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~~~~""'~"~~~'~"'~'~23&~~x administrative assistant

Anthony Montgomery counselor

City As School Bronx Robert Lubetsky, principal

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

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the NY State Council on the AHS

A Black Women's Description

J am a black Queen, very- intellectual, well rounded sister, always willing to help out my fellow brothers and sisters.

You see, the type of features we have are so breathtakingly different.

\'Q'hen you look into my eyes you can obviously see my soul telling the stories where I originated from (AFRICA), and when you listen to my tongue it

beats the drum of all my ancestors. Listen to me sing; don't you hear the soulful sounds of Billie Holiday,Josephine Baker, Nancy Wilson, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin?

Look at my skin, dark or light,. brown or even white our complexion displays our beautiful oceans, our lovely sands and the type of climate we have. My hair is always neatly braided down my back with beads made from rocks and tree bark.

My Legs are long, defined with succulent flesh which makes up my hips, expressing the roots of all the culture from dancing. All of me is every- woman and more ..... Pure, worthy, and very very well respected for my beauty and mind! So tell me, with all that I am, why should I feel ashamed or envious?



Our love is higher than the highest mountain ever and deeper than deepest ocean seas ...

Pure like a fresh taste of water and guaranteed to satisfy your every need.

Transparent are our fears, emotions and thoughts, our love of one another can never be

bought or touched.

I sometimes quench your natural taste and gorgeous smell; just thinking of you sets my waves leaping and dancing.

The freshest, most pure realistic thing is our body of water (Ocean).

But if ever you should pollute our water by a speck of scandalous oil., ...

it won't mix,

causing destruction and animosity.

No longer an ocean; separation has taken place slowly, the ocean will annihilate.


Without Knowing Me

How could you leave me without saying goodbye? Tender warm tears wondered why?

Did you not know of me, or about me?

How you made me feel?

\"Vhat significant appeal you send to my emotions?

How could you judge me without believing in me?

For I believed in us, but you never believed in we.

I wanted you not for what you appeared to be, but for your inquisitive thoughts and strong mind.

Now that you are gone my heart longs for your voice and face, wishinglhoping for your sweet embrace.

Distance will not make me stop. I am determined to be with you,

surely you will see that I am everything you want and need in a strong woman.



Ever since my mother left I've been spending the majority of my time with my new best friend.

She is always sitting beside me, giving me all of her attention.

She is very dedicated to me because there is no

one else but LONEL Y .

I expect her to whisper in my ear, which makes me cry tears of pain.

I understand her clearly even though she's inaudible.

But with her unconditional love comes an abundance of problems: Suicide, Depression, Crying, \Y,J orrying, and absolutely no real friends.

I t seems lonely gets upset these later days.

Is it because I'm found with souls, who I enjoy myself with?

So my best friend lonely ran to a new friend ... a victim.


The Other Lover

W'hen you're gone and I'm home, the other lover spends time with me, making sure I am secure, feeling nothing but emotional ecstasy.

I won't lie. No, I won't, 'cause the other lover won't let me, making me feel so vibrant and free.

I don't love the other lover!

He is just someone who listens and comforts me. Should I feel bad?

Should I feel indignant?

These words I say I speak to you, the First Lover.

I need you to be the other and stop running out on me.

Be there when things go wrong, when I am sad, when I need comfort, even happy or glad .....

So there you go again no where to be found, and in step, the other lover standing his strong grounds!!!!


Seducing You

As I kiss you with such turbulence and passion, content feelings race through my mind.

This can't be real, I say this feeling is too divine. The sweet nectar that lies on your lips pursues things to go farther.

Touch me with your soul love, elevate me to

another Ievel.i..high, higher, highest.

Seduce me please.

I am yours, willingly.

Ohmy love you are all I thought you would be. Take control, Surrender Thee.

Every time, anywhere, all the time I want you inside of me.

Your sensuality and seduction has caused self indulgence into self fulfillment and now reality.

Seduce me Seduce me Seduce me ....


The Kidnapper

He came in the night very still very light.

Not a sound not a move. It happen so fast, I wasn't prepared, but I knew he was coming.

I was vulnerable, unexpecting, eager; eager for rum to entice me. I eventually surrendered.

I lee rum inside, inside of my heart. He was now the other half of me.

Feeling for him was happiness an art ..... to create.

Hard, not too soft, molding and sculpting. Time and understanding I thought,

But something was standing out, cracks and splinters, bumps and lumps. No matter how much determination I had, it just got worse. The lying, the broken promises, a cheat, a KIDNAPPER.

A red handed thief, he stole everything until I had nothing left.

He slowly tip-toed out the window.

Suited all in black, no remorse, not a care in the world. But, it was something peculiar this time.

It was a black mask never revealing himself and his insecure past.


The Consequences of Nature

Blue skies humble moments, clouds moving in a new direction, such impact of irritable sounds colliding conjointly in fresh errors and mistakes of our nation.

Thunder, lightning and turbulence of wind striking the planet in the heart

making sure that earth remembers all the abuse. Beating and fighting with all the undesirable evils of our people,

The Planet then cries all the tears of pollution, poverty, diseases, violence, and racism.

Boiling heat offrustration bubbling up to the

ultimate .

There are no "sorry, it's over." THIS IS WHAT YOU SHALL PAY.

After the fight:

Black hollow holes in the sky appear inhaling the remaining earth.

Never leaving any trace of the planet's existence.


2 Seconds

Huh, I never thought in a million years

that once I laid on my back I'd lose my head Uneducated, Illiterate .....

1 was sooooo smart. Yup the first in my class. My G.P.A. was a 3.9. I graduated from Howard.

I had it all, a future, a career, shoot man, I was stable. But something came over me; sensuality,

seduction .


My surface shield was on the table right in front of me. I t would have only taken 2 seconds.

Bur every time he spoke my eyes lost sight. Finally I couldn't see, blinded by his suave way of speaking.

The year is now zoor and yes, I am still at the top, but at the top of my death bed,

infected with a terrible disease,


Man, oh man, it would have only taken 2 seconds.


Questions with NO Conversation

Why did a family member die today, mom? Why are we continually killing our relatives, mom?

Wasn't he a good enough kid, to value his life?

You know, mom, he had a lot of dreams. He was sweet and smart, a positive young fellow.

Mom, why didn't anyone tell him there is so much more to life than Decatur Avenue?

Why is it that so many of our relatives are armed with guns to trigger off violence, vengeance, to cause unhappiness?

Mom, why is the ratio of Black & Hispanic rela tives attending funerals higher than the ratio of us attending College or getting a well paying job?

Is it because no one wants to give our family a chance for a better life?


Or is it because of all the crazy people coming in this building for that candy?

Mom, that candy must surely taste good, 'cause just the other day Ms. Cookie sold her daughter's shoes straight off her feet.

Mom, why are we making so many enemies in our own family? You know, mom, if we really loved each other we wouldn't be

trying so hard to mistreat and ignore one another.

Mom, can you please hear my cries? Mom, why are you not answering my questions?

To myfriend, Eddie Garcia, Rest in peace

and keep heaven dancing just like you always made me dance.



a waterways project publication

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