Positive impact of Civil engineering industry on the Kenyan economy: Civil engineering has been and in recent years

contributed massively to improving the Kenyan economy. Through first hand and further on, the Civil engineering industry has impacted positively and continuous to be a critical pillar of the Kenyan economy. The ways in which civil engineering has contributed positively to the Kenyan economy include: 1. Employment creation: through the discipline of civil engineering in Kenya, numerous multi-sectoral employment opportunities have been created. These include • Consultancy – In the Civil engineering discipline many qualified and certified engineers have been able to open consultancy firms which offer professional civil engineering consulting services and generate revenue in return for this individuals and the organizations thus improving their economical well being as Kenyans including the many more people they have employed in this consultancy firms to help run the organizations. Contractors – A majority of Kenyan contracting firms are of the civil engineering discipline. And through establishing and running professional civil engineering firms , many civil engineers in Kenya have been able to generate massive revenue both for the government and for the individuals themselves and the people employed under them Engineers – Engineers form a core and critical part of the civil engineering discipline and are the ones mostly in charge of civil engineering projects across the civil engineering spectrum. Every year massive and vast construction projects are initiated and completed in Kenya and civil engineers are behind all these. Through this projects the government, private sector and the citizenry of Kenya have been able to make millions of shilling from revenues, taxes and fees charged in buying, renting, leasing and more. Suppliers – suppliers of different materials, products and services needed in the civil engineering projects have been able to benefit and make large sums of profit form civil engineering projects. By supplying such kind of necessary goods and services to civil engineering projects, suppliers have been able to make profits for their companies and in turn benefitted the many people employed under them. This has indeed impacted the Kenyan economic positively in a large scale.

Infrastructure: Through civil engineering. cement. Massive investment into Kenya – International companies have come into Kenya to carry out massive civil engineering projects which have in turn led to massive investments inform of • • • • Investment to buy capital resources such as land over which the projects will be established Investment injected to purchase material needed for civil engineering projects such as sand.knowledge and improvement of the economy of the different places that have been connected by the roads designed through Civil engineering Railways – Although the railway network in Kenya is poorly developed and still running on the ancient design. concrete and more Investment injected to buy . This has in turn led to increased business transactions.scales and levels of the economy. • Bridges –The design and construction of bridges in different parts of the country ahs lead to linkages between different places being built and this connection by bridges has opened up new business opportunities. Seaports and airports – through the civil engineering discipline. Roads – Since 2002 there has been a sharp and massive increase in road building projects that has led to numerous roads being designed and constructed in different parts of the country.lease or hire heavy and light civil engineering equipment Investment injected to obtain licenses. • • • . Through such endeavors business opportunities have been created and have helped build the economy of the country at different parts .services. permits and different forms of certification which in turn raise money for the countries revenue collecting authorities 3. the Kenyan seaports and airports have been designed and constructed leading to a robust and active import and export industry for Kenya. the private sector and the Kenyan citizenry in general. allowed transfer of goods and services and generally improved the economy of different parts of the country. varied and numerous forms of infrastructure have been put up in Kenya and have in turn helped open up business opportunities both for the Government.2. on it massive loads of goods are moved each and every day from the coast to the inner parts of Kenya and across the country to the neighboring countries like Uganda on the Kenya railway system. transfer of goods.

housing. • Buildings –through civil engineering. Creating business opportunities: at different industries and levels civil engineering has been able to create business opportunities for different people through first and second hand channels . storage facilities and the like for many Kenyans and foreigners to work. Different initiates both private and public have taken place under these facilities and resulted in massive wealth creation and the positive growth of the Kenyan economy. design and development of many buildings in Kenya has taken place and this has in turn provided work space. 4.which brings in millions of dollars each year to the country and improves the economy and livehoods of many Kenyans. stay and play.

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