Family Membership

Membership Fees Tenure Entitlement Additional Child Add on Membership Add on Membership entitlement Annual Maintenance Charges *Annual Maintenance Charges:

Rs. 19998/10 Years Husband, Wife & 2 Children below 18 years Rs. 2000/50% discount on Membership Tariff Children above 18 yrs of age / Parents Rs. 1000/-*

 Annual Maintenance Charges Payable at the beginning of the year  The first Annual Maintenance Charges would be charged from January 2011  The Annual Maintenance Charges would raise by 30% once in Three years

Membership Benefits / Privileges:
a) Access to all Leisure Resorts of Greenarth Leisure b) Access to all Affiliated Clubs / Resorts* c) Discounts on Room Stays at Leisure Resorts 1) 20% Discount during Platinum Season 2) 30% Discount during Gold Season 3) 50% Discount during Silver Season d) Discounts in Restaurants at Leisure Resorts 1) 20% Discount on Food e) Privileges & Benefits on Conference & Banquets at Greenarth Leisure Resorts. f) Some Recreational Activities at Greenarth Leisure Resorts Free of Cost g) Discounts on Recreational Activities at Greenarth Leisure Resorts h) Discounts on Activities / Events hosted by the Member at Greenarth Leisure Resorts i) Events organized by Greenarth Leisure j) Privilege Card for getting privileges at more than 300 Membership establishments

Tiera : Feliciana .Talegaon : Hills . Fishing. Pool.Raigad All theme clubs & resorts are across unexplored countryside’s near to Mumbai. easily accessible on weekends. Gym. Badminton. . Adventure Sports.Aqua e) Greenarth Leisure .Shahapur : Lonavala : Tamanshet .Orchid c) Greenarth Leisure . Water Sports. Chess. Horse Riding.Countryside b) Greenarth Leisure . The Constituents a) Recreational and Sports Facilities for the entire family.Life d) Greenarth Leisure . ( Lots of Indoor and Outdoor Activities like Swimming Pool.Solange f) Greenarth Leisure . Dart and many more ) b) Residential Cottages / Rooms c) Restaurants d) Banquets e) Conference / Business Centre f) Lawns g) Activities / Events h) Reciprocal Affiliations to Domestic and International Clubs / Resorts . Kids Zone.GREENARTH LEISURE MEMBERSHIP 30 THEME BASED LEISURE RESORTS BY THE YEAR 2014 I Phase 6 Leisure Resorts II Phase 8 Leisure Resorts III Phase 8 Leisure Resorts IV Phase 8 Leisure Resorts 6 Leisure Resorts shall be operational in I Phase a) Greenarth Leisure .Shirol – Nashik Highway : Riveria – SarangpurI . Table Tennis.Wada : Riverdale . Boating. Billiards.

k) Members can advance their GEL units maximum for a period of upto 2 years. 250/. Gold iii. b) Unit Cost : Rs. l) Members can transfer / assign their GEL units to their friends. Subject to his / her / it clearing the AMC. Silver : Saturday / Sunday / All Public and Bank Holidays : Friday : Monday to Thursday iv. 9999/. After which the GEL units will lapse proportionately. Silver : 3 GEL units per day : 2 GEL units per day : 1 GEL units per day h) Member availing Free Stay shall be charged Utility Charges @ Rs. Gold iii.GEL BYE LAWS . That is they can use current years GEL units plus two years GEL units. d) Every year. e) 3 Main Seasons : Platinum.per GEL unit c) Tenure of GEL Units is 10 years – Purchase of GEL unit gives you the privilege of free stay at our Resorts as per rules for 10 years. relatives or acquaintances. The Member needs to buy a minimum of 2 GEL units. i) Regarding Free Stay : j) Members can accumulate their GEL units for a maximum period of 3 years. . Platinum ii.per night (subject to change )on receipt of confirmation voucher. n) Greenarth Leisure reserves the rights of reservation to accept the reservations against GEL units when transferred or sold.FREE STAY PRIVILEGES a) The Member wishing of opt for free stay at Greenarth Leisure Resorts needs to buy GEL UNITS which can be redeemed in the proportions mentioned below. Gold and Silver f) Seasons Classifications i. Platinum ii. The above classification will be applicable throughout the year g) GEL UNITS can be redeemed in the following proportions mentioned to avail Free Stays i. The Member shall be credited with the number of GEL units that he / she / it has purchased. m) Members can also sell their GEL units through their own resources.

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