Noun. A portmanteau word denoting the hybridization of reality and illusion.

Prologue: That Train Man Cliché The time has come for me to cross over. The date is 21.12.2012, and – after years of scrutiny – I know how to open an ancient window of transcendence. Not a new concept by any means, of course, but even clichés become a novelty when you test them empirically. I am in an expensive hotel room somewhere in London. I have spent all my money on one hell of a blast, the details of which will not be released to the public. All the candles are lit as the room transmogrifies into a chamber of dilettante occult practices. I focus on infinity. Not knowing why, the “how the hell can you teach creative writing?” question bolts through my mind. Extemporaneity – that’s where it’s at! You can set stuff in stone ( sometimes literally ) later. I look at a screaming newspaper headline. GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW IMPOSED AS CRISIS SPIRALS OUT OF CONTROL Strange times, where parents become hapless victims of systemic mind-control while children see through the charade and attempt to think for themselves. Then again, at one point in my life I thought adults were incarnations of perfection. Only after sticking around for long enough did I realize how naïve I had been – adults are as lost in the systemic edifice as their offspring – if not more so. “Yeah” I snidely remark. “You all deserve what’s coming. You’re partying your ass off while I searched for answers. Guess who’s gonna throw a party now …” *** “What makes you think I even exist?” I look at a shabby middle-aged man scanning my every move. “Excuse me?” I reply and look around. No shock, nothing. Just a sudden scenery change. From what I am able to gather, I am standing in front of St. John The Divine Cathedral. “What makes you think I even exist?” the man asks again, as if demanding an answer this time. “Do you know why you’re homeless?” I raise my right hand. The man does not answer. In fact, he is just standing there, transfixed. “Cause you philosophize your life away” I affirm. “And silver tongue has one major flaw: it can easily be cut off.” *** The homeless man disappears and a tall Caucasian figure emerges from the Cathedral. Golf clap. Golf clap. Golf clap.

“Bravo” the figure says as it walks down the concrete stairway. “Painfully pragmatic – as always.” “Let me guess” I grin. “You’re that cliché train man I read so much about?” “You read” the Caucasian figure speaking with a thick French accent responds. “And you saw…” “Yeah” I nod. “Even your accent is cliché.” “Like you said” the figure overshadows me as it stands next to me. “Even clichés are a novelty when the veneer of vicariosity is sloughed off.” I change the subject. “What happens now?” “Come inside” the figure tells me and points at the building. “There’s much to discuss.” “What’s that noise?” I ask the entity. “Halloween celebrations, of course” it replies. “You’re going to enjoy this, I am sure.” *** Surrounded by strangeness I have never experienced, I watch the entity as it arranges my presentation. After a few rounds of staring at skeletal Jesus Christ, I finally get my chance. “The dais” the entity tells me. “From there, everyone’s going to see and hear you.” I nod vigorously and proceed to meet my destiny. *** “Hello everyone” I look at the idiosyncratic audience in front of me. “I would like to tell you about relussion. As you know, our understanding of existence consists of a constant interplay between what we perceive as real and what we perceive as illusory. Whether we like it or not, the quantum understanding of existence is always binary in nature. “There is no such thing as reality, just as there is no such thing as illusion: both are manifestations of existence. When perceiving something as real, we inadvertently have an image of illusion – one cannot exist without the other. We conjure relussion into existence. ( Here, a 3-D representation of my thoughts begins to float around the Cathedral.) Relussion consists of micro and macro perceptive scales. Micro is symbolized by the DNA; the macro is symbolized by the universe. To manipulate the nature of relussion is to manipulate the hypostasis. The hypostasis can be manipulated by creating the contention layer before consciousness can defy/define it. Once this is achieved, you can control a single consciousness, or an infinity of infinities of consciousnesses.

The above is reinforced by: Parental conditioning. 5. DID.) Successful Systemic Integration Leads To: Stabilization . Unsuccessful Systemic Integration Leads To: . Habitat – The local milieu In my case.The Unknown Principle It is a malleable infinity of infinities. The Relussory Causality We conjure relussion into existence. What is the mindset behind the conditioning? My belief is the only way to view the world – yours is either wrong/naïve/both. I call it Earth. I sublimate on a constant the context of DID . This is us without any relussory aspects attached. 3.dissociation and disassociation are totally two different things!” The “Circumnavigation Principle” – bypassing the rules of society to get what one wants. societal stimuli.Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome.( By applying existential holders/sublimation . education system.The Super Brane – Relussions interweaving The template created by the consciousness is based on realities that interweave with one another. Ponzi economy. 2. The Brane – One Particular Relussion No comment necessary. anthropocentric identity. Hegelian dialectic. natural disasters – all leading to additional self-imposition of oppressive memes. I make sure the Nietzschean principle does not get me. economic identity. social personas. racial identity.” 4. fantasy-prone personality. national identity. How to prove the existence of slave-like relussion? By applying the following logic: I do not wish to live my life as expected of me but I have to maintain a set of personas in order to function well.) “Please remember .This is how manipulation is done from infinity of infinities all the way down to local habitat level: (A 3-D floating representation of my thoughts appears yet again ) 1. thus creating a wide array of the (so-called) “anomalous phenomena. hypocrisy identity. There is an array of manipulation techniques deriving from the hypostasian principle: Gender identity. peer pressure. The interaction of others is either a) genuine (their limited response matrix ) or b) it is suppressed ( which proves the slave-like relussion. a short-cut tactic rendered possible due to lateral thinking of an individual. Also known as biocentrism. family identity.

*** “I’ve a question” a woman crawls out of the woodwork. She ignores my warning and continues. Where a particular civilization is in trouble and does not possess space technology rendering it possible to leave the individual using zeitgeist issues as a modus operandi. relussion can be best defined as: THE LIFE + A LIFE “Well” I grin. “Will I ever shed this vicarious veneer and experience alternate realities first-hand?” “Nothing’s been ascertained yet” I tell the figure looming over me. a portion of the planet’s population might feel just like prisoners during a riot.De-stabilization: Suicide Homicide Suicide plus homicide Permanent mental health facility commitment Zeitgeist Killer . The Planetary Confinement Syndrome. would we?” *** Bright light sucks me in. The discrepancy causes dysphoria.” “Wha…” . “I think that’s enough. “Again. Two Zeitgeist Bubble-Conducive Syndromes: The Tantalizement Syndrome. Time to move on. To sum it up. hoping the message is clear. We wouldn’t want to experience a collective Sylvia Plath effect now. in case you haven’t noticed – I’m a little busy right now. “I’m not particularly pleased when someone disturbs my contemplative rounds” I respond. The chasm between what is theoretically possible and what is readily available.

you’ll be just like academics who are stuck in their ivory towers.” “Understandably. “Let me guess. “Don’t get me wrong – gender is one of the most interesting aspects of humanness. not everyone has what it takes to become a full-fledged investigator” the woman rightly infers. Trust me on this. people on your Earth are susceptible to memes. “Things such as nationality. So it is with searching for answers. you could argue…” she continues the train of thought. then yes” I nod. “I’m meeting a reporter. I stand up and grin. They might know a lot on the surface but it’s mostly vicarious experience. You die alone. You could utilize all those traits?” “Well. As it was in my dimension. age and gender are trivialities at best in light of what we’re about to discuss.” “Thank you” I nod in acknowledgement. “Your case is unique. And a trans-dimensional one at that. . “I’m perfectly aware of that fact.” “Is it fair to say truthers are a chimera?” “Not at all” I reply. You come into this world alone. “Ah!” I butt in and snap my fingers.” *** “This is the first time someone produced incontrovertible evidence” a smiling young woman tells me. “I can’t count how many times it’s been suggested I should shake my rump while in a little dress and heels to convey a message far more effectively. The truthers are just as deluded and just as bigoted – at least the sheeple don’t pretend to be better than everyone around them. This is why I always said truthers are no different from sheeple they so despise. Whether it’s deliberate action or not remains to be determined. i’ve got enough experience to know when to reveal what. “Exactly! It sounds funny on the one hand but it’s also tragic on the other. exactly” she instinctively raises her right hand.Enough is enough.” “I can’t say your logic surprises me” the woman continues.” “You must rely on your own senses?” “If you want to be successful.” I burst into laughter. Regardless. “Let me put it this way. rarely their own. “May I ask why?” I pause for two seconds to collect my thoughts.” “Still.” “You don’t want me to mention who you are” she eyes me cautiously. “If not.

” . “The term itself comes from Polish osobowość skirtotymiczna.” “I’m all ears” I calmly respond. then you’re skirtotymic. “You laugh. I guess I’m a skirtotymic personality. that’s exactly what we are. “I’m someone who’s learning how to survive in infinity” I reply with a note of condescension. but that’s the truth” I point my finger at her. “There’s always danger involved. “To put it bluntly. Basically. if you’re a person who feels good in the middle of a – be it literal or metaphorical – maelstrom. I felt my purpose was to explore. don’t you think?” “Of course” I affirm. And yet. “You see.“This should be obvious” I affirm.” “Skirtotymic?” the woman frowns. the best thing you can do is look out for yourself and – if that’s your desire – those nearest and dearest to you. Fuck the rest!” The journalist’s minor shock momentarily transforms into a fit of laughter.” “Let me play the devil’s advocate for a second” the woman continues. “Well said. I’ve a more…complex question for you. “You said you travel through infinity. society is here to convince us we’re anything but lone electrons journeying through infinity. “The naked truth!” “Oh my” she finally catches some breath. “I think it’s an Aboriginal proverb. these people possess a profound understanding of life which isn’t something the powers that be want to see in the public domain. “So what’s the best thing to do?” I lean forward.” “Mainstream society here does not hold certain cultures in high regard…” the woman says. Still. an independent spirit?” “Pretty much” I continue. “Interesting phrase” the female acknowledges. “We exist in our idiolectic realities and we decide what’s best for us. “I never really felt I belonged on my version of Earth. “There’s a danger of solipsism here. “It’s got nothing to do with skirts” I grin. we must choose: do we live life or do we let some artificial concepts direct the course of our existence?” The woman nods slightly.” “Absolutely” the woman nods. *** “Who are you?” she scans my every move. When did it start? Were you always like this. The point is. “Did you come up with it yourself?” “Not really” I shake my head. “I’m certain that’s by design” I gesticulate.

“Yes.” “Thank you” I nod and smile.” “Yeah.“Ah. that’s who I meant” I respond. . I’m drawn to it. 2012 is a paradox” I fold my hands together.” “I get the feeling you like listening to your voice” the woman looks at me.2012” I roll my eyes. “Then you’re also familiar with many-worlds interpretation?” “Yeah” she says. Never heard that before. “Well” I prepare for a longer speech.” “That’s a narcissistic remark. how come you’re here? How did you leave your dimension?” “It all started with that magical date of 21.” “How so?” the woman’s curiosity peaks. “It doesn’t surprise me as your accent is really nice.” “Good” I nod. 2012 is both real and illusory. But going back to the main topic.12. something along the lines of Y2K. proactive would be a good way of putting it. “Oh well” I respond. “I assume you’ve heard of David Deutsch and David Kellogg Lewis?” “The physicist and the philosopher?” the female asks.” “Isn’t the word Matrix a little…cliché?” she uses the last word cautiously as if trying not to offend me.” “Yes.” “Of course” she continues. The word skirtotymic isn’t too popular in English-speaking circles. “Many people think it’s just a myth. “Sometimes you need a little ego-stroking. right there” the reporter laughs. “As you can guess. “I always said ascesis is just what you need to control people. “Yeah. I was fortunate enough to use the window of opportunity first recorded by the Atlanteans to leave the Matrix. In my original reality where it all started. I know who they are. “Just because the concept of the Matrix has been hijacked by mediocre mainstream minds doesn’t mean it ceased to be valid” I reply with a tinge of anger in my voice. “And whoever thinks that – would be right. “You’re right. I’m probably one of a few people who find their voices…enchanting. Proactive is probably as close as I can get. “Oh” she nods vigorously.

you know all the subtitle stuff. among many. out of the blue. right?” the woman continues.2012 and then. “Or you want to be perceived as such.12. I’m a carp connoisseur.” “Please provide as many details about the transition as you can” her inquisitive mind scans the depths of my mental being. talk about rupture. I translated movies. you transcended the boundaries of the Matrix…how. “Where was I? Oh. a portal similar in nature to a massive beam of light opened and sucked me in!” “And this is the footage you showed me. “Basically. seeing your words on the screen…” she says.” “Must’ve been interesting. I was twenty seven. “To be honest. However. “Quite.” “It seems you still are twenty seven” she continues. many – God have mercy – truthers considered only three options to be viable: you stay where you are and your life aligns. They’d probably prefer the dystopia anyway. When it all started. I must admit.” “No words can convey what I saw” she suddenly changes the subject. “By the way. it seems.” “So…I mean. “What!?” “I told you…not much of a choice for skirtotymic personalities. “Please continue. Nothing new. “I focused on leaving the Matrix mental construct on 21. Lord of the Rings. friends and family members who vanished. “Quite” I smile. Yeah. you forget about acquaintances. did you like the Great Synagogue and Jewish carps? Personally. right. with everyone gravitating to the one they’re most in sync with. if you didn’t show me all the evidence…” . then you gravitate towards a panopticon dystopia or…” “Or…?” “…or a unicorn-loving utopia…” The woman – yet again – simply cannot contain the laughter.” “Good guess” I snap my fingers and point at the journalist.” “Alright” I nod slightly. when?” the torrent of probing questions drills penetrates every layer of my mental veneer.“Fair enough” she glances at the ceiling and then quickly eyes me again. “I was twenty seven at the time of the transition. as you can infer I wasn’t living in the Anglosphere at the time. there was what some called the harvest. “This is how you took me to Warsaw when the Jews were still the majority?” “Exactly” I nod vigorously. of course. The process I dubbed consensual entropy causes the disintegration of consensus reality.

” *** “And what would that be?” she asks. I don’t think I’m out of the Matrix. Basically. “I was in London. “Your perspective changes dramatically once you’re out of a certain box. I found myself in front of the consensus.” “Persistent thoughts in your head?” “Yes” I nod vigorously. You strike me as sincere. “We’ll get to that” I reply calmly. “Like you said.” “That’s my personal prime directive” I respond. Understandably. nor do I think i’ll ever know. Still.” “The consensus?” she asks. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. Not to mention all that barrage of subliminal programming the simply love.” “The consensus…?” “Yes” I nod. but at least thought vortices are gone. if you want to enter another reality. Inside my apartment. Focused on my freedom.” “Wouldn’t you be impelled to act?” the woman inquires with urgency in her voice. “This only further shows you’re not from this existential brane. the guardians of the consensus.“…this conversation would be just a figment of someone’s Kafkaesque imagination” I look her straight in the eye. “You didn’t have to do that. “I always come prepared. “But it’s your world – your rules. “Why go to all the trouble if you won’t reveal what you learned to the world? Shouldn’t this be of paramount importance to you as the truth seeker?” She smiles and averts her eyes. you could mess the plans of the Illuminati. so I won’t interfere. “As you can guess” I continue. there are rules so you don’t just change everything there. I don’t understand something here. I don’t want to get involved…and sometimes it’s the consensus. I’ll show this to the insiders. “Extreme intelligence plus electromagnetic pollution equals mess. too many people would be…adversely affected. temporarily backgrounding the issue of consensus. “What happened after you stepped through the portal? Where were you when the portal opened?” the reporter continues her barrage of questions. so to speak.” “Don’t forget you came to me first” she adds. Once you . “They call themselves. I can’t just disclose the truth.” “Sounds like the Illuminati mindset to me” I sigh.

Cryptocracy means a hidden government.” “How do you travel between the universes?” “ The short version – by thought. the ones from your original reality?” “I don’t and it’s of no particular interest to me. “This philosophy helped me to quantify existence and experience the dimensional shift. no offense. which is a government run by psychopahs. You realize all you can imagine – exists. Kind of like pathocracy. I guess that’d be it. the infinity argument. “I’m listening very carefully.” “Alright” I collect my thoughts.” . consensual entropy…hmm.transcend the consensus. “Tell me more about your philosophy. Even the most complex words are only complex because we don’t understand the way lexical items are formed. “To label everyone who displays the symptoms of independent thinking as dereistic. When you’re dealing with infinity. relussion. How does this operate? Well. “Awakening is a myth. “Was it the same in your reality?” “Very much so” I nod vigorously. “Sorry.” “None taken” she eyes the tape recorder again as if checking if it has not malfunctioned. though. Sometimes I forget this terminology isn’t as obvious to everyone.” “Now I understand why psychiatry became so popular…” “Yeah” I nod vigorously. that’s not something you’d understand.” “Okay…” the young woman puts her hands on the knees. you control all your thought processes on a whim.” “Of course” the woman replies. Then you’ve got political ponerology – the psychological study of totalitarian regimes.” “Do you know what happened to your friends. micro universe.” “Cryptocratic agents?” “Ah!” I snap my fingers.” “You said there’s no mass awakening” she looks at her tape recorder. your perspective tends to…shift a little. system attachment ratio. Karpman drama triangle. “Cracy is a suffix and crypto…” “There you go” I spread my arms. the powers that be argument. zeitgeist bubble. societal types. macro universe. planetary confinement syndrome. so it’s both metaphysical and practical. “There are basic terms you’ve got to understand first: tantalizement syndrome. intermediopia. “That’s the secret. family members. Don’t listen to all those preachers who scream you’re about to become liberated – they’re often just cryptocratic agents. zeitgeist issues. double-layer perspective.” *** “Well” I prepare for longer speech yet again. I always apply the golden mean principle.

When this baby bursts. Perfection doesn’t mean unicorns and nymphs. a zeitgeist bubble burst leads to Dark Ages or a total annihilation of a civilization. So there’s a consensus – an amalgamation of individuals sharing the same reality. New world order agenda is a good example of a dystopia. The system which operates as a manifestation of the bubble is – no surprise here – inherently unstable. think type one civilization. though. of course. Only material world counts to them. That’s what the powers that be want – their worst nightmare is someone who can connect the local – material and pragmatic with global – the esoteric. This is what that particular lexical item denotes. Let’s start with consensual entropy – this is the core reason behind 2012 phenomenon in my reality. the draft and so on. Moving on…” The reporter nods vigorously. bursts eventually. This is what I call intermediopia – an intermediary state between two civilizational stages – dystopia and utopia. The bubble. Hare Krishnas live in their cloud cuckoo land while ceos deal only with the – supposedly – pragmatic. it proves to me we exist in infinity because we can imagine it and thought patterns imagining infinity are the same thought patterns creating reality. Well. which means person A to person B is analogous to alternate reality A to alternate reality B. while utopia…well. revolves around two types of mentality: Hare Krishna and CEO. when you happen upon a window of opportunity. the nature of gender. marketing mixes. If these issues are left unaddressed. “Now. Such as euthanasia. People who are . if your that New Age mentality. conducive towards the golden mean. Are you following?” “Yes” she nods. another term” I snap my fingers. SWOT analyses. as manipulated by the powers that be. They’ve their own personal – or idiolectic – realities I call micro universes. “I’ll get to it in a second. you can utilize this knowledge to create your own vision of perfection – your own idiolectic reality.“The…golden mean principle?” she smiles. Social environment isn’t.” “Explain the New Age mentality concept. “Go on…” *** “Let me focus on zeitgeist issues now. Now you know why. maximizing profits. that kind of thing. if you will. of course. But. “As long as you’re stuck in the consensus it’s of no practical significance to you. In fact. it can. to me the fact each of us experiences an idiolectic reality while putting a spin on the macro universe – the consensus – proves there is more to life than just random accident. I’m sure you can name many issues which are contentious in people’s minds.” “Gotcha” she grins. they lead to what I call zeitgeist bubbles. What does entropy mean to you?” “A steady deterioration of a system or society?” the woman both answers and asks. please” she requests. “Exactly. it is far more powerful than any financial bubbles – in fact. as you can imagine. “Ah. “Most of the world. “Good” I smile.

They do it online and in the real world. and so they search for…alternative attractions. Devise a plethora of personas! You might think it’s funny – but to this particular CEO this isn’t merely about pulling someone’s leg and getting away with it – most of all. And sublimation is conative in nature.” *** “Do tell” the woman eyes the tape recorder. and who wants to role-play if you can convince someone your story is very much real?” “You taught English. trolls usually are just fooling around and are not too bright. “The way you speak” she continues.of above average intelligence don’t particularly enjoy the plastic nature of intermediopias. create entire worlds and suck people around them into the vortex of perpetual creationism.über trolls?” the female inquires. “Well. play out all sorts of scenarios.” “How do you understand sublimation?” she asks. didn’t you?” the reporter laughs. let me give you an example. “Sublimation is an essential part of social functioning” I nod as if instinctively trying to support my claim. “What you probably didn’t know is that there exist MEGA trolls. then” she remarks while fixing her blue skirt. they find mega-trolling sexually stimulating – some consider it better than sex! On the internet. “Who’d you teach?” . possibilities are endless. “How did you know that?!” I exclaim as I instinctively lean toward the woman.” “Like. It’s easy to spot them. on the other hand. of course. This is where the tantalizement syndrome comes in.” She stops fixing her skirt and leans forward. right?” “Of course” the woman responds calmly. Her body language screams. “Take a CEO of a corporation. invent stories about being turned into a girl. as well. “The difference between trolls and their über counterparts is…substantial. You know who trolls are. He might pretend to be different people on conspiracy forums. He might be a mega troll. “Precisely!” “Must be one heck of a troll.. Mega trolls.” I grin. “That’s the point!” I attempt a gesticulatory cavalcade. “As long as you’re talking about their digital manifestations.. Mega trolls are often successful people who simply don’t have enough intellectual stimulation…so they sublimate. “Über!” I burst into laughter. They usually do it in such a way you can’t prove they’re lying. “Well? What are you waiting for? Tell me more!” “Well.

” “Similar to the Five Ws of journalism” she adds. Fiction ceases to be fiction when it start to affect your life. girl” I express my appreciation. But then again. “Are mega trolls dangerous?” . “Well said. let’s get back on track. “Sexual stimulation. That’s when tantalizement syndrome rolls into your life. “That’s how they called it. then” she affirms. “It’s like reading a text with that constant reminder in your mind.” “Thank you” she blushes. it revolves around the concept of who says what to whom. your accent is similar to the one found in some parts of East England. “By the way. This is due to Puritan influence. it’s just fiction!” “Well said.” *** “What’s Relussion?” the reporter asks. Imagine all the worlds you could be experiencing…but there’s no way you actually can experience them first-hand in this plane of existence. My linguistic competence transcends rigid thought patterns mainstream education loves. anyway. “Right. Maybe Kissinger was right. non-native division.” “Yeah” the woman sighs.” “Correct” she affirms. others become mega trolls. Others…well. “And one H. you realize the boundary dividing the two is blurry. The syndromes compels many rich people to be dropped in the middle of some desert and test their survival skills.“English as a second language” I remove all doubt. This is where Relussion comes in. plus in what channel and with what effect. “That’s right” I nod vigorously. “By the way” I raise my left index finger. Basically. just like the military. I don’t buy into all that native.” “You’re a strong supporter of nativization. “The mechanism you mentioned is nothing new. “Yes” I nod and do not hesitate to add. most teachers are just dumb animals. sublimation” she quickly corrects her Freudian slip. I’d wager. I won’t list all the factors why people consider circumstance A to be real and circumstance B to be a figment of their imagination. I mean. after all. “Relussion” I gesticulate. “It's a portmanteau word denoting a blend of reality and illusion.” “Possibly” she nods. When you operate beyond the consensus. “Alright.” “Where was I?” I ask the young woman facetiously.

you know your planet is just a piece of dust embedded in the tapestry of life. well. knowing you’re doomed and there’s nothing you can do?” “Exactly!” I raise my right index finger. Ah.yet again . totally destroyed because of the zeitgeist bubble burst. “I get it! So you’re stuck. The thought of influencing so many minds at once anonymously…nectar.and begin. Add economic turmoil to that and. I collect my thoughts . and here the tantalizement syndrome comes in again. not a pretty picture. “In fact. mind you. “So yeah. engineered is always a possibility.” “Right” the woman nods. Not easy to become a mega troll. you’ll probably wanna leave the planet as fast as possible. *** “Now I’d like to focus on your depiction of societal structures” she skims through the pages filled with my philosophy. They’re highly intelligent individuals creating their own worlds by utilizing modern technology and sucking others into their worlds.” . if your civilization is about to be destroyed. if not mundane. there are many civilizations out there. though” the female continues. obviously focused on a different matter. Without high intelligence and broad general knowledge you’ll never advance beyond average trolldom.” “It seems you’d be able to survive if you’re a member of the underground society. be it due to zeitgeist bubble burst or some natural disaster.better known as chorea. I’ve visited a dimension where trolling is actually a perfectly normal.” “Did you visit a reality where trolling was part of someone’s job description?” “Oh yes. mega trolls are harmless.“No. There were trolling contests and mega trolls equaled celebrity status. They are fantasy prone personalities. “Subterranean bunkers were always with us” I laugh. “Many catastrophic scenarios” I nod vigorously. job description. “It’s like a global version of Saint Vitus . “You basically have two societal models I differentiate between: U(1) – F (2) – M (3) and M(1) – F (2) – U (3). mainstream technology just doesn’t allow you to just leave. “Tell me about the planetary confinement syndrome. Unfortunately.” “Well” I spread my arms.” “Did you witness the demise of any civilization?” the reporter inquires.” “Ah!” the woman smiles.” “Is this mayhem engineered?” “You can never underestimate the power of this entity our pop culture has fancifully dubbed the Matrix” I look at the woman. and mega trolls love twitter. “When your understanding of the universe is advanced enough. They’re not pedophiles and other creepish creatures. So.

and.” “Manipulating the perception of ourselves .the foundation of the conspiracy?” I hear a question. serve the parasitic underground society. People can be broken down into archetypes. what’s worse – this compartmentalization works!” “So how does a life and THE LIFE fit into this cryptocratic mess?” the lady asks. yet further. not some powerful entity residing in another dimension. where mainstream society. “Precisely” I acknowledge. the people are the ones who allow it to happen. “Absolutely! After all.” “Like an observer effect” she affirms. People casually dismiss all of it. bound by the same consensual laws as everyone else. this ‘something is wrong here but I don’t know what’ . how manipulated we’ve become. “That’s why gang-stalkers and other psychopaths love cryptocracies. of course. “Right. It’s like with money. No major lies. then you’re rich.” “I also wanted to touch upon the subject of family” the woman changes the topic. no major secrets. “The question of forming the observer .” “How about the second model?” the reporter’s eyes penetrate my being. money is energy and if you can direct the flow of energy.“Please elaborate” she points her index fingers at me.that’s another matter. The first structure is a typical crypto and pathocracy. to them it’s just nonsense. “It only proves. “Well.” “So when people say I hate my life they actually mean they hate a life. “Yes” I nod vigorously. “I’ve been a normal human being – so to speak – for twenty seven years of my life. of course. To establish a successful cryptocracy you’d have to start societies from scratch.” “Nobody wants to talk about little gems such as gang-stalking. a life connects with micro universes. “The second model is what you might call an open society. A hidden government. “Heuristics is not a concept people are even beginning to grasp” I tell the journalist.” “Yeah” I acknowledge. “That’s a good point” I point my index finger at her. that dysphoria was always with .” “Maybe the powers that be are right…” the woman sighs. let’s call them nine-to-five workers. whereas THE LIFE is that energetic mold manifesting itself as an infinite mosaic of experiences. The workers don’t know about this. This is supposed to be the type of society we’re living in. But this splinter in my mind. “You’ve come to some interesting conclusions in that department. not THE LIFE” the journalist infers. “That most people are dumb sheep incapable of single original thought?” I look at my interlocutor. “We manifest realities someone else wants us to. I do not know whether it’s deliberate or Pavlovian. of course…” the woman adds.

“Don’t worry” I wave my hand. just like a veneer meant to impress others. I wanted more. For a long time.” “’This is one insidious prison” I shake my head. Sad. the story where the biggest psychological fascists I’d ever known were the ones closest to me. “It’s got to do with my classification of humans according to intellectual capacity” I respond in a matter-of-factly fashion. “By the way. “Parents behave like creditors. but they don’t really attempt to think for themselves. the more intelligent you are. we’ve just traveled to my first reality.” “Your…first reality?” asks the confused woman. . Alice. “You nailed it.” I grin. “Welcome to the indigo world.” “Some say the children and adults are exactly the same. As you know. basically. “Especially the educational part. It all changed after years of scrutiny. Their material wealth is…quite substantial. The problem starts when those plans go awry. the middle-class is very much CEO mentality-oriented. “Exactly!” I snap my fingers and point at the journalist. “Whoever designed it – is a genius. children are an investment” the reporter concludes. or even upper middle-class. “You see. I didn’t take the idea of organic portals seriously. many parents already have great plans. Family unit is often just a microcosm of the world out there. The child is then told ‘we’ve invested so much in you and look – nothing in return!’ It’s grotesque.when we’re old . Same We paid for your expensive school. so now .you’re gonna have to look after us!” “This is a vicious cycle for many children” the female adds. same aims – different scale. Shallow intellectual understanding of the world.” “So. except with adults there’s more at stake. That’s my story.” “This would put geniuses at the top of the scale” the interviewer infers. we took care of you. I was born into a relatively rich family.” “Children become indebted to their parents” the woman concludes. what’s the system attachment ratio?” the insatiable curiosity of that XX member impresses me. “When a child is born. There was more to life than superficial genetic connections. There’s more to life than superficial conversations and memetic pleasures. but true.” “Moving on.” “Oh…?” she keeps staring at me. “Yes!” I raise my left hand. “Very much so” I nod in acknowledgement. the more systemic absurdities you’re going to discern. Pretty much what you’d call middle class. even our offspring became a bloody business investment! No wonder people are experiencing tantalizement and planetary confinement syndromes en masse. I wasn’t content.

“Wow. the victims of the 1920 Vistula War. “Just like in Fringe – that’s where i’ve gotten the idea from. Now. crossing over next to Auschwitz and other emotionally-loaded locations. but they just don’t give a damn. please. “As you can see” I adopt a slightly lecturing attitude. “What does it do?” “It allows me to study the other side” I smile. Now.” I switch to the best reality. I keep telling them to stop spooking the locals. if you can?” the journalist asks. “Where are we!?” “We’re in front of Auschwitz” I respond as I set up the ‘window’ device. “Well” I briefly look at the floor. Here perished five million enemies of the Reich.” “I noticed this device in the corner there” the journalist points to a window-like contraption next to my sofa. Auschwitz is here. “Look at the sign. Read it. thank you very much. “You see. What’s it say – loosely translated?” “Oh my” she covers her mouth in shock. “Things rarely are what they seem to be. I can do that as there are no people around. It’s only those Fringe-ish guys. watch this. reality B would be your idea of the worst reality of all while reality C would be the best one.“We’re inside my apartment” I smile. “Then again.” Memento Mori: In memory of five thousand POWs. There’s even the sign. so it must be the best version. “What do you see on the other side?” “I see a beautiful garden” replies the bewildered woman. “It seems Auschwitz never existed in that reality. “Even the best doesn’t mean flawless” I conclude. right?” “If only it were that simple” I scratch my head. that’s amazing. “Let’s suppose this is reality A. “But I’ll stick to my original reality for now.” *** “What the hell just happened?!” the female exclaims. Didn’t feel a thing!” “You wouldn’t” I add.” . appearances are often deceiving when dealing with infinity. “The process is quick and painless.” “Tell me more. “Didn’t you notice the difference?” The woman scans the immediate surroundings.” “I will” she nods vigorously. Remember that.

“Of course! I forgot to mention the circumnavigation principle?” “Hm?” she utters a muffled sound.“Understandable. “You see. “But there’s more. “Of course…” she replies. “Very much so” I acknowledge. “The system is a set of rules. “There is more to indigos than some random psychiatric disorder. of course. “So?” “So by devising a way around those rules you can save both your time and effort!” I explain in a fit of exasperation. “I’m considering it” I reply as I observe the best reality through the window-contraption. “What are the super cells?” “Super cells are powerful storms. but that’s not the case!” “Don’t they call it criminal?” she laughs. you’re intelligent enough to know what I mean. Although. “Yes” I look around. don’t tell principle isn’t a little overrated.” “Is that one of those?” “Yeah.” “I’m sure you’ll find a way around that” the reporter says. It’s called undulatus asperatus.” “Exactly!” I snap my fingers. “You’re in luck – take a look at this. but when you actually out there – it boggles the mind. look – a super cell!” “What?” the woman is left bewildered. right?” the journalist eyes me. I won’t elaborate on it right now. “Yes” I nod. “Though I’m unsure whether this show.” “You said the world you reside in now is the place filled with indigos. the system wants you to believe you need proper channels. “I believe this is the message you wanted to convey. correct?” I ask her.” “It…undulates…” I burst into laughter. “This goes without saying!” . “Hey. consisting of mesocyclones acting like a self-sustaining mechanism” I explain.” “Everything is malleable” she affirms. one doesn’t exclude the other. Lateral thinking versus linear thinking.” “I heard new cloud formations are being discovered at an alarming rate” she adds. “Ah!” I exclaim.” “You could write a book about all this” she smiles. We think it’s a wild ride. “Super cells spawn tornadoes and truly are a wonder to behold. and it is.

” “Can I come with you?” the reporter asks. we’re also traveling to Pennsylvania to test the gates to hell legend.” “Tell me more” the woman indicates. Some thoughts about my current reality. Here – take this. What we’re able to decipher so far is that – according to this individual anyway – blood is what keeps us within the consensus. but what the fuck. “That’s right” I smile.” “Alright” I point at the wall. “The victims are drained of blood.” “What a fuck. I see” she scans my apartment. as one of my students used to say” I laugh. I think it might be a good idea to wrap things up?” “Your timing is impeccable” the female states. “Excuse me?” she seems perplexed. “Never mind” I quickly change the topic. “Regarding the cases.O.” “What’s his modus operandi?” I can tell I’ve re-caught the journalist’s attention. “I was about to do just that.*** “We’re back. “Where are my manners” I remark. Exsanguination is this psycho’s M. “This one didn’t work. though. “I corrected one of my students once: it’s not what a fuck. “Anyway.” . “Thank you. Two cases. you see. “It’s just privichka vtaraya natura. “Yes” I face the reporter. Use the thought pattern if you ever want to contact me again. as they say. Here’s case one – demented serial killer at large.” “So he’s experimenting to determine whether exsanguination of his victims equals Matrix transcendence?” she deduces. “Though I’d refrain from using any specific pronouns at this point. “Oh” I continue. “The killer’s modus operandi is even more deranged than I could’ve imagined” I stand up and approach the wall. Articles matter.” “So it’d seem” I grin. For now. “We’re gonna do it later on.” You can hear a pin drop. actually. “Sure” I nod vigorously.” “Of course” she concurs. “I’ve a case I’m working on. “Would you like something to drink?” “No” the woman shakes her head and smiles.

“Euthanasia centers are established throughout the world…interesting” the reporter mutters to herself. to be exact” I am surprised she noticed the tune. To use the classic Orwellian newspeak.” .” She then shakes my hand and slightly bends her knees in a gesture of respect.” The female is in stitches. But since I never suffered from the anonymity syndrome .sometimes it just pissed me off. The FBI has been on my tail for a while now. Not many interdimensional travel experts around. The woman disappears thirty seconds later. “There’s been a development” the agent Whenever I hear the word “development”… tells me. “You never know how deep they really go!” “Well said” she nods. “Please come with us. “You don’t have to curtsy!” “Oh damn!” she exclaims in a friendly way and looks as if she is about to throw a tantrum. It is a great feeling when people come to you because you are needed.” “Unified field theory of existence?” she asks in all seriousness. “Oh. I am a valuable asset. “Open up please!” This does not surprise me.” “What kind of reporter would I be if I wasn’t?” she shrugs off the compliment. “Oh no” I tell her. “And what’s continuous milieual […. you see. *** “She’s gone” I smile and eye the computer. “FBI!” I hear the call.+N…3+(3+N)…] x infinity alternator?” “Possibly the most important equation ever invented” I smile. where art thou…” It never takes long for something to happen on campus but this time fate has set a record. even though they wouldn’t know a good story even if it bit them in the ass!” We both conclude laughter is indeed contagious. leaving me to my own consensual devices. “Of that I’ve no doubt. “You’d be surprised how many people call themselves journalists. “You’re a keen observer of reality. “Battle. “And I’m…uniquely qualified to conduct this sort of experiment. “Coming” I reply as I approach the door. “Stupid cultural habits!” “It only proves how strong the memetic paradigms that be really are” I conclude. and is this Bonobo in the background?” “Bonobo Kong. “Yes” I “And I’m the inventor.

It’s only a matter of understanding the nature of their desperation. people are going to flip out. they are probably focused on the task at hand rather than quibbling their time away. what do you think?” I hear a question. a touch of laterality. Never mind. “Can’t you just storm the place?” “We don’t want to risk it” he replies. “You wouldn’t understand.” The dark suits just nod in acknowledgement. “People suffering from the syndrome are usually solitary individuals. right? Then add some meme. as you can imagine.*** “Why do you need me?” I ask the agent. “Nobody’s forced to stay here. “Sometimes. let’s say there’s a global financial crisis. Body language of my interlocutors seems to indicate they need a further explanation.” “Why not use our euthanasia centers for that?” the agent asks.” “I think i’ve got a working profile” I explain to the agent. On a planet where no technology to freely travel to the stars is available.” “If you think that’s the best strategy” the man tells me.” “That’s where you come in” I am told. this is way out of our league.” “Why can’t you just use your branial magic?” another fed asks me. “As much as we hate to admit it. “What’s wrong with this guy?” “I think he’s suffering from an acute form of planetary confinement syndrome” I reply. like 2012.” “So riots are an example of this syndrome?” “Not exactly” I shake my head. we hope your inter-dimensional expertise is enough to contain the situation. desperate people are everywhere. This kind of surprises me. “He just wants to leave this plane of existence. “Well. In your reality you’ve got euthanasia centers which makes it easier for people to evacuate and the incidence of PCS is way lower than in my…endemic reality. so by seeing the riots it only reinforces their belief. It only compounds the problem. you need a touch of insanity. “Just get my men out of there. “At the risk of sounding arrogant” I grin.” “From what I read about this psycho. as you call him” I continue.” “Sometimes sheer logic isn’t enough to comprehend a mind” I respond. “I’m gonna talk to him. People riot.” *** . “So. “Besides. Alone. But then again.

“That’s all it takes. I will test the exsanguinatory Nirvana. “If you come with me to the ISS.” “Look” I spread my arms. They know how easy it’d be to escape if the link was unobstructed. “That’s exactly what they’re doing. I can breathe. don’t you…” “That’s right” a powerful response fills the room. “They attack us with disinformation on all possible levels. MEANING OF LIFE written on it.I see a giant centrifuge in front of me. “They’ll soon understand. isn’t it” he looks at me. My curiosity knows no bounds: will I discover something dereistic? Travestical? Grotesque? Pastische-ish? Phantasmagoric? Kafkaesque? . no protection…” “Cathartic process is going to start now” I explain the procedure. “The Nazis believed in the VRIL. the individual disappears. The elderly. “I think I understand what you’re trying to do…” I mutter.” “Milieu therapy…” the man looks down. The Anunnaki used monoatomic gold. Let the pawns play with pawns. “You’ll take me there now or they all die. I want you to have this. they poison our mind-consciousness link…” “Yes” I nod vigorously. “Little minds – puppets on a string of genius!” “That’s right!” I exclaim and snap my fingers.. “I assume electromagnetic pollution is gone?” “Yes” the man nods. “You’re devastating their lives. all of it. *** The envelope. “Once it’s done. with the vat attached to the axis waiting to mix the blood” Laughter permeates the area. “You want to access the state beyond thought vortices. Twelve people are placed in each tube.” “Death is irrelevant” the voice replies.” Before I can utter a single word. “That’s amazing..” *** “This is the International Space Station” I point at Earth.” “Even so” I explain. the children. all of them – this truly is an egalitarian procedure. you’ll no longer be bound by thought vortices and that indescribable feeling of inner resolve will always be with you. There’s a way around that without killing all these people.” “This is how they manipulate us. “I didn’t come here to negotiate. I’ll give you what you want!” “You’ll take me there” the voice continues.

” The waiter listens carefully. naive writer.“They are the embodiment of God ruling this existence by making you complacent and docile. what was happening…all because I was imprisoned inside a bubble which made it impossible for me to experience the full magnitude of life…you cannot do this because of market forces. “Oh. I didn’t know where I was going.” “Is there anything I can offer you?” I hear a question. I’ll have a margarita. blah. “That’s just what I need – thank you. “If you’re referring to academic arguments. I cannot help but immerse myself in thought. “Is there a nice restaurant around?” I mutter to myself. We walk around and he keeps pointing at different tables. As I find myself within the ‘waiter-detection’ zone. I’ll tell you what I want on the spot. and something isolated.” The waiter nods and takes me on a little tour. you will never be able to tell. “There is. and not too far away from the entrance at that. I focus my thought-energy on the contraption in order to activate it. I couldn’t agree more. Of course there is. I am approached by one. Just what I need. “A shopping mall. blah. “This one” I notice a table in the corner illuminated by a vertical shaft of light. I never tested it before. “If only you knew” I continue my train of thought.” I suddenly burst into laughter – with people around me trying to determine what is so funny. “If only…” I’ve been working on an interesting device. please” I specify my preferences. “Not so long ago. “Oh.” “Hmm” I mutter to myself. blah. pay the bills. I look around at all the people. Oh. “This is incredible” a thought bolts through my mind. “I’ll have three garlic breads and a sweet late” I explain and snap my fingers.” I get out of the vehicle and move toward the entrance. It allows me to see everyone’s perfect reality.” The waiter nods and walks away. what about that. .” *** “Ah!” I stop the automobile. Not a sound…but I know it’s functioning. and perhaps a pizza…yes. “Non-smoking area. “As a matter of fact” I look at the waiter. but now would be the time to do it.

Instead.. I look at him and notice something. “Hmm. “The world revolves around the Ten Commandments” I add in a sudden epiphany.I snap out of the contemplative phase when the waiter brings my sweet latte and the pizza. I can be whatever you want me to be.” “Is this possible?” I utter a muffled sound. darling” the being sends another thought my way. Then. Worship the system. a shimmering portal opens and pulls me in. apparently. I look around. Do what the system demands. “Blood is thicker than water…” I begin. 9. Lie becomes the truth if God says so. “Are you capable of distorting the truth?” “Oh. I am Relussion. Have sex with all you deem worthy to make you more efficient at God-worship. This is your God. 5. “I’m capable of anything! I’m the essence of all your thoughts. then” my child grins. Be humbled by authority for they are God’s physical manifestation. all your analyses. *** Epilogue: Conversations with the Quantum Child I never finish the meal. *** 1. By defending God you defend your right to live as you want to live. 4. This is the law. You must prove to . I can barely contain the laughter. I see a group of sexy tall blondes who have to stop every time someone presses a button and – you guessed it – bend over.. Kill as often as you wish if you can prove that this is righteous in the eyes of God.. “…and consciousness is thicker than blood” the entity concludes. “Upskirt-on-demand” a sequence of words appears above his head. really: things like that tend to happen. “I’m your quantum child.. and decide to turn the device off – I’ll try it again after finishing the meal.” “Welcome to Waterdeep!” a spherical energetic being sits ( in a matter of speaking ) next to me. Not that I am surprised.” “We constantly create new worlds” I nod vigorously. 6. 3. There is no friendship. “Did you bring me here?” “Yes” the entity responds telepathically. and decide what to do. 2. By following God you are superior as God renders you all-powerful. “Let me present you with an updated version. 7. There is only to put this…interesting. You shall show your utmost respect for God by offering God part of your labor with joy in your heart. 8. calmly.

” “If you mentioned to people they could create anything the want. Life that does not accept the gospel is nothing more but subhuman life unworthy of life.” “Quantum progeny. only one way. “I mean it literally. “Where thought vortices are gone and you’re free to create whatever you like. I can tell this is my design. I wouldn’t be’re out. “Awesome” I shake my head in wonder. Exponents floating above the heads of waiters and connoisseurs. “How do you like this restaurant?” “Well” I look around. yes” the quantum child affirms. Let this task bring you joy. “They’re surrounded by a field of mediocrity. 10.” “You’ve got the thought your desired life into existence camp” the entity continues.” “I always knew it’s that simple” I respond.” “No wonder so many prominent intellects experience a feeling of melancholia” I put my hands together in a towerish gesture. “Quantum progenification is a constant process.others that there is only one God. *** “Where’d you take me?” I ask the child. as I call it” the child goes on. “It’s certainly a stunning view. “This truly is what life is about. that reality in an infinite number of ways. By expanding the living space.. Constantly expand God’s living space..and yet they lack the intellectual fortitude to notice obvious analogies between computer games and reality. Look above you.” .” I notice new realities created in the blink of an eye.” “They focus on biospheres. on atmospheres. you can’t really do it without all the thought vortices and noxious noospheres you’re surrounded by when existing in a consensus.” “The consensus is like a game server” the entity infers. God is with you and your spirits are lifted by the thought of doing God’s work. You can influence your reality to an extent. “If I didn’t. but not to a demiurge-like level. The secret of noosphere. “Welcome to my world” my quantum progeny replies. “The problem is.. “The secret of thought-fields. eying this wonderful meal.” “So” I grin.” “People don’t understand the biggest secret of all” the quantum being scans me. “I’m the grandparent?” “Very much so” the entity replies. “If you break the rules .. yes.” “A perpetual cycle of change.

” “Some individuals may argue leaving endemic realities is..” “Unless they’ve been through the process of catharsis where thought vortices no longer exist. “Some of them grasp it quite well. so you’ve no anchor. They can wait for reality shifts. “Eloquently put” I grin. they don’t want to pursue the matter. “They don’t have enough data to state whether they can move on. the possibility of endless realities based on the principle of perpetual change without the involvement of thought vortices ought to be more than tempting. “Thought vortices and supra-intellectual awareness of knowing prove you’re a conscious entity.” “Still” I continue. “Well” I spread my arms.” “I know” I snap my fingers and point at the child.. thus eliminating the thought vortices.which leads to elimination of solipsism and variations thereof. such as 2012..?” the offspring asks.” the entity nods slightly..” “Pragmatically speaking” my offspring says...” “.. “Conscious entity’s thought patterns will no longer be influenced by the omnipresent noxious noosphere.. Nothing is real.“Well” the child says. “People with little minds live in their little words. “Solipsism syndrome.” “The bottom line is this” I affirm.” “Classic tantalizement syndrome” I hear a reply.which are bound the consensual laws that be.then you can. or being the creators” the child says. . But these feelings derive from thought vortices. Or.” “So.” “Thought vortices are a signal your mind is besieged by the noxious noosphere. It will either drive you crazy or liberate you” my child rightly infers. Their needs don’t exceed that of rigid consensual realities .but the noxious noosphere makes it difficult to live for the conscious ones. “Knowing what we know. “If you think you can create whatever you want . You’ve been fooled by some fascist karmic universal dictatorship this isn’t the case.” “Yeah” I proceed to eat my delicious meal.” “They’re afraid” I acknowledge. “Or both” I smile. but something blocks them. “If you think something is that simple ..then it is that simple!” “Yes” the entity nods. “This is the perfect way to determine who’s a conscious being and who’s just a systemic drone devoid of sentience. merely playing along with the consensus. “They can shed their vehicles .they can wait for the natural death of their bodily containers.... “Not experiencing thought vortices and knowing means you’re probably a red dress.

“Whoever says knowing is non-existent is either reluctant to access it or he’s unable to access it because there’s no consciousness compartment involved. Their genius is relative in nature. all those people. That’s why they’re part of the construct and cannot access the knowing. yes” I burst into laughter. but they lack the divine spark. “I’d say geniuses are the only ones capable of truly leaving the consensus. “Yeah” I nod vigorously. “Very good!” I exclaim. They’re systemic machines.” “Plus” the entity says. “All those dark suits . “I couldn’t have said it better!” “Imagine. They’re like profoundly deranged individuals creating worlds for themselves.” my child nails it.“Which” I raise my left index finger.when it’s with the conditioned mind in charge that things actually fall apart” I scan the immediate environment.” “Speaking of which” the progeny says. “I’m sure you know there’s a direct link between accessibility of knowing and intelligence.. of course. Their experience is that of vicariosity in its most perverted form.” “Anti-entropic reactions are going to grow exponentially as a result of shedding the consensual laws that be” the progeny concludes.this is why various deviants tend to be extremely preferential.your mind believes life as you know will fall into disarray.. “The powers that be have a sense of humor. making sure the threat of thought-vortices never returns. “This is the ultimate existential irony” the child says. and so their melancholy indicates they are perfect candidates for transcendence! Thus.” “Rupture 2.0. “A set of unique realities endemic to the mind of each individual. but the noosphere surrounding them is de facto the consensus. “Letting go all your thoughts hurls your conditioned mind into a state of panic . “That’s one way to put it. “ Which allows this being to experience anything it wishes with even greater degree of contentment. . Sexual arousal is an integral part of that design .who’s fooling who?” “Make no mistake” I gently shake my head. Some might know even know what happened.” I nod in acknowledgement. Never mind the sentience status of their environment due to possible unresolved mental burden.” “. “Consensual entropy manifests” I continue. “Not to mention knowing has enormous practical applications” my child adds. suddenly their realities becoming idiolectic” my child says. perfectly suited for the job of meme enforcement. Psychopaths can be intelligent.

” “Relussion jumpers” the entity smiles. tell me.intelligence is as crucial as intuition if one wants to escape the consensual panopticon dystopia. “You’re one hell of a writer” she says. pretty please?” I lean towards her and whisper.” Here I Immersed In Which Has My Existential Despair Not. I am a little taken aback. “You didn’t. To say the least.. For I Shall Mental Profundity Thanks To Serendipity! Materialistic Taken Perspicacity However! Regain am Vanity Away My “Well” I touch my hair.” She disappears into the blue. “Thought patterns of a billionaire versus thought patterns of a wannabe billionaire? Once you understand the difference. I am” I nod.. “I came up with this poem for some reason.. you’ll uncover the ultimate secret.that’s the word. “They do it a lot.” Suddenly. “Who the he. “Excuse me?” “You’re the creator of Relussion.” “Were you successful?” I grin. “Tell me what you think. “Why do you ask?” “What an amazing plane!” she smiles.” “Hmm?” “Take a look” my quantum progeny says. “Should’ve thought of that. “Quite.” “Did I tell you I went on a date?” “No” I shake my head.. “What’s the secret of secrets? Tell me.” “Well” the quantum child says. .” I nod slightly. right?” she inquires.. yes . “As a matter of fact.” “It was supposed to be a pick-up artist’s trick. a young blonde girl approaches me.deep..

You do not fight the paradigm because you have replaced it with a new one .based on the new..” I grin.” “It all depends on the definition of self” the entity affirms. “Why doesn’t that surprise me.” .. “Once you understand the source of knee-jerk reactions associated with suicide. *** “Look!” my child points at a scene in front of us. enlightened version of reality and self where suicide is virtually nonexistent and trans-dimensional portals are open regardless of your position within the timespace continuum. “This is bizarre” I scratch my head. the whole we want to help you mechanism becomes obsolete. “Even for my standards.“Not really” the entity mutters.

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