February 22, 2011 Dr. Meria Carstarphen, Superintendent Board of Trustees Austin Independent School District 1111 W.

Sixth Street Austin, TX 78703 Dear Superintendent Carstarphen and Board Members: Please accept this letter as a formal submission of the attached proposal requesting the lease of the Eastside Memorial Campus to the East Austin College Prep Academy. The East Austin College Prep Academy (the Academy) is a public college prep school with a charter to serve 6th-12th grade college bound students. We are seeking a long-term lease agreement in the amount of $1 per year for the next 99 years and are prepared to assume full responsibility and all future costs for the operation and maintenance of the campus. The Academy is submitting the attached concept paper to outline the programming components we could offer to students and families in the surrounding community. Currently AISD is considering different options to address significant financial shortfalls created by state and federal funding cuts. We believe this lease agreement proposal could offer two very significant benefits: 1) It could save AISD approximately $80-100 million over the next 10 years, which would allow the district to keep other schools open and reduce layoffs. 2) Eastside Memorial (and Johnston High School before it) has been an underutilized and underperforming school for many years. This would provide an opportunity to create a vibrant full service college prep academy in East Austin, which is something this community deserves. The East Austin College Prep Academy firmly believes that every neighborhood school in Austin ISD should be preserved and kept open. However, given the current economic climate, AISD budget shortfall, and AISD’s ongoing efforts to meet state academic standards, we believe that AISD and the community can forge a collaborative partnership in the Govalle/Johnston neighborhood that will improve the quality of life and education for the immediate community and students.

On March 22, 2010, the Academy submitted a comprehensive turnaround proposal thoroughly outlining the details of the attached concept paper. We respectfully request a meeting between the East Austin College Prep Academy leadership and your representatives to discuss this proposal in more detail. We are aware you have a deadline to submit a reconstitution plan and would like to meet prior to those deadlines. We believe that together AISD and the East Austin College Prep Academy can create a thriving community school where all of our students are prepared to attend and complete college. We are excited about this possibility and look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience; someone from our offices will contact you to follow up on this proposal. Sincerely,

East Austin College Prep Academy Board of Directors: Janie Castillo-Flores Martha Cotera Susana Almanza Ricardo Zavala Dr. Juan Sánchez

East Austin College Prep Academy’s

Vision for a Community School at the Eastside Memorial Campus
The East Austin College Prep Academy is a public school that provides East Austin students with an education that prepares them for success in college. The broader vision for this Academy is to bring the school and community together in one physical location, creating a Community School by partnering with AISD, families, neighbors, businesses, health and social service organizations, faith-based organizations, and anyone else committed to improving the community. The Eastside Memorial High School campus is an ideal site for this Community School. It can become a central hub of the neighborhood that offers:

Young people with…
 The necessary skills and supports from their family and community to ensure they can enter and succeed in college

A school with…
    High attendance and low behavior and discipline problems Reduced dropout rates Rigorous academic curriculum Teachers and families working together as collaborative partners

A community with…
  Families’ physical, mental, emotional  Strengthened community pride health needs being met  Improved security and safety Use of school facilities as a comprehensive  Citizens engaged in community service community center

The challenges young people are facing are rooted in our community and need community solutions! In addition to a great education, we are prepared to offer: Adult Education, Parent Leadership, Youth Development, After School Programs, Counseling, Community Leadership, Cultural Activities, Health Care Services, Workforce Development, and Prevention Services. As the school district identifies ways to manage the repercussions of the current fiscal crisis, we ask AISD to lease Eastside Memorial High School to the East Austin College Prep Academy. The Academy would take over all related operational and facilities costs and continue to provide and expand services to include a 6th-12th grade college prep academy. This would allow AISD to save $8 million a year ($80-$100 million over 10 years) by not having to operate this underutilized school, and it would provide our community and children with a quality education that prepares them to succeed in college.

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