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The Independent General Transport Authority Union

Arab Republic of Egypt

Date: Friday 25 March 2011

Sisters and Brothers,

We have learnt of the Egyptian Cabinet’s decision of 23 March to declare all strikes and
demonstrations illegal. This is a fundamental attack on workers’ rights and the
Revolution itself. This must and will be resisted.

We, workers from the London Transport Underground Railway, condemn the Cabinet’s
decision and send our solidarity to you (see attached).

We also wish to send our greetings and congratulations to the formation of the newly
established independent union in the General Transport Authority. Solidarity is the
bedrock of trade unionism. Solidarity knows no artificial national boundaries. Workers of
the world unite.

Thawra Thawra Hatta Nasr.

Unjum Mirza
Political Officer
London Regional Council, RMT

Telephone: 07958 124 225

Statement on the right to strike and protest in Egypt

The Egyptian people showed immense courage in overthrowing the dictator Mubarak.
They braved armoured cars and bullets in order to win freedom and social justice. We
call on Egypt's current military and civilian rulers to respect the Egyptian people's
democratic rights, including the right to protest and strike. We call on the Egyptian
cabinet to reverse its decision of 23 March 2011 to criminalise protests and strike action
and to threaten those 'inciting' such action with imprisonment or huge fines. We demand
that the British government cease to provide assistance, arms or equipment to the
Egyptian army and security forces which could be used to repress strikes and protests.

We send our greetings to our brothers and sisters in Egypt's independent trade unions,
and pledge that we will not stand by while their rights are under threat. We will mobilise
whatever solidarity we can to support their struggle for political freedom and social

We salute the creation of the independent public transport workers' union on 24 March
2011 and send our greetings to its members and leaders.

Steve Hedley, London Regional Organiser, RMT

Vaughan Thomas, President, London Transport Regional Council, RMT
John Kelly, Secretary, London Transport Regional Council, RMT
Unjum Mirza, Political Officer, London Transport Regional Council, RMT
Ross Marshall, Treasurer, London Transport Regional Council, RMT
Paul Jackson, Branch Secretary, LU Engineering, RMT
Andy Littlechild, Branch Chair, LU Engineering, RMT
Mick Crossey, Branch Secretary, Camden, RMT
Tony Gandolfi, Branch Chair, Camden, RMT
Jon Abdullah, RMT Rep (SRT)
Kohran Osman, RMT Rep Canary Wharf
Paul Bell, RMT Arnos Grove Trains Depot
Roy Carey, RMT rep, MATS Council
Alan Crowe, RMT rep, Eurostar
Mohammed Vankard, RMT Leytonstone
Les Harvey, RMT rep, Signals Maintenance
Frank Murray, RMT rep, LU Engineering Branch
Taimoor Afzal, RMT Mile End
Oliver New, RMT Acton Town Trains depot (ex Council of Executives member)
Mac McKenna, Senior RMT rep, Stations Functional Council
Peter Trotter, RMT Safety Rep, London Bridge Group
Andy Leach, RMT rep, Acton Town Trains Depot
Mick McDonnell, RMT Stratford Trains Depot,
Jane Gwyn, RMT Branch Official, Jubilee South and East London Line Branch
Clive Protheroe, RMT Queens Park Trains Depot
Kieran Crowe, RMT Rep, Alstom (Golders Green Depot)
Michael Livingstone, Senior RMT Rep, Signals Operational
Vic Morgan, RMT Rep, Leytonstone
Danny Canavan, RMT Rep, Hainault Depot
Eugene Daly, RMT Rep, Bond Street
Paul Kennedy, RMT Camden Town
Kebba Jobe, Senior RMT Rep, Signals and Service Control (Operational)
Jake Wylie, RMT Neasden Line Control
Lynda Aitken, RMT rep, London Bridge
Ifzal Ahmed, RMT Mile End
Ali Canak, RMT Edgware Road Trains Depot
John Colville, RMT King's Cross
Jackie Darby, RMT LU Engineering Branch
Karen Hoult, RMT Stratford Trains Depot
Anthony Humphreys, RMT, Leyton Group
Aboo Mungroo, RMT Mile End
Linda Martin, RMT, TransPlant
Will Hiscock, RMT, Elephant & Castle Train Depot
Chris Hutchinson, RMT rep, Tubelines
Andy Izard, Branch Secretary, East Ham, RMT
Dick Godfrey, Senior RMT Rep, Fleet Branch
Dean O’Hanlon, Branch Secretary, Finsbury Park, RMT
Bill Teale, Branch Secretary, Fleet Branch, RMT
Pat O’Brien, Senior Safety Rep, RMT
Antony De Souza, RMT Rep, LU Engineering Branch, RMT
Rahul Uddin, RMT Mile End
Jason Cullen, RMT Rep, Tube Lines
Malcolm Taylor, Secretary, Stations Functional Council, RMT
Vik Parmar, RMT Rep, Central Line West Branch, RMT
Russ Clarke, Company Council Rep, Tubelines, RMT
Tommy Comerford, RMT Mile End,
Will Reid, Senior RMT Rep, Trains Functional Council

Finn Brennan, Senior Aslef Trains Functional Rep

Dave Barnes, Senior TSSA Rep, Network Rail (Carrillion)