PART A (30 marks

A. Fill in the blank with a correct answer

Grasshopper Giraffe Cat Fish

Cockroach Elephant

Crocodile Bird Monkey


7...hour’s time. Fill in the blanks with “ a “ or “ an “. 3. 6. . …….My friend gives me…….apple.This is………. 8.There is……article on the war in today’s newspaper.. 10. He is ……… doctor. It is ……beautiful bird. He is ………Englishman..old lady came here for help.. 2. ………egg is not round. 11. 12. Have you seen……. 5. ……cat is….pen.a useful book. She will come in …….cleanly animal. 9.B. 1. Please buy me ….orchid plants there? 4.

Match the pictures with correct activity The girl is planting few flowers on the ground The girl is kicking a ball.C. The boy is reading a book on his bed . The boy is writing something on a piece of paper.

a) Twenty-one b) Nine c) Seventeen d) Five 4. Count and circle your answer 1.The woman is cooking in the kitchen PART B (25 marks) D. a) Fifty b) Eighteen c) Thirteen d) Sixteen 3. a) Twelve b) Fifteen c) Twenty d) Fourteen 2. a) Three b) Seven c) Eight d) Six .

They go/goes to mosque every Friday. Noni .E. 10. 2. We loves/love to study at the school library. Underline the correct answer. I walks/walk to school everyday. Aiman watch/watches his favorite cartoon every Sunday. 5. recite/recites do’a before sleep. 6. 7. It looks/look like an orange. 1. 9. My father drive/drives to office. He play/plays with his baby brother. Her sister washes/wash the dishes. 4. 8. Mimi and Sofiya play/plays badminton together. 3.

Akmal. Circle the correct answer. What do you say to your parents? a) Goodbye b) Good night c) Good morning . b) Good night. 1. Akmal d) My name is Puan Nur 2. Read the sentences. It is time to go to bed.F. Who is that woman? a) He is my father b) That girl is my sister c) She is my grandmother d) That man is my grandfather 3. Akmal c) Good morning. Akmal: Good morning. Puan Nur: ___________________ a) Goodbye. Puan Nur.

. Nia. Sarah? Sarah: _________________ a) Pleased to meet you. Mrs Poova d) Happy holidays. thank you. I cannot. Mrs Poova b) Glad to meet you. Nia: how are you. Would you like to join me for lunch? Lili:__________________ a) Good evening Nini. 5. b) Good morning Nini. Let’s go. Nini: Good afternoon Lili. d) Hello. Ain: _________________ a) Bye.4. Mrs. b) How do you do. c) I am fine. 1 am Nia. c) Good afternoon. Sorry. 6.Poova: Goodbye. Mrs Poova. Ain.

c) Good afternoon Nini. Read the table and answer the questions: Day Sweep the floor Clean the whiteboard Arrange the books Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Qistina Piya Lali Steph Meeto Johan Ain Kavi Chuah lisa Ahmad Mei mei Kamil Fuad Hong 1. Of course. thank you. What does Chuah do on Thursday? a) He sweeps the floor b) He arranges the books c) He cleans the whiteboard . Nini. No. thank you for inviting me. Who sweeps the floor on Monday? a) Meeto b) Steph c) Ain d) Qistina 2. d) Good night. G.

When does Kavi clean the whiteboard? a) Tuesday b) Thursday c) Friday 4. Who arranges the books on Wednesday? a) Qistina b) Piya c) Meeto d) Kamil 5.3. When does Meeto sweeps the floor? a) Tuesday b) Friday c) Monday .

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