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Roselle Park, New Jersey

The Roselle Park Council of PTAs provides the following personal profiles on the candidates
seeking election to the Roselle Park Board of Education for your information. The Candidates are
listed in the order that their names will appear on the ballot and the facts and opinions presented
were obtained from the candidates. You will elect three candidates who will each serve for a three-
year term.
Polling hours: 2-9 PM. Please refer to your sample ballot, which will be mailed to your home, to
determine where you will vote. If you have questions concerning your polling site, contact the
Borough Clerk, Borough Hall at 245-6222.

#1 Christopher Miller 520 East Grant Avenue

Chris Miller is a 15 year Roselle Park resident who is

driven to help make education the best it can be for the
children of Roselle Park while being sensitive to the needs
of the entire community.

Chris is married for 15 years (Jen) and proudly has a six

year old son, Owen, and a four year old daughter, Audrey.
He grew up in Philadelphia where he majored in
Marketing (undergraduate/Temple University, ‘88) and
later got a Masters in Elementary Education (Temple
University, ‘95). Chris is an elementary school teacher for
16 years in Summit, NJ (3rd grade).

Throughout his teaching career, Chris has been devoted to developing programs that foster
engagement/communication between students’ peers, the immediate community, and globally. He is an
advocate for relevant, engaging curriculum that motivates students to recognize their value in our society.
Past and present projects have included senior citizens, other Summit elementary schools, and elementary
schools in Russia and India.

In September, Chris was appointed to fill one of the two vacant seats on the Roselle Park Board of
Education. Since then, he has attended every scheduled board meeting. His current duties are Liaison to
the Mayor and Council, Liaison to RPHS PTA, and is a contributing member of the Technology

Chris Miller is committed to investing his time, talents, and passion towards making it through this
turbulent period while preparing our children to be exemplary citizens. He is dedicated to developing an
educational system that is not only sensitive to the needs of our community, but also attractive to
prospective residents.
#2 Jason Tribiano 507 Sherman Avenue

Hello fellow Roselle Park residents, my name is

Jason Tribiano. My wife and I moved here from
Staten Island, NY in 2006 with our 3 children. While
we had no previous ties to the town, the quiet, leafy
neighborhood with the well-regarded schools and the
short commute lured us across the bridge. Our two
older girls are enrolled at Sherman School and our
youngest will be attending kindergarten this fall.

I have been a teacher for the New York City

Department of Education for 13 years. I currently
teach Mathematics to Special Education students at
an Intermediate school on Staten Island. In my
career I have taught students with a wide range of
disabilities (i.e. autistic, emotionally disturbed,
learning disabled) at levels from 3rd grade through
high school, as well as GED programs.
I hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany and a
Masters in Special Education from the City University of New York, Staten Island.

As a founding member of the Concerned Citizens of Roselle Park, I’ve discovered an interest in
community activism and education. Opportunities to be involved in the community seemed few
and far between in New York, but here in Roselle Park, there are lots of ways residents can be
actively involved in the community.

I am thrilled with the chance to potentially represent the citizens of Roselle Park on the Board of
Education. As a parent, teacher, union member and taxpayer, I believe I am in a unique position
to thoughtfully engage fellow Board members and Roselle Park School Administrators to the
benefit of our children and community.
#3 BARBARA SOKOL 506 Elm Street

I have lived in Roselle Park since I was six years old, and that was 55
years ago! Roselle Park has been a great town in which to grow up
and work. I started as a student in 1st grade at Robert Gordon and
graduated RPHS in the class of 1967. I have enjoyed working with so
many wonderful people as a teacher in Roselle Park from September
1971 through my retirement in June 2010. Along the way I attended
Graduate School and was awarded a Masters Degree in Media from
Seton Hall University,

I have been involved in the community for many years as a member

and now trustee of the Roselle Park Historical Society. Along with
Pat Pagnetti and Audrey Morgan, together we wrote the book Images
of America Roselle Park in 2000. I am a parishioner and Eucharistic
minister at Church of the Assumption.

I started my career as an educator in the Roselle Park School District teaching 2nd grade at
Sherman School, and in 1984 I became the first computer teacher for grades Kindergarten
through 5th in EJF-Aldene, Robert Gordon and Sherman schools. Throughout my 39 years of
experience working in Roselle Park, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with literally
hundreds of wonderful students, parents, and community members. Even after retirement, I had
a strong desire to continue to serve the residents of Roselle Park and applied to become a
member of the Board of Education when the opportunity arose. I have served in that capacity
since September 2010 and I am an active member of the Curriculum Committee and Citizens’
Educational Advisory Committee.
I have served on many district–wide committees including Professional Development,
Technology, and the Quality Single Accountability Continuum NJ State report. Participation on
these committees has given me insight into the important workings of the district as a whole, and
how the District, County, and State work together.
But my main focus has always been, and continues to be, the students of Roselle Park and how
to progress toward excellence in all school areas. Our mission and goals need to be continued in
a fiscally productive yet effective and positive manner. I care deeply about what happens to the
children in Roselle Park and the students are my first consideration in every decision I make.
I am always willing to listen and to learn more about our community as it continues to grow. I
have the experience and deep desire to continue to serve the children and residents of Roselle
Park as a member of the Roselle Park Board of Education.
# 4 Troy Gerten 153 Charlotte Terrace

Troy Gerten has been a resident of Roselle Park since

moving here with his family in 1979. He is a product of
the Roselle Park school system where he attended from
the 4th grade through his graduation in 1988. Later, he
graduated from Kean University with a Bachelor’s Degree
in Business. He and his wife, Julie, are the proud parents
of three boys who attend Sherman school.
Troy Gerten has been a resident of Roselle Park since
moving here with his family in 1979. He is a product of
the Roselle Park school system where he attended from
the 4th grade through his graduation in 1988. Later, he
graduated from Kean University with a Bachelor’s Degree
in Business.

During Troy’s 19 year career, he has gained valuable experience managing and developing
workforces. Additionally, he has planned and designed budgets that his departments operate
within. For the last 10 years he has been employed by Global Crossing in Florham Park, where
he is the Director of Learning & Talent Management. He leads the HR Learning & Development
department that is responsible for educating and training the employee base. Additionally, he
draws upon his financial and leadership background as he manages multi-million dollar budgets,
negotiates vendor contracts, and recently redesigned the company’s employee performance
management model.

Troy works hard to achieve the best he can for his family and tries to volunteer his time wherever
available. He coaches baseball and Pop Warner and is active with the Boy Scouts.

“I am very proud to have been raised in this small community and I am happy that Julie and I
have chosen to raise our family in this same great town. I believe with my very strong
professional experience I can be an asset to the Board of Education, taxpayers, parents, and
students of Roselle Park.”

2 – 9 PM

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