The interview

Luís- Hello, God afternoon everyone!!! So.sp.. Today we have here today it us 3 guests that will talk about the future of transports. Leandro- With us Julio, Nicolau and Paulo, they work at Toyota and as luís said they are going to talk about something that leaves a lot of doubts in our minds and that s how will the transports be in future, so come on in guys. Luís- So lets star, how a... do you think that the transports business will be like a in 20 years? Julio- A... well In my personal opinion some people still believe that cars will be like small fling things, well in my opinion that s too much imagination a.. in my seeing transports will only be safer and quicker in order that people can travel faster to somewhere and still be safely talking to the phone or watching a movie, you know a that kind of stuff you can t do while driving. Leandro- Do you agree whit Julio Nicolau? a... do you share the same vision of the transports future, or do you think that they will be really be able to fly ? Nicolau- Well a we can t really predict how the future of transports will be like, but in relation to Julio s opinion I do agree that such technology will exist but not until 2050 approximately. Paulo- Well I totally do not agree with that, In my opinion the transports will be more accessible to the community, a thing that those technologies won t allow, and I do believe that they will be something

cars and other transports will be like something that s a beyond our 20th century comprehension. and also wanted to know what do you think that will happen to the public transports? Paulo.Well Thank you guys for being here today with us. as aa private transports will evolve so much. Luís.Yeah that s short of how transports will be like in a let s say 50 years approximately.So let me see if I got this straight.out of this world like a you know like those movies that they are able to talk and interact whit humans. I share the same interest as my college Leandro.So our program has come to the end. and do all those amazing things. and in relation to public transports they will still exist in that time because the will be much safer. Leandro. quicker and cheaper that they are today. . we hope that we can have you here in a future. Leandro. see you next week.Sorry but I didn t get your point Luís? Julio.Well Nicolau is the one that is in charge of that area so I think he is more appropriated to respond that question. what do we think that will happen to the public transports? Paulo. Nicolau. thank you for watching.Yeah.I think that he meant to ask is. is that it ? Luís. let s give a loud applause for our guests today.