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1. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology 20424868 /jp/archives.php?jid=A JFST

Nutrition and Maxwell Food Science Sciences Pubilication

2. Anthropology of Food 3. Archivos Latinoamerica nos de Nutrición 4. Electronic Journal of Environmental , Agricultural and Food Chemistry 5. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture

16099168 00040622 ve/scielo.php/script_s ci_serial/lng_en/pid_0 004-0622/nrm_iso http://ejeafche.uvigo. 15794377 es/

Nutrition and Food Sciences Nutrition and Food Sciences

Anthropolog y of Food


English, French English, Spanish, Portugues e, French English

food engineering , food storage, food chemistry, food microbiolo gy food 2001 science health sciences

Start Year 2009

Sociedad Latinoameric ana de Nutrición Nutrition and Universidade Food de Vigo Sciences --Agriculture (General)



Spain ejfa.shtml


Nutrition and United Arab Food Emirates Sciences University

United Arab Emirates


food chemistry, environme ntal science, agronomy, agricultural agricultural sciences, human nutrition,



ca/ coaction/index. food ndex. food safety. market. Spanish agribusines s.bioalimen 18436099 t. Innovative Romanian Food Biotechnology http://www. Instituto de la Grasa Nutrition and Galati Food University Sciences --Press Biotechnolog y Spain Spanish. 2008 2000 2007 1991 .sfu. byproducts applied biotechnol ogy. oleaginous fruits and seeds. English 8. Grasas y Aceites m Romania English 9. consumer sciences human nutrition research. International Journal of Sociology of http://www. table olives.html 07981759 Nutrition and The Research New Zealand Food Committee Sciences --on Food and English. genomics.csic. biosensors. production. waste bioconversi on r/index 16546628 1654661X Nutrition and Co-Action Food Publishing Sciences Sweden English 7.6. Food & Nutrition Research http://journals. edible oils. health claims edible fats. health and nutrition.p hp/grasasyaceites 19884214 Nutrition and Consejo Food Superior de Sciences Investigacion es Cientificas.r 00173495

exercise metabolism human 2009 nutrition aspects. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition http://www. plant products. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism 20726643 /journal/nutrients/ Nutrition and MDPI AG Food Sciences Switzerland English 14.ispub. nutrition science.php?xm lFilePath=journals/ijn w/front.nutritionj. LCC Hindawi Publishing Corporation BioMed Central United States English policy.jissn.c 20900724 om/journals/jnume/ http://www. 2010 metabolism sports 2004 nutrition. Nutrients http://www. nutraceutic als.hindawi. technology. functional food. malnutritio n nutrition 2002 English 13. local change nutrition. 2005 dietetics United States United States English nutrition. 14752891 com/ Nutrition and BioMed Food Central United Kingdom English .Agriculture and Food Sociology --Agriculture (General) Agriculture (RC40) 10. global change. Nutrition Journal http://www. The Internet Journal of Nutrition and Wellness 19378297 m/ostia/ 15502783 20900732 Public Health --.mdpi.xml http://www. dietary supplemen ts.Nutrition and Food Sciences Nutrition and Food Sciences Sports Science --Nutrition and Food Sciences Internet Scientific Publications.

tutorials. books. http://khup. books. user manual etc. user manual etc. functional foods nutrition science 2008 2002 Nutrition Analysis e-books Free Ebooks Download and PDF Search Engine for ebooks.15.Thiamine analysis. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition Khup. Fruit and vegetable analysis. tutorials.html Nutrition Services For The Food Industry Free Ebooks Download and PDF Search Engine for ebooks. documents. documents.php?issn=16805194 16805194 Nutrition and Asian Food Network for Sciences Scientific Information Pakistan English dietary supplemen . org/open/tonutraj/ 18763960 Sciences Nutrition and Bentham Food open Sciences United States English 16. http://khup. Open Nutraceuticals Journal ex.

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