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al S 355 wanb sronTS HeDIGNE UL -> EAST CAROLINA SD DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS NON-CONFERENCE FOOTBALL CONTRACT THIS AGREEMENT entered into this 8" day of December, 2017 by and between EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY, hereinafter designated as tho HOME TEAM and ‘OREST UN VERSIY. herematter designated as the VISITING TEAM WITNESSETH THAT 1 The said parties mutually agree to cause thor raspactive (varsity) teams to meet in the city of Greenvile, Nort; Carolina on the 1!" day of September, 2027, ava then engage in tho game of Football. Game tme will be decided by the HOME TEAM Both schools acknowledge that the date(s) listed herein are tentat ve and subject to change Bending the mutual agreement of the American Athlatic Conference Office (AAG), the Conference. Offce of the opponent school, and the participating mnstitutions. Should @ change in date be necessary to complete either the AAC footbal schedule or the ACC foatball schedule, the HOME TEAM and VISITING TEAM with theur respective Conference offices will work together to the best of thew abslity to facil tate the request(s) Should either the AAC or ACC increase the requred number of conference games each of ts members must play in a regular season, the HOME TEAM and VISITING TEAM agree to work together to the best of their ability to reschedule the games) to 2 mutually acceptable time and date However, if the rule change ultimately resuits in a need to cancel either of the Football games scheduled herein, squidated damages will appiy ony if the cance-ation is made within 36 months of the scheduled game, sference or NCAA Furthormore if ether the HOME TEAM or VIS TING TEAM changes its subdivision aff lation after the execution of this agreement A. if the change happens more than 36 months prior to the Footbal Competition date, then the opponent whose athiation oid net change has the right to cance! the game, however Liquidated Damages provisions do not apply. If the change happens within 36 months of the Football Competition date, then the opp0-ent Whose athiliation did not change has the right to cance! the game and Liquidated Damages provisions do apoly 2 The elibiity of the players in said game sha | be determined by the rules and regulations of the NCAA and their institution as well as the rules of the athletics conference of which each institution member, if such attilation is hela 3 Toconfirm compliance with the prov sons of NCAA Bylaw 20.9921, the Visiting Team shall certify in wniting and prov de the Home Team w'th verification prior to signing the contract that it averaged 90% of the permissible maximum number of grantsin'a'd per year in the sport of footbalt during the two academic years immediately preceding the date of the agreement Further. the Visiting Team shall certify n writing tan months prior to the game that it intends to maintain complance w th the appl cable NCAA Bylaw effective during the academic year in which the game \s schedu ed to be playes the Visiting Team 1s not in compliance with the above ‘bylaws at any t me following the execution of zhe contract, then the Home Team has the option {0 cancel the affected game without baing subject to the liquidated damagos provision contained with this agreement ZAST CAROLINA UNVERSITV » GREENVILLE PHONE 260-7574502 + tax 252-757-0587 = WWWECUPIRATES COM 4 10, 0 ‘The HOME TEAM agrocs to pay to the VISITING TEAM the sum of Three Hundred Thousand Do lars {and no cents ($300,000) for partic pating in the above described football game The Home Team shall pay to the Visiting Team the full amount of the guarantee which is due no lator than February 15 of the year following the Game for which the guarantee was provided If the guarantee in Article 4, s other than a fixed amount, the HOME TEAM stall furnsh the VISITING TEAM with a game report audited by the institution's auditor or Certified Public Accountant, Complete settiement sha be made by NA of the year immediately following the footbali game, The HOME TEAM shall be allowed _NA_ complimentary tickets (including president's box) and the VISITING TEAM Three Hundred (300) compiimantary tickets to elude guests, player comps, ete Any complimentary tickets given in excess of the above-statad allowance shal! be included in ‘the game report at the price which would have been used i the tickets had been sold The HOME TEAM shall be allowed _NA_ sideline passes and the VIS TING “EAM shal be aloes GQ. Sideline passes. ‘The VISITING TEAM shal be allotted @ min mum of Four Thousand (4000) tickets on consignment for sale to us followers. Unsold tickets may be returned to the Home Team thirty-one (31) days prior to the Game date unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon The students of the HOME TEAM will be included at $_N.A._ in the game report Faculty anc staff vill be included at $ NA. in the game report ‘The bards cheerleaders and mascots of each tear shall be admitted in uniform free of charge and such admissions shall not be regarded 2s complimentary under Article 6 Ticket prices shail be set by the HOME TEAM, All game workers shal be adm'ted free of charge and such admissions shall not be regarded as compimentary under Article 6, Game workers shall be defined as those who have a specific and necessary duty {0 gerform at the game and who do not occuay saleable seats Televison and Other Distribut.on Rights The conference of the home team for each Game covered by this Agreement exclusively owns and retains, and is entitied to retain all revenues Gerwed therefrom. al rights to televise or otherwise distribute audio. video or audiovisual coverage of such Geme. and any and al portions of Game (whether live or delayed and ne using re-airs and highlights) throughout the universe by any and all means, uses, and media now known or hereafter developed “f and to the extent the visiting team has or wl have any such rights. the visiting tear lrrevocably assigns. conveys. and transfers all of such rights to the conference of the home team 1 perpetuity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, (i) the visiting team and its conference shall have the non exclusive rights to create and distribute coach's films of each Game for use solely by the visiting team. professionai sports leagues and other collages and un versities soiely for coaching ‘and scout ng purposes (and for no other purposes, including for general distribution on any linear fr digital network), and (i) ifthe respective conferences of the stitutions party to this Agreement enter into a separate agreement describing the rights of a visiting team (and/or its conference) to distribute audiovisual coverage of a game played between institutions from such respective conferences, and such agreement remains in full force and effect when any Game covered by th’s Agreement occurs. the visiting team (and/or ts conference) for such Gare shai have the rights as described in such agreement. 1 The radio broadcast of the game sha! be under the control of the HOME TEAM. The rights of each team are as follows The HOME TEAM shall tam the revenue from and full control of radio rights, but with the understanding that the VISITING TEAM shall have an outlet free of charge and the revenue derived there from The game(s) contracted for in this agreement may be broadcast ONLY wath the mutual consent of the competing nst tutions, said consent to not be unreasonab y withheld, 16 The nghts for Natonal rad o and for Satelite radio rest solely wth the HOME TEAM. If the game 1s a single neutral s te game, then the HOME TEAM will have the r cht to make the game available to its National and Satellite radio prov.der 17. Bither party tailing to comply with the conditions of Article 1, by cancellation or failure to appear shall forfeit money im the amount of Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars and no cents ($750,000) uniess such cancellation shall be by mutual consent which case this agreement shail bbe null and vod. 18, Game officials. The visiting team, or the wsiting s teams conference, shall assign game officals, with the exception of the replay crew, which shall be assigned and paid for by the home team or the home team's conference. The replay crew includes the head replay official, commun cator technician. and any assistants, 19 The HOME TEAM 1s to have the program and concession rights 20. Additional games shait be played under the terms of the contract as follows: paTE TIME PLACE September 25, 2028 TeD Wake Forest University SIGNATURES: EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY Director of Athletes or Designee Home Team Federal LO. Number _$6-6000403 Visiting Team Federal D Number

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