As you all know, I am currently serving my notice period with my present organization. It’s a long long, in fact, very long frustrating 3-month period. I have completed 50 days, 40 more days to go… to be more precise, 40 more days of NO WORK. Using all my experiences of the past 50 days, I have compiled a list titled “25 Effective Ways to Spend Notice Period”. I am sure this would help you while you are serving your notice period. This might also help you at those instances when you have decided not to do any work when you are frustrated with your boss/management. I would also like to express my special thanks to my batchmate in school and a good friend of mine, Ms Pooja Rundwal, for her creative assistance. Her contributions have given the compilation a different colour altogether. She has been a source of appreciation and encouragement for me. She is a Team Leader with a major IT firm and currently serving her notice period. My thanks are also for my colleagues, who had to bear the brunt of a workless Ajay. It’s said – An idle mind is a Devil’s workshop. They have been tortured day in-and-out by this Devil’s workshop. At the end, last but not the least, my thanks to the management of my current organization. Without their rigid policy of 3-month notice period policy (even if the employee does not have any pending assignment), I would not have had the opportunity to even think of compiling this list. I would request the readers to remember the mantra of notice period – “One task a day will keep your notice period healthy and all tensions at bay.” At the end, a gesture of thanks. You may like to read the article Cheers !!! Ajay Gandhi Dated November 12, 2008 (Ironically, today I complete exact six months in my present organization!!)

Stop reading newspapers at home. You would be surprised to find that they would be also looking for people like you in notice period. Send them the quotes everyday. move on to the canteen or to the chai ki laari opposite to your office building. Make a group of all those friends who are as free as you are and those who have got their free SMS scheme activated. Be patient. Don’t be surprised if you end up with them on their workstation more than often and vice versa. There is a saying – Beer brings people closer. This is the time… go to Crossword. Start reading epaper of the newspaper of that city’s edition. notice period does that too!! Look for employees in your office who are also in notice period like you. There is nothing like spending time on chat with your friends. along with all the supplements which come with the newspapers. Invite them to chat with you.A person serving notice period can only understand the sentiments of another person serving notice period. you would have begged for leisure time to read your favorite books. Look which software you can install. Or rush from your lunch time for meeting. During your routine office days.. install MSN/Yahoo Messenger/GTalk. 8. Save that time by sleeping an extra hour. More the newspapers. Go for the special free SMS scheme by your mobile service provider. look for those who are also in notice period. Ask the peon/office staff to bring all the newspapers which your office subscribes. Make a list of good restaurants around your . Take this golden opportunity to make new friends. Start reading e-papers related to Pune. This will help you to keep a tab on what all is happening in the city and you won’t feel absolutely new to the city when you relocate. 4.. but one by one. Understanding the city where you are going to relocate is necessary. Chatting remains one of the best pass times. If you both feel bored with each other’s workstation. If you cannot install Gtalk. It’s rightly said . How many times you would have received the call from your Boss in middle of your lunch and you leave your lunch halfway for work. You don’t need to read all the books in one go… no way! 6. 7. Reading newspapers is a good habit… but reading newspapers when your office subscribes it is absolutely wastage of time.25 EFFECTIVE WAYS TO SPEND NOTICE PERIOD 1. and even more time u will end up spending time reading those. Time to change my friend... Compile a list of thought provoking good morning quotes. you are certain to start off an SMS conversation with one or two. buy your favorite titles. 3. If possible. 2. 5. more the number of supplements. Say you are going to relocate to Pune. In your huge network of friends. then run the chat from your Gmail browser. Explore the flaws in your IT security system.

you can also try your hand in online stuff. it’s all upto your abilities how long you sustain the momentum in the chat. 11.. Orkut is usually banned in most offices.contests2win. A 30-minute over-thetea interaction is not going to waste anyone’s time. LinkedIn provides an amazing platform to expand your professional network. There are online contests too wherein there are puzzles. Logic: Lunch in office spans only the stipulated lunch time duration. something you can enjoy without music too. Now. Plan out-of-office lunch outings regularly with your best colleagues. 14. it’s the golden opportunity. Unlike other sites. etc. There are a hell lot of social networks on the net which are equally famous as orkut is. In addition to point 7. 13. 12. 9. Getting addicted is not an easy process… you will have to continuously spend time in playing one game. There are lots of websites providing online games. Facebook & LinkedIn are two of them. Once the chat starts. all the time. ping pong balls. you would have felt that you know only a few people in your own office building.. try to get addicted to one or two of them. And going out gives you the justifiable reason for spending much more time than your stipulated office ) 15. 10. you can reach out to those people who are not in notice period too. you would have ended up with a lot of pending out-of-office tasks… this can be meeting your insurance agent to take . chess. etc. But the buck doesn’t stop at Orkut.linkedin. One of the famous sites is www. ( ) 16. etc. Attracting people to initiate chat with you is another art you must master. And then see what wonder they can make to improve your efficiency of spending notice period time. Invite people over afternoon tea on your workstation. During your pre-resignation period. Put thoughprovoking quotes as your profile status contests. In addition to desktop-based games. with all the patience you have. prizes. ( www.wikipedia. It can be variants of bricks. which would force people to drop in with their comments. there are bucketful of them on internet. You didn’t had time even to move out of your department. In this period of competition. Bigadda. I am sure an expanded professional network is will be more helpful than having the best drafted resume in your penguin games. for sure. Make the optimum use of it. I am sure they will also reciprocate. Search for desktop-based games… which are small in size to download and easy to play too. When you would have been working hard. Search for more. You should not only play those games.

This one is for our dear female friends. especially those who love cooking. Say you are relocating to advices. You can also think a bit long term with regards to city where you are going to relocate. who is torturing you with this frustrating notice period. different recipes and try them at meeting your stock agent to understand the SIP. spend time on making a mind blowing profile for yourself and start searching for your life partner. Don’t limit yourself to the present place you stay. There cannot be a better way to take revenge from your present employer. Make optimum utilization of resources. you might end up being engaged. then you can simbly make south indian dishes 21. listening to abuses from friends – tu to bada aadmi ho gaya re. (www. not all on the same day… remember the notice period mantra – “One task a day will keep your notice period healthy and all tensions at bay.jobsahead. Pre-resignation period would have called for late sitting.. 20. Register yourself on various matrimonial sites. asking you to come on Sunday to complete the task/assignment and you end up canceling all your plans and saying all those nasty f**king abuses to your boss !! Golden chance to compensate for all what you have lost. Or you can browse through South Indian dishes.devnetjobs. Pick up your office phone and call them. Here is the time to do all these and more. Submitting your resignation doesn’t mean you stop logging onto job See.timesjob. no socializing. Again. Keep on searching for more jobs & forward them to your colleagues. www. This is the time to do some public relation” if you are relocating to the southern part of the country. how much time it has saved. Search on the internet for new. This one is exclusive for our bachelor friends. www. Search for all possible tourist places near to the town/city you are going to 18. you can go through a lot of recipes of fish which you can give a try once you relocate. Males can also have a look at easy-to-make cuisines and give their partners surprise at home. www. Search for all the possible nearby locations for weekend getaways. And there your Boss calls you on his/her cabin on Saturday evening. Tip: Target those boys/girls who are employed with your future employer. . Who knows… by the end of notice period. meeting your CA for better tax www. Make a list of old friends with whom you would like to get back in touch.naukri. 17. You plan for those much needed weekend trips with your lovely wife/handsome husband/wonderful family.

they would certainly come to you to seek guidance. The greed for professional growth should be always there alive. I am sure when your colleagues know that you have put your papers. You have got an offer… should you stop there??? No way. Don’t be apologetic if your answers inspire someone else to put his/her papers.22. Answer all their queries. you are going to spend a major part of your day making amends on your blog. Put your blog’s link on the status line of Gtalk and ask people to visit your blog & drop their comments. 25. what questions were asked in interview. Create your own blog with some interesting and funny topics. This is a ready reference for your next change. Search for all the good industries/organizations in the city where you are going to relocate. Discover the “counselor” in you. 24. Prepare a list of “50 better effective ways to spend notice period”. what is salary rate prevailing in market. take my word. it would be seen as violation of copyright rules. This is for those who have a good vocabulary and a passion for writing. Time to become the “Agony Aunt” of your office. . As days go by. Make sure that there are no repetitions from this list. They would seek guidance regarding how did you managed to get the new job. 23. If there are any.

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