·You cannot create new items ·You cannot move items between canvases ·You cannot display an item which is not on a canvas (thus. For example. individual flexfield segments cannot be displayed) ·You cannot set certain properties such as the Datatype of an Item.

These events occur as the user moves focus within the form. available in the Tools pulldown menu. These are guaranteed not to be used by Oracle and are exclusively for customer use. fnd_form_custom_rules rul . This event occurs whenever changes have been made to the current record in the current block. ·MENU1 through MENU15 menu entries. fnd_form_custom_actions act # PRE-LOGON . it will fire the corresponding MENU# trigger. When the user selects the entry. WHEN-NEW-BLOCK-INSTANCE. ·WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD (in many but not all forms). or boilerplate ·You cannot hide the item that currently has focus Form Personalization can only respond to events that are centrally processed and dispatched by APPCORE. WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE.·You cannot change frames. graphics. These are limited to: ·WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE. fnd_form_custom_scopes sco . WHEN-NEWRECORDINSTANCE. therefore we strongly encourage you to use these entries as opposed to the SPECIAL menu entries in order to avoid collisions of code. You must also create another rule that traps this Trigger Event and performs the desired functionality.

SEGMENT1 RFq tables PO_Requisition_headers_all PO_Requisition_lines_all . # POST-BLOCK # POST-FORM In the ONT table OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL.# ON-LOGON # POST-LOGON # PRE-FORM # PRE-BLOCK # WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE # WHEN-NEW-BLOCK-INSTANCE # WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE # KEY-NEXT-ITEM (This trigger is present on the item level). # POST-TEXT-ITEM (This trigger is present on the item level). # WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE (Block Level Trigger). # POST-CHANGE (This trigger is present on the item level). # WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM (This trigger is present on the item level).ORIG_SYS_DOCUMENT_REF is matched with the Requisition Table PO_REQUISITION_HEADERS_ALL.

code_combination_id = ap_invoice_disributions_all.user_exit( 'FND SRWEXIT' ) . Mandatory parameters:P_concurrent_request_id What is the table column link between PO and AP ? po_req_distributions_all.dist_code_combination_id .SRW. Oracle application Reports.PO_Req_distributions_all Requisition | RFQ | Quotation | Purchase order How to restrict the item in INV? Latest Answer: You have to uncheck the STOCKABLE Check box in the inventory tab.USER_EXIT( 'FND SRWINIT')srw.

header_id = RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL. WF (workflow ) How to submit concurrent program through pl/sql . ASO (Order Capture) 6. Order entry (OE) 4.order_number What is a segment qualifier and how is it set for the segments of a KFF ? Latest Answer: Segment qualifiers contain information about a value rather than the segment that uses the value Quote to order captue module 1.interface_line_attribut6 ra_customer_trx_lines. Order Managemnet (ONT) 5.PO_DISTRIBUTION_ID is the link to po_distributions_all table APPLSYS is the owner of FND tables oe_order_lines_all. BOM 2 Inventory 3.If the Iinvoice Distribution is matched to a Purchase Order then ap_invoice_distributions_all.sales_order = oe_order_headers.

pll.VERT.declare conc_id number(10). conc_id:=submit_request('application' 'program').put_line(conc_id).pll. . end.pll. dbms_output.CUSTOM.10 version APPCORE.pll.pll.GHR. pll.PQH_GEN.pll. what are the plls attached to 11. begin fnd_client_info.PSB.5.pll.APPDAYPK.3) Debit Memo.set_org_context(204).pll.GLOBE.PSAC.pll.PSA.pll.FNDSQF. end.JA.pll.IGILUTIL.pll.4) Credit Memo.pll.5) Gurantee.APPCORE2.pll What are different types of transactions in AR ? 1) Invoice.pll.JE.pll.IGILUTIL2.pll.APPS_INITIALIZE (user_id resp_id resp_appl_id).pll. begin FND_GLOBAL.pll.2) Deposit.OPM.6) Charge Back.JL. GMS.FV.

. GL: Account Flex field Account Combinations.Define Set of Books.Customers.Transaction Types.Define bank accounts..efine Currency. AR: Define Payment Terms.Period Types.>transfer to GL..Customer Profile Classes.Rates JE Sources...Customer Sites.Define your payment terms.Payment Method..>reports.>payments..Define payment programs.>invoices.Open and Close Accounting Period AP: Define Payables Lookups. Open and Close Period.Categories...Auto Accounting.Uses of Customer Sites (Ship to /Bill to)..>periods.Define Purchasing Lookups.Define Suppliers.Remit-to Address setup---->suppliers.Approval Limit.Assign Set of Books to Responsibility.Receipt Source Aging Bucket.System Controls.1)Independent2)Dependent3)Table4)None5)Special6)Pair...Daily Conversion Rate Types....Profile Options. .. Open your Payables accounting period. Define Calendar.Remittance Bank.Transaction Source.Define invoice approval codes.Collectors..

4)credit-memo. Term Name : Check if the Term name provided in the data file is defined in Payment terms (RA_TERMS) Validate Sales Credit Type : Sales Credit to hardcode to Quota Sales Credit . Primary Sales Representative Validation: Sales representative number to be hardcode to -3 for No Sales Credit.6)PO DEFAULT 7) Quick Match 8)Expense ReortRecurring Invoices: Recurring Invoices AR Transaction Type Validation : Check if the Transaction type provided in data file is defined in AR transaction types(RA_CUST_TRX_TYPES_ALL) Transaction Batch Source Validation: Check if the source provided in data file is defined in AR transaction Batch source (RA_BATCH_SOURCES_ALL).2)pre-payment. 5)with-holding tax. Customer Validation: Check if the Bill to Customer Number Ship to Customer Number Bill to Custom Location Ship to Customer Location provided in the data file is defined in AR Customer(ra_customers).What are different types of invoices and what is a recurring invoice? 1)standard invoice.3)debit memo. Invoice Currency Validation: Check if the currency provided in data file is defined in AR Currency (FND_CURRENCIES).

adpatch utility select BUG_NUMBER.CREATION_DATE from AD_BUGS where BUG_NUMBER in ( list of bugs from README) Patch Wizard functionality is available from System Administrator responsibility under OAM > Patching and Utilities.IS_GL_DATE_VALID API to validate. Invoice GL Date Validation : Check if the GL Data of provided invoices is in open period.commnunities. webcebter suite belongs mainly has four sections portlets.personalization .c ompoiste applications.Used ARP_UTIL.Content Management portlets->portals. Unit of Measurement validation: Check if the UOM provided is defined in MTL_UNITS_OF_MEASURE Table Invoice Tax Code Validation : Check if the Tax Code provided in data file is defined in AR_VAT_TAX_ALL_B Table. social collabartion.websites.Inventory Item Validation: Check if the Item provided in data file is defined in Inventory Items (MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS).

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