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‘This agreements entered into es ofthe _thday of November, 2017, by and between Solis State University and ast Carona University hereafter indlvidualy referred ta as"BSU" and "ECU" respectively and collectively as "the parties”. 2. Contest and Teams to Play: The parties agree thatthe following Men's Football game wil be played atthe time ‘and place indicated below, and the parties will provide an NCAA eligible team for sald game. The game wil be played atthe parties’ campus football stadium. ‘Bey___oate __tims piace Saturday ‘September 12, 2026 Teo Boise, 10 ‘Saturday ‘September 9, 2028 7 Greerwitle, NC 2.Game Governance ‘A. Blighty and Rules/Regulations: The athletic contest shall be governed in all respects, Including the eligibility of the participants, by the rules and regulations of the National Colleglate Atbletic Association, the individual institutions, and the Intercollegiate conferences to which each party isa member. in the event of any confict in such rules or regulations; a) if both teams are members of the same conference, ‘the Conference rule/regulations shall contol {b) if not, of, tha conference has no applicable rules or ‘regulations, the NCAA rules/regulatons shal control, 8, Game, Mest, or Tournament Officials: The American Athetic Conference shall assign and pay for officials for the game in Bole, Idaho and the Mountaln West Conference shall assign and pay for officals for the game in Greemile, NC. 3. Financial Considerations ‘AL Guarantee Payment: As for the above described games, the folowing guarentee payments are agreed te: | September 12, 2026- BSU will guarantee payment of $250,000 for the game played In Boise, Idaho. Payment wil be pai in fll later than 30 days following the above scheduled game. ‘b. September 9, 2028- ECU wil guarantee payment of $250,000 forthe game played in Greenville, North Carolina. Payment wil be paldin full no later than 30 days folowing the above scheduled same, Cancellation: inthe event that an institution shall cancel or fall to appear forthe contest specified in the ‘agreement, the party so canceling or fling to appear, shall reimburse the other Institution $1,000,000, as Equldated damages and nota penalty, within 30 days ofthe date the contest was scheduled 1o be ‘layed, unless such cancelation/forfeture Is due to an act of God. 4. Tiekats The home tearm will provide tothe visting tezm 350 complimentary tickets for seid game. The visiting team shall hava the option of purchasing upto 2,000 tickets at face value for said game in sucha location as is agreed upon bby the parties. ll sales are final and there wil be no return of any ticket unless it compiles with the return policy of ‘the borne team and in no case will any ticket be returned for refund later than 1 week prior to game time. ‘5 Spectal Arrangements Uniess otherwise agreed to n a written addendum hereto there are no other services Drovided except as fully disclosed herein, This Includes al travel and associated expenses. 5. Broadcast Rights [A Radio Rights The home tesm agrees and grants the visting team the right to broadcast the scheduled ‘game over the visting team’s usual broadcast system. The hame tsam will provide the visting team with ‘such hook ups and faites as are necessary to produce that broadcast. lather rao rights are the property ofthe home team. 8, Talecast Rights Al telecast rights, fees and revenves are the property of the home Institution and the home institution's conference. ‘7.Game Management All aspects of putting on the game, including, but not imited to, providing security for ‘Participants and spectators, qualified staff and managers, adequate field and facity preparation etc. isthe ‘esponsibility ofthe home team. ‘By execution ofthis agreement each ofthe parties agrees tobe bound by the terms and conditions found sbove, or such modifications as are made only in writing. ‘8. Execution of tha Agreement The persons executing this Agreement on behalf of thelr respective insthutlons hereby warrant that they are duly authorized to obligate the Institution to all arrangements as specified inthe Is ‘Agreement. EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY STATE UNIVERSITY BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Ese ‘WARE: Curt Mare H Director af Athletes TTMLE: Director of Athletics TITLE: VP/CFO DATE: i, oe

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