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Curriculum Vitae

Cristián Doña-Reveco
Office of Latino/Latin American Studies (OLLAS) Phone: +1 (402) 554 3556
University of Nebraska at Omaha Email:
6001 Dodge St. ASH 102 Website:
Omaha, NE 68182 ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6596-7154
Current Position
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology. August 2017 –
Director, Office of Latino/Latin American Studies August 2017 –
Faculty Affiliate, The Goldstein Center for Human Rights. 2018 –
Michigan State University Ph.D Sociology and History 2012
Graduate Specialization International Development 2012
Graduate Certificate Latin American & Caribbean Stud. 2012
M.A. Sociology 2007
P. Universidad Católica de Master Political Sciences and 2007
Chile International Relations
Universidad de Chile Professional Degree Sociology 2002
Licenciatura Sociology 2000
Other Academic Appointments
University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Center for Great Plains Studies. 2021 –
Univ. of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Ctr. for Latin American & Caribbean Studies 2020 –
Regional Faculty Affiliate
Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile. Departmento de Sociología. March – July
Assistant Professor 2017.
Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. Departmento de Sociología. Aug. 2015 – July
Assistant Professor 2017.
Michigan State University. Center for Integrative Studies in Social Sciences. Jan. 2013 –
Visiting Assistant Professor Aug. 2015
Research Appointments
Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales. 2017 –
Associated Researcher
Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies, Chile. 2015 –
Adjunct Researcher
Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Center, Population Division, 2001; 2004;
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations. 2005.
Research Assistant.
International Organization for Migration, Field Mission in Chile. 2000 – 2001;
Research Assistant 2003 – 2004

Updated to July, 2021

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Past Academic Administrative Appointments

Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. Observatorio de Desigualdades. Jul. 2016 –
Director. July 2017
Project Collaborations and Consulting
The IMPIC Project. Immigration Policies in Comparison. Immigration Policies in 2020
Chile. Dr. Marc Helbling et al. Bamberg University.
Global Forum on Migration and Development. MIEUX+ (MIgration EU eXpertise). 2019
MIEUX Expert
Deptartamento de Extranjería e Inmigración; Ministerio del Interior; Chile. 2015 – 2016
Ad Honorem External Consultant.
International Organization for Migration, Field Mission in Chile. 2016
DEMIG Migration Policy Database—Chile, International Migration Institute, 2014
University of Oxford.
Journal Articles (R: refereed; NR: not refereed)
1. Finn, V. & C. Doña Reveco. 2021. “Peaks and Pitfalls of Multilevel Policy Coordination: The
South American Conference on Migration.” Migration Letters ,18(4), 487–496. DOI:
10.33182/ml.v18i4.1234. NR
2. Doña Reveco, C. & L. Gouveia. 2021. “What do Immigrants make of Immigration Policies?
Insights from interviews with Venezuelans in Chile.” International Migration. DOI:
10.1111/imig.12824 R
3. Doña Reveco, C. 2020. “Memories of Exile and Temporary Return: Chilean Exiles Remember
Chile.” The Latin Americanist, 64(3), 334-355. R
4. Feller, C.; P. Alvarado, C. Doña, e I. García. 2018. “Actividad física y deporte en la población
migrante en Chile.” Cuadernos Médico Sociales (Online Edition), 58(4). R
5. Doña Reveco, C. 2016. “Migración Internacional y Estructura Social en Chile. Un primer
análisis.” Rev. Internacional y Comparada de Relaciones Laborales y Derecho del Empleo, 4(3):
97-114. R
6. Doña-Reveco, C. 2016. “Del Mediterráneo a Santiago pasando por París y otras partes: Un
comentario sobre refugio y migración internacional.” Análisis del Año 2015, Santiago:
Universidad de Chile, Escuela de Sociología. NR
7. Ten Eyck, T. & and Doña-Reveco, C. 2016. “Reporting on Art in the City: Newspaper coverage
of public art in Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Chicago, 2001-2010.” Journal of
Urban Affairs, 38(4): 518-529. DOI: 10.1111/juaf.12242. R
8. Doña-Reveco, C. and B. Mullan. 2014. “Migration Policy and Development in Chile.”
International Migration, 52(5): 1-14. DOI: 10.1111/imig.12157 R
9. Doña-Reveco, C. 2014. “Población y Desarrollo en el Programa del segundo Gobierno de
Michelle Bachelet (2014-2018).” Discusiones Públicas 5(1): 17-24. NR
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10. Doña-Reveco, C. and A. Levinson. 2013. “The Chilean State and the Search for a New Migration
Policy.” Discusiones Públicas 4(1): 67-89. NR
11. Doña-Reveco, C. 2012. “Unintended Consequences of Exile: The Brazilian and Chilean Exile in
Comparative Perspective, 1964-1990.” Left History 16(2): 9-35. DOI: 10.25071/1913-
9632.38366. R
12. Doña-Reveco, C. 2010. “La migración internacional y el Estado Chileno: Notas para una
discusión.” Discusiones Públicas 1(1): 11-34. NR
Manuscripts in Progress
Doña Reveco, C. & V. Finn, “What We Say Is Not What We Do: Regional Agreements at Odds with
Emigration Legislation.” Revise and Resubmit.
Doña Reveco, C. “Migrant Invasions to the South American Tiger’: Newspaper Portrayals of 1990s
Immigration to Chile.” Revise and Resubmit.
Jamieson, T.; Caldwell, D.; Gomez-Aguinaga, B.& Doña Reveco, C. “Race, Ethnicity, Nativity and
Perceptions of Health Risk during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US”. Submitted July 2021
Doña Reveco, C., M. Bonhomme & L. Zuñiga. “Racialization and National Identity: What does
Chilean Police Think of Immigrants?” Rewriting
Doña Reveco, C. “Receiving context and policy changes in the transformation from an emigration
country to an immigration country. The case of Chile”. Writing
Book Chapters
1. Doña Reveco, C. & M. Feddersen. Forthcoming 2021. “Migration Regimes in South America:
The South American Conference on Migration”. In Tendencies and Challenges of Migration
Policies in Latin America, Edited by Natalia Caicedo and Feline Freier. Brill Publishers
2. Doña Reveco, C. & M. Feddersen. 2020. “Regímenes Migratorios en América del Sur: La
Conferencia Sudamericana sobre Migraciones”. In Políticas y reformas migratorias en América
Latina. Un estudio comparado, Edited by Natalia Caicedo, Editorial Univ. del Pacífico, Perú.
3. Doña-Reveco C. & B. Mullan. 2019. “Emigration and the Sending State” pp. 446-458. In The
International Handbook of Migration Studies, 2nd edition. Edited by S. Gold & S. Nawyn.
4. Finn, V., C. Doña Reveco & M. Feddersen. 2019. “Intraregional Migration Governance: The
South American Conference on Migration,” pp. 36-53. In The Dynamics of Regional Migration
Governance, Edited by Andrew Geddes et al. Edward Elgar Publisher.
5. Doña-Reveco, C. 2017. “Los Visibles Invisibles,” pp. 24-26. In Geografías de la Piel, J.
Brantmayer. CorpArtes.
6. Doña Reveco, C. 2017. “La Conferencia Sudamericana de Migraciones, la gobernabilidad
migratoria y las posibilidades de integración de los migrantes,” pp. 154-158. In Interculturalidad
y Migración, edited by por Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Gobierno de Chile.
7. Mullan, B. & C. Doña-Reveco. 2012. “Emigration and the Sending State,” pp. 409-421. In The
International Handbook of Migration Studies, edited by S. Gold & S. Nawyn. Routledge.
8. Doña-Reveco, Cristián. 2011. “Chilean Immigrants,” pp. 237-75. In Multicultural America: An
Encyclopedia of the Newest Americans, edited by Ronald H. Bayor. Westport: Greenwood Press.
Cristián Doña-Reveco Page 4

9. Doña-Reveco, C. 2003. “Transnacionalismo y Migración Internacional.” Memoria Electrónica,

1er Coloquio Internacional de Migración y Desarrollo, October, Zacatecas, Mx.
1. Doña-Reveco, C. (editor). 2002. Informes nacionales sobre migración internacional en países de
Centroamérica: taller de capacitación para el análisis de información censal sobre migración
internacional en América Central. Santiago: Naciones Unidas, CEPAL; OIM; BID.
1. Doña-Reveco, C., & P. Sotomayor. 2020. Encuesta Online Integración Inmigrantes Chile 2017
(Version Final, clean dataset) [Data set]. Zenodo.
Selected Online Articles, Research Reports, Book Reviews, and Working Papers (since 2009)
1. Doña-Reveco, C. 2021. “Chile’s Retooled Migration Law Offers More Restrictions, Less
Welcome.” Insights, Latin America & the Caribbean Migration Portal, MPI, May 21.
2. Doña-Reveco, C. 2021. “Book Review: Migration, Citizenship and Identity. Selected Essays by
Stephen Castles.” Border Criminologies Blog, Univ. of Oxford.
3. Cohen, J. & C. Doña Reveco. 2019. Harnessing Migration for Rural Transformation and
Development. Regional Roundtable Summary Report. MIgration EU eXpertise (MIEUX),
International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), Global Forum on Migration
and Development (GFMD).
4. Doña-Reveco, C., T. Sanchez, & D. Gonzalez. 2019. Access to Legal Aid by Agricultural
Workers: Challenges, Opportunities, and Actions. Technical Report Prepared for Legal Aid of
5. Doña-Reveco, C. 2018. “Amid Record Numbers of Arrivals, Chile Turns Rightward on
Immigration”, Article, Migration Information Source, January 17th.
6. González, R. ... C. Doña, et al. 2017. “Resultados Primera Ola Estudio Longitudinal Social de
Chile (ELSOC). Módulo 1: Cohesión Social y Migración”. Notas COES de política pública Nº 1 /
Mayo 2017.
7. Doña-Reveco, C. 2016. El Acuerdo de Residencia y el Acceso a Derechos de los Migrantes: El
caso de Chile. Research Report for the International Organization for Migration, Southern Cone
Regional Office.
8. Doña-Reveco, C. 2014. Migração internacional e integração regional: o caso da América do Sul.
PONTES Informações e análises sobre comércio e desenvolvimento sustentável 10(10):9-12.
9. Doña-Reveco, C. & A. Levinson. June 2012. Chile: A Growing Destination Country in Search of
a Coherent Approach to Migration; Country Profile, Migration Policy Institute.
Doña-Reveco, C. 2009. “Book Review of Arriarán, Pablo. 2008. Visions from finis terræ: Chilean
voices in the United States.” Delaware Review of Latin American Studies, 10 (1).
Selected Relevant Grant Support
Grants and External Funding
“Latino Railroad Workers in the Midwest. An Oral History Project” 2021
Futuro Latino Fund, Omaha Community Foundation.
Collaboration with Union Pacific Railroad Museum
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“Voces of a Pandemic. Narratives of Latino Experiences during COVID-19” 2021

Center for the Studies of the Great Plains. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Co-PI: Dr. Isabelle Belauygue, UNO.
“Crisis and Culture of Fear among Latino Communities in the Midwest” 2020 – 2021
Inter-University Program for Latino Research.
Co-PI: Dr. Christian Abreu, Ctr. for Latino & Latin American Studies, Northern
Illinois University.
“Characteristics and Conditions of Aging Latino Population in Omaha” 2018
Omaha Community Foundation.
“Legal Aid Access by Migrant Agricultural Workers” 2018
Legal Aid of Nebraska.
“OLLAS Observatory of Latinos/as in Nebraska” 2018 – 2020
Sherwood Foundation.
“Migraciones y deporte en Chile. Caracterización e impacto de la actividad física y 2017
el deporte en la población migrante”.
Fondeporte 1700120210
Co-PI/Consultant with Katalejo Investigaciones Sociales (Cristóbal Feller, PI).
“Acuerdo sobre Residencia Mercosur y el Acceso Regional a Derechos”. Chile. 2016
International Organization for Migration, Southern Cone Regional Office.
“Globalización Neoliberal, transformación social y migración internacional: 2015 – 2017
Migrantes estadounidenses y españoles en Chile”
CONICYT+PAI/Concurso Nacional Apoyo al Retorno de Investigadores/as
desde el Extranjero, Convocatoria 2014+82140058; CONICYT Chile.
“The Process of International Migration: Biography, History and their intersections 2008
with social structures” Pre-dissertation Research in Chile.
Tinker Field Research Grant
Fulbright-CONICYT Fellowship for Doctoral Studies in the United States 2005 – 2009
Research Fellowship: Towards a Characterization of Chilean Social Structure. 2001
Ford Foundation-Universidad de Chile, 2001
Intramural Research Funding
“Crisis and Culture of Fear among Latino Communities in the Midwest.” 2021
Goldstein Center for Human Rights, University of Nebraska at Omaha
“Migrantes durante la pandemia. La inmovilidad en los márgenes de la inclusión” 2021
MiniCoes 2020, Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies.
PI Dr. Carolina Stefoni
“Community and Network Responses for Assisting Mobile Vulnerable Populations” 2020 – 2021
College of Public Affairs and Community Service and College of Arts and
Sciences, University of Nebraska at Omaha.
Co-PIs: Teresa Kulig & Dr. Laura Alexander.
“The Community effects of Immigration Enforcement in the Midwest” 2020 – 2021
Goldstein Center for Human Rights, University of Nebraska at Omaha
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PI Dr. Lissette Aliaga-Linares

“Human Mobility and Emergency Management in Latin America and Nebraska” 2020 – 2023
UCRCA, Research Development Program, University of Nebraska at Omaha.
PI Dr. Thomas Jamieson
“Exploratory Analysis of Refugee Resettlement & Community Services in the State 2019 – 2020
of Nebraska and Refugee-Related Initiatives in the NU System”
Goldstein Center for Human Rights, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Co-PI Dr. Laura Alexander
“Nor Any Drop to Drink.” Screening and discussion with Director Dr. Cedric Taylor. 2018
Goldstein Center for Human Rights, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Co-PI Dr. Kelly MacArthur
“Violence at Origins of Venezuelan Exodus: Venezuelan Migration to Chile and the 2018
United States”
Goldstein Center for Human Rights, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Co-PI Dr. Lourdes Gouveia
“Course Development: International Migration, Mobility, and Human Rights” 2018
Goldstein Center for Human Rights, University of Nebraska at Omaha
“La violencia en la conformación del éxodo y la integración de comunidades 2017
migrantes venezolanas: Los casos de Chile y Estados Unidos”
MiniCoes 2017, Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies.
“Los inmigrantes como votantes: Participación política de inmigrantes recientes en 2017
comunas seleccionadas del Gran Santiago”
MiniCoes 2016, Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies.
Summer Research Grants. Depts. of Sociology; History, & Graduate School. 2009, 2010 &
Michigan State University 2012
Jay Artis Endowment Fund for Graduate Study in Sociology 2011
Department of Sociology, Michigan State University
RCAH Graduate Teaching Fellowship. 2010
Residential College in Arts and Humanities. Michigan State University
Kenneth E. and Marie J. Corey Research Enhancement Award. 2010
College of Social Sciences. Michigan State University
Julian Samora Endowment Scholarship. 2010
Julian Samora Research Institute. Michigan State University
Research Enhancement Award for Research in Chile. 2009
Graduate School. Michigan State University
Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Teaching Fellowship Program. 2009
James Madison College. Michigan State University
Honors and Awards
All-University Excellence in Teaching Award 2011
Michigan State University
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Rockefeller Graduate Student Travel Award and Charles and Louise Tilly Graduate 2007-2009 &
Student Travel Award. 2011
Social Science History Association
BARSA Scholarship 2005 – 2007
Institute of International Education
Conference Presentations (since 2016)
1. Doña-Reveco, C. & I. Beulaygue. 2021. “Narratives of Latino Experiences during COVID-19. A
Preliminary Analysis.” Cambio de Colores Conference (Online).
2. Doña-Reveco, C. 2021. Roundtable Intercambio de conocimiento acerca de la migración
venezolana – lecciones de otras migraciones, tiempos y contextos. Latin American Studies
Association Conference, Online.
3. Doña-Reveco, C. 2021. Workshop Dangerous Times to be a Child Immigrant Youth and their
Families in the Age of Trump. Latin American Studies Association Conference, Online.
4. Doña-Reveco, C. 2021. Y lo tremendo es llegar a Chile e ir a un cementerio y ver en una lápida el
nombre de tu mamá. Memoria y visitas temporales de dxiliados a Chile. Research Committee
session “Memory of Migrations and Diasporas.” IV ISA FORUM Porto Alegre.
5. Doña-Reveco, C. & V. Finn. 2021. What Influences Immigrant Voting? Integration and Voting
Practices Among Immigrants in Chile (with Victoria Finn). Research Committee session
“Immigrant Political Participation in the Global South.” IV ISA FORUM Porto Alegre.
6. Doña-Reveco, C. 2020. “Receiving Context and Policy Changes in the Transformation from
Emigration Country to an Immigration Country. The case of Chile”. Migration in the Americas”
Symposium. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. UW-Milwaukee
7. Doña-Reveco, C. 2020. ‘Migrant Invasions to the South American Tiger’: Newspaper Portrayals of
1990s Immigration to Chile.” American Sociological Association Conference (Virtual), San
Francisco, CA
8. Doña-Reveco, C. 2020. “Latino Seniors in Omaha: Between Silences and Invisibility”. Cambio de
Colores Conference (online).
9. Doña-Reveco, C. 2019. “The OLLAS Observatory of Latinas/os in Nebraska: A Tool for
Community Engaged Research”. North Central Council of Latino Americanists. Indianola, IA.
10. Doña-Reveco, C. & L. Reyes-Nuñez. 2019. “Latinos and Immigrants in Nebraska Press. First
Results of the OLLAS Observatory of Latinos in Nebraska” Cambio de Colores Conference,
Columbia, MO.
11. Doña-Reveco, C. & L. Gouveia. 2019. La violencia en la conformación del éxodo venezolano a
Chile. Latin American Studies Association Conference, Boston, EEUU.
12. Doña-Reveco, C. 2018. “Between Economic Exile and Lifestyle Migration: US and Spanish Expats
in Chile”. XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology.
13. Doña-Reveco, C.; N. Ramirez, & I. Puga. 2018. “Political Participation of Migrants and the
Question of Citizenship. The Case of Santiago, Chile.” XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology.
14. Doña-Reveco, C. & V. Finn 2018. “Emigrants’ Rights and Citizenship in South America: A Policy-
Based Exploratory Analysis.” Latin American Studies Association Conference, Barcelona.
Cristián Doña-Reveco Page 8

15. Doña-Reveco, C. & Y. Paviceciv. 2017. “Virtual Communities of Anglo and Spanish Migrants in
Chile: A Multiple Case Study”. American Sociological Association Conference, Toronto, Canadá.
16. Doña-Reveco, C. & G. Martínez. 2017. Memorias complejas de la migración de ultramar. XXIV
Jornadas de Estudios Migratorios, USACH, Chile.
17. Doña-Reveco, C.; V. Finn; & M. Feddersen. 2017. The South American Conferences on Migration:
A Regional Approach to Migration Governance. Conference The Dynamics of Regional Migration
Governance, 25-26 May 2017, European University Institute, Florence
18. Doña-Reveco, C. & C. Moya. 2017. Migración calificada y distribución espacial de los migrantes
en la Región Metropolitana. Latin American Studies Association Conference, Lima, Perú.
19. Doña-Reveco, C. 2016. Migración y estructura social en Chile. Conferencia COES-LSE 2016.
20. Doña-Reveco, C. 2016. ¿Es Chile un país del Norte Global o del Sur Global en términos
migratorios? 9º Congreso Chileno de Sociología. Chile.
21. Doña-Reveco, C. 2016. National Identity, Racialization, and Criminalization: Chilean Carabineros
and Recent Regional Migration. American Sociological Association Conference, Seattle, Wa.
22. Doña-Reveco, C. 2016. Globalización Neoliberal, transformación social y migración internacional:
Migrantes estadounidenses y españoles en Chile. Avances de una investigación. Latin American
Studies Association Conference, New York.
Session organized, chaired, or discussant (since 2016)
1. Panel Discussant “Inmigración venezolana y crisis humanitaria en Iberoamérica y USA.” Latin
American Studies Association Conference, Online. 2021.
2. Panel Discussant “Venezuelan Migration in a Time of Crisis – Part 2.” Latin American Studies
Association Conference, Online. 2021
3. Session organizer “Immigrant Political Participation in the Global South.” IV ISA FORUM Porto
Alegre. 2021.
4. Workshop organizer. “Interregional Collaborations of Latin American Studies & Related Centers”.
Center Directors Section. Latin American Studies Association. July 20 & 31, 2020.
5. Sesion co-organized with Dr. Feline Freier. “Migración internacional venezolana en las Américas:
Orígenes y Desafíos” (two panels). Latin American Studies Association Conference, Boston. 2019
6. Session organizer “Migración internacional y Ciudad”. Latin American Studies Association
Conference, Lima, Perú. 2017
7. Session organizer “Migración internacional reciente y desigualdad en Chile”. Conferencia COES-
LSE. Santiago, Chile. 2016
8. Session organizer “Migración Internacional en Chile a 20 años del “boom”: nuevos temas, nuevos
desafíos.” Latin American Studies Association Conference, NY. 2016
Teaching and Research Interests
International Migration 20th Century History and Recent History
Latin America and Caribbean Studies Populations Studies
Comparative / Historical Sociology Collective and Social Memory
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Courses Regularly Taught at UNO*

SOC 4250: Latin American Migrations
SOC 3950: Latin American Sociology
LLS 4990: Senior Capstone
*Courses taught at other institutions or not regularly taught available upon request.
Additional Education
Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Sets, American Sociological Association, 2016
Oral History Institute, Ohio Humanities Council and Kenyon College, 2010
IPUMS and GIS Summer Workshops, Minnesota Population Center, 2007
Curso de Formación para Diplomáticos, Academia Diplomática Andrés Bello, Ministerio de Relaciones
Exteriores-Chile, 2002-2003 (withdrawn)
Graduate Diploma: “Regional Integration and Cooperation Processes,” Instituto de Estudios
Internacionales, Universidad de Chile, 2000
Invited Lectures & Presentations (since 2017)
1. “La emigración en América Latina: discursos intergubernamentales y legislación”. Panel
Presentación del libro: Políticas y reformas migratorias en América Latina: Un estudio comparado.
CER-Migracions, Barcelona, Spain. March 3, 2021.
2. “Inmigración, Participación política y Ciudadanía precaria”. Panel Reconfiguraciones de la
participación política en contextos de exclusión. Instituto de Estudios Avanzados, Universidad de
Santiago, Chile. October 2, 2020.
3. “Is the future of technology Latino? Diversity in technology careers.” Heartland Developers
Conference. September 24, 2020
4. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cultural Fusion, Appropriation, and Colonialism. Panel discussion
on decolonizing the classroom and community. Nebraska Wesleyan University. February 21, 2020
5. Human Rights Forum & OLLAS Charla. “Protests and Change in Venezuela and Beyond: Current
Human Rights Issues in Latin America.” With Dr. Brett Kyle. Feb. 11, 2020
6. “Specters of Migration”. Panel Drawing Memories of Home: Documenting Stories of Migration
Across Generations. Goldstein Center for Human Rights, UNO. Sept. 19, 2019
7. “Access to Legal Aid by Agricultural Workers: Challenges, Opportunities, and Actions”. USDA-
NASS Nebraska Office, Latin American Heritage Event. Sept. 18, 2019
8. OLLAS Charla. “Latinos and Immigrants in Nebraska Press. First Results of the OLLAS Observatory
of Latinos in Nebraska”. Co-presenter Lizet Reyes-Nuñez. UNO. 2019
9. Panel: “Racial Equity: Closing the Wage Gap”. Young Professionals Council, The Greater Omaha
Chamber of Commerce and Metro Young Latino Professionals Association, Omaha, NE. 2019
10. Human Rights Forum. “Birthright Citizenship in the Americas.” With Dr. Danielle Battisti & Dr.
Laura Alexander. Leonard and Shirley Goldstein Center for Human Rights. Feb. 12, 2019.
11. OLLAS Charla. Political Reordering in Latin America. Roundtable with Dr. Brett Kyle & Dr. Maria
Arbelaez. Sept. 18, 2018.
12. “Contemporary Global Migrations: Causes, Crisis, and Possible Futures”. Expand Your Horizons,
Social Justice Committee, Notre Dame Sisters, Omaha, NE. 2018
Cristián Doña-Reveco Page 10

13. “Why it’s unsafe to return”. Journey for Justice TPS Bus Tour, Omaha Together One Community
(OTOC), Omaha, NE. 2018
14. “International Migration. From Global to Local”. Human Resource Assoc. of the Midlands. Omaha,
NE. 2018
15. “Root Causes of Current Migration Crisis”. OTOC & Institute for Public Leadership (IPL). Omaha,
NE. 2018
16. “International Migration. From Global to Local”. 5th Annual Critical Issues Forum. Our Nebraska:
Toward an Understanding of Our Nebraska: Toward an Understanding of Our Nebraska: Toward an
Understanding of Immigration, Poverty and Social Inclusion. Department of Educational
Administration. University of Nebraska – Lincoln. 2018
17. Desafíos y nuevos temas de la investigación en Migración en Chile. II Jornada Pedagogías en Disputa
¿Cómo desmantelar las jerarquías de género y raza en la sala de clases? Universidad Diego Portales,
Santiago, Chile. 2017
18. Movimientos Migratorios en Chile. Keynote Presentation. Diplomado en Migración, Integración y
Diversidad Cultural. Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago, Chile. 2017
19. “El efecto Trump. El papel de los inmigrantes en la política”. Panel “El Efecto Donald Trump”.
Núcleo en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades, Universidad de la Frontera, Chile. 2017
Blogs and Media Contributions
− Beyond the Responsibility to Protect: The US and Central American Immigration. Cristián Doña
Reveco, Alternate Currents Blog, Amplify Arts, 23 November 2020.
− “Un desastre, total, total, total”. La política migratoria vista por los migrantes venezolanos.
Cristián Doña-Reveco and Lourdes Gouveia, Observatorio de Desigualdades, June 2019
− Agricultural Workers in the Nebraska Press. Cristián Doña-Reveco and Daniela González,
OLLAS’ Blog, December 2018.
− ¿Puede Chile volver a ser un país de emigración? Javiera Rivas Reyes, Alejandra Zuleta
Buschmann, Cristián Doña Reveco, Observatorio de Desigualdades, November 2018
− Legalidad y humanidad en la migración internacional y el refugio. Cristián Doña Reveco, COES,
July 2018
− Migración y Deporte: Las desventajas de la integración. Cristián Doña Reveco, Cristóbal Feller V.,
Pablo Alvarado A. e Iñigo García P. Observatorio de Desigualdades, May 2018
− ¿Por qué votan los inmigrantes? Participación electoral e integración entre migrantes en Chile.
Cristian Doña-Reveco y Pablo Sotomayor, Observatorio de Desigualdades, December 2017
− Migración, ciudad y desigualdad en el Gran Santiago. Cristian Doña-Reveco y Cristóbal Moya,
Observatorio de Desigualdades, October 2017
− Educación y aceptación de inmigrantes. Juan Esteban Fernández, Javiera Quijada y Cristián Doña-
Reveco, Observatorio de Desigualdades, May 2017
Media contributions
− Opinion on How Big a Change is Chile’s New Migration Policy? Latin American Advisor April 23,
Cristián Doña-Reveco Page 11

− Reportaje Especial Cruzando a la Esperanza. Opinion for Revista Sur. September 2020.
− Human Migration in the Americas. Humanity The Podcast. November 13, 2019
− Haitian Migration in Chile. Interview with Latino Media Collective. Abril 5, 2019
− Chile Takes an Anti-Immigrant Turn With ‘Humanitarian Flights’. Interview with World Politics
Review. December 2018.
− El Pacto Global sobre Migraciones ¿qué más podemos decir?, La Tercera (Chile). Dec. 14, 2018
− El Pacto Global sobre migraciones y la pos-verdad, La Tercera (Chile). December 7, 2018
− ¿Cómo entender la masificación de Halloween en la cultura chilena?, La Tercera (Chile). Oct. 31,
− Columna de Migración: ¿Es necesario que los médicos extranjeros rindan un examen de
conocimientos para poder ejercer?, La Tercera (Chile). July 23, 2018
− Ni muros ni leyes detienen la migración. El Mercurio de Valparaíso (Chile). August 28, 2017
− Agnotología, Cambios Demográficos, Antivacunas y Migrantes. La Nación (Chile). August 9, 2017
− La Disputa por el Lenguaje. La Tercera (Chile). July 27, 2017
− Migración y Crimen. La Segunda (Chile). February 24, 2016
Interviews and Media Citations
− Chilean media: La Tercera, La Nación, Economía y Negocios, El Dínamo, El Mercurio, 24 Horas, El
Mercurio de Valparaíso, El Mostrador, La Red (TV), Tele13 (Radio), Radio Futuro (Radio), Radio
Cooperativa (Radio), Radio Universidad de Chile (Radio), and ADN Radio (Radio).
− International Media: Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Bloomberg, América Economía, IRIS,
Univisión, and US News.
*Links and full articles available on my website soon
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