Name: Aliases: Robert Terry Hamilton Carl Davis Richard Hamelton Mark Hamilton Tony Harris Tery Hawit Tery Herit Robert T. Williams Level: Level III
Robert Terry Hamilton

Registration #: 055591

Physical Description ‡ Age: ‡ Sex: ‡ Race: ‡ Hair: ‡ Scars/Tattoos : Address 16800 block of 10th Av Ct E Spanaway, WA 98387 Offenses ‡ Description: 9A.44.050 - Rape in the second degree., ‡ Date Convicted: ‡ Date Released: ‡ Details: Comments 11/04/1993 View Map 44 M Afr Amer Black ‡ Height: ‡ Weight: ‡ Eyes: 5'10'' 210lbs Brown

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According to official documents, in 1993, when subject HAMILTON was then 27 years old, he Raped an unknown adult female. The victim was asleep on her couch when HAMILTON entered her apartment with a sweatshirt tied around the top of his head to conceal his identity. HAMILTON pulled her hair and asked where her purse was located. The victim gave HAMILTON her

threw her onto a bed.icrimewatch. HAMILTON ransacked the apartment. This allows the Pierce County Sheriff's Department to disclose relevant. HAMILTON pulled the victim by her hair. While in her home. After HAMILTON left. and covered her face with clothing and a blanket. HAMILTON entered a female victim's home and grabbed her by the hair. HAMILTON is currently on supervision by the Department of Corrections. He made the victim lie down and he poked her with what she thought was a knife.2 counts. After HAMILTON fled. credit cards and her checkbook. Escape in the 1st Degree. HAMILTON demanded her jewelry which was valued at $5. telling her. ‡ Probation Conditions http://www. For these incidents. Shut up. HAMILTON raped the victim and ordered her to go into her bathroom.000. he has been classified as a LEVEL 3 Sex Offender and is considered a high risk to re-offend.php?OfndrID=886450&AgencyI D=54483 . Domestic Violence Simple Assault. Due to HAMILTON's sexual and criminal history. the victim called police. and accurate information to the community where the offender is expected to live and the public at large. HAMILTON was convicted of Rape in the 2nd and rings off of her fingers. Assault in the 3rd Degree. necessary. HAMILTON asked the victim for money and threatened to kill her baby if she did not give him any money. Driving While License Suspended. HAMILTON demanded money and placed a pillow over the female victim's face. Also in 1993. HAMILTON has an extensive criminal history including Burglary in the 2nd Degree . the victim ran to her mother's home nearby and the police were called. a victim reported HAMILTON grabbed her from behind while she was in her home and put his hands over her eyes. HAMILTON stole her purse which contained For this incident. Also in 1993. While she was in the bathroom. HAMILTON did complete the Sex Offender Treatment Program while in prison. Hit and Run. HAMILTON was convicted of Burglary in the 1st Degree .3 counts. or do you want me to stab you. and Resisting Arrest.

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