Wolf Guard Ranulf the Strong: Homebrew rules

Ranulf is fabled to be the largest warrior that the Space Wolves have ever had. He is said to rival Leman Russ in his height and strength of arm. His massive Terminator armor now stands in the Hall of Heroes looming like a beast over all that look upon it. The Saga of Ranulf¶s death is told at great length and greatly revered by Space Wolves of any status. The Space Wolves were retreating through a narrow mountain pass, following a rare defeat by a Warhost of Orks. Ranulf and a handful of Wolf Guard stayed behind to face the Orks and facilitate the escape of the rest of the Space Wolves forces. They made a gallant stand against the whole of the Ork host, Ranulf chose his ground wisely. This part of the pass was so narrow that the Orks could bring no more than a dozen warriors into combat at any one time against the Wolf Guard. The battle raged for many hours, the bodies of the Orks were piled as high as a wall. One by one the Wolf Guard fell, until only Ranulf was left standing alone. Though the Orks brought down t he mighty Ranulf in the end, they could not bring themselves to desecrate his body. When the Space Wolves finally retook the pass they found Ranulf and his dead companions seated in a hastily constructed shrine surrounded by an immense pile of Ork wargear. To the Space Wolves Ranulf was a great champion, but to his foes he became nothing less than a god. Wolf Guard Ranulf

Wolf Guard Durfast of Mordak: Homebrew rules . I-5. S-5. T-4. If Ranulf would be placed in base c ontact with an enemy. There must be at least one unit of Wolf Guard in the army to field Ranulf. A-3. Great Strength: Ranulf is incredibly strong even for a Space Wolf. On the roll of a 1 or a 2 Ranulf is removed as a casualty.Points Value 210 WS-5. but instead place him on his side At the start of the next Space Wolf turn roll a D6 on the roll of a 3+ Ranulf staggers back to his feet with a single wound. place him so that he is more than an inch from any enemy models. All of Ranulf¶s Power Fist attacks have the same effect as a Thunder Hammer. Leader of the Wolf Guard: Ranulf is the leader of his Great Companies Wolf Guard. BS-5. LD-9 Type Unique Wargear Terminator Armor Storm Bolter Power Fist Wolf tooth Necklace Special Rules ATSKNF Acute Senses Counter Attack Independent Character Eternal Warrior Might of Russ Great Strength Might of Russ: If Ranulf loses his last wound do not remove him. W-3.

the artifact utilizes temporal technology to en dow the wearer with an uncanny awareness of the immediate past. . When it was discovered by the explorers of the Adeptus Terra. but in the end the Warboss was killed. It was during this fighting that Durfast was to earn his place in the Sagas. eons ago it supported an advanced civilization. Mordak lay deep within Ork-dominated space and it was not long before a large force of Orks arrived. Leaderless the Orks were finally driven off. It was savage close quarter fighting in almost total darkness. Durfast lead the remnants of Hurgarls Great Company into the catacombs of Betan to kill the Ork Warboss. evacuated the complex before destroying it with its own self-destruct systems. present and future. It has become known as the Helm of Durfast. the Iron Priests placed the artifact in a Space Wolf helmet. Thanks to Durfast the surviving Space Wolves made it back to the surface. One of the artifacts recovered on Mordak still resides within the Fang. the Techno -magi quickly recognized the importance of the technology found on Mordak.Mordak is now a dead world. The Space Wolves of Hurgarl Stormbrow¶s Great Company had been assigned to protect the world. Many Space Wolves died. A desperate war against time began in which the Space Wolves held the scattered excavation sites from the ever expanding force of Orks. This enables the bearer to anticipate the actions of his opponents.

For three years the forces of Bucharis lay siege to the Fang. A-3. S-4. I-5. The Space Wolves could do nothing to break the siege. Now he returned as the besieging forces of Bucharis mustered for the . LD-9 Type Unique Wargear Power Armor Bolter Bolt Pistol Frost Blade Frag and Krak grenades Helm of Durfast Wolf tooth Necklace Wolf Tail talisman Special Rules ATSKNF Acute Senses Counter Attack Independent Character Helm of Durfast: This artifact gives Durfast the ability to anticipate the actions of his foes. Wolf Lord Kyrl Grimblood µSavior of Fenris¶: Homebrew rules Kyrl Grimblood became a Wolf Lord during the age of Apostacy. His rampage into the heart of the Imperium was halted on Fenris.Wolf Guard Durfast of Mordak Points Value 165 WS-5. BS-5. He may also re -roll any failed to hit dice in both the shooting and assault phas es. on a mission into the Eye of Terror. but none as powerful as the Apostate Cardinal Bucharis. The bearers save becomes Invulnerable. this ability has made him a formidable warrior. W-2. T-4. Grimblood¶s Great Company had departed the Fang five years earlier. Although they tried many time to breach the attackes¶ lines. Du ring this time many false prophets came to power. Eventually it was Kyrl Grimblood who saved the Fang.

whose armies were as numerous as the stars in the sky. the besieged Space Wolves broke out. A-4. T-4.final attack. Grimblood had saved the day a nd possibly Earth itself. Additionally the army a dds +1 to its reserve dice rolls to determine which units arrive every turn. BS-5. yet the victory of Kyrl Grimblood would herald the rebirth of a unified and powerful Imperium. but he believes it comes from Russ himself. Some would say that is comes from his tactical genius. Of those that escaped the Space Wolves none would survive the wolves of Asaheim. scattering tens of thousands into the forests of Asaheim. I-5. To finally seal their fate. Any Space Wolves army that includes Kyrl Grimblood may use the Outflank rule on any unit placed in reserve. granting him the ability to destroy his foes by c atching them off guard. S-4. LD-10 Type Unique Wargear Power Armor Bolt Pistol Frost Axe Frag and Krak grenades Belt of Russ Wolf tooth Necklace Wolf Tail talisman Saga of Majesty Special Rules ATSKNF Acute Senses Counter Attack Independent Character Providence of Russ Providence of Russ: Kyrl has a knack for amassing his forces in the right place at the right time. . but it was a setback. It was not the end of Bucharis. and the battle was won. W-3. Other heroes would defeat the Apostacy on other battlefields. Wolf Lord Kyrl Grimblood Points Value 240 WS-6. Grimblood¶s Great Company smashed into the flanks and rear of the enemy army.