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Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Local News 3

Family Demands Answers In Police Slaying of Son

By Guy Leonard Office of Media Relations for the soft pistol collected at the shoot-
Staff Writer state police, responded to The ing scene because it had blood on
Peyton Ham, 16, was shot and County Times back in April that it; Shipley did release an image of
killed by a Maryland State Troop- such f lags could be used to mark the knife Ham was alleged to have
er April 13, who according to his many kinds of evidence other than had, a folding knife with a blade
superiors, had been threatened by shell casings. length of about three inches.
Ham with what he thought was a Shipley also said then that he did
handgun. not release the image of the air-
That weapon turned out to be an
airsoft pistol.
After months of investigations
by the Maryland State Police and
the St. Mary’s County State’s At-
torney’s Office, Ham’s family is
still waiting for answers as to why As many of you know, on April 13, 2021, my
the Leonardtown High School nephew, Peyton Ham, tragically lost his life at
honors student was killed. just 16 years old. This happened due to the
Ham’s family is holding a rally
July 17 at the county governmen- actions of one MD State Trooper, who has yet
tal center in Leonardtown to de- to be held accountable for what transpired
mand answers.
“We’re just hoping justice will
that day. While we know the actions of one law
be served,” said Kellee Raley, enforcement officer does not reflect the entire
Ham’s aunt. “We have not forgot- force, it is imperative that we hold that individual
ten about Peyton.
“Everybody wants answers.”
accountable and that charges be brought. We ask
Mike and Kristee Boyle, Ham’s that you, our family, friends and community, stand
parents said the rally would be a with us this Saturday, July 17th to remind our
peaceful one.
“Just over three months ago, locally elected State’s Attorney that we have not
16-year-old Peyton Ham was shot forgotten and that we hope justice will be served.
and killed by a Maryland State
Trooper,” the Boyle’s said. “Satur-
day’s event is a planned, peaceful, Peyton Ham
*Kellee Raley Facebook Post
rally, intended to remind our lo-
cally elected State’s Attorney that reporters.
the community has not forgotten. A second witness, Jones said,
“Peyton’s family has placed reported seeing Ham pull out a
their faith in the hands of those knife after being shot and attempt
officials investigating as most de- to get back up.
tails involving the case cannot be “The trooper ordered him to
shared with the family due to it drop the knife before he fired
being an ongoing investigation.” again,” Jones said.
Deputy State’s Attorney Dan- The trooper called for law en-
iel J. White has told The County forcement back up to tend to the
Times he does not expect to con- suspect while waiting for emer-
clude the criminal investigation gency medical personnel to ar-
into the actions of Tpr. Joseph Az- rive, said Jones.
zari that day, when he responded By the time Ham was transport-
to a property mere yards away ed to Med Star St. Mary’s Hospi-
from the Leonardtown Barrack on tal, he was pronounced deceased,
Hollywood Road and confronted Jones said.
Ham, until the end of July. Witness statements and drone
White said he is continuing to footage suggest the law officer
wait for the final report from the fired multiple rounds, perhaps
state Medical Examiner in Balti- the entire capacity of his service
more on Ham’s autopsy. weapon, when he confronted Ham.
Maryland State Police Superin- The drone footage available on-
tendent Woodrow W. Jones, who line showed that at least 15 evi-
held a press conference in Leon- dence marker f lags on the ground,
ardtown the day of the shooting, possibly denoting expended shell
said the that the trooper arrived casings, in three separate, distinct
on the scene after two anonymous groups.
calls reporting “a guy who was Also, a witness, speaking on
acting suspicious who [may have condition of anonymity, has said
had] a gun.” they heard at least 14 shots fired
The trooper confronted the sus- in the incident in three separate
pect, later identified as Ham, who salvos that day.
possessed what appeared to be a The trooper’s service weapon, a
gun and a knife, Jones said. Glock 22, .40 caliber pistol, has a
A witness reported seeing the magazine capacity of 15 rounds.
suspect in a “shooting stance” Other neighborhood residents
pointing the gun at the trooper, have reported finding bullet
Jones said. holes in their residential proper-
“The trooper fired at the male ty, across Hollywood Road, from
and wounded him,” Jones told where the shooting took place.
Greg Shipley, director of the
4 Local News The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021
Premiere of Leonardtown A&E Artist Spotlight The Series / Fri, Jul 16th / 1 PM

In the new regular, monthly virtual show,

Leonardtown A&E Artist Spotlight The Series

(Premiering on Friday, July 16th at 1 PM)

You will get to see a rare, personal glimpse into

an artists' world featuring:

Special Art Exhibits and Events

Spotlights on Talented Local Artists

Viewings and Stories About Artists' Work

(from the artists' themselves)

Virtual Tours of Artists' Studios

Artist Shares (Learn about their inspiration

and experiences that color their work)

And More!

On the series premiere, we'll introduce

you to Eric Jackson, the talented

local artist who created the
beautiful butterfly banners and

flags that mark the newest addition

to Leonardtown - the Leonardtown

Butterfly Trail. Learn about Eric and

the inspiration behind his beautiful works

of art that are on display along the Trail, and see

highlights from the Butterfly Trail Ribbon Cutting

Ceremony, held on Sunday, July 11th, on the

Tune In At:
Premiere of Leonardtown A&E Artist Spotlight!

The Town of Leonardtown Facebook Page OR
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Local News 5

Commissioners Pursue Fritz Files for Reelection

Third Early Voting Site as State’s Attorney
By Guy Leonard said. “The only way they can get to these By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer places is to pay someone to drive them in Staff Writer
The St. Mary’s County Board of Elec- a van [for the Amish and Mennonites]… State’s Attorney Richard Fritz is seek-
tions has chosen a second early voting site, or their going to have to get transporta- ing another term as the county’s chief
as required by newly enacted state law, but tion from the veterans home. [African criminal prosecutor; he has served con-
the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County Americans] tinuously for the past 23 years in that
have decided to seek a third early voting site “The focus has been on one minor- office.
to better serve county residents. ity group and others have been left by the He was first elected as St. Mary’s
The new law only requires that St. wayside.” County State’s Attorney in 1998.
Mary’s have two early voting sites, with Though the veterans’ home was not an Fritz announced his official reelection Richard Fritz
an option for a third; Del. Brian Crosby early voting site, Adkins said, the local campaign July 2 via social media. “I don’t think it’s wise to have a brand
pressed for the addition of a second early elections board went there in person to col- “I hope that I have earned your contin- new sheriff and a brand new state’s attor-
voting site through legislation to eliminate lect absentee ballots each election cycle and ued support,” Fritz wrote. “It is a great ney,” Fritz said. “I think there needs to be
what he called voter disenfranchisement in helped veterans to vote in person by bring- honor for me to represent the citizens of a continuity of policy.”
the Lexington Park area. ing them back to the board of elections. this county.” Fritz is among a handful of candidates
In last year’s election, during the COV- Commissioner Mike Hewitt was the lone In a July 13 interview, Fritz said he who have filed for the 2022 gubernatorial
ID-19 pandemic, the county was required to opposition vote, noting in a later statement loves his job and “has at least four or five election in St. Mary’s.
have just one early voting center, located at that he wanted to see how well two sites more years in me.” Commissioner John O’Connor was the
the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department. worked before operating a third. Fritz said he wanted to continue to fo- first to file, seeking to become the presi-
Wendy Adkins, director of the local elec- He also said voting opportunities contin- cus on prosecuting drug dealers, noting dent of the Commissioners of St. Mary’s
tion board, told commissioners her depart- ued to abound with early voting, absentee fentanyl dealers in particular and also County, effectively vacating his position
ment had entered into a contract with the ballot applications being mailed to every wanted to continue to work closely with in Commissioner District 3, which he
Bay District Volunteer Fire Department, voter and Election Day itself. the sheriff’s office Youth Gun Violence currently represents.
located on Shangri-La Drive, as the second “It’s all about what we need versus what’s Task Force in getting illegal guns, and Marcus Drake, a Mechanicsville resi-
site. nice to have,” Hewitt said. those who use them in the commission of dent, has filed to run for the District 2
Adkins told commissioners there are few crimes, off the streets. commissioner seat as a Republican; it is
suitable facilities in the county that can pro- “We look forward to prosecuting these unknown whether incumbent Commis-
vide the space required for the thousands of

8 Annual
th people who carry illegal guns and think sioner Mike Hewitt will run for reelection.
people expected to vote early. they can go around shooting up neighbor- None of the other incumbent commis-
She said 20,000 people came to vote
hoods,” Fritz said. sioners have filed for reelection.
at the Hollywood site last election alone,

Fritz said he also wants to remain on Christie Kelly, incumbent county trea-
roughly 20 percent of the county’s entire
the job because he expects that Sheriff surer, has also filed for reelection.
population. Timothy K. Cameron, who is serving his
Such facilities also require 25 to 30 peo- fourth, four-year term, will not run again.

Brewster: COVID Delta

ple to staff effectively, and who are restrict-
ed from leaving the facility for the entire

& Bake Sale Variant Targets Youth,

day of the election, Adkins confirmed; the
elections board is recruiting volunteers now
for the next election as getting sufficient
staffing has been difficult.
Adkins said she is considering using

20 lb. Cases Young Adults

the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Depart-
ment’s main facility on Hills Club Road as
the third site, but that would take the ap-
proval of the commissioners, the state elec-
tion board and the local election board. SHIPMENTS By Guy Leonard yet to be positively identified as that
Each site is estimated to cost $200,000 Staff Writer particular variant.
each. JULY 1 & 15 The Delta variant of the COVID-19 Brewster said the health department
“I have the Mechanicsville firehouse on virus is now the most prevalent strain of was working towards gaining better ge-
hold for the northern portion of the county,”
Adkins told commissioners. PLACE YOUR the disease across the country, County
Health Officer Dr. Meena Brewster told
elected leaders this week, and the youth
nomic testing abilities to allow it to bet-
ter identify and track the spread of the

Early voting lasts for eight days before variant here.
Election Day. and young adults of St. Mary’s County Despite the rise of the Delta variant,
Adkins said any county resident, regard- should be concerned about it. St. Mary’s appears to be beating the vi-
less of their election district, could vote at “It’s very concerning,” Brewster said rus overall.
any of the early voting sites, whereas on of the Delta variant’s rise. “It does ap- The county’s new case rate as well as
Election Day voters must cast their ballots pear to more contagious and it has a other metrics used to track the virus’
at their designated precinct. higher attack rate than some of the oth- spread have significantly declined.
Commissioners Todd Morgan and John er variants. “We’ve definitely enjoyed a slowed
O’Connor pushed for commissioners to “We’re seeing more impacts of severe down pace of new cases over the past
support a third site to ensure that minor- disease on our youth and young adults.” few weeks,” Brewster said. “The num-
ity communities other than those normally Brewster renewed her call for those ber of St. Mary’s County fatalities has
found in Lexington Park, such as Hispan- 12 years old and older to get vaccinated held at 132.”
ics, disabled veterans at Charlotte Hall Vet- if they have not done so already. Brewster reported that roughly 53
erans Home and the Amish and Mennonite “It’s [the Delta variant] become percent of all county residents have re-
communities, also had more convenient ac- the dominant strain in the U.S. due ceived at least their first dose of vaccine,
cess to early voting. mostly to the unvaccinated, in- while about 50 percent of residents have
“In the northern end of the county we Marvin Steiner cluding those not age eligible to
be vaccinated,” Brewster said.
received both doses of a vaccine.
have an Amish and Mennonite community The vaccines deployed against CO-
that far outweighs the [minority] popula- 23905 Hollywood Rd. The first case of the Delta variant in VID-19 are still effective against the
tion in Lexington Park, we have a Hispanic Hollywood, MD 20636 Maryland was found in St. Mary’s, Delta variant, Brewster reported.
population that far outweighs the [minority] Brewster said, though that one case is
population in Lexington Park,” O’Connor 301-373-4530 probably one among others that have
6 Local News The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

County Wants Part of Route 5 Named for Sheriff

Joe Lee Somerville
By Guy Leonard Leonardtown.
Staff Writer He was 37 years old; Sommer-
The Commissioners of St. ville won reelection in 1978 and
Mary’s County sent a letter this served until 1982.
week to the Maryland Department Somerville, according to the
of Transportation petitioning for missive, was also the first African
a portion of Route 5 be named in American deputy to serve in St.
honor of the county’s – and the Mary’s, his home county, when he
state’s – first black sheriff. joined the agency in 1966.
“The Commissioners of St. Somerville passed away Apr. 1.
Mary’s County support the dedi- He was 81 years old.
cation of the approximately 10- The route proposed by the coun-
mile portion of Maryland Route ty commissioners memorializes
5/Point Lookout Road from Leon- Somerville’s duties performed on
ardtown to the intersection with the job as well as his memory.
Route 235 in Mechanicsville to “This particular stretch of road-
former Sheriff Joseph Lee Somer- way encompasses the route that he
ville,” the July 13 letter stated. “It patrolled during his duty as depu-
is a fitting tribute to the many ac- ty sheriff and runs past his former
complishments, contributions and home in Loveville where his fam-
legacy of a well-respected, his- ily still resides today.
toric figure from our community.” “Sheriff Sommerville was a life-
Sommerville served as sheriff time resident of St. Mary’s County
starting in 1977, filling out the and a dedicated law enforcement
term of Sheriff George Sanger, officer whose contributions and
who died in office. accomplishments deem him more
He was appointed by then Gov. than worthy of this honor and
Marvin Mandel and was sworn recognition.”
in at the courthouse steps in
Sheriff Joseph Lee Somerville

Limited Capacity = Great Experience

Calvert County Residents Only on Tuesday and Wednesday
All Are Welcome Thursday Through Sunday

Season Passes available

4079 Gordon Stinnett Ave
Chesapeake Beach MD
(410) 257-1404

Make Reservations at:
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Local News 7

Alcohol Beverage Board

Delays Delivery, To-Go MOVING SALE NOW
Service Approval CHARLOTTE HALL
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer
difficult to enforce rules of con-
sumption of alcohol, particularly
The St. Mary’s County Alcohol through delivery services. We’re Moving our Charlotte Hall
Beverage Board held off this week Board members continued to de-
on voting to opt into provisions bate HB 12’s merits at their July 8 Location to our Oakville Location!
of a piece of legislation recently meeting.
signed into law by Gov. Larry Legal counsel for the board said ON OR AROUND SEPTEMBER 1ST
Hogan, HB 12, that legalizes any regulations the board made
carry out of alcoholic beverages, stemming from the legislation’s Just 10 mi away to 41170 Oakville Rd in Mechanicville.
with some restrictions, as well as authority could be withdrawn if (Just off Route 235) In Oakville
Bigger, Better Selection of
they proved problematic.
Instead, the board directed their “Like any other regulation,
staff to create regulatory lan-
Plants, Gardening Products,
the board would have the right
guage that coincided with the au- to rescind that regulation,” said
thority of the bill, which the entire
Stone, Mulches,
Christopher Beaver, the beverage
board could consider at its Aug. 8 board’s attorney.
and Landscaping supplies.
“I think that’s an important
The law codifies emergency ex- point here,” said David Willen-
ecutive orders from Hogan dur- borg, board chair. “That there is a
ing the COVID-19 pandemic that
helped alcohol beverage licensees
reset button.
“I think I’m in favor of All in one convenient location.
continue to operate their busi- this… there are some busi- Same Services: Warranty, Delivery, Installation

You SAVE $$
ness in the absence of in-person nesses that need help.”
customers. Willenborg noted the board could
The law does not automatically still control the amount of alcohol
take hold but must first receive a licensee could sell either by de-
the approval of the local beverage livery or by carry-out.

board. Licensees would still have to ap-
Members of the beverage board ply for a permit to engage in those
briefed the Commissioners of St. practices from the board, Willen-
Mary’s County on the legislation’s borg said.


potential effects several weeks Only licensees who can serve
ago, stating their concerns that prepared food are eligible to take
it could encourage more drink- part under the law.
ing and driving as well as being


After Cyber Attack • Trees
• Fruit Trees
• Groundcovers
• Perennials
By Guy Leonard of personal work stations that
Staff Writer needed to be reinstalled. • Shrubs • Annual Flowers
After a week’s worth of restor- Also computers at the town’s
ative work on the Town of Leon- waste water treatment plant on • Roses • Houseplants


ardtown’s computer systems, their Van Wert Lane also had to be re-
ability to provide all services stored with new software.
to town residents has been fully “We’ve been slowly coming
restored. back system by system, since
Last week the town govern- Monday,” Sothoron said.
ment was left reeling from a ran-
All Patio products, Portable Fire Pits, Furniture; Statuary,
All the town’s utilities bills had
somware attack that was part been processed, she said, and Large Outdoor Pottery, All Garden Pond Products.
of what could be the most wide- should be sent out by July 16 to all
spread global ransomware attack *Applies to all moving and closeout sale items. No warranty on plants. Excludes all prior purchases.
town residents.
in history. Excludes plants purchased for landscape jobs. No rewards earned on sales purchases.
“That was what affected our
Rebecca Sothoron, town trea- customers the most,” Sothoron
surer, said the office staff was said.
“working almost normally” as of
July 14, with some customizations Our Charlotte Hall Store Is Moving To Our Oakville Location
30315 Three Notch Rd, 41170 Oakville Road
MOVING TO Mechanicsville, MD
Charlotte Hall, MD


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9-6, Sunday 9 am to 5 pm
301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427
Current Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5, Closed Sundays
New Retail Hours Coming Soon!
Prince Frederick Location Regular Hours:


St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County
1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, Prince Frederick, MD
410-535-3664 | 866-535-3664
Mon.-Sat. 9-6,
Sunday 9 am to 5 pm
8 Local News The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

Heritage Area Grants Maryland State Income

Awarded in Southern Taxes Due, July 15
Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot re- for pass-through entities (PTEs)
minds taxpayers that Maryland filing and paying their 2020 in-
state income taxes are due, July come taxes by September 15,
The Hogan administration an- 15, after a 90-day filing and pay- 2021. The waiver was a result of
nounced July 9 that 116 matching ment extension, which was the legislation passed during the 2021
grants totaling $5.03 million were most generous in the nation. legislative session that required
awarded to Maryland nonprof- “Many Marylanders were hit revisions to the 2020 PTE forms.
its, local jurisdictions, and other hard by the pandemic, so extend- The waiver applies to late pay-
heritage tourism organizations ing the deadline was the compas- ment interest and penalty that oth-
by the Maryland Heritage Areas sionate and commonsense thing to erwise would have been incurred
Authority (MHAA). Of them, 11 do,” Comptroller Franchot said. on payments made after July 15,
were awarded in Southern Mary- “If you’re unable to pay what you 2021 if the 2020 returns are filed
land with grants totaling $326.217. owe, our agency will help you set and tax is paid by September 15,
These grant funds support heritage up a payment plan, but you must 2021. PTE filers who need addi-
tourism projects and activities that file and pay what you can by July tional relief may send requests to
draw visitors and expand economic 15.” PTEREQUEST@Marylandtaxes.
development and tourism-related In March, the Comptroller ex- gov.
job creation throughout Maryland. tended the deadline by three Taxpayers who need assistance
The Southern Maryland grants land for the better.”  months due to the economic im- filing taxes or with other tax-re-
were: MHAA oversees Maryland’s sys- pacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, lated questions can get help from
American Chestnut Land Trust, tem of 13 locally-administered, as well as state and federal leg- agency staff in person or virtual-
Inc., Calvert; Parkers Creek Heri- State-certified heritage areas. To- islation that required extensive ly. The agency’s 12 branch offices
tage Trail; $25,827.00 day, all Maryland counties and Bal- changes to 2020 tax forms in the are located in Annapolis, Balti-
American Chestnut Land Trust, timore City have at least part of a middle of the filing season. more, Cumberland, Elkton, Fred-
Inc., Calvert; Brown United Meth- State-certified heritage area within No interest or penalties will be erick, Greenbelt, Hagerstown,
odist Church Stabilization $8,500. their boundaries. Heritage areas assessed if returns are filed and Salisbury, Towson, Upper Marl-
Calvert Marine Museum Soci- foster broad public-private partner- taxes owed are paid by July 15. boro, Waldorf and Wheaton. Ap-
ety, Inc., Calvert, Making Commu- ships to preserve and enhance the The extended deadline applies to pointments are strongly encour-
nity Connections: An Interpreta- best of Maryland’s historic sites 2020 individual, fiduciary and aged. Virtual appointments can be
tive Plan for the Maritime Gallery; and towns, unspoiled natural land- corporate income tax returns, scheduled at www.marylandtaxes.
$50,000. scapes, and enduring traditions.  as well as 2021 first and second gov and clicking on the “Loca-
Friends of Calvert Cliffs State These tangible links to both place quarter estimated payments. tions” tab.
Park, Calvert, Marsh Restoration and the past encourage residents to Individual taxpayers who filed Comptroller Franchot’s office
to Improve User Experience and recognize they have a special piece a federal extension automatically has already processed more than
Increase Nature Tourism; $20,555. of the American story to treasure get a state extension, with both 2.9 million state returns this tax
Friends of Chapman State Park, and share with others and that in lasting until October 15. If you ex- season with more than $2.1 billion
Inc., Charles, Keys to History: doing so they are contributing to pect to owe the state money, that in refunds issued to more than 2.1
Making Mount Aventine Acces- the economic well-being of Mary- payment must be submitted by million taxpayers, with refunds
sible for All; $7,750. land’s communities. July 15 to avoid being assessed in- averaging $1,000.
Friends of Maxwell Hall Inc., Maryland’s heritage areas con- terest and penalties. If a taxpayer For more information or if you
Charles, Maxwell Hall: Discover- tribute to Maryland’s economy by did not request a federal extension have questions about your state
ing and Raising New Voices: Phase saving and enhancing the places and more time is needed to file return, email taxhelp@mary-
1 $18,000. that attract heritage tourists - peo- state taxes, follow the instructions or call 410-260-
Historic Sotterley Inc., St. ple who focus their travels on his- on Form PV. Filing this form ex- 7980 from Central Maryland or
Mary’s, Historic Sotterley - Tran- toric sites, museums, cultural activ- tends the time to submit taxes, but 1-800-MD-TAXES (1-800-638-
scending Barriers to Common ities, or the natural beauty of Mary- does not extend the time to pay. 2937) from elsewhere. Assistance
Ground $15,015. land’s Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay Comptroller Franchot recently is available Monday - Friday, 8:30
Historic St Mary’s City Foun- coastal areas and unspoiled scenery announced a temporary, automat- a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
dation, Inc., St. Mary’s, 1634 St. of Mountain Maryland. The Mary- ic waiver of interest and penalties
Mary’s Fort Pavilion; $50,000. land Heritage Areas Program pro-
Jefferson Patterson Park and Mu- vides $2.4 billion in annual eco-
seum, Calvert, Patterson Center nomic impact and MHAA grants
Greenhouse Conservation Project; generate $319.8 million in state
$6,070. and local taxes and supports 33,815
Tri-County Council for Southern full- and part-time jobs annually. A
Maryland, St. Mary’s, Charles, Cal- full economic impact study can be
vert; FY 2022 Management Grant;
found here: https://mht.maryland.
gov/heritageareas_impact.shtml .
Departing From Point Lookout
Tri-County Council for Southern The Maryland Heritage Areas
cruise Thursday through Sunday until September 12.
Maryland, St. Mary’s, Charles, Cal- Authority is an independent unit CALL 410-425-2771
vert; Southern Maryland Grand- in the Executive Branch of govern-
ma’s Hands Project; $24,500. ment administered by the Mary-
“Heritage tourism fosters eco- land Department of Planning. Since
nomic development and job cre- its creation in 1996, MHAA has
ation, while making our communi- awarded over $46 million dollars
ties better places to live and work,” in grants and helped to leverage
said Governor Larry Hogan. “Our more than $1.62 billion in non-state
administration is proud that this funding for heritage tourism proj-
additional funding will allow for ects and activities in Maryland’s 13
116 projects to move forward and Certified Heritage Areas. 
congratulate Maryland’s Heritage Press Release from Maryland
Areas and their tourism partners Heritage Areas Program.
for their support in changing Mary- Social Distancing and mask wearing are required!
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Local News 9

Fresh, Local
Fresh, Local

Route 5 & Mohawk Drive Route 245
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 Hollywood, MD 20636
301-884-5636 301-475-2531

The Shops at Breton Bay CALIFORNIA

Leonardtown, MD 20650 240-237-8266
10 Cops & Courts The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021


Lexington Park Youth Gun Violence Task
Home Invasion Under Force Arrests
On July 9 members of the Youth Gun following:
Violence Task Force responded to the • Possession of Firearm/Minor
46300 block of Columbus Drive in • Regulated
Lexington Park, for the reported shots Fi re a r m /
On July 10 at approximately Investigations Division and per- fired. Upon arrival deputies made Stolen/Sell
6:20 p.m. deputies from the St. sonnel from Crime Lab responded contact with the victim who advised Anyone with
Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office to the scene and continued the an individual named Rejon Markee information on
responded to the 20100 block of investigation. Anyone with infor- Barnhill, 20 of gun violence
Three Notch Road in Lexington mation on this incident is asked to Lexington Park, in St. Mary’s
Park, for the reported assault. contact Detective Payne at 301- and several other County is asked
Upon arrival deputies located a 475-4200 Ext. 78010 or email: ty- individuals, had to contact (301)
male victim, age 32 of Lexington This approached her 475-4200 exten-
Park, injured in the backyard of incident does not appear to be a vehicle while she sion 78087 or by James Ford
the residence. The victim advised random act of violence. was driving, and email at stopgun-
unknown suspects forced entry Citizens may remain anonymous shot at the vehi-
into the residence and assaulted and contact Crime Solvers at (301) cle. Damage was The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Of-
him with bats and machetes. The 475-3333, or text a tip to “TIP239” observed to the fice Youth Gun Violence Task Force is
victim ultimately jumped from an plus their message to “CRIMES” victim’s vehicle Rejon Markee Barnhil a collaborative effort with the Bureau
upstairs window, and the suspects (274637). Through the Crime and shell casings of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
f led the scene. The victim was Solvers Program tipsters are eli- were recovered from the area. Explosives (ATF), the Maryland State
transported via helicopter to an gible for an award of up to $1,000 Barnhill was located in the area and Police (MSP) and the State’s Attorney’s
area trauma center for treatment. for information about a crime in arrested. Barnhill was charged with Office for St. Mary’s County to ensure
Detectives from the St. Mary’s St. Mary’s County that leads to an the following: the safety and security of all residents,
County Sheriff’s Office Criminal arrest or indictment. • Handgun on Person through the arrest and prosecution of
• Loaded Handgun on Person those seeking to do harm unto others
• Possession of Firearm/Minor through gun violence.
• Firearm Use/Felony Violent #StopGunViolence
Crime Citizens may remain anonymous and
• Reckless Endangerment contact Crime Solvers at (301) 475-

Philip H. Dorsey III

• Assault First Degree 3333, or text a tip to “TIP239” plus
• Assault Second Degree their message to “CRIMES” (274637).

Attorney at Law
Also, on July 9, 2021, members of Through the Crime Solvers Program
the Youth Gun Violence Task Force tipsters are eligible for an award of up
located and apprehended James Syl- to $1,000 for information about a crime
vester Ford Jr., age 20 of Lexington in St. Mary’s County that leads to an
Park, on an outstanding warrant for the arrest or indictment.

Mulitple Assaults in
Mechanicsville Fight
On July 11 at approximately 8:03 treatment of injuries sustained in the
p.m. deputies from the St. Mary’s assault. A female suspect, age 30 of
-Serious Personal Injury Cases- County Sheriff’s Office responded to
the 40400 block of Kavanagh Road
Mechanicsville, was f lown to an area
trauma center for injuries sustained
in Mechanicsville, for the reported in the incident. A handgun was re-
hit-and-run collision involving in- covered from the scene.

LEONARDTOWN: 301-475-5000
jury. Preliminary investigation de- Detectives from the St. Mary’s
termined numerous suspects blocked County Sheriff’s Office Criminal In-
TOLL FREE: 1-800-660-3493 a roadway and assaulted five victims
who were in two separate vehicles,
vestigations Division and Crime Lab
personnel responded to the scene and
with baseball bats, pepper spray, a continued the investigation. Anyone
taser, as well as a handgun. with information about this incident
EMAIL: One suspect pointed a handgun at is asked to contact Detective Warren
the victim’s vehicle at which time the Forinash at (301) 475-4200 extension
suspects began to actively assault the 78072 or by email at Warren.Fori-
victims. During the assault, shots
were fired and the operator of one of Citizens may remain anonymous
the vehicles f led the area to escape and contact Crime Solvers at (301)
the assault, and as a result a male sus- 475-3333, or text a tip to “TIP239”
pect, age 49 of Prince George’s Coun- plus their message to “CRIMES”
ty, was struck by the victim’s vehicle. (274637). Through the Crime Solv-
The suspect was ultimately f lown to ers Program tipsters are eligible for
an area trauma center for treatment. an award of up to $1,000 for infor-
Two female victims ages 23 and 20 mation about a crime in St. Mary’s
of Mechanicsville and Bushwood, County that leads to an arrest or
were f lown to area trauma centers for indictment.
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times In Our Community 11

Womens Club Donation Oakville Families Celebrate

Their Community
Full of music, fun, & families.

Clifton Robert Pilgrim

Recently, The Woman’s Club of St. Mary’s County, Inc. donated $1,200 to Feed St. Mary’s to help in its
mission to alleviate hunger in the County. The Club provides financial assistance to several organizations
that support our community, as well as awarding three $2,000 scholarships each year to deserving high
school seniors. Pictured from left to right, Charles Wharton, Outreach Director of Feed St. Mary’s; Lynn
Newkirk, Woman’s Club 1st Vice President; Carole Romary, Woman’s Club President; Wayne Millen,
Manager of Feed St. Mary’s; Dr. Linda Lymas, President of Feed St. Mary;s; and Reverend Greg Syler,
Secretary of Feed St. Mary’s

Farmer Mini-Grants
The Southern Maryland Agri- equipment/services that help tran-
cultural Development Commis- sition a farm’s sales strategy (such
sion (SMADC) announces the 8th as online sales, home delivery, on-
Round of the Southern Maryland farm sales, etc.), for other projects
Farmer Mini-Grant Program. that allow the farm business to
SMADC will begin accept- maintain and/or expand sales, for
ing Mini-Grant applications on the purchase of foundation live-
July 15. The Mini-Grant closes on stock, purchase of plant stock, mar-
September 1, 2021, with awards an- keting and promotion of current
nounced by October 15, 2021.  farm operation, new fencing, hoop
The Mini-Grant program aligns house, and materials needed for
with SMADC’s mission ‘to support value-added food production and
farms and the future of agriculture on-farm upgrades to enhance food
in Southern Maryland and is de- safety.
signed to assist new and beginning “The Mini-Grant program has
farmers who own or lease existing become very popular with Southern
agricultural properties with small Maryland farmers, and has awarded
start-up projects, and to assist ex- $157,007 to 101 farm projects over
perienced farmers who are look- the previous seven rounds”, says
ing to diversify or expand a current SMADC Director, Shelby Watson-
agriculture project. The projects Hampton. “The farmers we work
should be simple in scope and must with are innovative, creative, and
be successfully completed within passionate, and we look forward to
one year. seeing what new and creative proj-
SMADC awards will be up to ect ideas come through in the appli-
$2,000 per applicant and is a one- cations for this next round.”  
to-one match by the farmer. A total For complete details
of $40,000 in funding is available. of the SMADC Southern Mary-
However, it is anticipated that the land Farmer Mini-Grant Program,
number of applicants may exceed including Round 8 criteria, Grant
the amount of funding available, guidelines, and to access the online
therefore grant applications will be Grant application form, visit 'Farm-
ranked and awards may be less than er Resources' to find the 'Mini-
the requested amount. Grants' page at 
Grant funds may be used for Press Release from SMADC.
Photos courtesy of Ceandra Scott.
12 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

Leadership Class Leadership Group

Experiences Healthcare Announces Incoming,
Outgoing Board Members

Leadership Southern Maryland response in Southern Maryland

(LSM) Class of 2021 on June and how leaders across mul-
3 participated in the eighth of tiple industries including public Basia Kenney Angela Walters Small
nine educational sessions for the safety, healthcare, and education At its June board meeting, Lead-
2020-21 LSM Executive Program have worked together to navigate ership Southern Maryland (LSM)
- Healthcare. obstacles presented by the pan- confirmed its board of directors for
Sponsored by The Chesapeake- demic. The healthcare session 2021-2022.
Potomac Healthcare Alliance, also included presentations on Joining the board are Lisa Clark
this one-day event began with a chronic disease prevention and LSM’14, principal account delivery
panel discussion on healthcare the Charles County Mobile Inte- executive, state & local government,
issues and challenges in Southern grated Health initiative as well as Microsoft Corporation; Basia Ken-
Maryland, particularly during an overview of services offered ney LEAP’20, computer scientist,
the COVID-19 crisis.  The panel through Maryland Coalition of Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft
included representatives from Families by family peer support Division; and Angela Walters Small
CalvertHealth System, University specialist Amy Young. LSM’16, public information officer
of Maryland Charles Regional Leadership Southern Maryland and director of media relations, Col-
Medical Center, and MedStar St. is a nine-month tuition-based lege of Southern Maryland.
Mary's Hospital.  program that educates and in- LSM's executive board member-
Following the panel, the class spires a diverse group of current ship for 2021-2022 is as follows:
participated in a mental health and emerging leaders creating Mary Beth Cook LSM’17, president;
first aid exercise then met with opportunities for collaborations Gadson “Ed” Rule LSM’18, vice
the health officers from the tri- and partnerships impacting the president; Joan Thorp, LSM'18, trea- Lisa Clark
county area to learn more about community needs of Calvert, surer; Joe Mortensen LSM'16, sec- ing the community needs of Calvert,
public health challenges and pro- Charles, and St. Mary's coun- retary, and Samuel C. P. Baldwin, Charles, and St. Mary's counties en-
grams in the region.  Sagepoint ties ensuring a cross-section of Jr., Esq. LSM’16, immediate past suring a cross-section of the region
Senior Living Services was also the region including diversity of president. including diversity of geographic
on-hand to elaborate on the mem- geographic location, profession, LSM thanks Barry Friedman location, profession, ethnicity, and
ory care services they offer to ethnicity, and gender.   LSM’09 and Christa Kuhl LSM’14 gender.  
seniors.  They provided the class For more information, please for their board service, which com- For more information, please con-
with the unique opportunity to contact Denise Foster, executive pleted in June 2021. tact Denise Foster, executive direc-
participate in a dementia exercise director, Leadership Southern Leadership Southern Maryland is tor, Leadership Southern Maryland,
that demonstrated the challenges Maryland, 301-862-7663, via a nine-month tuition-based program 301-862-7663, via email denise@
faced by those coping with mem- email denise@leadershipsomd. that educates and inspires a diverse or visit www.
ory loss and sensory issues.  org or visit www.leadershipsomd. group of current and emerging lead-
The afternoon portion of the org. ers creating opportunities for col- Press Release from LSM.
day spotlighted the COVID-19 Press Release from LSM laborations and partnerships impact-
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times In Our Community 13

Burch Oil Supports Lcoal Social Services

Access to the Arts Exapnds Access The Saint Mary’s County Depart- line appointments and resolves 75% of
Partners with Annmarie Garden ment of Social Services (SMCDSS) is
pleased to announce the expansion of
issues at first point of inquiry.
The Lexington Park office, located
Annmarie Sculpture Garden & the SMCDSS Customer Care Team, at 21775 Great Mills Rd., Lexington
Arts Center acknowledges and Lexington Park hours of operation Park, MD, is open for lobby services
thank Burch Oil Co., Inc. for its and program enhancements to the during the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:00
generous help and support of the Child Support payment options. p.m. Monday – Friday. Appointments
garden’s art programs impacted Redesign of Service Delivery - for services and benefits are encour-
by the COVID-19 crisis. In early Since March 2020, Maryland Depart- aged, however, crisis concerns will be
2021, Burch Oil partnered with ment of Human Services (DHS) and addressed appropriately on a case-by-
the Garden to improve the ventila- SMCDSS have undergone changes to case basis.
tion in its “Clay Studio”, enabling ensure all customers’ needs are met Child Support Payment Options
indoor art classes to continue dur- while providing a full array of servic- available through St. Mary’s County
ing the cold season. solution was in our wheelhouse es and benefits online, on the phone DSS include:
Annmarie Sculpture Garden & and allowed us to use our exper- or on location. The State of Mary- On-Line: https://
Arts Center has become a haven tise in heating and indoor air qual- land’s MDThink, an on-line platform,
for many during the pandemic. ity to help make a difference.” has been updated to provide easy ac- On the Phone by Credit Card:
Offering outdoor art experiences With the donated services of cess to benefits including food and 844-324-3855
like the “Enchanted Summer” and Burch Oil and support from the cash financial assistance, Medical By Mail: Maryland Child Support
“Garden in Lights”, guests of all Maryland State Department of QMB/SLMB, and Energy Assistance. Account, PO Box 17396, Baltimore,
ages have found joy, peace and Housing and Community Devel- For more information or to apply, St. MD 21297
creative inspiration during daily opment, an HVAC system and Mary’s residents are encouraged to Money Orders can be purchased at
visits, events and art classes. Pot- other ventilation equipment was visit https://mymdthink.maryland. your local Post Office, Bank or Other
tery classes, which are held in the installed allowing classes to re- gov/home/#/ . Retail Establishments
Garden’s “Clay Studio”, a con- sume. “What a wonderful gift,” The Customer Care Team (CCT) has For added convenience and effi-
verted garage which is home to noted Annmarie Garden Program implemented an appointment-based cient service, payments can be made
a fully equipped ceramics class- Director, Jaimie Jeffrey. “This system to better serve the community at the DSS Lexington Park office by
room, were in high demand. How- upgrade allowed us to provide a and meet the needs of customers. The appointment. To schedule a time be-
ever, with no HVAC system and therapeutic escape from the stress CCT answers a wide-array of ques- tween the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00
little other ventilation, the popu- of this challenging year. Moving tions relating to customer benefits and p.m., please call the Customer Care
lar classes came to an abrupt halt forward, what was once a three- services, schedules in-person and on- Team at 240-895-7000.

in November when it became too season space can now accommo-

t o
cold to work in an indoor/outdoor date classes all year long. It will

g e
be buzzing with creative energy!”

n v

i i
Annmarie Garden Development

x t
“When we heard activities were

e c
being canceled at Annmarie, we Director, Pam Shilling added “The

L ark ulA
knew we had to help,” said Sheri folks at Burch Oil realized they
Norris, vice president at Burch were in a unique position to help

Oil Co., Inc. “Sometimes we take provide a resource for the com-

P Ad
these things for granted and brush munity. It’s this kind of generosity
m u
them off as extras. But the stress
of the pandemic has made it pain-
and commitment to helping others
that makes Southern Maryland
such a wonderful place to live. t Com
fully clear how important creative
outlets are to the quality of life in We’re truly grateful to Sheri and
our community. They bring peo- the entire team at Burch Oil for
ple together and give a little es- their friendship and support.”
cape from the outside world. This Press Release from Annmarie

Sculpture Garden & Arts Center
in Spe
Movedeposit &EE
$99 onth FR
1st M

21895 Pegg Road • Lexington Park, MD 20653 • (240)725-0111
14 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

Potomac Jazz Festival Weekend

Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Feature 15

Leonardtown Looks To The Water

By Guy Leonard said. “There are a lot of people who
Staff Writer have lived in Leonardtown who’ve
Leonardtown is working to quickly never been out on the water there.
recover and reopen for business as “It gives people the perspective of the
the county is ready to leave the COV- beauty here.”
ID-19 pandemic behind and it’s look- The water tours will be operating
ing to the water to boost its success. through October, she said, so passen-
The county’s tourism arm, Visit St. gers will get to see the county’s shore-
Mary’s, and a local charter boat cap- lines change seasons.
tain are partnering with the town to “I can’t wait to get out there and see
take full advantage of its wharf and the fall colors,” Sopato said.
growing docking amenities there as Langley said Leonardtown’s lo-
well as its scenic vista of Breton Bay. cation made it an ideal hub for boat
Visit St. Mary’s new director, Bar- tours.
bara Sopato, is working on a com- “I’ve been considering doing it for
prehensive plan to boost tourism a few years,” Langley said of operat-
throughout the county and that in-
cludes Leonardtown.
“Leonardtown is a very important
part of it,” Sopato told The County
Times. “I feel it’s vitally important.
“It’s such a hub for restaurants,
the arts, all kinds of activities and of
course there’s the wharf.”
Supporting the new boat tours that
Capt. Phil Langley of Fish the Bay
Charters is offering is just one more
reason for tourists, and county resi-
dents who have long felt little reason
to visit Leonardtown, to discover it,
Sopato said.
“We have a solid amount of lim-
ited-service hotels in St. Mary’s
but they’re not really destinations,”
Sopato said. “Leonardtown, thank-
fully, has a newly opened hotel.”
Leonardtown has the restaurants,
shops and other amenities that make
the town a destination tourists want to
come to and spend more than just an
“That’s how we measure success, is
through overnight stays,” Sopato said.
The hotel, located on Park Avenue, The wharf was also a center for en- County and I like to share it.”
also has a trolley that can take guests ing out of the town’s wharf property. tertainment and nightlife with a res- Laschelle McKay, town administra-
to different destinations in town, mak- “I think it was underutilized.” taurant, bar and many other ameni- tor, said the town was well situated
ing shopping and vacationing easier. The wharf has become a popular ties, the restaurant fell victim to a fire to make a post COVID-19 recovery,
Sopato said such a transportation spot for weddings, various events, decades ago and the amenities there which was already underway.
system could be expanded to bring boating and kayaking; the town is never fully returned. “We’ve been working on getting
people from all over the county to pushing ahead with more amenities The town has long sought to attract people back into town,” McKay said.
Leonardtown and around town once there including more docking slips for a restaurant there, and though it is still “COVID did us a favor in that people
they arrived. visiting boaters. working toward that goal, it has found heard about us.
It was one part of her vision to aid Langley’s route for boat tours takes a vendor willing to operate a food “They’ve discovered us now be-
tourism and economic growth there, passengers from the wharf looking out concession stand at the kiosk at that cause of the outdoor seating [in front
she said. over Breton Bay, out into the Potomac property. of restaurants and bars.]
But the boat tours, she said, were a River and out on to the west side of Langley has been running the tours Leonardtown fought hard in the
way to distinguish Leonardtown from St. Clements Island, where colonists for about a month and said of the com- early days of the pandemic to get
other destinations as much of the from England first landed in 1632. ments about the service that “90 per- such seating approved with the aid
nearby shoreline was largely undevel- Water taxi tours from the St. Cle- cent of them are very positive.” of the county’s Alcohol Beverage
oped and perfect for sightseeing. ments Island Museum to the island Weather and sea conditions can be Board, which helped bring customer
“I absolutely think it’s a winner,” are offered by the county but they do a factor in how long a tour is able to back to beleaguered small businesses
Sopato said of the tours and the town’s not take visitors to other parts of the last – normally they are two hours in throughout the town.
focus on its maritime assets. “The wa- island, just to one embarkation point duration – but sometimes that is also The town council declined to pur-
ter is a great distinction for St. Mary’s directly across from the Coltons Point dependent upon his passengers on chase a paddle boat last fall that
County and it’s a great distinction for shore. board the Linda S. would have conducted similar tours,
Leonardtown.” “It’s getting people on the water and “Not all of my passengers have sea but McKay said Langley’s service
Leonardtown’s walkability is also experiencing some of that history of legs,” Langley said. “But there seems allowed Leonardtown to continue
an asset, Sopato said, as people were St. Mary’s County,” Langley said. to be quite a bit of interest in it.” to use its waterfront to prosper from
anxious to get back out and socialize In recent years Leonardtown has The partnership with the town, Vis- tourism.
after more than a year of social dis- been trying to reclaim its connection it St. Mary’s and Langley has been a “While everyone didn’t agree with
tancing restrictions and stay-at-home to the water; generations ago it was beneficial one for him, he said. the paddle boat, there is buy-in from
orders. a major hub of commerce and trans- “It’s a win-win situation,” Lang- everyone that we should have more
“The trend right now is going out- portation involving significant boat ley said. “I’m excited; I’ve got gen- activities near the water.”
side and staying outside,” Sopato traffic. erations of history here in St. Mary’s
16 The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times 17
U n i q u e
18 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

Sh o p s of S o u t h e r n
Mar yland
Leonardtown Wharf
Craft Guild Shop

Artist • Crafters • Makers

Local Handmade Products 301-997-1644
Saturday • July 17th • 9 AM - 3 PM 22760 Washington Street Leonardtown MD 20650


Saturday June 17, 2021
Sunday June 18, 2021
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
24435 Mervell Dean Rd, Hollywood MD
Open the 3rd Weekend of Every Month 240-237-7142
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Education 19

St. Mary’s College

Inducts Phi Beta
Kappa’s Zeta Students
Twenty-two St. Mary’s College Chapter at St. Mary’s College was YES, IT IS THE LITTLE THINGS
of Maryland students were in- approved in 1997, after a rigorous
ducted into Phi Beta Kappa’s Zeta three-year review by the national
Chapter of Maryland on April 9. organization.
Two members of the St. Mary’s The newest members of Zeta
College faculty - Dr. Todd Eberly Chapter’s Phi Beta Kappa
and Dr. Julia King - were inducted include:
as honorary members. The virtual • Devin M. Garner of
ceremony took place via Zoom.  Huntingtown
Eighteen seniors and four ju- • Harrison F. Bauman and
niors were inducted into Phi Beta Rachel A. Steelman of
Kappa, the nation’s oldest aca- Mechanicsville
demic honor society. The society’s • Maura C. Mullaney of
founding dates to 1776. The Zeta Prince Frederick

County Public Schools

Announce Virtual Academy 
St. Mary’s County Public Schools’ Ms. Maggie Giles, Academic Dean,
It truly is the little things that count
isn’t it? I never would have thought this
before the last year and a half, but I am
specialists, and who was able to order
at Medstar Georgetown University
(SMCPS) announces the opening of says, “The Virtual Academy is going thankful for getting to sit in a waiting Hospital scheduled for October. It may
the SMCPS Virtual Academy for the to offer students and families a choice area last week at a large Baltimore be a little thing, but you can’t get the
2021-2022 school year. and voice in their educational path- hospital waiting for good news on my proper treatment without the proper
The SMCPS Virtual Academy will way. Online learning meets the needs husband’s procedure, which we hap- tests. I do not want to wake up in that
be open for any student that is cur- of many of our learners. I am excited pily received. How many of us have not machine. But I do want to be able to
rently enrolled in St. Mary’s County to be a part of this newest pathway for been able to be with a loved one dur- enjoy every minute of everyday of my
Public Schools or plans to enroll for SMCPS students.” ing a hospital stay, or an ER visit (we life and if this is what it takes, then let’s
the fall of 2021. The Virtual Academy More information on the Virtual had one of those too back in February, get it done.
will provide full-time, online instruc- Academy can be found by visit- where I had to drop him off and just My husband bringing me roses is
tion for students in grades 3-12. Using ing The go home). How many of us have still always something, one of many some-
a blend of online educational technol- first of three informational ses- yet to celebrate the life of a relative that things, that shows me he loves and
ogy tools and platforms, the Virtual sions will be held on July 13, 2021, passed during that time? I am hoping appreciates me. Anything that involves
Academy will provide students an at 6:00 p.m. Please join us via Zoom we might yet have a memorial service dark chocolate, or a great steak, and
opportunity to continue learning at or in-person in the Board of Educa- for my cousin that passed last year. So, good wine or Bourbon is a little thing
home through a variety of synchro- tion Meeting Room, located at 23160 yes, waiting for my husband, or any that brings happiness to my husband.
nous, asynchronous, and blended Moakley Street, Leonardtown, MD relative that needs someone to be with We make time to sit out at our firepit
approaches to the curriculum. Addi- 20650.  The Zoom link and infor- them, is something that will be even area every night we can with Mindy
tionally, students in grades 9-12 will mation can be found by visiting the more of an honor and cherished from to appreciate the music of the birds,
have the opportunity to create a hy- homepage of the SMCPS Virtual now on. the frogs, and the beauty of the slow
brid schedule, attend some classes at website. If you are ready to enroll I look forward to aimless days with descent to dusk. There is that certain
the Tech Center or their home school, your student, please do so by com- my husband in the old Mustang just point where the temperature changes
and enroll at the Virtual Academy for pleting this registration form. exploring new areas, finding new win- quickly and feels so perfect. You also
other coursework completion. eries, or visiting our favorites when have to enjoy that magic time between

Grab and Go Meals and

we can. As you can imagine, I will ap- dusk to darkness quickly, because we
preciate riding around in the Mustang all know that is when the mosquitos
at night a lot more when the headlight and no-see-ums come out to eat and
switch comes in and gets installed. buzz around you.

Weekly Activity Bags

Any day I get to wander and explore Our church friends are a great bless-
the county by myself when I am not ing too and having one of their pre-teen
rushed is a little blessing too. A spe- daughters come over to plant flowers
St. Mary’s County Public Schools’ guardians may visit either site to cialty coffee qualifies as well. Combine for me was amazing. Now I get to see
(SMCPS) Judy Center and Food and pick up seven days of nutritious the two with visiting and talking with that happy Black-eyed Susan’s and
Nutrition Services are pleased to breakfast and lunch for their child. people and the day is happy and com- remember that they were planted with
announce its free summer meals Additionally, on Wednesdays, plete for me. And if my day gives me friendship and love. Back to having
program in partnership with a grant July 7th - August 4th, the Judy time to hold a book in my hands and church refreshments in a new way after
from the United States Department Center will be offering weekly get lost in the words on the pages then church service and getting to sing with
of Agriculture. Meals are for chil- learn at home family activity bags all is right in my world. our wonderful choir and be with all
dren 18 and under, free of charge. at G.W. Carver Elementary School An upcoming blessing is having a those we have longed to see and hug
Details about the grab-and-go meal and Greenview Knolls Elementary new specialist, Dr. Jean-Marc Voy- again has filled that empty place in
pick-up and weekly activity bag School from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. adzis, MD, “who is associate professor my soul. I will keep looking for those
pick-up are included below. For additional information re- in the Department of Neurosurgery and wonderful, soul-filling moments each
On Wednesdays, July 7th - August garding grab-and-go breakfast and co-director of the Center for Minimally and every day; hoping you have lots of
25th, the SMCPS’ Food Service will lunch, please contact Food and Nu- Invasive Spine Surgery at MedStar them too.
operate a Grab and Go Breakfast trition Services at foodservice@ Georgetown. He is also director of To each new day’s adventure, Shelby
and Lunch pick up at G.W. Carver For more information Neurosurgery Service at Calvert Me- Please send your comments or ideas
Elementary School and Greenview regarding weekly family activity morial Hospital in Prince Frederick, to: or
Knolls Elementary School from bags, please contact the Judy Center Maryland” who is now in my list of find me on Facebook
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Parents or at 301-863- 4068.
20 PAX River The County Times

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Patuxent River
Naval Air Station N e w
Aerial Targets Program Office Changes Leadership
The Aerial Targets program office WaP) training, and Foreign Military Boron will now support NAVAIR’s (U&W) as deputy program manager
(PMA-208) welcomed a new program Sales (FMS) partners. Inspector General Office. for the Unmanned Carrier Aviation
manager during a ceremony July 1 at Under her tenure, BQM-177A “I could not be prouder of the men and Tomahawk program offices.
the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. achieved initial operational capabil- and women of PMA-208. As a team, “Without a doubt, the targets com-
Rear Adm. Brian Corey, Program ity and the target was delivered to the we established new subsonic and su- munity is talented and poised to meet
Executive Officer for Unmanned first operating activity at Pacific Tar- personic capability and capacity,” said the demands of our Navy,” Blotten-
Aviation and Strike Weapons (PEO gets and Marine Operations (PTMO) Boron. “Our products are key enablers berger said. “Targets will be ready to
(U&W)), presided over the change of at Naval Base Ventura County in to PEO Integrated Warfare Systems play its part in shaping our Navy as
command ceremony that transferred California. Her team is currently on combat weapon system test and evalu- we deal with the uncertainties of the
leadership from Capt. Molly Boron to the cusp of completing the fourth and ation and deploying ships’ readiness. next 10 years. Together we will work
Don Blottenberger. final operating activity BQM-177A The team has leveraged their talent to grow each other from good to great
“This program office has developed transition. and invested incredible hours into our as we continue to pursue excellence
some amazing payloads that give our PMA-208 played a part in USS Ford aerial and land targets, target systems, while building the targets community
surface warriors and our air warriors (CVN-78), DDG-1000, Standard Mis- the stand up of new operating sites, of tomorrow.”
(of all services) a very challenging sile, Rolling Airframe Missile, and and the training of fleet operators.” PMA-208 provides threat represen-
presentation,” Corey said. “Molly and Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile devel- Blottenberger takes command after tative aerial targets, such as the GQM-
her team arose to the challenge each opment programs, as well as Rim of recently serving as the deputy pro- 163A supersonic sea-skimming tar-
and every time.” the Pacific (RimPac), Formidable gram manager for the Precision Strike get, AQM-37D, BQM-34S, BQM-74E,
Since July 2018, Boron has led a Shield and other major U.S. naval ex- Weapons program office (PMA-201). BQM-177A and QF-16 Full Scale Aer-
team of over 300 personnel and was ercises. Boron also led introduction A Maryland native, he graduated ial Target, to replicate numerous anti-
responsible for a $1.6 billion program of the GQM-163A target capability at from University of Maryland with a ship cruise missiles and other airborne
that supplied relevant aerial targets, NASA Wallops and Hebrides, Scot- bachelor’s degree in mechanical engi- threats. Additionally, the program of-
target control systems, augmentation land, providing high-end training to neering in 1994. He has more than 25 fice provides augmentation systems,
systems and threat simulation pay- U.S. Fleet Forces and 6th Fleet and in- years of experience as a civil servant threat simulation payloads and target
loads for major combat weapon system creased launch capacity at Point Mugu supporting NAVAIR. Blottenberger control systems – all of which allow
test and evaluation (T&E), U.S. Fleet Sea Range by installing a 2nd MK-7 has served in multiple roles in the targets to be configurable, tracked and
Forces Live Fire With a Purpose (LF- launcher. F/A-18 program office and within PEO controlled.

Rear Adm. Brian Corey, left, who oversees the Program Executive Office for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons (PEO (U&W)), provides remarks at the Aerial Targets (PMA-208) change of command ceremony
where Capt. Molly Boron, center, is relieved by Don Blottenberger, right, as the chaplain looks on July 1 at the Pax River Naval Air Museum in Maryland. (U.S. Navy photo)
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Sports 21

Tackle Box Fishing Report 48th Annual Governor’s

Cup Yacht Race Sets Sail
St. Mary’s College of Mary- At the finish line, College fac-
land’s highly anticipated Gov- ulty, staff, alumni and other
ernor’s Cup Yacht Race, sched- members of the campus commu-
uled for July 30-31, is open for nity will greet race participants to
registration.  shore for a celebration including
This year marks the 48th run- a waterfront crab feast and bar-
ning of the oldest and longest becue, Governor’s Cup Awards
overnight race on the Chesapeake Ceremony and music provided by
Bay and one of the biggest cel- a DJ.
ebrations of sailing around. The Qualified sailors interested in
race starts from Maryland’s cur- participating in the race can regis-
rent capital city in Annapolis to ter online at the official Gov’ Cup
its first capital city in St. Mary’s website,w w /events/
City. Simultaneously, Potomac govcup. Submit a completed en-
Race sailors start at Dahlgren, try along with a $120 entry fee no
Southern Race sailors start at later than July 23 at 5 p.m. 
Fishing Bay, and Solomons Race For information about the event,
sailors start at Solomons to sail to visit
St. Mary’s City.  cup or email
By Ken Lamb nightcrawler, etc,  The favorite
Contributing Writer bait for spot ‘bloodworms are in
Cobia fishing is rocking along at short supply.  There have been no
a good pace.  There are lots of co-
bia seekers and lots of chum lines,
so it is inevitalble that some will
shipments of bloods from Maine
since the Fourth of July.  Bad
tides, heat, and labor shortages are
make a good strike and land sever- blamed.  The Fishbite manufac- SERVING ST. MARY'S COUNTY
al while others get skunked.  Try ured bait is an excellent substitute.
to get out on a weekday when the
traffic is less dense.   Live eels are
Perch fishing is excellent in the
rivers.  The perch fishing in the ON NEWSSTANDS EVERY THURSDAY & ONLINE AT COUNTYTIMES.NET CountyTimes
St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County

the trick. creeks has been good, but not like

Trollers are finding some cobia it should be.  The lack of tide f low,
using surgical eel lures.  There abundace of nettles, and stained
have been blue fish  in the 18 water due to rain fall has sent a
to 25 inch range taking these lot of perch to the cleaner water
lures.  Some have caught a dozen in the deeper rivers.  A break in
or so of these toothy critters. the heat and some dry days will
Cobia are located in the Mud change that soon.
Leads, below the Target Ship, and Tiny puppy drum like the heat
most anywhere in the Triangle. and stain and are prevelant in the
Spanish mackerel are also in the creeks taking most any bait or
lower bay mixed with blues. lure.  Release them carefully.  I
Rockfish are available for lure have heard of a handful in the
casters.  The Maryland sum- legal limit slot range of 18 to 27
mer closure starts on July 16 and inches.
lasts until the 30th.  The Potomac There are reports of f lounder at
cloure is already in and lasts until Point Lookout Bar and at Corn-
Aug. 21. field Point in the Potomac.  Drift
Spot are everywhere.  If you can with live minnows and be pre-
see water you are in the presence pared to catch lots of little ones
of spot.  They will take the new that have to be thrown back for
Lugworms, bits of squid, shrimp, evey  one of legal size.

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COVID-19 In St. Mary’s And
Calvert Counties Go To:
22 Calendar The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

St. Mary’s Department of Aging & Human Services

Programs and Activities Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 71658
Garvey Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 71050
Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 73101
Visit for the most up-to date information

Medicare Seminars Energy Assistance Another Volunteer Bingo Presentation on Sleep

Join us Wednesday, July 21, It is that time of year to apply Caller Needed Difficulty
from 5-7 pm at the Garvey Senior for assistance with your electric The Loff ler Senior Activity On Wednesday, July 21, at
Activity Center located at 23630 and heating expenses. Eligibil- Center is looking for another per- 10 a.m. Healthwatch Coordina-
Hayden Farm Lane, Leonardtown ity is determined by the gross son to call BINGO two Wednes- tor Mary Tennyson will present
to learn what changes take place household income for everyone days per month from 12:30-1:30 Good Night, Already! at 10 a.m.
when you no longer are eligible living in the residence. New p.m. We have one new volunteer in person at the Loff ler Senior
for Medicaid due to becoming this program year is varying in- who will call twice a month and Activity Center: What is keep-
eligible for Medicare. We will be come criteria based on the age would like another person to call ing you up at night? Difficulty
discussing how you may be able of household residents. If all on the other two Wednesdays. sleeping is a common complaint
to retain your Medicaid benefits, household members are under If you are someone who enjoys among people over 60. Why?
Medicare Savings Programs, Part the age 67 the maximum monthly providing fun for the 50+ popula- What, if anything, can be done
D, Medigap plans, etc. To register income for one person is $1,878 tion, can call out numbers loudly about it? To register, call 301-
contact us at medicarequestion@ and $2,540 for a two-person and sometimes referee, we’d love 475-4200, ext. 1660. Free. or call 301-475- household. For households with to hear from you! Call Shellie
4200, ext. 1064. at least one member age 67 or Graziano at 301-475-4200, ext. Loff ler Book Club Selection
Residents who are turning over the monthly income for one 1655 or e-mail Sheila.Graziano@ Announced
65 this year are invited to at- person is $2,147 and $2,903 for The next book club meeting
tend a Medicare presentation on a two person household. Higher at the Loff ler Senior Activity
Wednesday, July 28, from 5-7 income guidelines are available Pinochle Players Needed Center will take place on Friday,
pm at the Garvey Senior Activity for households with three or more Do you like playing this game? August 6, at 2 p.m. The group is
Center located at 23630 Hayden members. Persons age 60 and Our group plays on Monday, reading Mrs. Lincoln’s Dress-
Farm Lane, Leonardtown to un- over or for those with a disability Wednesday, and Friday at 9 a.m. maker by Jennifer Chiaverini. Let
derstand what options you have you may receive assistance ap- at the Loff ler Senior Activity us know if you’d like to be a part
when choosing your Medicare plying for this program by call- Center. They are looking for a of this group by e-mailing Sheila.
benefits. We will be discussing ing 301-475-4200, ext. 3104. For few more people to get another or
Medigap plans, Part D, how re- those under 60 you may call the table going. Interested? Call 301- call Shellie: 301-475-4200, ext.
tirement insurance works with Tri-County Community Action 475-4200, ext. 1658 or e-mail 1655.
Medicare, etc. To register con- Committee at 301-475-5574, ext. Sheila.Graziano@stmarysmd.
tact us at medicarequestion@ 200. com. or call 301-475-
4200, ext. 1064.

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Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Calendar 23

St. Mary's
Community Calendar
To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to
our Thursday publication.

Thursday, July 15 community to Pastor John But-

ler and Lady Marie Butler and
ery week for short videos featur-
ing everything from the quirky to
July 24 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.
July 25 at 3 p.m.
CSM Transfer Thursday Church officials. Allow visitors the fascinating - tune in! We have Tickets are now on sale for
Virtual to tour the church and the church several episodes in the playlist! the production of The Pirates of
11 a.m. pantry. Food and drinks will be Penzance: a Live Concert Read-
CSM hosts Transfer institutions provided. Social activities for ing. You can purchase online,
virtually each Thursday from 11 youth and adults. For more infor- DAV Assistance Program at the St. Mary’s Recreation and
a.m. - 2 p.m. Representatives from mation contact Corey or Zenobia St. Mary’s Square ReStore Parks office in Leonardtown, or
two different institutions will be Dyson at 240-210-1568 or visit 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. one hour before the show. Seating
available to chat with students and our website at https://www.stmat- Veterans - do you have a ser- is limited.
help navigate their future transfer vice-connected disability? Did
experience. RSVPs are required you receive an injury while on ac- AmazonSmile Charity
to access Zoom information. Free. Monday, July 19 tive duty and are now filing for AmazonSmile could donate a disability through the Veterans percentage of shoppers' purchases
Aikido Classes Stat
Administration (VA)? The Dis- to the2nd District VFD & RS (AKA
Friday, July 16 A traditional Japanese martial
art, with roots in ju-jitsu. Non-
abled American Veterans organi- Co. 6 / Valley Lee). For more info
zation is here to assist you with / instructions how to shop contact
Beth Israel Synagogue Shab- competitive and non-confronta-
those VA forms at no cost to you. Cheryl @ 240-925-7559
bat Services Online tional, with the core principle of
These men and women (who are
7 p.m. - 8 p.m. conf lict resolution, while caus-
disabled veterans) are volunteers COVID-19 Appointment-Free
Shabbat evening services are be- ing minimal damage. This class
who ensure you are placing the Testing
ing held online due to COVID19. is suitable for all levels. Ages 7 &
proper information in the proper Lexington Park Office:
Beth Israel Synagogue will hold Up. Register at https://recreation.
blocks and advise you on com- • Tuesday and Thursday from
online services EVERY FRIDAY st ma r /wbwsc/webt-
mon mistakes that are made on 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
at 7 PM. Check our website cal- rac.wsc/ under the self defense
these VA forms. Their spaces are • Monday, Wednesday, and
endar ( section.
toward the rear of the building on Friday from 8:00 a.m. –
calendar.html) for event details.
Tuesday, July 20 the left side. Stop by
and see if we can be of assis-
12:00 p.m.
• 46035 Signature Lane, Lex-
Bingo Grief Support Group tance to you. No appointment ington Park (co-located with
Father Andrew White School Calvary Chapel necessary. U-Haul Moving & Storage)
6:30 p.m. 7 p.m. • For assistance or accommo-
The Knights of Columbus Help and encouragement after Food Pantry dations, call ahead to (301)
Council 1470 in Leonardtown is the death of a spouse, child, fam- Noon- 6 p.m. 862-1680
reopening bingo. ily member, or friend. The sup- St. Matthew’s Pentecos- Leonardtown Office:
Saturday, July 17 port group meets weekly. You are
welcome to begin attending at any
tal Church, 23755 Hollywood
Road Leonardtown, MD 20650.
• Monday – Friday from 8:00
a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Conversations & A Cruise point. You’ll find it to be a warm, 301-475-2910 • 21580 Peabody Street,
St Clement's Island Museum caring environment and will come Leonardtown
9 a.m. - 10 a.m. to see your group as an “oasis” on Thursday, July 22 • For assistance or accommo-
Enjoy summer breezes on a your long journey through grief. dations, call ahead to (301)
CSM Transfer Thursday
fun, educational and family- For more information call the 475-4330
friendly morning of cruising on church office and leave a message SMCHD COVID-19 Testing:
11 a.m.
the St. Clement’s Island Water at 301-645-0660 or email us at ad- • Walk up for testing, parking
CSM hosts Transfer institutions
Taxi during this series of themed is available
virtually each Thursday from 11
cruises throughout the season! • Appointment-free
$15 for adults, $10 for kids, kids Wednesday, July 21 a.m. - 2 p.m. Representatives from
two different institutions will be
• No doctor’s order needed
under 2 are free. Call to book. • Free of Charge (no out-of-
Wayback Wednesdays available to chat with students and
301-769-2222 pocket cost, co-payment,
We hope you're loving our help navigate their future transfer
co-insurance, etc.)
weekly video series showing some experience. RSVPs are required
Meet and Greet • Bring health insurance in-
of the stories that make St. Mary’s to access Zoom information. Free.
St. Matthew Pentecostal formation and identifica-
County’s history so unique and in-
Church; tion, if possible – Uninsured
teresting. We thought this would
Noon - 4 p.m.
Connect with our community
be a fun way to bring our closed Ongoing community members are
welcome and will not be
museums to you while we all keep
and our neighbors. Introduce the Summerstock Show charged
our social distance. Join us ev-
July 23 at 7 p.m.
24 Legals The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

Legal Notices


Plaintiff Plaintiff

v. v.


Defendant(s) Defendant(s)

Order of Publication Order of Publication

The object of this proceeding is to secure the foreclosure of all rights of The object of this proceeding is to secure the foreclosure of all rights of
redemption in the following property LOT 644 SECTION 2 PLAT 3 GOLDEN redemption in the following property LOT 15 BLK J PLAT 1 - SECTION 4 PLAT
BEACH, in the COUNTY of ST. MARY’S, sold by the Collector of Taxes for 8/47 - WICOMICO SHORES, in the COUNTY of ST. MARY’S, sold by the Collector
the COUNTY of ST. MARY’S and the State of Maryland to the plaintiff in this of Taxes for the COUNTY of ST. MARY’S and the State of Maryland to the plaintiff
proceeding: in this proceeding:
The property is described as account number 05-009537, LOT 644 The property is described as account number 04-032349, LOT 15 BLK J
The complaint states, among other things, that the amounts necessary for HARVEY C HOPPING KATHLEEN R.
redemption have not been paid. The complaint states, among other things, that the amounts necessary for
It is thereupon this 24th day of May, 2021, by the Circuit Court for ST. redemption have not been paid.
MARY’S COUNTY, Ordered, that notice be given by the insertion of a copy of this It is thereupon this 15th day of June, 2021, by the Circuit Court for ST.
order in some newspaper having a general circulation once a week for 3 successive MARY’S COUNTY, Ordered, that notice be given by the insertion of a copy of this
weeks, warning all persons interested in the property to appear in this Court by the order in some newspaper having a general circulation once a week for 3 successive
24th day of July, 2021, and redeem the property ACCOUNT NUMBER 05-009537, weeks, warning all persons interested in the property to appear in this Court by
LOT 644 SECTION 2 PLAT 3 GOLDEN BEACH, and answer the complaint or the 15th day of August, 2021, and redeem the property ACCOUNT NUMBER
thereafter a final judgment will be entered foreclosing all rights of redemption in the 04-032349, LOT 15 BLK J PLAT 1 - SECTION 4 PLAT 8/47 - WICOMICO
property, and vesting in the plaintiff, KNM INVESTMENTS LLC, a title, free SHORES, and answer the complaint or thereafter a final judgment will be entered
and clear of all encumbrances. foreclosing all rights of redemption in the property, and vesting in the plaintiff, KNM
INVESTMENTS LLC, a title, free and clear of all encumbrances.

Plaintiff Plaintiff
v. v.
Defendant(s) Defendant(s)
Order of Publication Order of Publication
The object of this proceeding is to secure the foreclosure of all rights of The object of this proceeding is to secure the foreclosure of all rights of
redemption in the following property LOT 37 BLK B PLAT 1 - SECTION 2 PLAT redemption in the following property LOT 32 BLK F PLAT 6 SECTION 2 PLAT 8/47
8/44 - WICOMICO SHORES, in the COUNTY of ST. MARY’S, sold by the Collector WICOMICO SHORES, Mechanicsville, Maryland in the COUNTY of ST. MARY’S,
of Taxes for the COUNTY of ST. MARY’S and the State of Maryland to the plaintiff sold by the Collector of Taxes for the COUNTY of ST. MARY’S and the State of
in this proceeding: Maryland to the plaintiff in this proceeding:
The property is described as account number 04-040074, LOT 37 The property is described as account number 04-033027, LOT 32 BLK
The complaint states, among other things, that the amounts necessary for The complaint states, among other things, that the amounts necessary for
redemption have not been paid. redemption have not been paid.
It is thereupon this 24th day of May, 2021, by the Circuit Court for ST. It is thereupon this 24th day of May, 2021, by the Circuit Court for ST.
MARY’S COUNTY, Ordered, that notice be given by the insertion of a copy of this MARY’S COUNTY, Ordered, that notice be given by the insertion of a copy of this
order in some newspaper having a general circulation once a week for 3 successive order in some newspaper having a general circulation once a week for 3 successive
weeks, warning all persons interested in the property to appear in this Court by weeks, warning all persons interested in the property to appear in this Court by the
the 24th day of July, 2021, and redeem the property ACCOUNT NUMBER 04- 24th day of July, 2021, and redeem the property ACCOUNT NUMBER 04-033027,
and answer the complaint or thereafter a final judgment will be entered foreclosing the complaint or thereafter a final judgment will be entered foreclosing all rights of
all rights of redemption in the property, and vesting in the plaintiff, KNM redemption in the property, and vesting in the plaintiff, KNM INVESTMENTS LLC,
INVESTMENTS LLC, a title, free and clear of all encumbrances. a title, free and clear of all encumbrances.

If you would like to place a

Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Legals 25

Legal Notices

In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Case No.: C-18-FM-21-459 SECURITY FIT INTO

Notice (Minor)
The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name from
seeking a name change because: Personal choice.
Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the Here’s something to think even longer, to start collecting.
08/15/2021. The objection must be supported by an affidavit (written statement about: You could spend two, or Another key consideration is
confirmed by oath or affirmation) and served upon all parties (Md Rule 1-321). If no even three, decades in retire- spousal benefits. If your own
timely objection is filed, the court may enter a default judgement or grant the name
ment. To meet your income full retirement benefit is less
needs for all those years, you’ll than 50% of your spouse’s full
Debra J. Burch, generally need a sizable amount retirement benefit, you would
Clerk of Court for of retirement assets. How will generally be eligible to claim
St. Mary’s County Maryland Social Security fit into the spousal benefits, provided
picture? you’re at least 62 and your
For most people, Social Se- spouse has filed for Social Se-
curity won’t be enough to cover curity benefits.
the cost of living in retirement. Survivor benefits are another
IN THE MATTER OF BRIAN ALEXANDER SMITH Nonetheless, Social Security important consideration. When
FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO BRIAN ALEXANDER WOLFE benefits are still valuable, so you pass away, your spouse
BY AND THROUGH THEIR MOTHER/FATHER/GUARDIAN you’ll want to do whatever you would be able to receive up to
TONYA SMITH can to maximize them. 100% of your benefit or his/her
Your first move is to deter- own retirement benefit, which-
In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County, Maryland mine when you should start ever is higher. Thus, delaying
taking Social Security. You can Social Security could not only
Case No.: C-18-FM-21-466 begin collecting benefits when increase your own benefit, but
Notice (Minor) you reach 62 – but should you? also the benefit for your surviv-
The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name from BRIAN If you were to turn 62 this year, ing spouse.
your payments would only be An additional issue to think
seeking a name change because: His father is changing his last name to Wolfe.
Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the about 71% of what you’d get if about, when planning for how
08/15/2021. The objection must be supported by an affidavit (written statement you waited until your full re- Social Security fits into your
confirmed by oath or affirmation) and served upon all parties (Md Rule 1-321). If no tirement age, which is 66 years retirement, is your earned in-
timely objection is filed, the court may enter a default judgement or grant the name and 10 months. (“Full retire- come. If you’re younger than
change. ment age” varies, depending full retirement age, your ben-
on when you were born, but efit will be reduced by $1 for
Debra J. Burch, for most people today, it will each $2 you earn above a cer-
Clerk of Court for be between 66 and 67.) Every tain amount, which, in 2021, is
St. Mary’s County Maryland month you wait between now $18,960. During the year you
and your full retirement age, reach full retirement age, your
your benefits will increase. benefit will be reduced by $1
If you still want to delay tak- for each $3 you earn above a
ing benefits beyond your full set amount ($50,520 in 2021).
IN THE MATTER OF BRIAN EDWIN KEITH SMITH II retirement age, your payments But once you hit the month at
FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO BRIAN KEITH WOLFE will increase by 8% each year, which you attain full retirement
until you’re 70, when they “max age, and from that point on, you
In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County, Maryland out." Regardless of when you can keep all of your benefits,
file, you’ll also receive an an- no matter how much you earn
Case No.: C-18-FM-21-460 nual cost-of-living adjustment. (although your benefits could
Notice (Adult) So, when should you start still be taxed).
The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name from BRIAN
EDWIN KEITH SMITH II to BRIAN KEITH WOLFE. The petitioner is seeking a
claiming your benefits? There’s One final point to keep in
name change because: Personal choice. no one “right” answer for ev- mind: The more you accumu-
Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the eryone. If you turn 62 and you late in your other retirement
08/15/2021. The objection must be supported by an affidavit (written statement need the money, your choice accounts, such as your IRA
confirmed by oath or affirmation) and served upon all parties (Md Rule 1-321). If no might be made for you. But and 401(k) or similar employer-
timely objection is filed, the court may enter a default judgement or grant the name if you have sufficient income sponsored plan, the more f lex-
change. from other sources, you’re ibility you’ll have in managing
in good health and you have your Social Security benefits.
Debra J. Burch, longevity in your family, or So, throughout your work-
Clerk of Court for
you’re still working, it might be ing years, try to contribute as
St. Mary’s County Maryland
worthwhile to wait until your much as you can afford to these
full retirement age, or perhaps plans.

Article was contributed by David McDonough

Financial Advisor at Edward Jones.
SERVING ST. MARY'S COUNTY Office located at 41680 Miss Bessie Dr Suite 302
Leonardtown MD, 20650
St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County
301 997 1707
26 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

James Marshall Banagan and Patsy Bailey opened B & B Main- Post #221 (50 years), Boy Scout Master John “Johnny” Franklin
tenance of Maryland Inc. in Bushwood. (10 years), Sacred Heart Church Cemetery
When he and Dot retired in 1986 the busi- Committee, and Democrat of the Year Williams, Sr
ness was passed on to the next generation 2005.
when they turned it over to her niece Julie Jimmy and Dot were both distinguished
Buckler and nephew Greg Payne. Over alumnae of SMA and were recognized as
the past 49 years, through hard work and Pillars of the Community by St. Mary’s
dedication, the business has grown into Ryken High School for their outstanding
the leading maintenance service provider contributions to improve the quality of life
in Southern Maryland. in their community. Jimmy was active in
Jimmy was an active member of his Democratic politics. When Eddie Bailey
community and his contributions numer- ran for St. Mary’s County Commissioner,
ous. He worked at Holy Angels Church Jimmy was his campaign treasurer. Eddie
dinners, served on the St. Clements Hun- was elected to two terms and Jimmy en-
dred Osprey Gala Committee, 7th District joyed the down-home exposure to politics.
Optimist Club 1st President, Charter Pres- Jimmy also served on Johnny Wood’s fun-
ident (1968), Lt. Governor (1969-1970), draising committee for over thirty years.
Optimist of the Year (1986) and Blessing As a staunchly loyal democrat, he could
of Fleet (Chairperson/Co-Chairperson). be found working the polls faithfully.
James Marshall Banagan, 90, died July 50-year Charter member of 7th District Jimmy was a man of the world with many
13, 2021. Known to many by his nick- Optimist Club (2018), Admiral of Chesa- interests and hobbies. There wasn’t a sub-
name Jimmy, was born in Palmer, Mary- peake Bay (1975) Charter Member 7th ject you could bring up that he didn’t have John “Johnny” Franklin Williams, Sr.
land April 9, 1931. He was the son of the District Fire Department (1948-1949), Ju- some knowledge about. 67, of Avenue, MD passed away on July
late George Marshall Banagan and Hilda dicial Nominating Committee (16 years) He loved to share stories of what he 10, 2021 at his home. He was born on Jan-
Morris Banagan. He attended Holy An- Judicial Nominating Committee Chair- learned of other cultures on his travels. uary 13, 1954 in Leonardtown, MD and
gels School and was a 1948 graduate of St. person (4 years), St. Mary’s Agriculture & Antiques (That Oyster Can Collection was the son of the late Ellen Dora Bean
Mary’s Academy. Jimmy joined the Coast Seafood Commission (3 years), Aquacul- was his pride and joy!) and collectibles Williams and James Clark Williams, Sr.
Guard in November of 1954 and went in ture Advisory Committee (3 years), Trea- including their history and why they are Johnny was the loving husband of Ma-
the Coast Guard Reserves in January surer, Commissioner William E. Bailey (2 important, bird watching, taxidermy in ria Jennings (Jenny) Williams, whom he
1955. He was employed by C & P Tele- terms), St. Mary’s County Nursing Home his younger years, Scouting and his role married on November 9, 1974 in Medleys
phone Company from 1956 to 1976. Board (6 years), St. Clements Island Board in founding the Sea Scouts, horticulture, Neck, MD. Johnny is survived by his chil-
Jimmy married the love of his life Dot (14 years), St. Clements Hundred Osprey and the history of the 7th District and dren J.F. Williams, Jr (Cindy) of Avenue,
on September 29, 1956. In 1971 Jimmy Gala (5 Years), Appointed to Democratic Potomac River are just a few of the var- MD and Jennifer Kraft (Jeremiah) of Fred-
and his wife in partnership with Eddie Central Committee, American Legion ied interests Jimmy enjoyed talking with ericksburg, VA, along with his grandchil-
other like-minded folks about. With his dren Payton Kraft, Ada Kraft, Cameron

wealth of knowledge about so many top- Kraft, D.J. Williams, and Jace Williams.
ics, you were fortunate if you got seated He is also survived by his siblings Jimmy
by him at a dinner party. He was a great Williams of California, MD, Ellen Ball of
conversationalist! He traveled extensively Clements, MD, Janice Hammett of Park
throughout the United States and enjoyed Hall, MD, Gary Williams of Hollywood,
his trips to Australia, China, Italy, Alaska, MD, Susan Redmond of White Point,
Africa, and Ireland. MD, Joe Williams of Redgate, MD, Mary
Our Family 
Life Celebration Homes &

Jimmy was predeceased by his wife Garner of Hollywood, MD, Jack Williams
Serving Yours
of 50 years Dorothy Gass Banagan. Al- of White Point, MD, Jackie Mays of Cal-
though he had no children of this own, laway, MD, Ronnie Williams of Leonard-
Traditional Funerals, Cremation Services, Jimmy considered his nieces Jackie town, MD, Patricia Howes of Bushwood,
Payne Norris and Julie Payne Buckler MD, and Karen Bailey of Leonardtown,
Memorial Packages & Pre-need Services Provided his (“Number Ones.”) The family is re- MD. He was preceded in death by his sis-
ceiving friends on Monday, July 19, 2021 ter Elizabeth Norris.  
from 9:15 am to 10:30 am at Holy An- “Johnny”, as he was affectionately re-
gels Catholic Church, Avenue, Maryland ferred to, was a kind, caring, generous,
where Optimist Prayers will be said at and loving man who was blessed with
10:30 am. A mass of Christian Burial will an incredibly loving family and several
friends. No matter the company, he always
Brinsfield Funeral Home, P.A.

22955 Hollywood Road be celebrated at 11:00 am. Interment will

follow in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Bush- had a smile for everyone. When he got that
Leonardtown, MD 20650 little grin of his going, there was always
wood, MD. Pallbearers will be: Steven
301-475-5588 J. Bailey, William E. Bailey, Jr., J. Greg a surprise in store. He was quick with his
Payne, R. Christopher Gass, David B. wit and even quicker with a joke and loved
Cullins, Jerry W. Cheseldyne. Honorary to make people smile and laugh. Johnny
Pallbearers will be: 7th District Optimist started his career as an electrician with
Club. Contributions may be made to: St. Drury Electric where he worked for ten
Clements Hundred, P.O. Box 71 Colton’s years. His career carried over to St. Mary’s
Brinsfield Funeral Home, P.A.
Point, MD 20626, and St. Mary’s Ryken Hospital where, after 33 years of faithful
30195 Three Notch Road High School, 22600 Camp Calvert Road, service, he retired in January of 2016. His
Leonardtown, MD 20650. hobbies included playing and managing
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 softball for the Town Inn softball team
Condolences may be made to the family
301-472-4400 at Arrangements pro- and volunteering his time to coach little
vided by the Mattingley-Gardiner Funeral league baseball. He was an avid golfer
Home, P.A. & Crematory Leonardtown, for several years and accumulated several
MD. golfing buddies until his illness rendered
him physically unable to play. Johnny’s
Family owned and operated for two generations
one true passion was bluegrass music. He
played the mandolin in the Spoon Creek Band and the Hump Day band. His talent

and love for bluegrass blessed him with an
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Obituaries 27

additional and enormous family who en- 3 aunts, Kay Harkins and her husband teams. His favorite sports teams were the
joyed each time he came out to play. He Jack and their two children, Susan Hen- Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles.
always made time to travel across Mary- drix and her husband Kurt and their two He enjoyed vacations to the beach, espe-
land and Virginia to enjoy the outdoors children, Rita Wilharm and her daughter, cially Ocean City, MD and Juno Beach,
and attend as many bluegrass festivals as her uncle Martin Benshoofand his daugh- FL. He was a foodie and enjoyed trying
he could. Johnny is survived by his ador- ter and other extended family. different cuisines, especially Japanese
ing wife, Jenny, of 46 years of marriage, She loved all things water, skiing, boat- foods.  He was a connoisseur of sushi, and
and his two children and two children-in- ing, dolphins and loved to travel like her miso soup. In fact, he enjoyed all kinds of
law, both of whom he loved uncondition- Dad. She was devoted to her children, soup. He also enjoyed his fiance’s Puerto
ally, his son, J.F. and wife, Cindy, and his documenting and encouraging their in- Rican cuisine.  He had a sweet tooth and
daughter, Jennifer and husband, Jeremiah. terests and successes and consoling them loved candy, especially gummi bears and
No matter the day, no matter his mood, when they were troubled. Swedish fish.  He was an animal lover,
there was always a special place in his She was the keeper of family history and over the years has loved many pets,
heart for his grandchildren. They could dating back to oldest records and trea- most recently his pet ferret “Buddy Girl.”
never do wrong in Pop Pop’s eyes. Johnny sured their memories. When she made He enjoyed visiting the zoo and going to
will be greatly missed by family – imme- friends they were for a lifetime. Her oldest parades growing up. He enjoyed spending
diate, distant, and bluegrass – as well as friend from high school, Angie Hermann, time with his family, especially his son life James Howard Vallandingham Sr. on
his many, many friends. was like a sister to her as well as the rest Auggie whom he loved deeply. He was re- October 31, 1943 at St. Joseph Catholic
A Funeral Service will be held on of the family. cently engaged and planning to marry his Church in Morganza, MD. They Cele-
Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 10:00 AM in Kelly loved people and had a soft spot beloved fiancé, Shaneen Child this year. brated 42 years together before his passing
the Funeral Home Chapel with Deacon for neglected children and animals which In addition to his mother Veronica, Da- on November 17, 1985. Together they ran
Ammon Ripple officiating. Interment she has passed on to all her children. Her vid is also survived by his fiancé, Shaneen their family Painting Business, and she
will follow in Charles Memorial Gardens, mother describes her as strongly deter- Child; his son, Auggie Rollin Henry of was employed at different businesses in-
Leonardtown, MD. Serving as pallbear- mined, protective with a tender compas- Leonardtown, MD; his cousins, Justin cluding Sparlings, Raley’s Furniture, 7-11,
ers will be J.F. Williams, Jr. Patrick Far- sionate heart. Larue, Chloe Larue, and Dennis Barnes, Highs, Guy Brothers Implement and later
rell, Donald Thompson, Brian Hammett, Kelly will be deeply missed by her fam- and many extended family and friends.  “Howards Antiques”.
Steve Williams, and Darrell Williams. ily, friends and all who knew her. He is preceded in death by his father. Lucy was passionate about Genealogy
Honorary pallbearers will be Jimmy Wil- Condolences may be made to the fam- Family will receive friends on Thurs- and accumulated notebooks, newspaper
liams, Gary Williams, Joe Williams, Jack ily at Arrangements pro- day, July 15, 2021 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., clippings and numerous books research-
Williams, and Ronnie Williams.   vided by the Mattingley-Gardiner Funeral with Prayers at 7:00 p.m., at Brinsfield ing her family Heritage.  She was an avid
Contributions may be made to the Sev- Home, P.A. Funeral Home, 22955 Hollywood Road, NASCAR fan from way back attending
enth Dist. Vol. Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 7, Leonardtown, MD 20650.  A Funeral Ser- races in Dover, The Pocono’s, Richmond
Avenue, MD 20609 and ACTS (A Com- Rollin David Henry III vice will be celebrated by Reverend Chip and even Daytona with her brother Jimmy.
munity That Shares), P.O. Box 54, Bush- Luckett on Friday, July 16, 2021 at 11:00 She was such a fan that not only did she
wood, MD 20618. a.m. at Brinsfield Funeral Home. Inter- have the opportunity to assist in chang-
Condolences to the family can be made ment will be private. ing a tire on a racecar but she also got the
at In lieu of flowers, please make a dona- thrill of a lifetime by actually being driven
tion to your favorite charity on Rollin Da- in a racecar around the Daytona Track at
Kelly Marie Cusic vid's name.  150mph.
Condolences to the family may be made Lucy loved baseball and started col-
to lecting cards over 40 years ago. She was a
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral member of the choir at St. Aloysius Catho-
Home, P.A. lic Church in Leonardtown. It was through
these friends she was introduced to coun-
Lucy Harrison Vallandingham try line dancing. Because of her love of
Lucy Harrison Vallandingham passed dancing and never knowing a stranger,
away on July 3, 2021 at her residence. She she soon took to the task of learning all
was born on February 7, 1928 in Budds the dances and made many more friends
Creek, MD. She was the daughter of the in the process. These friends became an
late Mary Lowery Harrison and Robert intricate part of her life and she attributed
Rollin David Henry III, 31, of Riviera I. Harrison. Lucy married the love of her her longevity to them and drinking milk
Beach, FL (formerly of Mechanicsville,
MD) passed away suddenly on June 24,
2021 in Riviera Beach, FL.
He was born on February 16, 1990 in
Prince Frederick, MD to Veronica (Ron-
Kelly Marie Cusic born in Dallas Texas nie) Plewacki Henry of Mechanicsville,
July 26, 1978 to Gerald Wayne Couch and MD and the late Rollin David Henry Jr.
Janis Dianne Couch. She passed away on David graduated from Mother Cath-
July 4, 2021. She was preceded in death
by her father, Gerald Wayne Couch and
erine Spalding School in 2004 and is a
2008 graduate of Chopticon High School. Lynda J. Striegel
brother Craig Dale Couch and her daugh- He is a 2008 graduate of the James A. For- REVOCABLE LIVING TRUSTS • BUSINESS LAW
ter Brooklyn Marie Cusic. rest Career and Technology Center earn-
She was married to James Kenneth Cu- ing a certificate in AutoCAD. He contin- WILLS • PROBATE ADMINISTRATION
sic on April 8, 2000 and spent all those ued his education at the Community Col- POWERS OF ATTORNEY • LIVING WILLS
married years in Southern Maryland. lege of Southern Maryland.  He was most SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS FOR DISABLED INDIVIDUALS
She is survived by her husband James recently employed by VSP Marketing as
Kenneth Cusic, children, Angelica Marie a creative and skilled Print Production Lyn speaks to many groups regarding Estate Planning & would
(Cusic) Mabry and husband Nick Mabry, Manager.   be happy to speak to yours. Lyn also offers complimentary
Destiny Marie Cusic, and Megan Marie He was athletically inclined. He played Estate Planning Classes the Third Wednesday of Each Month
Cusic, and mother Janis Dianne Couch, soccer for Recreation and Parks for many at 11AM at 8906 Bay Avenue • North Beach, MD 20714.
her brothers, Kyle Wayne Couch and his years. He played on Mother Catherine
wife Ariel and their two children, and her School basketball team, and later on Chop- 301-855-2246 •
half brother Brett Wayne Couch. ticon’s football, soccer, and track and field
28 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

all her life ported his family as a carpenter. He en- States Navy, where he served our country life to the fullest; she loved doing every-
When she started playing softball at the joyed working with his hands and build- for 26 years, including serving in World thing with her girls, especially their fam-
age of 64, she was catcher for Anderson’s ing forever homes for families. In his War II. After retiring from the military, ily trips to Punta Cana and Spain, or just
Bar; again, she continued to make many spare time, Joe enjoyed playing softball he worked as a painter/maintenance man staying local in St. Mary’s County, boat-
more friends. With this new group, she and keeping active. If the weather was for many years for the local Wildewood ing on the river, gardening, and sunning
spent time in Ocean City, MD having a good, he loved to go fishing with his son community. Tony was very well known on the beach. She was also an excellent
blast dancing the night away. and grandsons. He found peace sitting on and loved around the St. Mary’s County cook, her specialties were Italian sausage,
Lucy also got the chance to travel with the banks of a pond or cruising the river area where he was happy to call his home steak, and pasta dishes. She loved the holi-
her family to places like San Diego, Ni- waters. An avid sports fan, he watched for many years. His energy, personality, days and everything that came along with
agara Falls, Mystic, Conn., The Grand Ole many games from the comfort of his fa- and smile were enough to make anyone them- spending time with family, cooking
Opry, Las Vegas, Lancaster, PA and even vorite chair. Nothing brought Joe as much around him happy. meals, decorating, and socializing. She
to Hawaii, where she hiked the Diamond happiness as spending time with family, He was a tough man, but his calm de- was known for being a socialite and was
Head Summit Trail which went up 1.8 especially his four grandsons. They had a meanor and his ability to make everyone the life of every party. Anyone that was
miles. special bond with their Pop-Pop that can around him smile and laugh provided the lucky enough to meet Lucy was captivat-
Some of her favorite memories were never be replaced or forgotten. perfect combination of grit and grace that ed by her outgoing, vibrant, and incred-
trips to Gulf Port, Florida with her daugh- A great man was lost, but his memory everybody knew and loved about him. ibly caring personality. She will truly be
ter and granddaughter, to spend a few will remain in the heart of his loved ones During his later years, many of his close missed by her friends and family.
weeks with one of her sons. for generations to come. The true legacy friends started calling him “The Rock” She is survived by her daughters, Erika
Lucy is survived by her children; Lucy of a man is in the eyes and actions of his because of his toughness and charm, to and Nicole Wise of Lexington Park; broth-
Dixon, Jim (Dana) Vallandingham, Judy loved ones. If you know his family, you which he’d reply with something like “I ers, James Neugent IV (Julie) of Califor-
(Lynn) Hudson, Pat (Phil) Clark, Melinda know they had a strong and steady hand could knock The Rock out in one punch!”, nia, MD and Michael Neugent of Lexing-
(Tommy) Ford, Milly (Bosie) Farrell, Ir- to guide them through life. His family will which would make everyone smile and ton Park, MD; nephew, Steven Neugent of
ving (Lynn) Vallandingham, 30 grand- cherish memories of his infectious laugh- laugh. His personality was truly one of a Lexington Park, MD; niece, Rachel Neu-
children and 43 great grandchildren. She ter and comforting support. kind. Tony was also a very giving, gener- gent of Hollywood, MD, and her signifi-
is also survived by her sister Mildred Har- Joe is survived by his son, Jonathan ous man, and he would do what he could cant other, Kris Bell of Lexington Park,
rison and her brother James Harrison. She Adam Tucker (Teresa) of Lusby, MD; four to help his loved ones, close friends, and MD.
was preceded in death by her parents, her (4) grandchildren, Leonardo, Nickolanii, even complete strangers. He truly made Memorial contributions may be made
beloved husband, her children: Harrison Roman and Xander Joseph. He is also sur- an impact on anybody who he met and got to the St. Vincent de Paul of IHM, 22375
Vallandingham, Joan Chicwak, Susan vived by his siblings, Benjamin Tucker, to know. Three Notch Road, Immaculate Heart of
Eyler, Monica Reyes, her granddaughter Edward Tucker, Russell Tucker, Nelson Tony is survived by his daughter Melo- Mary Church, Lexington Park, MD 20653
Corinne Reyes, her son-in-law Harry O. Tucker and Harry E. Tucker.  Joe is also dy Moreno-Benoit, 55, her husband Randy or The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, P.O.
Dixon; her siblings Manning Harrison, survived by his partner of over 40 years Benoit, 58, his son Christopher Stiefel, 33, Box 13600, Phoenix, AZ 85002.
Robert Harrison Jr., Lewis Harrison Sr., Janet Lee Windsor.  He was preceded in his granddaughter Stacey Benoit, 35, and Condolences to the family may be made
Sam Harrison, Sydnor Harrison, Dusty death by his parents, John and Rosemary his grandson Nicholas Benoit, 28. at
Harrison, Bill Harrison Sr. and Louise Tucker and siblings, Bessie Largen, Mary Condolences to the family may be made Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral
Cooksey. Catherine Tucker and Richard Oliver at Home, P.A.
Condolences to the family may be made Tucker. Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral
at A Memorial Gathering will be held on Home, P.A. Kathleen “Kathy” Fitzsimmons
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral Saturday, July 17, 2021 from 12:00 p.m.
Home, P.A. to 2:00 p.m. at Brinsfield Funeral Home Lucy Ann Wise Rotzell
& Crematory, P.A., 30195 Three Notch
William “Joe” Joseph Tucker Road, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622. A Me-
morial Service with military honors will
be held at 1:00 p.m. with Rev. Joe Orlando
Condolences may be made to the family
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral
Home & Crematory, P.A., Charlotte Hall,
Alkadio “Tony” Moreno

Lucy Ann Wise, 52 of Lexington Park, Kathleen “Kathy” Fitzsimmons Rotzell,

MD passed away peacefully on July 3, 73 of California, MD, formerly of North
William “Joe” Joseph Tucker, 67, of 2021 at home. Palm Beach, FL passed away on July 3,
Mechanicsville, MD succumbed to inju- She was born on January 14, 1969 in 2021 at her home with her husband by her
ries sustained in a vehicle accident on Fri- Lemoore, CA to the late James Neugent side. She was born on March 2, 1948 in St.
day, December 18, 2020. III and Lucia Neugent of Lexington Park, Louis, MO to Thomas Fitzsimmons and
He was born on July 20, 1953 in Chever- MD. Mary Grace (Powers) Fitzsimmons.
ly, MD to the late, John Oliver Tucker and Lucy graduated from Great Mills. She Kathy graduated in 1966 from Hazel-
Rosemary Agnes (Windsor) Tucker. He earned her Associate Degree in Business wood High School in MO. She later at-
was one of nine (9) children. from Saint Leo University. She was em- tended Florissant Community College in
As a young man, Joe enlisted in the ployed by NAVAIR as a Cost Analyst for MO where she studied Accounting.  She
US Army in March, 1972. He served his the last ten years. Before working for the worked many different places but most
country and family proud and was honor- Alkadio “Tony” Moreno, 96, of Lexing- government she was employed by Booz notably for Ozark Airlines and Venture
ably discharged in March, 1975. During ton Park, Maryland, passed away comfort- Allen Hamilton. Over the years of her ca- Department Stores, from which she “re-
his enlistment, Joe received numerous ably and peacefully in the Hospice House reer she earned many achievements and tired” to become a stay at home mother,
medals for his service. in Callaway, Maryland on July 4, 2021. many long lasting professional and per- which was her favorite job of all, until she
Joe was a hard-working man who sup- Tony was a proud veteran of the United sonal relationships. She knew how to live became a grandma.
Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Obituaries 29

She married the love of her life, Timo- on July 5, 2021.  Born December 22, 1958 Jeffrey Springer of Valley Lee,  MD, Lay-
thy Clifford Rotzell on August 22, 1981 in Leonardtown, MD, she was the loving la Sitnek (Ric) of Frederick, MD, Christy
in St. Louis, MO. Kathy and her husband daughter of the late Joseph Parrylee and Davis (Darius) of Leonardtown, MD,
raised a daughter, Amanda, whom she Lois (Delahay) Russell.    and Tyler Unkle of Dameron, MD; great
loved dearly. She and her family loved to Brenda was a lifelong resident of St. nieces and nephews Sydney Mooney, Kyle
travel. Their most memorable trips were Mary’s County and attended Father An- Shizak, Elizabeth Shizak, Alexis Cook, JJ
cruises and summer family vacations to drew White Catholic School, Leonard- Springer and Kendal Springer.
many different destinations like Sarasota, town, MD and graduated from St. Mary’s Serving as pallbearers will be Andy
Williamsburg, Gulf Shores, and Pigeon Academy, Leonardtown, MD, Class of Shizak, Darius Hawkins, David Adams,
Forge. Family and friends were most 1976. She was the loving wife and soul- JJ Springer, Tyler Unkle and Georgie
important to her and she was, without a mate of Thomas J. Unkle, whom she mar- Kennett.  Honorary pallbearers will be
doubt, the caretaker and peacemaker of ried on May 8, 1981 at Holy Face Church, Jennifer Shizak, Jeffrey Springer, Robin
the family. When Amanda was in school, Great Mills, MD.  Together they celebrat- Cook, Christy Davis, Layla Sitnek.
Kathy was the parent you would always ed over 40 wonderful years of marriage. In lieu of flowers, donations can be
find volunteering, involved with orga- One of Brenda’s blessings in her life was made in Brenda’s honor to Hospice of St.
nizing field trips and running Girl Scout being a mother to her loving son Brian, her Mary’s, P.O. Box 625, Leonardtown, MD
troops. As a grandma, she continued that rick), Tracy Hammonds (John) and Julie pride and joy, her everything. Her love for 20650.
tradition, remaining ever present, never Foreman (John). All daughters now have him could stretch around the world count-
missing a preschool graduation or a school families of their own. Joe was a grand- less times.  She was so proud of the man Gary Lee Taylor
performance. father to 9 grandchildren; Joseph Ham- he has become.
She was an excellent cook and her spe- monds (Brittany), Katlyn Hammonds, Brenda had a passion for working in the
cialties according to her grandsons were Christina Hammonds, Celie Foreman, medical field and dedicated her entire ca-
pumpkin pie, mac-n-cheese, chili, and Emily Barnhart (Austint), Cameron Fore- reer to serving to help others. Her many
layered rainbow jello. Her love of learning man, Lindsay, Weston and Nicholas Cun- years with Wildewood Medical, under Dr.
and reading was evident as she always had ningham, he had 5 great grandchildren; Tidball, gave her joy and satisfaction. She
her Kindle in hand. She was skilled in the Hadley, Grayson, Sawyer, Haiden Ham- loved helping others which was always her
knowledge of random trivia facts; win- monds and Annalee Perry. comfort zone.  Brenda retired in 2018. 
ning trivia contests, answering the most Joe began working at Ridge Service She was a cherished daughter, devoted
challenging questions on Jeopardy and Texaco where he went on to work at Ve- wife and mother, sister, aunt, grandmother
finishing any puzzle on the Wheel of For- rizon and Charles County Health Depart- and a caring friend to all.  To know Brenda
tune. Her newest passion was researching ment where he retired from both. He was was to know a person with a heart of gold. 
her family heritage, delving into online re- a longtime member of Hawthorne Coun- Brenda lived life to the fullest and more
search and recently making exciting new try Club, where he also worked for many than anything loved spending time with
discoveries of family connections from far years. He then went on to work at Wic- her family.  She was an avid reader, en-
in the past that she had not known. omico Shores Golf Course where he was joyed gardening, playing pitch, traveling,
Kathy will be remembered for her lov- currently employed. the beach and going to watch the Orioles
ing, compassionate, and outgoing per- Over many years Joe enjoyed many play. She was an outstanding homemaker. 
sonality and her ability to make friends hobbies, which included his favorites: She was famous for always sharing a new Gary Lee Taylor, 75 of Great Mills, MD
with anyone no matter where their paths golf, playing cards and dancing. Playing a dish, which always turned into a favor- passed away on July 6, 2021 at home with
crossed. She was the life of the party with round of golf with his friends was his fa- ite for everyone and an essential dish for his family around him.
a presence that filled the room, a conta- vorite pastime. Growing up on the water future gatherings.  Holidays were always He was born on March 24, 1946 in West
gious laugh, and a wild story always on in Ridge he enjoyed boating, skiing, tub- treasured and filled with family and deli- Virginia to the late James H. Taylor and
hand to share. She will forever be remem- ing, jet skiing or just hanging out on the cious meals. She was an exceptional shop- Betty Jean (Smith) Taylor.
bered and loved by all who knew her. beach enjoying time with his family. per who always would find the best bar- Gary was in the Air Force from 1965
Kathy is survived by her loving hus- Joe was a devoted husband, father, gains.  Very special in her heart was her to 1969 where he specialized in electrical
band, Timothy; her beloved daughter, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, much loved ‘Academy Girls’, members of and mechanical engineering.  He contin-
Amanda Ramos and favorite son-in-law, son and friend. her 1976 St. Mary’s Academy graduating ued in this vocation for several decades as
Ricky Ramos of California, MD, and Condolences may be made to the family class, who stayed in touch and celebrated a civilian travelling all around the world.
her grandchildren, Ricky, Jr. and Timmy, at get togethers for the last 45 years.  She He is survived by his two children, Greg
whom she loved to spoil rotten. She was All arrangements have been made at cherished these times with her many be- Taylor and his wife Karen Ross Taylor,
preceded in death by her parents. Brinsfield Funeral Homes, Charlotte Hall, loved high school friends.  Also, very spe- Gennifer Taylor Morgereth and her fiance
At this time services are private. Maryland. cial to her were her dear friends and trav- John Toich;  and his two granddaughters
Condolences to the family may be made eling companions from Baltimore, MD, Jamie and Julia Morgereth- all from Balti-
at Brenda Marie Unkle Wilmington, NC, Hendersonville, NC and more, MD;  and his sister Cecelia St. Don,
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral London, England, whom she traveled with niece Tammy Hall, nephew Jim  Seiden-
Home, P.A. to many exciting places creating memora- stricker , and niece Vicki Pilkerton all
ble and unforgettable happy times.    from St Mary’s County. 
Joseph Thomas Wright “Joe She was loved by many and will be He is preceded in death by his parents,
greatly missed by everyone that had the ex-wife Judith DeHart Taylor and daugh-
Tom” pleasure of meeting her. She was a trea- ter Gina Taylor.
sure to her family and friends and will al- Condolences to the family may be made
Joseph Thomas Wright “Joe Tom”, 73 in the virtual guestbook at www.brins-
years of age, passed on Wednesday, July ways be in their hearts. 
In addition to her beloved husband
07,2021. Joe was born January 04, 1948 in Interment of cremains is private.
Ridge, Maryland to the late Harry Wright (Tommy), Brenda is survived by her lov-
ing son Brian (Lori) of Lexington Park, In lieu of flowers, donations in his name
Sr. and Annie Lucille Wright (Wise). He is can be made to the Parkinson’s Founda-
one of four children, with one sister Mary MD  and three cherished grandchildren,
Mia, Carlie and Jordan; Siblings Lois Ann tion at
Catherine Fenhagen (Ray) and two broth- Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral
ers, Bobby Wright (Kathy), and Harry Springer (Dale) of Valley Lee, MD, Joe
Mike Russell of Port Orange, FL and Tina Home, P.A.
Wright Jr “Butch” who preceded him in
death.  Russell (Mike) of California, MD, her
Joe was married to the late Connie Aunt Mary Katherine (Khackie) McCurdy
Wright in 1966. For 44 years they were (Bruce) of Marriottsville, MD; nieces and
Brenda Marie Unkle, 62, of Park Hall,
married and went on to have three beau- nephews Jennifer Shizak (Andy) of Lusby,
MD, surrounded by her family, slipped
tiful daughters, Teresa Cunningham (Pat- MD, Robin Cook of Lexington Park, MD,
away peacefully into the arms of our Lord
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Thursday, July 15, 2021 The County Times Fun & Games 31

CLUES ACROSS 49. London soccer team 23. Body of water

1. Fashion accessory 52. Satisfied 25. Awesome!
5. Subatomic particle 55. Surgical technique 26. Calendar month
10. Ethnic group of the (abbr.) 27. Native of region in
Philippines 56. Fencing sword Caucasus
14. Popular cookie 60. French industrial city 28. Indian city
15. Fabric 61. Intellectual property 29. Exclusive
16. Alcoholic liquor organization (abbr.) 32. Alaskan town
17. Peter _ _ , Dutch 63. Helps to carry food 33. Covered with ivy
portrait painter 64. “Rule, Britannia” 34. Loose granular
18. Longtime Chicago composer substances
mayor 65. One-time Empress of the 36. Native American tribe
19. A famous “Lady” Roman Empire 37. Written American
20. Islamic calendar 66. Intestinal pouches English
month 67. None better 38. Holiday (informal)
22. Rocky peak 68. “WandaVision” actress 40. Add up
23. Polio vaccine 69. Comedic actress Kathryn 41. Small brown and gray
developer rails
24. Songs sung in open air CLUES DOWN 43. Get off your feet
27. Military movements 1. Fifth notes of major 44. Express disgust
30. Male parent scales 46. Surface of the ground
31. Beloved hot beverage 2. Region 47. Put into a silo
32. Female sibling 3. Your consciousness of 49. Belief
35. Tackled the QB your own identity 50. British noblemen
37. Set a dog on someone 4. Georgetown athletes 51. Tennis game
38. Long live! (Spanish) 5. They follow A 52. Dry, protective crust
39. Porticos 6. Spoke 53. Swiss river
40. Pouch 7. Hairdressers’ domain 54. Large integers
41. Smooth fabric 8. Extravagantly theatric 57. La _ _ Tar Pits, Hollywood
42. Enough (archaic) 9. End-blown flute 58. Every one of two or
43. Institute legal 10. Heroic tales more
proceedings against 11. Member of a Semitic 59. “Deadpool” actor
44. Scarred people Reynolds
45. Draw from 12. Members of a priestly 61. Earlier
46. Brother or sister caste 62. Peter’s last name
47. Body part 13. Southern Ghana people
48. Commercials 21. Counsels


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32 The County Times Thursday, July 15, 2021

Implant Retained Dentures are a Life-Altering

Improvement Over Removeable Dentures
By: Jeff Tomcsik natural root, it allows for func- Implant retained dentures are Kolade Akinwande, and Dr. Todd
If you are stuck in removeable tionality like a real tooth. In fact also quite economical over the Cooper, all three general dentists
dentures, a removeable prosthesis chewing function with an implant life of the denture as well. If with extensive education and ex-
like a bridge, or if you’ve been in retained, permanent denture you’ve been suffering with on- perience in placing and restoring
need of a replacement option for maintains about 80% of original going dental problems, finding implants.
missing teeth, you need to pay function over the removable’s yourself in the dental chair year With Tidewater Dental’s team
attention to this game changer functionality of about 20%. It after year getting fillings, root of Dental Professionals, you get
in the dental industry. Embar- also creates bone stability, which canals and crowns, just to lead to the convenience of having all the
rassing moments with removable means the jawbone will not bridges and eventually dentures, professionals under one roof so
dentures are a thing of the past atrophy (loss of bone) over time you could spend tens of thou- that you can get your implants
with implant retained dentures. as with a traditional prosthesis sands of dollars over time. placed and final product fabri-
In fact, a lot of concerns and or lack of teeth all together. This While a full arch (upper and/ cated without having to go to
issues are a thing of the past with will help you keep a more youth- or lower teeth) fixed denture isn’t multiple offices to see multiple
this truly life-like alternative to ful and healthy appearance for cheap up front, it solves most providers. Our doctors work
removables. the rest of your life. of your dental problems for the collaboratively with each other
Implants have come a long way The fixed option also allows rest of your life. You will never to make sure you have a seamless
over the past several years. They you to care for and clean the have another cavity, root canal, or experience with the most beauti-
are predictable and successful prosthetic teeth while in the crown again. Your periodontal ful and functional result.
when placed by highly trained mouth like you would with your condition has the opportunity You can go up the road to the
and educated professionals. The original teeth. No more remov- to hit the reset switch. Your life competition and pay $5,000 to
implants themselves are placed ing your denture and soaking becomes yours to enjoy again $10,000 more for the same result,
into the jawbone, creating an an- it or brushing it outside of the rather than worrying about pain, or you can come to the clear
chor for the prosthesis (denture, mouth. It will not fall out during discomfort, or embarrassment all choice in implant retained den-
bridge or single tooth replace- active events or while you eat. In of the time. tures, Tidewater Dental. Contact
ment). This anchor integrates fact, it won’t fall out ever! This Tidewater Dental has the most any of our six locations to sched-
with the natural bone in the jaw creates peace of mind as it avoids talented implant doctors in our ule a free consultation to see if
making the connection as per- embarrassing situations. Only service areas including a perio- you are a candidate for implant
manent as a real, healthy tooth’s you and your dental team will dontist, Dr. David Peto, a prost- retained dentures.
root. ever know your teeth are not your hodontist, Dr. Bruce Finagin as
Because the implant mimics a originals. well as Dr. Reza Nikpourfard, Dr.

Restore the Strength and

Beauty of Your Smile!


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