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Shirley Pigott MD

301 Woodway
Victoria, Texas 77904
April 20, 2009

Randall Moore MD JD
Scott & White
Temple, Texas

Dear Dr. Moore,

As you know, I have been dedicated for several years to my work at medical board reform. Although I
have been successful in stirring some public outcry, recruiting dozens of other doctors to the cause,
earning the support of my patients, and possibly contributed to the resignations of Drs. Kalafut, Patrick
and Miller, the medical board brazenly suspended my license March 24, 2009, stating that I am/was
"mentally impaired".

Although you implied that I might be delusional because believe I am being stalked by law
enforcement, I suspect you doubt the board's allegations that I am a continuing danger to the public.
You probably are as surprised as I was that a board attorney, Scott Freshour, would use your statements
to conclude the latter.

Mr. Freshour, alone, determined that I was/am a danger to the public, and presumably a danger to my
patients. Either he violated his "oath of an attorney" or he is miserably incompetent when it comes to
understanding basic logic and correct use of the English language. Additionally, Mr. Freshour denied
me my right to present evidence of patient support. His actions were, I believe, taken in bad faith and
at the direction of Mari Robinson, their Executive Director.

At the most recent regularly scheduled board meeting prior to my "temporary suspension hearing", I
publicly testified, to the whole board and to Mari Robinson, as to her imminent danger to the public
due to repeated criminal behavior.

On March 25th, the board maliciously sent the following "press release" to my hometown newspaper,
the Victoria Advocate: FOR IMMEDIATE RELE:

Media contact Chief of Staff Jane McFarland at (512) 305-7044 or

Non-media contact: (512) 305-7030 or (800) 248-4062

"Medical Board Suspends License of Shirley Pigott, M.D., of Victoria

A panel of the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended the license of Shirley Pigott, M.D., license
#F7054, of Victoria, after determining that Dr. Pigott’s continuation in the practice of medicine presents
a continuing threat to the public welfare.
The action was based Dr. Pigott’s failure to comply with a previous board order, unprofessional and
dishonorable conduct, and impaired mental status.

The temporary suspension hearing took place Tuesday, March 24, and the suspension was effective
immediately. The length of a temporary suspension order is indefinite but it remains in effect until the
board takes further action."

For some time I have tried to persuade the Advocate to investigate my evidence of fraud and abuse of
power by the medical board, but they have not. They were willing, however, to jump on the sensational
"news" disseminated by a wicked medical board.

Robinson testified under oath at recent hearings of the House Committee on Public Health (recorded
and kept in committee archives, available for viewing) that the medical board does not "shop for
experts". Her behavior demonstrates otherwise.
Several Texas physicians who have been harmed by the TMB are eager to testify, under oath in public
proceedings, to their own evidence that the board shops until it finds an expert who will fraudulently do
their biddings. When the board is lucky enough to find an ethical expert who honestly believes there is
some truth in their allegations, they refuse to allow him to reevaluate a licensee when new evidence
might be contradictory to a previous conclusion.
Scott Freshour has told my attorney that you are their expert and they do not want me reevaluated.
However, they repeatedly refer to you as the "evaluating physician". Until now, they have never
mentioned your opinions were their property or that they have any authority not to disclose evidence to
you. Consistent with the concept of an evaluating physician rather than a "board physicians" is the fact
that I have agreed to see you and, in fact, I pay you for your services. You are bound by ethical
considerations to find out and testify to the truth.
At our most recent visit, you made suggestions which Dr. Brams, my treating physician, and I agreed
were reasonable and would assist you in determining the truth.
We have made those changes and wish to have you make your own conclusion as to the results.
This is especially important since Dr. William Reid repeatedly relied on your opinions to conclude that
I might be psychotic.
If you had questioned my sanity prior to my most recent visit with you, you probably would have asked
me to show you some evidence which might allow you to determine the truth.
Hopefully you recall the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution:
"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right ... to be informed of the nature
and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have
compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor ...
and the Fourth Amendment:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against
unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but
upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place
to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Although the board has not charged me with anything criminal, it has used a felony charge for which I
have not been found guilty as evidence I am a danger to the public. I am not aware that the board has
been charged to find a doctor "innocent until proven guilty".
I have evidence which proves, I believe, collusion among, at minimum, four Texas agencies (Texas
Department of Public Safety, Texas Medical Board, the Texas Attorney General through the Wharton
County DA, and the Texas Judicial Branch (through the 329th District Court in Wharton County).
I and two other individuals have seen an email exchange among the following persons in an evidence
file held by the Wharton County District Attorney in their prosecution against me for a first degree
felony charge. The series of emails passes DPS identification information, including the residence
address, of good friends of mine who have assisted me with TMB related investigations. These people
are writing each other in a manner which strongly suggests this is not their first communication. These
persons are:
1. A DPS Captain (DPS)
2. Keith Miller's nurse practitioner (TMB)
3. An assistant Wharton County DA (representative of the Texas Attorney General)
4. The Executive Director of the 329th Wharton County District Court. (Who reports to the 329th
District Judge, who represents the Texas Judicial Branch)

You may recall that I have, in my possession, a public affidavit sworn by Bridget Hughes RN, Keith
Miller's nurse practitioner, in which she acknowledges the forgery of over 50 Schedule II Controlled
Substances prescriptions. It is signed by Katherine Thomas, Executive Director of the Texas Board of
Nursing. The affidavit states that she has been employed by Dr. Miller for several months. I have
sworn deposition testimony in which Dr. Miller admits he was Hughes' "supervising physician" during
part of the time she was engaging regularly in felonious activity and was fulfilling her non-disciplinary
order under Miller's supervision.

Hughes' one-year order had these requirements:

1. She was not to refer to herself as a nurse practitioner.
2. She had voluntarily given up all prescriptive authority, including her controlled drugs license
numbers with DPS and the DEA.

Before the order expired, my female amateur investigator friend visited Hughes in Shelby County
Texas as a patient. She has pictures of a sign in front of Miller's office which refers to Hughes as a
nurse practitioner. She has an audio recording of Miller's receptionist referring to Hughes as a nurse
practitioner. In the recording, Hughes calls herself a nurse practitioner. The receptionist confirms that
Miller was not in the office that day supervising Hughes. Hughes gave my friend medication samples
which were to treat a condition Hughes had diagnosed. Hughes called in a second prescription to a
Center, Texas, pharmacist, Lacory Miller. I have personally requested a written copy of the
prescription, upon my investigator's request. Pharmacist Miller refused to fax me a copy, presumably
because no copy existed. Pharmacist Miller acknowledged to me personally by phone that he knew
Hughes did not have prescriptive authority but that he filled her prescription anyway.
My investigator has, as have I, reported the above incident to the Texas DPS, TMB, Board of Nursing,
and State Board of Pharmacy.
I am enclosing the response to me from Kent Mawyer, Chief of Criminal Investigations for Colonel
Thomas Davis, Executive Director of DPS. He copies his response to Donald Patrick MD JD (Exec
Director TMB), Katherine Thomas (Exec Director Texas Board of Nursing), and Gay Dodson (Exec
Director Texas State Board of Pharmacy). In the letter, Mr. Mawyer refuses to acknowledge the new
information I and my investigator had provided him which proved Hughes' continued violation of her
order before it expired in April, 2008. The purpose of the letter appeared to be to inform me that
neither DPS, TMB, BON, nor State Board of Pharmacy had further obligation to investigate Dr. Miller,
Nurse Hughes, or Pharmacist Miller. This is evidence of collusion of the executive directors of the
TMB, DPS, BON, and State Board of Pharmacy. These EDs certainly all know who the involved
licensees are.

During my investigation of Keith Miller and Hughes, I chastised DPS officers Rodney Mahan and Ron
Fields for not investigating Hughes. Officer Mahan appeared to regret the lack of fulfillment of his
obligations as a DPS' officer. I discussed the matter with the Shelby County Sheriff and Center Chief
of Police and was told, "Mahan got his hands slapped for investigating Hughes a little too

Fields told me that they were preparing evidence with the FBI to go to the DEA and that hopefully, a
case against Hughes would be filed. I assumed the evidence would include information about Dr.
Miller's presumed criminal behavior.

In the only situation where I ever recall exaggerating my findings of any investigations, I made Internet
statements that Miller was expected to have felony charges filed against him in the near future.
Although I would not be able to swear that Miller was "about to have felony charges filled against him
with the FBI and/or the DEA", this could reasonably be presumed. I made statements in emails I sent
out that the same statements would be sent by certified mail. Most of the time I did not send certified

I can affirm and am so doing, that, to the best of my knowledge, everything in this letter is true and
correct, so help me God.