Templates permit you create new documents that share common settings and design elements. For example, if you need to design a series of business cards with a similar look and feel, you can create a template with the desired artboard size, view settings (such as guides), and print options. The template can also contain symbols for common design elements (such as logos) and specific sets of color swatches, brushes, and graphic styles. Illustrator comes with a variety of templates, including templates for letterhead, business cards, envelopes, brochures, labels, certificates, postcards, greeting cards, and websites. When a template is selected via the New From Template command, Illustrator creates a new document with identical content and document settings as the template, but leaves the original template file untouched. To create a new template follows the following steps: 1. Open a new (Ctrl+N) or existing document. 2. Customize the document in any of the following ways: i. Set up the document window as you want it to appear in new documents you create from the template. This includes the magnification level, scroll position, ruler origin, guides, grids, crop areas, and options in the View menu. ii. Draw or import any artwork you want to appear in new documents you create from the template. iii. Delete any existing swatches, styles, brushes, or symbols, you don’t want to retain. iv. Create any new swatches, styles, brushes, and symbols, you want in the corresponding panels. You can also import preset swatches, styles, brushes, symbols, and actions from a variety of libraries that come with Illustrator. v. Create any graph designs you want and add them to the Graph Design dialog box. You can also import preset graph designs. vi. Set the desired options in the Document Setup dialog box and Print Options dialog box. 3. Choose File  Save As Template. Immediately the Save As dialog box will be appeared. 4. In the Save As dialog box, select a location for the file and enter a filename for your template that is best describe the content/setting of the file. 5. Finally click on the Save button. Illustrator saves the file in AIT (Adobe Illustrator Template) format. To create a new document from a template follows the following steps:
i. ii. iii.

Perform one of the following: Choose File  New From Template. Choose File  New. In the New Document dialog box, click Templates. In the Welcome screen, click From Template folder in the Create New

list as figure.

 Figure: From Template Folder on Welcome Screen & the New From Template Dialog Box Immediately the New From Template dialog box will be appeared as figure. 1 1 In the New From Template dialog box, locate and select a template.

Figure: The New From Template Dialog Box 1 1 Finally click on the New button. Immediately a new document based on your selected template will be created in document window as figure.

Figure: The New File Created From Template