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DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS NON-CONFERENCE FOOTBALL CONTRACT THIS AGREEMENT entered into this 2% day of February, 2018, by and between EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY, hereinafter designated as the HOME TEAM, and Marshall University, hereinafter designated as the VISITING TEAM, WITNESSETH THAT: 1. The said parties mutually agree to cause their respective (varsity) teams to meet in the city of Greenville, North Carolina on the 9° day of September. 2023 and then engage in the game of Football. Game time will be decided by the HOME TEAM, but shall be no earler than 12:00 PM local tme and no later than 8.15 PM local time unless mutually agreed. Both schools acknowledge that the date(s) isted herein are tentative and subject to change pending the mutual agreement of the American Athletic Conference Office (AAC), the Conference Office of the opponent school, and the participating insttutions. Should a change in date be necessary to ‘complete the AAC football schedule, the opponent schoo! and opponent Conference wil facilitate the request of the American Athietic Conference to the best oftheir ability. 2. The eligibility of the players in said game shall be determined by the rules and regulations of the NCAA and their institution as well as the rules ofthe athletics conference of which each institution is ‘a member, if such atfiiation is held. 3. The HOME TEAM agrees to pay to the VISITING TEAM the sum of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dolars and no cents ($250,000) for perticipating in the above described fcotball game, The Home Team shail pay to the Visting Team the full amount of the guarantee which is due no later tan February 15 of the year folowing the Game for which the guarantee was provided, Except for tis fee, the Visiting Team shall be entited to no other addtional payments from the Home Team in connection with the Game(s) played 4 If the guarantee in Article 3, is other than a fixed amount, the HOME TEAM shall furnish the VISITING TEAM with a game report audited by the institution's auditor or Certifed Public ‘Accountant. Complete settlement shall be made by _N.A._ of the year immediately following the football game. 5. The HOME TEAM shall be allowed _N.A_ complimentary tickets (including president's box) and the VISITING TEAM Four Hundred (400) complimentary tickets fo include guests. player comps, etc. Any complimentary tickets given in excess of the above-siated allowance shall be included in the game report atthe price which would have been used if the tickets had been sold 6. The HOME TEAM shail be allowed NA sideline passes and the VISITING TEAM shall be allowed 50 sideline passes, 7. The VISITING TEAM shall be allotted a minimum of Four Thousand (4000) tickets on consignment {or sale to its followers. Unsols tickets may be returned to the Home Team thirty-one (31) days prior to the Game date unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon, 8 The students of the HOME TEAM will be included at $_NA_ in the game repor. 9, Faculty and staff will be included at $_N.A__in the game repor. JEFF COMPHER DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS A 365 WARD SPORTS MEDICINE BUILDING » EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY GREENVILLE, NC 27858-4353 PRONE, 252-757-4502» FAX: 252-757-4857 COMPHERIQECU EDU = IWMLECUSRATES COM 10, " 12, 13, 14, 18, 6 17 18 19, SIGNATURES: Leet rte— _ plelys =P ear vaa The bands, cheerleaders and mascots of each team shall be admitted in uniform. Ticket prices shall be set by the HOME TEAM All game workers shall be admitted free of charge and such admissions shall not be regarded as complimentary under Aticie 5. Game workers shall be defined as those who have a specific and necessary duly fo perform at the game and who do not occupy saleable seats. Television: The football game contracted for in this agreement may be televised or cablecast only with the ‘mutual consent of the parties hereto. Unless otherwise provided, the HOME TEAM or Conference shall ‘ordinarily have the right to negotiate the arrangements for a telecast or cablecast of a game, and a division of rights fee will be determined prior to agreeing to telecast or cablecast such game All rules, regulations, {and relevant contractual obligations of the Conference to which the parties may belong which are. applicable to televising or cable casting football games must be complied with, and all rules and ‘regulations of tne NCAA must also be complied with. For purposes of this contract, Home Team will retain all rights and revenues in this section ‘The radio broadcast of the game shall be under the control of the HOME TEAM. The rights of each team are as follows: The HOME TEAM shal retain the revenue from and full contol of radio rights, but with the understanding that the VISITING TEAM shall have an outet free of charge and the revenue derived there from, The game(s) contracted for in this agreement may be broadcast ONLY with the mutual consent of the compeling institutions, said consent to not be unreasonably withheld ‘The «rights for National radio and for Satelite radio rest solely with the HOME TEAM, If the game is a single neutral site game, then the HOME TEAM will have the right to make the game available to its National and Satellite radio provider. Either party failing to comply with the conditions of Article 1, by cancellation or failure to appear, shall forfett money in the amount of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars and no cents ($500,000) unless such cancellation shall be by mutual consent in which case this agreement shall be null and void, Game offcials: Officials wil be provided by the Visiting Team Conference Supervisor of Otficials and expenses shall be borne by the Visiting Team ‘The HOME TEAM is to have the program and concession rights, Additional games shall be played under the terms of the contract as follows: DATE TIME PLACE September 13, 2025 TBA Huntington, West Virginia EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY Home Team Federal LD. Number: $6-6009403 Visting Team Federal 0, Number, 5-000 787

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