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Spelling Tic Tac Toe
Homework due: Thursday Test: Friday Choose your own assignments! You must choose at least three activities in any
design. Color in each box as you complete the assignment. The middle square is required. Complete all 3 assignments on the paper attached and turn it in on Thursday morning. Have fun!

Spelling Words
March 29 – April 1 homophones

Antonyms - Create 10 antonyms for your words tonight. Remember, antonym is the 2nd grade word for opposite! Sentences – Write 10 of your words in a sentence. Make sure you use it correctly! **(must do this week only)** Rhyming Words - Create rhyming words to go with 10 of your spelling words.

Type- Type your words on the computer and print them out. Turn in on Thursday.

Word Search - Complete a word search tonight. (You can create a word search on paper or go to: to make your own!)

3X Each- Write your spelling words 3X times each. **(must do)**

ABC order- Write all your spelling words in ABC order

to too two weak week tail tale here hear buy bye our hour no know
Parent Signature X___________

Synonyms - Create 10 synonyms for your words tonight. Remember, synonym is the 2nd grade word for means the same!

Illustrate- Illustrate and write your each of your words.

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