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Nationality Essay

There is an inherent, misconception amongst our people – the so-called Blacks, Negroes,
African-Americans and Coloreds – that we were transported to the western hemisphere (the
Americas) on slave ships by European slave traders. There is an even greater misconception
that the original peoples (autochthons) of the Americas are the so-called Red Indians, and the
customs, rituals and languages they practice “as shown on TV” are fact. Certain questions,
therefore, must be asked: “How did we inherit these fallacies?” “Who subjected us to this
education?” “When was it done?” and “How was this remarkable feat achieved?”

The European (Caucasian) by his very nature, rules only by deception and manipulation. This
simply means that within his natural law, deception is fundamental to his survival and
preservation. We, unfortunately, have been the victims of his success in exercising his natural
law. The abrogation of our natural laws means the success of his.

We have become a diversified people by way of slavery, colonization and now imperialism. All
three socio-economic terms are one and the same; the outcome or result of each is genocide.
This genocide, even though in many instances appears to be physical, has been the systematic
generational loss of our knowledge of Our Nationality. Our nationality is rooted in our blood and
therefore our genetics. So in order to determine our nationality we must first define our blood
type. The original blood type throughout the planet is the O blood type, so it stands to reason
that our blood type must therefore be O. Next we must define the characteristics of our genetics.
Without delving too deeply into the billions of possibilities that may result from the different
nucleotide combinations, we can identify the basic physical attributes associated to our
genetics: dark skin, woolly hair, thick lips, broad noses, muscular body tone. Next we must
identify the geographic locations, through historical data, where our people have inhabited, both
recently and in antiquity, i.e. before so-called European discovery and/or conquest. Historical
data has been unanimous in concluding that dark-skinned, woolly-haired peoples are the
autochthons for the entire planet. We must at this point identify an origin land mass and then
identify a migrational pattern. Anthropological researchers throughout the various “standard
institutions” are also unanimous in their conclusions that the continent misnomered Africa is the
origin and source of all human life. The most ancient name for this continent is Ta-Ma-Re
literally meaning “Ta” or “Ptah” “Earth/Land”, “Ma” or “Mu” “Water”, and “Re” “Sun”. The
inhabitants, the original man, so too were called “Ta-Ma-Reans”. This term has been distorted
throughout history when foreign tongues have attempted to refer to any peoples baring
resemblance to the physical attributes discussed earlier. The most popular and therefore
standardized version is the term “Moor” also spelled “Muur” or “Moore” from the Latin “morenos”
meaning “black”. The term “standardized” in this instance, is in reference to the Europeans law
“Juris” and his languages “diction”. Therefore the Nationality of all dark-skinned, woolly-haired
peoples by a matter of “law” is Moor or Moorish.

The deception, however, lies within the Europeans contemporary reference to our people. They
have systematically outlawed us by calling us names other than what we should be called within
their law. These names include Negroes, Blacks, Coloreds, and African-Americans. This
displacement in law (the Black Codes) has allowed the European to traffic our people as chattel
and engage us in commerce as debtors, by reinstating us in our misnomers, in law as 14th
amendment citizens. They also deceptively refer to us as Indians in their law so that we will
automatically associate their laws with the so-called Red Indians. In fact, we are the true
Indians, from the Latin “indios” meaning “in”, “with” and “dios”, “god”; literally “with god’s people”.

The only lawful way for us to rescind the contracts of our current status, is to authenticate via
affidavits in the Republic states, our rightful, lawful National status as Aboriginal, Indigenous
Native American Moors, and hold them to follow the Supreme Law of the Land, which is the
Constitution of the United States of America, where under Article VI it states: “This Constitution,
and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties
made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme
Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the
Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

How does this section of the Constitution involve us Moors?

The European in exercising his true nature has consistently and continuously encountered wars
and conflicts throughout his existence. In doing so he has acquired friends to his benefit and
foes to his detriment. In his acquisition of friends, he has made binding contracts with us Moors,
called treaties. One such treaty is the Treaty of Marrakesh also known as “The Treaty of Peace
and Friendship”, which promises the equality and full rights of Citizenship to all Moors domiciled
within the United States of America.

There are also codes within the USC that recognize and protect our status and property:

United States Code Title 8 Section 1401 Clause (b)

“The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth
(b) a person born in the United States to a member of an Indian, Eskimo, Aleutian, or other
aboriginal tribe: Provided, That the granting of citizenship under this subsection shall not in any
manner impair or otherwise affect the right of such person to tribal or other property;”

USC 28 section 1609 Immunity from attachment and execution of property of a foreign state:
“Subject to existing international agreements to which the United States is a party at the time of
enactment of this Act the property in the United States of a foreign state shall be immune from
attachment arrest and execution except as provided in sections 1610 and 1611 of this chapter”

We must reinstate our Nationality status as Moors; as Aboriginal Indigenous Native American
Indians, but first we need to relearn our lost history, and become masters of law and civics, if we
are to liberate ourselves. There is no spook god nor is there any other helping hand waiting to
come to our aid, but our own hands, the hands of the one true god who is the original man; The