There are eighty different types of chameleons in the world, most of which are to be found in Africa, South of the Sahara desert. The common chameleon ranges from the Middle East, along the North African coast to Southern Spain. The chameleon is a slow-moving lizard which hunts for insects among trees and undergrowth. One of its peculiar features is its eyes, which are set in two conical sockets and can move independently of one another. This enables the chameleon to look behind with one eye and in front with the other. Chameleons are well-known for their aptitude to change color. The skin and body markings change color to match the surroundings. Among the plants, for example, the chameleon is very difficult to spot among foliage. When the chameleon spots an insect which it thinks would make a fine meal, it shoot out a long, sticky tongue and draws its prey back into its mouth.

1. What does the text mainly talk about? a. Chameleon¶s ancestors b. Chameleon¶s characteristics c. Different types of chameleons d. Reproduction of chameleons e. Unique Chameleons

2. What makes the eyes of chameleon special? a. They can change color b. Each eye has different color c. They are very bright and very big d. Each eye can move in different directions e. They can fly

3. ³« difficult to spot among foliage.´ (paragraph 3). The synonym of the underlined word is «. a. the enemies b. the leaves c. the meals d. the prey e. the food

4. What is the best prey for a chameleon? a. a fine meal b. a sticky tongue c. an insect d. an eye e.a chicken

by lick the food c. Chameleon¶s food 6. Which of the following ideas is not mentioned in the text? a.90 d. Chameleon use its tongue to eat c. with saliva e. 10. Which of this following sentence is NOT TRUE based of the text? a. South Africa d . Chameleon often eat some leaves e.Southern Spain e. Description of chameleons c.´Chameleons are well-known for their aptitude to change color. 80 c. by bite the food b. craft e. except« a. Sahara Dessert 9. Chameleon¶s ability to change colour e. ability b. with its body 8. Distribution of chameleons b.rut c. How chameleons eat its food/prey? a. Chameleon has two eyes with special features. He is very difficult to find in the foliage d. expertise d. Chameleon is a slow moving animal b.5.100 e. Chameleon¶s ability to make a fine meal d. habit . North Africa b. This is the place that chameleon¶s often to see.´ What is the synonym of aptitude? a. by shoot out a sticky tongue d.110 7. How many types of chameleon in the world? a. 70 b. Asia c.

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