The Genius Of Water 1871 Human Race Slavery And Mind Control

Marcus Fiesel Died because it was a repeat in four Dimensional terms what happened to Me when I was 5 years old by being swallowed by a Spiders mouth In this case though he really died physically By a lack of air in a closet and the neglect that An organization that contracted with children’s Services in the state of Ohio King Feisel was wounded in 1958, in an Attempted assassination

“Benovolent Dictator” (G)host and (D)evil GOD Origin of the Creator Scorpio and Capricorn Bi-Poles Connected to (Gemini) and the Tower of Babel Language using tongues we developed to handle language The Throat is Taurus Twins Oliver Heaviside In 1955 our dad and mom moved to Ft Lauderdale, Florida, of course that does not really matter

What is the Ark of the Covenant is a Boat or a Goat The So-Called “SIGN OF THE CROSS” The Issue Of Duality: As human beings we are born with craniums today, and have been for, who knows how many thousands of years. The cranium is divided into left and right hemispheres. The physical planet that we live on is divided into Eastern and Western Hemispheres. The duality that we are born with has been the cause of all the wars for at least 2000 years, or more. The first,second and thrid world wars were, in reality, I think, started by Germany. I think Germany owns the state of ISRAEL in one way or another. What is mentioned in most basic psychology courses is there is a connection to our craniums, and the split in the physical planet. But they don’t mention that Mind Control is also an issue. So, how could mind control, that has been an issue since with lost our third eyes, at the time of the “Fall” be the problem? Could mind control, say from something like an Ark of the Covenant be the issue? No one seems to think about the possibility that something like an Ark of the Covenant could have something built into it, of electromagnetic origin. It has taken

me 50 years of my life to realize that all of the science that suggests that we are the most advanced creatured that have ever lived on this planet. Why is “science” hiding what they know is true? Why don’t they realize they are only contributing to the destruction of this world we are part of. Why don’t we, at least, ask the question: How we got here and where we came from. Then realize that the standard conclusion of evolution at least in the Darwin way of thinking, solves all questons, really does not solve any of them. Then also realize that book I Ching can be interpreted as all the binary circuits that will ever, possibly, be built. and that was 5000 BCE. Could the fact that the duality that we have been born with, and in fact, has been an issue for at least the last 2000 years BCE be causing the war because we, without knowing it, are slaves to mind control. I have looked for a good definition of mind control on the internet but I have not found any, because I do not think anyone wants to admit what mind really is, and how mind and soul are the same thing. We are basically electromagnetic creatures, not the mechanistic creatures that most books tell you we are. That is how mind control is a possibility.

The other question is this; what about the pineal eye or gland as some rement of the time that we had a third eye. Why is it burried underneath all the folds that we rely on today as the cranium. There is also of course the “ports” or indentations on the top of the head, similar to the ports in a nautilus that, as far as I know, are not mentioned today, in any science books. Why does most science fail to even mention how they fit into our present reality? When children are born their parents are warned to be careful of the soft spots on babies heads. What was the soft spot at one time? All religions suggest that the forhead is a place where the third eye was at one time. What about the third eye? Could the idea that someone planned, at the same time the zodiac was planned, with AIR signs, as being the intellectuals of the zodiac, and the only signs with human icons, planned the use of hands, as a way to build what was already known, because somone, the person using me as a HOST, as in (G)HOST is pulling the strings. In the physical zodiac, the Gemini rules the arms, but Gemini also rules the lungs. Air signs are the “geniuses” of the zodiac. But not only are the Air signs the so-called geniuses of the zodiac, because they are the “thinkers” of the zodiac. They are also the two faced people of

the zodiac. Water as an element in the zodiac has many different meaning’s as do the other three elements. But water, as far as I know, is the only element for which all life needs to exist. What about ONENESS: What about Vessica Pisces, )( and the third eye? I was born a ONE, but I would not wish what I have been through on anyone. But what about the third eye? Could it be that for some reason that what we have lost is cause of all the wars that have happened in the last few thousand years. Could it be that rather than give back to us what we have lost, because they are pulling all the strings, we are still victims of the four dimensional benovelant dictator. Why can’t we just evolve back to what we were? There would be no more wars that way.The There is also the issue of Caduceas and the health of us and how viruses, that we are all born with, can attack our immune systems, because the immune system thinks they are something other than viruses.

ONE )(
Father, The Son, and the (W)holly (G)host

There is a way of using our physical eyes that we do not even use, and it happen’s everyday. In my opinion it is one of the scariest things that I have noticed in the last 18 years of my life, and it is the reason for diseases like Anorexia Nervousa.

When, a person can look in a physical mirror and, always see themselves as too fat, then it tells me that there is, in fact, a flaw in what we think is reality. When Neil, inside of a house at 5251 SW 4th court, torture me everyday, because the note our mom had left behind, asked my brother to wake me up for school. Instead Mike gave the note to Neil and he intentionally used it to wake me up, at midnight, using feathers and bruises as physical torture. What I think really happened at that time was that Neil told Mike that the Tesla coil, that had been tuned to my Freq, could be used to torture me, but Mike did not understand that so Neil proceeded to do it to me physically. Why did everyone including myself only see that as hitting me? only see it as someone hitting someone, and they saw the bruises everyday. So, what was it that caused them not to see that it was torture? Why, on the night, after Mike had asked someone over the phone, possibly outside the US, why this was continuing, and Mike got a response back of “you have to put it in his mouth Mike” with Neil listening in the other bedroom to the call, would someone not realize that Mike being told “he’s ready”, and Mike thinking he has to take down his Fly (zipper), and Neil knowing down to the last detail, what was going to happen

down to the last detail, because I had given up inside, in four dimensions, when I was 12 years old. I remember in Columbus, after we moved in two different cars, and I guess Mike still had access to the Ark document, Mike made the joke that I was a zipper, and to stick out my tongue. I am told that the way our eye’s see is that if we see something that is out of the reach of our eye’s or something we are complely unfamiliar with then we rely on what we remember rather than what we actually see. If we do not have a memory of something like that then we either forget it altogether, or we have a distorted view of the picture we are seeing with our eye’s. What happened in Germany, when 6 million people died in the holocaust? Did we not see what happened then also?

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