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Coordinates: 28°45′N 76°37′EDighal is a village in the Jhajjar district of Haryana, India. The majority of Deeghal or Dighal (डडडड) is a large village in Beri tahsil in Jhajjar district. It is about 20 Kilometres from Rohtak city, on Rohtak-Jhajjar Road. Now it falls in Jhajjar district. I is a prominent village. It has a medium sized hospital which is attached to PGI, Rohtak.population is Jat community (caste). It now comes under Jhajjar District. The clan in this village is Ahlawat. This village was formed by Chaudhary Deegh Ram. The main occupation of the people here is agriculture while some residents have gone and joined defence forces. It is also famous for wrestlers. A visionary named Vijay Ahlawat was born in Dighal. A freedom fighter from Dighal, Subedar Sheodutt Singh, took part in the First World War. During his life time, he contributed a lot for the upliftment of this village and for the Ahlawat community and remained Pradhan of this community (27 villages of ahlawat khap) for his whole life. Now his youngest son Shri Jai Singh Ahlawat is serving the community as its Pradhan. Other castes inhabiting Dighal are Brahmins, Banias, Khati, Teli, Nai, Lohar, Bairagi, Chhipi, Dhanak, Chure(Bhangi) and Chamar. Among the Brahmins, Pt. Har Narain Das, Subedar Major, has done a lot of social work after his retirement. He evinced keen

5%: male literacy is 53%. bahadurgarh. He spread the environment awareness message among the masses.sec. jhajjar. Nearest city.school 2. and female literacy is 40%. He arranged stationery and other paraphernalia from his own resources for the education of Balgans. 17% of the population is under 6 years of age. Rati Ram Bhardwaj is also dedicated to the cause of education and is running a school to impart the education to the rural children. Schools. In Dighal.Gangtan govt. Keeping with the tradition of the family. which is running a number of educational institutions now. about 2 hours by state transport. Dighal Village Hospitals.ser.there are 2 small dispensaries in the village and most of the people commute to rohtak to take treatment in hospital MP-Deepender Singh Hooda Dighal is well connected by road line. His son Suren Bhardwaj also takes keen interest in sports activities and other social causes like his father. (particularly wrestling) and awarded the winners of these sports from his own side. he nursed people to health by preparing and administering 'Desi' (indigenous) medicines made of herbs. He was a champion of education in district Rohtak and played a vital role in establishing the Gaur Brahmin Education Society at Rohtak. his nephew Pt. . lower than the national average of 59. During 'Mahamari' (illness). He was also a great environmentalist and planted lot of trees near the pond (Johd) and other sites. He is also dedicated to the cause of sports and sponsors a number of sports activities. He also sponsored and arranged sports competitions. The distance from Delhi is around 70 km. however no government or private buses are available to transport the passenger from Dighal to capital/ other cities.Bade wala School (डडडड डडडड. Dighal has an average literacy rate of 47%.interest in the education of Balgans (adults). Dighal had a population of 36.804.rohtak. He was founder member of this society. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%.1. As of 2001 India census.

Nirjala Akadshi is in the month of Jaishth. It lies on National Highway 71 and is 18 km north of Jhajjar and about 48 km south-east of Maham. teej. an idol or a picture of Parvati is installed. dussehra. Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary and the historic sites around Delhi constitute some interesting excursions outside Dighal. The women keep fast and abstain from water. Gugga Pir is worshipped by both Hindus and Muslims.janmashtami. Madlia Naumi is celebrated at the beginning of the rainy season. Idols of Ishar and Gangore are taken out in procession and songs in their praise are sung till they are immersed into water. On Teej girls receive new clothes from their parents and the mother sends a baya or gift. Thousands of people take part in the procession of the Gangore image from village to village. They sing songs in praise of Gugga. Girls apply henna on their hands and feet and are excused from household chores on this day. are taken out in procession with the town band. It is celebrated to welcome 'Sawan' or the rainy season. No doubt it is one of the biggest village of Haryana. Kosli. The evenings are set aside for singing and dancing. Girls dress up in their finest clothes and pray for a spouse of their choice. a small red insect called Teej in Haryana comes out from earth's soil. the goddess of abundance. while married ladies do the same for the happiness of their husbands. The baya which consists of a variety of foodstuff. Guggapir is celebrated on the next day of Janamashtami. Sanjhi is celebrated for 10 days in the month of Asuj. Girls worship the goddess throughout the preceding fortnight.lohri. Puja is performed in the morning. Nearest railway station is at Rohtak. beautifully dressed and bejeweled. divali. Indira Gandhi International Airport serves Dighal. Swings are set up in the open courtyards and Teej gets the first swing of the season. Colorful images of Gauri. Sarka Devi is mainly worshipped in these days. govardhan pooja. is placed on a thali at the place of worship where a chowk (square) has been decorated. in Haryana.baisakhi Gangore is celebrated on Chet Sudi-3 (Mar-Apr). . This spring festival is held in honor of Gauri. After first showers of Sawan. A dance procession is taken out in which Panch Pirs are the main dancers. Teej is celebrated on Sawan Sudi . but it has to step forward and make an impact in the socio-economical sector of haryana Festivals Holi .3 (Jul-Aug).dighal is a charming village situated midway between Rohtak and Jhajjar.

log dhigal me hukka peete hai timepas kerne ke lie . :D .Timepas.

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