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April 3 NEXT Sunday
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Ma r c h 27, 20 11 - SITES TESTIMONIALS Edition — Romans 8 :1-4 —
O NE His Life Movement Of fice: H is Life PARK Sta Clara Drive Mandalagan, Bacolod City

Graduation April 15 2011

709HLLC School 709-0131 HLM Admin 4412561

19 Days to Go!
EASTView Hotel 6pm

Run 4Life Soon!
Coming April 2011

April 8 & 9
ENCOUNTER WEEKEND Starts FRIDAY, 630pm VENUE: EastView Hotel FEE: 1,100 pesos only

His Life ILOILO TURNS 9 years old Today! Baptism & Family DAY! HERMENEUTICS 101 with Pastor JR this SUMMER 2011! WELCOME EVANGELIST

3,700 pesos only
FIRST COME … FIRST SERVE [transpo to boracay not included SPEAKER TODAY at EASTVIEW Pastor Glenn shares at Robs MAIN today 10am

• Project COST:

P 3.6 million
• CASH Given:

F.I.R.E. prayer meeting
TUES & THURS 6pm at the HLM PARK

P 849,667. 00

SITE: YX Umak (University of Makati)
March 23, 2011, Wednesday — YX Manila LifeGroup started up with an ICEBREAKER question, “what is your impact to others? What do you think will others tell about you when they hear your name?” 14 young people gathered and shared together (all from the University of Makati, Accounting students), plus our youth volunteer leader Ces Musni with the topic still on the PlanetShakers series: “Break the Silence” ... — Acts 17:6; 18:9-10. <<< YX Manila started meeting last January 2011. Weekly na po >>>

SITE: JOLLIBEE … a testimony
Testimony of Sari Sayson from HLM Jollibee — at 8 years old, i was already in a relationship with God but when i reached my turbulent teenage years, my bond with Him became rock-ribbed and my status with God hang down into the so called "it's complicated" position. i have enmeshed myself into a lot of hellish and grody bustles that any radical teenybopper could ever get themselves mixed up with. everything got worst when i reached my yuppie heyday, and this time i really brushed off God from the scene and i was so over confident in domineering my life thinking that i can handle it fortuitously on my own. but instead of running my life flourishingly, i turned it into a total bum trip. i was a loser across the board. i looked back and saw no recourse other than eat my share of humble pie, ask God's forgiveness and gave back my life again to Him. rapprochement with God wasn't easy for me. even if i know how forgiving and merciful He is, guilt and self condemnation is killing me inside. it made me feel that God is still so far from me no matter how hard i tried on discerning His presence. my mom told me that it would be a great help on my struggle to fully experience God's forgiveness and deliverance if i'd participate in one of the scheduled weekend encounters which i heartily did. my encounter weekend experience last february 18-19, 2011 really made a whale of a transition and a very efficacious after-effects both in the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life. the experience made me feel sanguine enough about God's nearness and His unmitigated love for me. all my bitterness, anguish and transgressions where washed off and i was set free from the bondage of iniquities. now, i am enjoying the privilege of feeling and experiencing God's imminence all the time. He also manifested His plans for me in serving His ministry. He even assured me that there's no need for me to be ashamed of how my life used to be instead He told me to use it as a living testimony of how crazily in love He is to all mankind. sari sayson his lambs volunteer his life jollibee and centroplex

SITES: YX Cagayan de Oro and HLM EASTVIEW Bacolod
BREAKS THE 100 attendance BARRIER! 112 for YX Cagayan de Oro AND 121 for EASTVIEW last March 20, 2011!

UNWIND His Life [single young professionals] meets every other FRIDAYS — this is a NEW Weekend Celebration schedule! UNWIND meets every other FRIDAYS. This April 1 — Pastor JR will speak on “ROMANCE NOT MAMMON”, Matt 6:24.

FRIDAY, March 25 — “Praise God for 48 YXers here in Kabankalan [Pericos Resto]. Four received Jesus for the 1st Time. Hallelujah! Gutok-gutok na kami sa place.” NOTE: Kabankalan SITE is
currently praying for a permanent place to meet. Zaycoland Resort is a temporary option as they get bigger.


Testimonies from the HLM SITES
Here’s a collection of latest TESTIMONIES and REPORTS from our HLM SITES. My Old Life to HIS Life … Testimonies of Changed Life Through Christ

7am 830am 9am 930am Jollibee Gatuslao HLM EastView Hotel Centroplex Cinema B YX Main Cinema 4, Robinsons 930am Araneta 2nd Floor Cineplex 10am His Lambs Cinema 6, Robinson’s 10am His Life Main Cinema 5, Robinson’s 1030am South Ground Floor, Robinson’s Cybergate, near the Old Airport 4pm Hiligaynon, HLM Park 530pm Lopues East, 3rd floor


Miralles Husband, Father (King's Men-Iloilo City) — “My old life is, I'm a gambler (pachinko game, like slot machine) irritable, short tempered. Now, no gambling, understanding, loving, putting Christ in the center of our daily life”. before--- walang paki. . . . . Don’t want to get involve. . . maisip. . . daluk. . . But God changed it to a heart of servanthood. Praise d Lord!”

• SERMA Tresico Wife, Mother, (Woman of Destiny-Iloilo City) — “Me, • HERBERT • IANA
Guillem, Husband, Father, Med-Rep (King's Men-Iloilo City) — “My old life without Christ was rebelling against His laws. My new life with Christ is rebelling against Satan & sin.” Tresico (YX, Iloilo City) — “My old life is pala-away. My new life in Christ is serving him in His Lambs and Worshp Team.”

• LOED Diones, UP Student (YX • KYLA

Iloilo City) SmallGroup Leader — “My old life is alone. My new life in Christ is a fellowship.” Tresico (YX, Iloilo City) — “My old life is playing computer all day long especially weekends, mostly Saturdays. My new life in Christ is teaching the His Lambs and joining WT practices every Saturdays.”

9am 9am 9am Sagay, near Lopues La Carlota Manjuyod Aroma Beach 930am Iloilo, Red Cross Bonifacio Drive, La Paz 10am Cebu, 21st floor Golden Peak Hotel 3pm Cagayan de Oro Mcdonalds Divisoria 4pm Silay, City Health, near Old Hospital) 4pm Tigbauan Dreamer’s Valley Camp Bgy. Buenavista 530pm Talisay, Beverly Function Hall, 2nd floor 530pm Kabankalan (FRIDAYS) Perico Restaurant 6pm Manila, Boni Avenue, New Horizon Hotel HLMWIDE Stats
GIVINGS: P 176,566.++ ATTENDANCE: 2,144 ++


Lim, Husband & Father (King’s Men—Iloilo City) — “My old life is centered in my family, i give my best for my family but now my new life in centered on Christ, I gave my best for Christ, I have entrusted my family to God.” “Ang nagbago sa akin ay nagbabasa na ako ng bible every morning, marunong na ako magpahalaga sa pera every centavos, hinde na ako mahilig sa material nga bagay, then nag-pray na kami palagi before we eat, dati hindi namin gnagawa yon.”

• MAE Miralles, Wife and a Mother (Women of Destiny- Iloilo City) —

• JEDA Navales Wife, Mother, His Lambs Leader (Women of DestinyIloilo City) — “My old life is a majongera, wala direksyon ang kabuhi ko. Now my life in Christ is with direction, a life of servanthood and humility. I thank the Lord that I have finished my high school through ALS. Glory to God!”


Heartly, wife (Morobuan, Guimaras**) — “Dati masakit lahat ang lawas ko, i am always at the hospital, di ko kalakat, wala si Jesus sa buhay ko. Subong I surrendered my life to Jesus, and I am healed of my sickness, galakat na ko.” Navales, Widower (Morobuan, Guimaras**) — “ My old life is full of bitterness. Now I released forgiveness, I am always hungry for God's word in my life.” Navales (Morobuan, Guimaras**) — “Before I worship idols, now na experience ko na ang grasya ni Lord, ginbaton ko siya, kag nagapadayon ako sa akon pagtuo kag pagsalig sa iya.”


**MOROBUAN, GUIMARAS — there will be a new CHURCH Launch soon in this beautiful island of Guimaras. Pray for our Iloilo TEAM. >>>> more testimonies on page 4 >>>>

• REY M. Ricardo, 21 yrs. (Cagayan de Oro) — An ordinary
person who found favor in the eyes of the LORD, and having this nationality so proud to boast— CITIZEN OF HEAVEN! I’m totally persuaded in the goodness of our King whose name is JESUS , that indeed never cease to seek and love ME knowing that I was once very rebellious to him. Doing nonsense stuff that just lead to eternal death. But now living a life all for God’s glory. Jesus Delivered me from my wickedness to his righteousness. Jesus is not only my Savior but He is also my best physician who healed my acute syndrome in my appendix … Today living in this world as His witness is never that easy for I suffered all the hardening that the world brings, and that made me a true CHRIST partaker. Today, I’m living a victorious life through His Word … I’m confident for the coming days of my life. Rest assured for the things unseen for I’m letting him drive the wheel of my life, giving him the accountability of my entire being. JESUS CHRIST, the name that I love, whom I trust, whom I believe. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! Amen!

HIS LAMBS 12 Lamb’s 12 HIS LAMBS PEP (7 - 12 years old) As we desire to see our children pursue our Vision to Glorify God and Make Disciples, we will have our first PEP Course for kids. This includes the Pre Encounter, Encounter and Post Encounter starting this April 2011.
April 6, 8, 11, 13 PRE-ENCOUNTER 9:30 to 11:30, HLM PARK (P 100 only) April 18, 19 ENCOUNTER Prayer Mountain Overnight (P 600 only) April 27, 29, May 2, 3, 6 POST ENCOUNTER 9:30—11:30, HLM PARK (P 125 only) THIS WILL COME WITH A GRADUATION.

LUDY Puerto 25 yrs. old (Cagayan de Oro) — Certified YX Member … Before I’ve encountered Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour, I was a homosexual. My mom died when I was 5months old and having a father who just then left us. At the age of 10 I started to be a working student until I graduated from high school. I lived a gay life. I’ve known Jesus when I was a 4th year high school student. But through the lack of faith and guidance, like sheep without a shepherd, my life got even worse. Then one day everything changed when I was invited by my schoolmate (Paula) to attend fellowship at McDonald’s Divisoria (YX Cagayan). As God’s unstoppable love sought me and upon hearing God’s word, I came to my senses to give my life again to Jesus. This time, no turning back. Allowing the Lord to mold me and change me to the MAN he wanted me to be. By the grace of God I’ve thrown all my “make up kit”. Gave away all my accessories and now giving all my “lady outfits” that once seems very important to me. All for the glory of God. I’m imperfect yet God is perfectly working in my life. Now, I’m being discipled. I know that following Jesus is COSTLY. But I believe I CAN! Through Jesus who gave me the strength upon this weakness of mine. I’m REDEEMED and now DELIVERED from the bondage of the enemy. I AM FREE!!! I believe God’s word and I’m standing firm for it says in 2 Corin 5:17 … The old LUDY has gone… Behold! All things are NEW. All glory to God!

How to CROSSover from DARKNESS to LIGHT?
1) 2) 3) 4) Recognize that you are a SINNER and need a personal relationship with God. Never trust in what you can do to earn the GIFT of salvation Christ has for you. Submit to the LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST by Repentance and Faith in Him. Ask for His grace for you to serve, FOLLOW and obey Him for the rest of your life.

6am / 9pm
HLMtv & HLMradio will be
viewed & heard in different PARTNER Channels in Kabankalan Area, Iloilo, Cebu, Dumaguete SOON! It only takes 200 pesos per hour to Broadcast.


3rd of
APRIL 2011

830am at EASTView AND 10am at Robinsons with JR, Cliff, Jimmy, Ann & Arnee as sharers!

FEES includes Food, Materials and Venue.