back to index Sept. Ist, 1868. Left home this morning 7 o'clock am. bound for California.

Cot aboard the cars at Wickham Station at 9-1/2 hours and afler sudry determination arrived in St. Stephen 6 pm. Bade J.K. Bailey goodbye and promised to write to hirn. Went to Calais and seen the Wonderful shark dogfish taken in Passamayuoddy Bay 2 days. It is a fearful Monster. 33 feet long and 12 in. diameter. there were 72 shots discharged into him. There were 8 tons of meat taken out of him and 140 gals oil out of his liver. Stopped all night in Exchange house all night. Sept. 2nd. got aboard Steamer Queen at 8 o'clock a had a pleasant trip to Eastport arriving 1 1-1/4 o'clock. becarne acquainted with 4 or 5 others on the same route. Left Eastport 1 o'clock on Str. N. England. bound for boston. Wind blew a fresh gale from N. Purchased ticket to California off W. Pike Str Dakota for $38. Sept. 3. Arrived at Portland at sunrise. The town presenten a very beautiful appearance. Went ashore and got a cup of tea. I Felt pretty sick all forenoon. Seen a large whale off Cape Ann. Arrived at boston 4 oclock pm. Took up quarters at City hotel at $2 1/2. Paid 37 1/2 cts cartage. Took a stroll down Washington St. and purchased Wells New Phisiognomy for $4 1/2. Sept. 4. Arose at 6 oclock after good nights slep feeling much better than I did yesterday. J. Greer went and had our likeness taken together for which 1 paid $1-1/2 Wrote home to Criss. also wrote a letter for J. Greer Hiring a coach we went to Boston and Providence. R.R. depot and taking the cars at 5-1/2 arrived at Bristol at 7-1/4 beiIlg a very nice ride. got aboard the Rowes (?) Providence bound for New York. This is the most georgeously fitted steamer of the kind in the world. It is extremely dark and foggy to night and the sea is rough. Sept. 5. First thing I heard this morning was the unloading of the vessel at N.Y. 1 Took my trunk and went to the N.A.S.S, Agency, gave my ticket to the agent and was to e return again at 9 oclock. Went and got my breakfast for which I paid $1. and it was miserably poor at that. Went to agent at 9 oclock and was directed to the ticket offuce on the wharf. J.

and I took our trunks aboard the Str. Santiago de Cuba. The same in which Mr. T. MacKay was wrecked 2 years ago. We got our tickets and got aboard ourselves at 11/2 and the steamer weighed and left at 12. I was not very favourably impressed with look of my future fore the next 8 days. 1 was dirtier than a hog pen should be and I count see nobody but a lot of Dutch or Germans chattering in their own gibberish. We had our first meal at 6 and now it was hard enough in fact a little the lardest 1 ever saw for hurnan beings. Undertook to get a berth or somewheres to sleep but twas no go. had to take off` my coat to put under my head and laid on Deck till it got too cold. Weiit below got into a bunk which broke down. got up on deck and washed for the first in salt water. Tried to eat some more hard tack and beef with a little rnush but nothing would go down but the tack. We had a little something this Moriiing to disturb the monotony of ship life. There was something seen Westward of us supposed to be a boat or some ill fated vessel. The ship was brought round held (1/z) for it but it proved to be nothing but an old dead whale. This appears but ]ittle like the peaceful sabbath spent at home. A child died last nitht aged 8 years and was buried yesterday at 10 oclock. Distance made in 24 hours 189. Lat 37 degrees 39 Loiig 74 degrees. Monday September 7 Awoke this morning at 4 and he who slept next rne woke up rninus his boots. Coine on a very smart shower about lO1/2 which lasted till 2 making it very disagreeable eating. There is a heavy head and the old boat is going slow making only 181 miles iii 24 hours. Tuesday Sept 8th One week since I left Kichmond and the dear ones at liome. I. 1 wonder how many weeks till get there. Arrived at 6 bells. Felt a little touch of biliousness. The ship made 165 miles today. At dark a light was seen which was pronounced by sorne to be a ship on fire but proved to (be) the big Andrew a whaler. Wed Sept 9th

Arose this morning at 5 bells. the air is getting a little warmer. The wind is still from the south. Borrowed a copy of Burn's Poerns from (? ) copy the preceeding song. We have made 193 n7iles today. Thurday Sept lOth I lay on deck last night with no covering but the vaulted cariopy of heaveii but the lightnings lurid glare betokened a shower which caIne on about 3 oclock aiid lasted till 5 bringing the wind around a few. which enabled us to hoist sale but it did not last long for the sails had to corne down. Still the ship made better work thaii heretofore going 203 miles. finding hardtack rather hard food. 1 went to forecastle and had a bile or two of fresh beef. We had to weather it again on deck tonight

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