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AGREEMENT ‘This agreement he “Agreement” is eatece into this Sete: 102019 by ad betwen the Regeats ofthe Univesiy of “Michigan, «coninona eapration, on teal of ts Atlee Deparment (“Michign or Home Tea”) and East Carolion ‘University, e conser inntusion of the Univeraty of Non Carolina lncted in Greenvle, NC, on belo Athletic Deparmew ECU" or "Visiting oar”) ‘Parpose: The purpose ofthis Agreemect to confirm the arrangements and conditions by wich Michigan aad [BCU wil compte asngle ato ofnercallapintsfctal tobe played onthe flowing dates lsston: Date Location Hane Team isin: Team sraneas Michigan Stadn Michigan ecu ‘hom Atber, MI ‘Ofhcats: The confrece of which Michign sa menber, curently the Big Ten Conexcoos (“BTC sal apoin, fis, edi rte relay, forthe gars end Home Team shal pay fr sald oficial Eligbly: The ge played punto ths Agmomet sal be aovered by te rls ofthe National Collate Ati Associaton (NCAA) fa effec on te dao be game. Th clit of players to paricipae nthe ge stallbe determined by the rales of he NCAA, apieable conferences and espesive wean, affect on he date of the game Game Management: Allespnsibilty for and cos of conducting, managing, nd promoting the ge shall be ome by Home Tea except tat Visiting Tear sabe espns forts wa vel expenses. Home Team shall fea all revenue ssciated wit the ame it hots, nsoding gat revene, unless eerie ot oth a his Agreement (Guarante: Michigan shall py BCU $1 $0,000 cao before Febery 1,202 folowing the game (he “Cuurance ‘Amous). Except as cherie sued heen iether tam fal wo appentfor the scheduled gen, ft shall, ay tthe other team a quisted arses, ed nos emi, th armoumof$1,800,00, wits we (10) dys ‘Mer sbe scoduled game Ga provided th te canceling vans Home Tea, tbe pyteat of ligated ‘damage oVisng Team sll be new of nd notin wlio the Gsraniee Amount. Ite canceling tamis ‘Vian Team, that eam hall eft and ot be ete to receive the Gant Amount set fat i the fit seoeae ofthis paragraph. The eyroent of liuidted damage by ether tam pursuant ois Article Sin eu of| ‘ny andl thr legal remedies or oqutble aia which be other mar would be ented a est of ‘allen of he Schedule ge. Notguaie camags sal be paid ithe pris maul grein wing © ‘ancl or reschedule the scheduled game. Any change inthe date of game tobe pled une tht Ageemet shall, ‘eis te conten: of Viking Teun which consent sil no! be urewsoaably wide Caneetation: No Gunraciee Arpount or ligated damages rele to the scheduled yar shal epi to tes [pat nto event t Becomes ipo to ply te shales gue she reasonable ereon of he Home Tear ‘Seca of inclement wouter, including, but aot Bed to, itz, orcadoes, and hurricanes or ft becomes [impossible to play the schedled game de ona at of Gs, lckouto other labor dips; el druption; sy decision, rer, ln, rleoroglton af the NCAA or applicable Conference fay oer feral se ‘municipal agency or oficia n nes in te numberof annus con erence games eau by eer party's ‘conferees, provid tht nalie of rch ocrese i given to the lhe part a eave years po tthe fected tame ecbdaled by his agreement oF the oreuroncs of ny ter aria ven tha is beyond the eacrable cal ‘ofapary. In ado, iether ton ie prohibited from appearing eleision bythe NCAA cx the team's respective goveringconterence, then eter eam shall hve the ighto ancl any game covered by suk arctions, “Television: Visiing Team acknowledge 04 agrees tht (al sights to tect rdsu (ve ce delayed, whole ‘t condesed including bhligi) trouphou te ners, in any andl markt, nay ad al lnguages so via ‘ny end all forms of mada und meods of dibtion and distibtion technology, Michigm bore futal games ‘ve bows amiged by Mihiga oe coufeeac, whic otras entered ito wzeeets with cain third pies fbr the aloe or cstibution of ssh game, () Mchgan bas no iy to gan to Visiting Team any ight fe the telecast or dsubation of games payed pus! ths Aseement Michigan, and (c) the Big Ten sll have te ‘aluive ight o retain al everues decved fm the locas or ditibutin of te game played pursuant his ‘Agreement. ECU scnowiadges and agree at Michigna sel hae the exclave ght enter nto agrerens ith esect to eleeastodsebuton ofthe game played pura to this Agreement ado retain al evenes (Geretrom. Nocwidstandng th foregoing the especie Fights, ifany, of Michigan nd ECU wih respect tote ‘elect or distribution of gazes played punto this eect a wich they arth visting fot eas (nd ‘revenes derived therefor) sl be govered ya spurte agreement betwen the Rig Te and BCU forthe game, ‘which separate agreement shall govern Crain aspects of any fot gums played between the mersber institution ‘ofthe Big Ten and BCU, povided that inthe abuace of ey soc separate gremen tbe era ofthis Aeement ‘tal ol ‘The scheduled staf each guns is determined by Home Team and may be changed wp osx (6) days in advance to accomndattelevisio cbedules wih the pir consent of Visiting Tear whic shallot be uveasosly wield. ‘Media inooat formats ar determined by Home Team's Conftece or irtutioal branded network; Hore Team's (Confrence or nation] branded ewok hal be reepoanbe fr proving the levine nino (eat), 8. Use af Game Video: Visiting Team sal have the right produ ira andor videoupes of he game payed pursuant this Agremen fo coaching puspoees ed fo ten couch” sows ll acces programs, ev and ‘formation programs or season highligh reseniations only an for no cher purpose. Such fils and/or videotapes ‘nay ot be replayed eed or others dtibuted by Visi Tear to any ote perm ter than the corporation ‘upto eight mimes (1-0) of lights of the ge apart of coaches" sow all scx pag, news and lnformutin program, o season highlight preseruon, Notwithsanding the foregoing. any se of game fctge by ‘isting Tea sal comply wth he sppable network contact of Michigan or confeeace of whlch Micaiga is member, and he rules and regulations of mich conference; upon BCLs request, citer Michigan or its eonference (= ‘oguted by Michigan abl ely infos ECU of th relevant ruirementsperning to ung of game ots "Michigan agrees o provide reasonable fie for uch carn as may be reasonably required by Ving Tem to produce fins andor videotapes. Any other usage by Viking Team of footage of game() played pura fo this ‘Agrerent shal be governed by separate grercn between Michigans conference or nstuaonal branded network and Visog Tea. All cots volved ia ising Team praducing tho vio stall be the responaly af ‘isting Team. Placement and coordination ofthe canes wil be subject the ales, egunons end cool of Michigt'e Sport infomation fie, Inn event ball Vining Team interfere with Ming ote game by tbe ‘alevson network camera cow or Michigan. 9 Radio: Visiting Tam shall sgmate not more tha one) ofa do satos to broadcast the gre. Those ‘fice natons sal be assigned aati both tome Team's sam aod no charges or fes wil be iged for the broedeast ofthe gum vara or the inte by Visiting Team or is official tatos. Nor shall any charges cr fees be assessed ay ston aking fd from Visiting Tears ofc! sasons. An wsspnsared bones y the ‘Visiting Teas university sation shal be perrited without charge orghs fees. Inno even sal te ofa stasons display any logos, buanerso advertisement inside Michigan Sod. 10. ‘Tiekets Vsting Team sal recsive 40) complimentary tke othe game om Home Team. Vieng Team ball tio have the option o purchase fom Home Team upto 3,000 gue iets tthe single game teket price. isting “Teen shal tur al aol kee 0 Home ean ltr has ix (6) weak pie tothe scheduled date ofthe ‘tne. Bund member mati 30), cheeriaders (mcm 12), and one mascot shal be ediued fe of bags, od al ot count agit he 3400 (Complimentary pls conga ticket. 1, Misealaneous Provisions: Notwithstanding any of he ight guarareed in this Agreement, either party hall have the right exter {nto any agrcments or rangement, or engage in any condt, wich woul imine the cormecil vale of the live rio boda andor ive wvsion wlecat of te games ules tobias pr we: permission of te oter pay 1, The headings wed in thi Agsemen ae fr converiene only bal nt fe be ineretation of the ‘Agreement © Byexeouing his Agreement, the undersiged patie present nd ware that tby ar cich authorized to ‘ct on behalf of he especie educational nation, ofc, ruses, board member enployees, agen servis, af, nd users. 4 Allnaticts, consents, requests, demands or communications te respective parts sal be in writing and ‘Shall be efetve for al parposes upon eit inthe case of) pranal delivery (i delivery by ‘messenger or overnight ure (i) every by U.S. fst clas cried o registred al, osu pep ‘(tarsal by fst, 12 vee fei uber ofthe oer pry atestion ote Dirt 2 Abts. This Ageement may not be asgoed ia whole or in par by ether pay witht be prior wien consent of the othe pasty, Noamendneat, mnifcaton,saplemeat ee wives of any eligsions under ths Agreement cal be ‘binding unless et fort in wing sized bythe pay aginst which enforcement i sow. No delay fale to require performanesof any provision of ts Agreement hall coast waiver of tha provision stony oe instance. Any waiver gtd ball apply solely to he specific instance expres eed Ech pary’shal execute an dtver all uch documents and do al such acta the ther pty my -eonably equ! or scaring he puposs oh Agreement 1. Shold any provision of this Agreement be desired by a out of ompetentjuristicion tobe ml and ‘oi he emalaing provisions of this Agrecment wil remain fl fore and effect. This Ageemeat constitutes the enve Agreement between the patie pertaining tthe murs ference ‘erin and sperode al pit and conttmperaneos neem. 4) Tis Coneact may be excuted in up, identi orginal coumterprs, each of whichis arin and all ‘sid eounespars for oly one single coavact and maybe executed wing eleotune mane (acing DoouSigs, fein, and e-mal). 4 Theterms and condo of his Agrerent which by tir naira intended Wo srvive terion ‘expt of is Agecret sal so survive |The Agwement in cordance wid is ems ud eudtons, shal inset the beet of nd be binding ‘ponte pty hee eee and asp ‘The Paros hl comply wit ll pliable, laws, rues, andrepuations andthe equiremens of the [NCAA and er espectv conferees in th performance ofthis Agreement, In wines teeaf, and intending oe legally bound, his Agremeat bat been dly excel by the aut represeatives of ec ofthe partis Hee on the epee die specified below. gin iaiane:r> yagi Gat go uber fal a alee an Jaw Un fig Asst indies Vice Chancellor for Admisisteaon and Fiance

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