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ICAO SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO. Document Scanning Lead Sheet ‘Apr-06-2012 12:51 prn Case Number: CUD-12-639958 Filing Date: Apr-06-2012 12:12 Filed by: MELANIA DE LUNA Juke Box: 001 Image: 03566080 CLERKS JUDGMENT - UNLAWFUL DETAINER - POSSESSION ONLY 1019 MARKET STREET, LLC VS. ITALO GOMEZ et al 001C03566080 Instructions: Please place this sheet on top of the document to be scanned. ‘ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Namo, safe bar numbor, and adress): David G. Finkelstein (SBN047791) [-LAW OFFICES OF DAVID G. FINKELSTEIN 1528S, El Camino Real, Suite 306 San Mateo, California 94402 TELEPHONENG: 650-353-4503 E-MAIL ADDRESS (Optional): ATTORNEY FOR (Name): Plaintiff£ | SuPEnion COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF San Francisco streetappress: 400 McAllister St. Rm. 103 MAILING ADDRESS: ciryanozp cone; San Francisco, CA 94103 BRANCH NAME: FAX NO. (Optionay: 650-312-1803 UD-110 FOR COURT USE ONLY FILED San Francisco County Superior Court! APR 06 2012 CLERK OF FHE COURT PLAINTIFF: 1019 Market Street, LLC Italo Gomez JUDGMENT—UNLAWFUL DETAINER By Clerk Lc] By Default After Court Trial By Court x | Possession Only Defendant Did Not Appear at Trial DEFENDANT: GJ BY: Ee Clerk ‘CASE NUMBER: CUD-12-639958 JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT a. Defendant was properly served with a copy of the summons and complaint. b. Defendant failed to answer the complaint or appear and defend the action within the time allowed by law. c. Defendant's default was entered by the clerk upon plaintiff's application. (1) plaintiffs testimony and other evidence. 4. [2c] Clerk's Judgment (Code Civ. Proc., § 1169). For possession only of the premises described on page 2 (item 4). e. Court Judgment (Code Civ. Proc., § 585(b)). The court considered (2) plaintiffs or others' written declaration and evidence (Code Civ. Proc., § 585(d)). 2. AFTER COURT TRIAL. The jury was waived. The court considered the evidence. a. The case was tried on (date and time): before (name of judicial officer): b. Appearances by: Plaintiff (name each): Continued on Attachment 2b (form MC-025). Defendant (name each): Plaintiffs attomey (name each): (1) @) Defendant's attorney (name each): (1) (2) Continued on Attachment 2b (form MC-025). c Defendant did not appear at trial. Defendant was properly served with notice of trial, d. [_] A statement of decision (Code Civ. Proc., § 632) was not ] was requested. Page 1 of "ail Gaunt falta JUDGMENT—UNLAWFUL DETAINER Coan oC Pa, UD-140 [New January 1, 2003] sie £ See _ - cee |_ PLAINTIEF;..1019 Market Street, LLC ‘CASE NUMBER: _ DEFENDANT: Italo Gomez CUD-12~639958 JUDGMENT IS ENTERED AS FOLLOWS BY: [_] THE couRT X} THE CLERK 3> Parties. “Judgment is a. [x] for plaintiff (name each): 1019 Market Street, LLC and against defendant {name each): Italo Gomez _ Continued on Attachment 3a (form MC-025). b, for defendant (name each): 4. Ex] Plaintift Defendant _ is entitled to possession of the premises located at (street address, apartment, city, and county): 1019 Market Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94301 5. Judgment applies to all occupants of the premises including tenants, subtenants if any, and named claimants if any (Code Civ. Proc. 15.010, 1169, and 1174.3). 6. Amount and terms of judgment a. ["] Defendant named in item 3a above must pay plaintiff onthe _b. (] Plaintifris to receive nothing fram defendant ‘complaint: named in item 3b. en [__] Defendant named in item 3b is to recover Past-due rent $ 0.00 costs: $ 0.00 Holdover damages $ 0.00 and attorney fees: $0.00 @ (J Attorney fees $ 0.00 Costs $ 0.00 Other (specify): $ 0.00 (6) TOTAL JUDGMENT $ 0.00 c. [x] The rental agreement is canceled. [2c] The lease is forfeited. 7. Conditional judgment. Plaintiff has breached the agreement to provide habitable premises to defendant as stated in Judgment—Uniawful Detainer Attachment (form UD~110S), which is attached. 3. Other (specify): Continued on Attachment 8 (form MC-025). a Date: Date: APR 6 2012 Geib CLERK'S CERTIFICATE (Optional) | certify that this is a true copy of the original judgment on file in the court. , Deputy Date: Clerk, by , Deputy “UD-110 [New January 1, 2003) JUDGMENT—UNLAWFUL DETAINER Page 20f2

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