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About Us Free Tools Tips Templates Affiliates Site Map Template Shop Templates for Software Development, Software Testing, Project Management, Business Proposals, White Papers and Case Studies. A - Z Template List Acceptance Test Plan Acquisition Plan Action Plan Audience Analysis Bill of Materials Template Business Case Business Continuity Plan Business Plan Business Process Design Business Rules Business Requirements Capacity Plan Case Study Templates Change Management Plan Communication Plan Concept of Operations Concept Proposal Configuration Management Plan Conversion Plan Cost Benefit Analysis Database Design Document Deployment Plan Design Document Disaster Recovery Plan Documentation Plan Employee Handbook Expression of Interest Feasibility Study Functional Requirements Grant Template Installation Plan Interface Control Document Invitation To Tender Maintenance Plan Marketing Plan Needs Statement Operations Guide Policy Manual Project Plan Proposal Manager Toolkit Request For Proposal Proposal Template Release Notes Templates Risk Management Plan Security Plan Setup Guide Software Development Software Requirements Service Level Agreement Standard Operating Procedures Statement of Work System Administration Guide System Boundary Document System Design Document System Specifications 77 Test Templates Test Plan User Guide Use Case Verification Plan White Paper Templates All templates are completely customizable, ready for immediate download and have a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. cceptance Test Plan $9. 21 page Word template outlines the steps required to prepare an ATP, ensuring that all system components are tested. Acceptance Test Plan template] Acquisition Plan $9. 16 page Word template addresses activities such as acquisition of hardware, software, and infrastructure services, evaluation and award criteria, defining acquisition dates, specifications, and contract management. Read More] Action Plan $9. Use this template to capture what you are going to accomplish in your business over a specified period of time. 4 Word/7 Excel. Read More] Audience Analysis Template $9. The Audience Analysis Template includes a 30 page MS Word template and an MS Excel spreadsheet with 130 entries. ead More] Availability Plan $9. Use this template to describe how your system will be made available by capturing the hardware and software aspects of your solution. ead More] Bill of Materials $7. Use this to identify, track, and monitor the parts used to build a work product, such as subassemblies, intermediates, parts, and raw materials that are part of a parent assembly. Read More] Business Case $9. 22 page Word template includes sections on the Business Need, Current Process & Services, Expected Benefits, Change Analysis, Cost estimate, Cost/benefit Analysis, and the Project Schedule. Read More] Business Continuity Plan $9.

Read More] Configuration Management Plan $9. Read More] Concept of Operations $7. forms. Read More] Database Design Document $4. delivery dates. delivery mechanism. The Conversion Plan describes how to convert data from an existing system to another hardware or software environment. sensitive issues. budget. ree Data Model template. from a cost and benefit perspective. Read More] Business Rules Template $7. from both a technical and operational level. This is the first document in the Software Development Life Cycle. Read More] Business Requirements $9. oftware Developers take these requirements and determine HOW these needs will be met. Read More] Cost Benefit Analysis $7. . schedule. t identifies the need or opportunity to improve a business function by highlighting where strategic goals are not being met or performance can be improved. Use this to define specific aspects of your business and clarify the appropriate action that needs to be taken and removes any ambiguity regarding the correct course of action that must be followed. potential solutions to meet an organization’s needs. Read More] Conversion Plan $9. Use this template to map the logical data model to the target database management system. Read More] Case Study Templates $9. Capture the current and future needs of an organization. and resources. Use this to capture the resources requirement necessary for supporting the functionality and performance requirements of your IT systems. The Cost Benefit Analysis is used to analyze and evaluate. Read More] Concept Proposal $4. Read More] Capacity Plan Template $9.48 page Word template enable you to recover quickly and effectively from an unforeseen disaster or emergency. audience. The Configuration Management Plan defines the implementation of configuration management of a particular software project. pecify the writers. This Case Study Template Pack includes 6 Word templates. topics. Use this template to schedule and assign responsibilities. usiness Analysts use this to captures WHAT is required. Read More] Communication Plan $7. Read More] Change Management Plan $9. Use this template to address changes which may be encountered during the project lifecycle. Process Design is an essential part of the Software Development Lifecycle. Read More] Business Process Design $9. Information Gathering form and a case study checklist. such as the scope. Use this template to describe the user requirements and other information project stakeholders will need to fund the proposed system. and guidelines that cover all functions required in Business Continuity Planning. t includes checklists. a case study tutorial. resources and expected results. t allows you to capture the broad outline and procedures that govern what a business actually does.

Use this template to analyze the competitive environment. Timekeeping. Read More] Documentation Plan $3. Benefit Programs. and Vendor Assessment spreadsheets. How to Collect Data. Analyze Data. Read More] Expression of Interest $3 Use this 10-page MS Word template to write an Expression of Interest. Disciplinary Actions. Payroll. Clarifications to ITT Queries. Damage Assessment Report and Test Report templates. Cover Letter. Read More] Installation Plan $9. Read More] Functional Requirements $9. This Deployment Plan is a ‘how-to’ guide to implement a solution into a live production environment. Read More] Grant Template $9. Evaluation. and Budget Forms. Use this 57-page template to write concise. configuration management. ou also get free Cover Sheet. This plan describes how to create an maintenance plan for an IT project. protocols. Read More] Maintenance Plan $9. testing and issues. 00 pages of material including sections on Employment Status. Use this document plan to set the guidelines for writers to follow when writing technical documentation. and Health and Safety. training. Read More] Design Document $9. 2 page DR Plan. Budget. 140 topics which can be easily modified to meet your organization's needs. 7 spreadsheets. Read More] Disaster Recovery Plan $9. Use this when installing software. effective. Use this to describe the relationship between components in terms of data items. Use these 12 templates to capture Why You Need Research. and comprehensive Invitation To Tenders. and Report Findings. Harassment. Read More] Feasibility Study $9. t includes the preparation. Use this template to prepare your Statement of Need. Read More] Employee Handbook $9. Project Goals. and Metrics used to evaluate applications. Read More] Marketing Plan $9. Read More] Market Research Plan $9. Use this template to determine the economic potential and practicality of a project. messages passed. IT Policies. t contains details of change control. ree Expression of Interest template. Use this template to design an application based on the Software Requirement Specifications. Read More] Invitation To Tender $14. and conversion from existing systems. define . develop your product. Work Conditions. Business Impact Analysis. This templates describes how to capture the user's business needs by capturing functional requirements and performing task analysis. Capture the IT framework and procedures to be activated in the event of a disaster occurring. he EOI provides a starting point in the overall procurement process. for example at a client's site. Who You Want to Target. and sequencing of events. he Feasibility Study uses techniques that help evaluate a project and/or compare it with other projects.Read More] Deployment Plan $9. Read More] Interface Control Document $4. Project Description.

Includes sections on changes to release notes. Hotfixes. and performing follow-up reports on outstanding issues. Dropped Features. Financials. risk plan. your understanding of the client's needs. CVs. and templates to help you need to succeed as a Proposal Manager.promotion. and Costs. managing inventory. evaluate and prioritize risks. You can use this template to create your own customized setup guide ensuring that your customers can install their applications successfully and reduce the workload on your Technical Support Dept. The Project Plan describes the organization plan. establishes scope and outlines the activities required for security implementation. More Info & screenshots] Risk Management Plan $9. payment schedule. references and that you can offer a compelling proposal that stands out. and deliver a cohesive plan that become your blueprint to marketing success. Known Issues. Caveats. 3 Excel spreadsheets. t identifies the current security environment. Read More] Proposal Forms and Checklists $9. New Features. highlights your track record. monitoring systems. and resource requirements. and Deployment Instructions. Read More] Project Plan $9. Fixed Issues. and then provide estimated costs for these actions. More Info & screenshots] Request for Proposal Template $14. 25 Excel & Word logs. Use this template to describe a business need or a deficiency in your organization. Includes Master Policy Document (64 pages) & 9 Individual Policy templates. Service Level Agreement. justify the exploration of an alternative solutions to resolve this need. . This guide provides tables. forms. More Info and screenshots] Proposal Template $19 Use this template writing a business proposal or responding to an RFP. Read More] Setup Plan $7. 2 Word templates (26 pages) Scope. how your product and/or services match their requirements. 9 pages. review plan. advertising. ncludes sample formats that can be used by Bidders and Suppliers when responding to your RFP. This provides guidelines to establish system security and privacy requirements. and installation plan. Read More] Needs Statement $7. Read More] Policy Manual $9. scheduling tasks. ou can use this to prepare mitigation actions and contingency plans to counteract the potential impacts these risk may have on the project's success. checklists. Limitations & Restrictions. identify marketing event. More Info and screenshots] Release Notes Templates $7. templates and spreadsheets for organizing and maintaining company policies. policy checklists. The Policy Manual contains sample policies. Service Level Agreement pack details] Social Media Policy Template $9. Read More] Service Level Agreement (SLA) Template $9. charts. Read More] Security Plan $9. test plan. Use this template to identify. Read More] Operations Guide $9. backups. his template helps demonstrate your level of professionalism. Use this Request For Proposal (RFP) template to define requirements. and matrices for server monitoring. Reporting.

and ensure you deliver professionally looking documents to your customers. qualification. Read More] Use Case Templates $4. SOP Document Control. Read More] Test Plan $9. business objectives. . Blogs and more. Issue Log. dependencies / constraints / limitations. Test Plan. functional and non-functional requirements of the proposed system. checklists. elps identify the specifications and interfaces to other systems. Read More] Training Plan $9. integration. Maintenance Plan. SOP Template (single page). Test these templates to create policy documents for your employees' usage of Facebook. Project Plan. evaluation. and Roles/ Responsibility spreadsheets. Read More] Statement of Work $9. Describes the requirements for a system and how each requirement is met. resources. delivery method. Establishes the boundaries of an IT project and captures the goals & objectives that the project is intended to satisfy. test environment. Describes the approach to development. strategy.. Read More] Verification and Validation Plan $4. Testing Report. Use this 29-page templates to capture scope. 50 Word + 27 Excel templates Includes Acceptance Test Plan. The Verification and Validation Plan is used to confirm (i. Functional Requirements. Change Control Form. 18 page MS Word template and 14 MS Word/Excel forms. Clarifications. materials. questionnaires. and maintain applications. Read More] System Boundary Document $7. save time formatting. Read More] Standard Operating Procedures $9. Read More] Software Testing Templates $49. Guidebook to Writing SOPs. requirements. This template describes how to transform the requirements and the functional design into more technical system design specifications. and training security. Unit Test Plan. Configuration Management Plan. Feasibility Study. Read More] System Administration Guide $7. schedule. Helps you deploy. tests to be performed. and acceptance testing. Design Document. This template pack includes a detailed SOP template. erify and validate) that the software product meets the user requirements. and UAT Report. provide a consistent look. 15 templates (233 pages MS Word) will help you prepare technical documents faster. This SOW is a narrative description of the deliverables or services required to fulfill a contract. Twitter. ocial Media Policy Template details] Software Requirements Specification (SRS) $9. LinkedIn. Read More] Software Development Templates $197 Over 500 pages of Software Development templates including Acceptance Test Plan. support. Read More] Transition Plan $9. Read More] Technical Writing Templates $49. SOP Log Book. The purpose of this plan is to outline the tasks and activities required to efficiently move a product from one environment to another. Installation Plan. and schedules for test activities. Read More] System Design Document $9. and Transition Plan. Test Plan. Action Item Log. and spreadsheets that capture the scope. Read More] System Specifications $9. Test Script.

se these templates to speed up your tech writing process. Tips and Tutorials Site Map | Privacy Policy | License Agreement | T&Cs | FAQs | About Us | Nice Glossy Brochure This website is copyright of Klariti Ltd and can only be reproduced with permission. Data Dictionary and 9 Visio templates. AQs Q: What file formats are the templates? A: Microsoft Word.MS Word. Technical Specifications. 4 x User Guide templates. : How soon can I download them? A: You can download the files instantly. Business Challenge.clickbank. Read More] White Paper Templates $9. lso includes tutorials on how to write a white paper. you are sent to a page where you can download the templates online. 2010. ^^ Return to top of page ^^^ Please see the link below for more information: http://fe227aqqriwr2w35kc25rlstby. Whit .Includes 12-page Use Case template. : Acceptance Test Plan Design Document Requirements Spec Test Plan User Guide More >>>. fter you pay online. 2007. Vista & Apple Macintosh. Solution Description. sharpen your presentations and impress your clients. Summary. Software Testing. : What is the End User License Agreement? A: You can read the License Agreement here Need to know more? Drop me a line at ivan at klariti dot com and I'll get back to you asap. Requirements Traceability Matrix. Read More] 60-day Money-Back Guarantee Secure Online Order Form Supports Windows 98. iz Templates: Proposal Template RFP Template Project Management Employee Handbook SOPs IT Templates: Software Development Templates Testing (QA) Templates Training Plan Template User Guide Sales Templates: White Paper Templates Case Study Templates $ 9. Target Market. XP. 5 Microsoft Word templates includes the major sections required in a standard White Paper: Executive Summary. Case Studies. me templates also include Excel & Visio files. 29-page tutorial. Project Management. ote: All prices are in $ MS Word templates for Software Development. Proposals. 2000. Benefits. 2003. Read More] User Guide Templates $9. Excel and Visio Templates. 20010 Klariti .hop.

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