Spelling Tic Tac Toe **Challenge

Choose your own assignments! You must choose at least three activities in box as you complete the assignment. The middle square is required. Complete all 3 assignments on the paper attached and turn it in on Thursday morning. Have fun!

Name:_____________ #__

Homework due: Thursday


Spelling Words
March 29 each any design. Color –inApril 1 homophones

Antonyms - Create 10 antonyms for your words tonight. Remember, antonym is the 2nd grade word for opposite! Sentences – Write 10 of your words in a sentence. Make sure you use it correctly! **(must do this week only)** Synonyms - Create 10 synonyms for your words tonight. Remember, synonym is the 2nd grade word for means the same!

Type- Type your words on the computer and print them out. Turn in on Thursday.

Word Search - Complete a word search tonight. (You can create a word search on paper or go to: www.puzzlemaker.com to make your own!)

3X Each- Write your spelling words 3X times each. **(must do)**

Rhyming Words - Create rhyming words to go with 10 of your spelling words.

Backwards words- Write your words forwards, then backwards!

Illustrate- Illustrate and write your each of your words.

aunt ant threw through deer dear here hear wait weight pair pear nose knows wood would
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