Positioning of overdrive Testing cost Overdrive distribution Launching of DX2 or overdrive How to align the microprocessor in overdrive business To increase the processor speed of overdrive End user demand is ever-changing Compatibility of overdrive processor n d system How to differentiate the product offering How to cope up with changing technology How to price overdrive processors How users can deal with fast change in technology


yes yes yes


Competitors were having alternative solution End user has a problem of upgrading a system even before full depreciation has been provided for Problem of coordination between MPG group n EUCD Convince the system manufacturers to provide empty socket Creating enthusiasm of the end users for the empty socket

No,bcos External prob No, External problem Yes, Internal prob no no



Overdrives to be positioned as enhancements for already existing computer systems, new systems to be fitted with DX 2 processor For price sensitive customers a combination of a lower priced processor n overdrive can also be offered The products groups EUCD and MPG should coordinate and discuss on objectives before acting to launch a product. Position of overdrive as a performance booster and DX2 for new users Doing the proper segmentation, targeting and positioning and in accordance to this charging different price for different customers, Devising pricing strategy such that DX2 caters to high end customers and overdrive processors for low price paying customers The brand should not cheat the customer and should come up with any changes in due course of time. The brand awareness should be boosted up. A technical combination of overdrive and processor to be flaw incorporated into one system which would overcome the technical problem and would help in positioning overdrive and processor as a single combined unit To solve the organizational problem by improving the coordination between the production units in order to establish a clear marketing and sales policy. For instance the marketing dept. Could establish a time schedule to improve the sales of microprocessor and overdrive. Also , by establishing a discount policy for purchase of new products. this would increase customer loyalty.


Cost effective to the customers Cost effectiveness to the organization Competition in the market Customers driven rather than product driven company Products to be aligned not to cannibalize each other Impact inside the organization after restructuring Restructuring the final product with respect to the environmental and technological changes To maintain customer loyalty and also managing company s market share and profitability

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