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Maintenance Electrician – Practice Exam #1 13

Practice Exam #1

The following questions are based on the 2005 edition of the National Electrical Code® and are typical
of questions encountered on most Maintenance Electricians’ Exams. Select the best answer from the
choices given and review your answers with the answer key included in this book.

ALLOTTED TIME: 75 minutes

14 DEWALT Electrical Licensing Exam Guide

Notes Maintenance Electrician

Practice Exam #1

1. The National Electrical Code is NOT _____.

a. designed for future expansion of electrical use

b. designed to safeguard people and property from electrical
c. published by the NFPA
d. intended as a specification manual for trained persons

2. The NEC mandates specific branch circuits, receptacle outlets

and utilization equipment to be provided with a ground-fault circuit
interrupter (GFCI); this device is intended _____.

a. to prevent overloading the conductors

b. to prevent overloading the circuit breakers
c. for the protection of equipment from ground-faults
d. for the protection of personnel

3. Electrical wiring installed _____ is considered to be installed in

a damp location.

a. under canopies or roofed open porches

b. underground
c. outside
d. none of these apply

4. When a 20 ampere, 120 volt receptacle outlet is installed, in which

of the following listed locations is the receptacle required to have
GFCI protection?

a. in a classroom of an educational facility

b. in the lobby of a movie theater
c. under an outdoor canopy, near the entrance of a public
d. in the walkway of an enclosed retail shopping mall
Maintenance Electrician – Practice Exam #1 15

5. Which of the following is a unit of electrical power? Notes

a. watt
b. voltage
c. resistance
d. conductance

6. When checking for continuity between a circuit breaker and the

neutral bar of a panelboard when using a continuity tester, positive
continuity is indicated. The reason may be _____.

I. a conductor grounded
II. a light fixture or an appliance may be turned on

a. I only
b. II only
c. either I or II
d. neither I nor II

7. When installing electrical metallic tubing (EMT), there shall be no

more than _____ 90° bends in the tubing between boxes and/or
pull points.

a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6

8. The full-load running current of a 3 HP, 208 volt, single-phase,

continuous duty, AC motor is _____.

a. 10.6 amperes
b. 19.6 amperes
c. 13.2 amperes
d. 18.7 amperes
16 DEWALT Electrical Licensing Exam Guide

Notes 9. When a 225 ampere-rated panelboard contains twenty (20) snap

switches (circuit breakers) rated at 30 amperes, the panelboard
shall have overcurrent protection not in excess of _____ amperes.

a. 200
b. 225
c. 300
d. 600

10. If the voltage drop of a branch circuit is too great, which of the
following, if any, may be the result?

I. unsatisfactory illumination of lighting fixtures

II. overheating of a motor or unsatisfactory motor speed

a. I only
b. II only
c. both I and II
d. neither I nor II

11. What is the MINIMUM required distance from the floor to the
ceiling in front of a 400 ampere-rated motor control center,
disconnect switch or main switchboard?

a. 6 feet
b. 6 feet 3 inches
c. 6 feet 6 inches
d. 8 feet

12. The NEC mandates the largest size insulated solid conductor
permitted to be installed into an existing raceway is _____.

a. 4 AWG
b. 6 AWG
c. 8 AWG
d. 10 AWG
Maintenance Electrician – Practice Exam #1 17

13. A panelboard may contain no more than _____ branch-circuit Notes

overcurrent protection devices.

a. 24
b. 30
c. 42
d. 48

14. Which one of the following listed circuit breakers is NOT a

standard ampere rating listed in the NEC?

a. 110 ampere
b. 90 ampere
c. 75 ampere
d. 225 ampere

15. A 4 inch x 11⁄2 inch metal octagon box with a flat blank cover
may contain a MAXIMUM of _____ size 14 AWG conductors.

a. 6
b. 7
c. 9
d. 10

16. In general, electrical nonmetallic tubing (ENT) shall be securely

fastened at intervals not exceeding _____.

a. 10 feet
b. 6 feet
c. 4 feet
d. 3 feet