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Perspective &: History

Placing images on the human body is hardly
a new' craft, but the recent popularity of tattoo art seems to have reached critical mass. You can barely turn on the television, open up a magazine or view a stranger's ann without seeing evi-

deuce of this trend.While th art has earned rhe a,cceptance of the public and adoration of InaI~y it is a form of artistic and ritual illustration rhar has survived t01: thousands of years, SOI.ne historians point ('0 a. period that may

One of the nzal1ycoimfiti tattoos you1l set! :t'tlustratcd in this book this pisto! andjlow{!r tlrrangrfHU!nt has hem pla.{;,e.din a su.btle location.


The word tattoo. do. there be those who stand against it.have been ~ ~ar back as 12000 Be when the fil's.ving two uomen wetiring sanoos in IDe ~lUne i'oom mi:at h. Fast £orward to tbe lareer pan of the 17005 and we find Captain Cook making his journeys toO the south Pacmfi.ead of an .1l nak.r the Norman Invasion of ] 0. Many rimes) sin~.lO.ruse of ink-on skin was seen" The record books aJ€ a.1Jt been quite Tare. After one of his sojourns he 7 . Mter existing and thriving for tho usands of yea rs.€_:ady civilizatlons used this technique to mark the flesh. and the Danes and Saxons were alnong those who had family crests tattooed onto their flesh .. a Dayak soldier would receive a tattoo. western cui rure would 11at see tattoo an again until after the 16th century.c"and returning with tales of illustrated people. Pollack han.66. early tattoos were EO used to imt1j. is takEn from the Tahieian word "tatu. 'which n1C. 787 AD saw the 'w~n A ni~ofpmud td. bit . Western culture also used tattoos to highlight a variety of classes.fate ~ person's: status. the same After As ifgetting tattoo u}or:kwasn't strar~ge . use' inks co mark human He h'l and the practice traveled to China as early 00 Tattoos were used by the Greeks to show the pmHciency of their spies) whilethe Romans illustrated their slavesand criminals.ing.ed man takingrhe h.. Of course with any popular trend. and Britains use ~'ould cease afte.}nS mark something. on his hand to illustrate his prowess as awarrior.eedle work must haue bean .opponent. single men and the married WtUl1€ID wore ink to.dtel:lChy that far back} but there is evidence many .a. drill Ieve] or availabilitYa6 a mate.'ugh in the do the n. n~.e1.e women of other [aces wore ink to indicate their availability (0. of tattoos hail from Pope Hadrian.'l~ and ha.ttO(t recipients POSt!:> to show off lbdr .J" Rich "Tyro') Polldck 1930s. The Egyptian people were some of [he flrst as 2000 B(~. hav.a real oddzt.

. brought home a Polynesian native who was heav- ily and this seemed to re-ignite people's desire to get '[heir own. B.Although completed in typicaUy ..own tattoo may have been back then. loved one or their combat unit .J 'S.S. .i.{D '.a~·dlyconsidered something for a proper woman to V.."h'. The only people thought to he desjring such a thing were criminals and thugs.UOt really the case. Soldiers heading overseas to do battle in the Korean) or European.. showing.tstor]' ··. This revelationmade the prooess far less painful as wdl as providing greater control ofrhe ink when held in skilled hands. This was . Although sailors getting tattoos 'Wits not U'1'lUflJIl~ . the process was nowhere near as fast or comfortable as coday's work" With a hand-formed needle being 'tapped by hand into the skin) the process was arduous and quite painfuL Taking electric pen at due from Thomas Edison's mar 'was used to mark paper pat~ terns. overall the art form once again became some- thing of a black art. the work done.rougt _Iifei . Betty Brodbenr earn...S prohdbly a b.ed a place in duri h' . their dedication to a.As OrIC'of the main attractions in the' Ringling B:rO'thers circus.'. People wanting to have . e 191. but the stereotype gJrew. As popular as her pa.itlJjf thl!beaten path.euy Brodbenr was the "tatd h irein tooe dladv" anc rna de h way' tho . rsc h'.J1ro J~l::l/'r'--k' . Samuel O'Reily patented the first electric: tattoo machine in 1891.having . As ineriguing as having. conflict often wore art do.Rich "Pyre" Pollack .er [he fie·ak show of Ringling Brothel's Circus in the 19305. more discreet when having..The birth of 'the 1900s saw tattoos faU into 'the dark: shadcwsagain.f}'O-'~ R:. their ..a iooman do the w()rle W{f. Of course one needed to be discreet 'when making "this decision and even tattooed..ouacs {.urzng t.rt of the show was) it was h.one added ro their skin needed to travel to the seedy underbelly of the dty to find an artist.a y .

. Anyone curious about the P'f'0CrtsS hoping 130 learn more about those iJlVo~ved.'..ryro R~l'l .. The tattoo an may be somewhat muddled by the required on-screen drama of eadl ep]sode. and we find the art of tatroos once again becoming a hugtly popular method of displaying your 1 own p:e:rsona[colors. r~'~ <1'# ~~~t..-need only turn on the television) or vi8'iu their lacru news stand.4.. Even r li Jlf W:3S known for his reclusive life s. A variety of lprograms that chronicle some of tadar's most limcms artists can be Vc~ewed 011 any given nigh of dle week. Semue] 01?ei~pqtentf1d the first electric tatt'()() machine in 9 ..providedt daHy reminder of whar they were proud of.'L w'oman is state d Ofl. tattoos once aJgaill found themselves 'being pushed into rhe dank!.rrJe.d·t. t:bese bits 'Of hand 'crafted art .. judging by the dirty sill that .1..ough he~foJly clad for this tattoo."h'tr papel' pattel ns..ym. dark shadows of American culture. George Fosdick was one of the most celebrafedinkmasters Though Georg~ died in IM6. ouace j~ lh'(}ma&Edisoris electric b ... but they reveal one level of the modem tattoo arena.·.. '.simple"fQ..op looks to be less tha~nsterile.nd lives on todayin the hist-ory boob [nd tales 'Of yesteryear .....' 'u'. After~the'Second World. m ark o ... R· h' ' . Past forwa.. War ended. his ~ege.Jt: . ~(D .rd 'to the newmillennium. 1891. bis sh." 7ftjti~'ga cLuefi~om t Alth.

Once insidevrhey could visitwith almost 60 . or rears:) .the b:aicon).t. There appears to 'be no limit to the. and...:}."""" 17w1 main jZc)'or'of'the Hell City 1k. _. depravitY' of some of the artistsv Not everyone is happy with . 'c' ~ 1 I:.en.different tattoo anises f:1"ol1'1 across the country~ Many people waited months.Columbus" Ohio~ was action paclud with v'tnrlofJ' of flit stripes. '~'llk' ng the aisles of artists.for their opportunity to be inked by theiat' favorite out-of-state anis.a smiley-face tattoo" Even the decor of the site was taken fron) carnivals of the past..0f [ili1''''' a "_" hundreds that criss-cross the country each year.•. Ohio and was . Ito visit '" co rive nrion .IF' -_ -_ .expec ed to draw near . Festiv.while others were forced to stand by and 'watch.\ real sense of 'what can be achieved once you've decided eo get some work done. vendors and related craftsmen gives you .vays to expose yourself to the universe of tattoo artists is.. dare I say. tests. ··. Iy 8000 people through the doors .ttoo Festiv4~ held in . creativity iI. '.. wLh colorful banners hawking the circus enterrainers in their finest display of oddity.9.aI is rated as one of the best by critics and tattoo fans alike.J.One of [he best and most effici. the H.I. as time was Iimited. The 2006 event 'was heid in Columbus. .~ . With the main jl(}orparkeil additionalartist: lJnd vendors could bejinmdo1l .dl City Tattoo. . Tattoo con .. educational seminars and filUll i-media displays are' all ~1part of the show) and 'make it aworthy event for anyonewith curiosity about the craft. O1Jerlool?i11g the main floor: to .

. 11 . This C/}lorfolmacaw was created'in Horida and is just one of the many styles of'ink youZljiru:! in this book.lid their 5 tli have annual spectacular set for August ~f 2007 in PhO~I::IiK~Arizona.and do.the Hell Cit). ::J. Chns Sablone [0 and DJ!l rb Morrison are the gende:111enwhoput on the shQw. including the Hock City section for th€' kids.The three day event indudes a variety of things sse . Festiual was this 1tUlrgay cat arttoo rk.J. rhetattoo has been scorned and mdo'[. As history has proven.ed by many~ bu t remains a popular choice for those wanting '[0 wear their eolers permanently Created on-site at .

are covered in trophies} plaques and awards from shows and magazines. and an image offiu:k Nicholson fm. an in both high schcol and college.Larry sketched (jut then put to skin this highly detailed black andgraJ1 piec« 12 . they just weren't respected in the industry.Wlth Halloween a strtrngjactor. His work has become well With a well earned reputatio» as a tattoo artist: whO' works in the horror field Larrys latest .Larry Brogan Tattoo City With hisinterest in art beginning at a very young agel peopleknew that Larry Brogan would follow some path in that arena.impimr cion).0PI Tattoo City. and went on to begin doing tattoos over 16 yeatrs ago.. He studied. While he h~ 'his portfolio walking around on the streets" the in-store awards are one '\vay for a person WI gauge' his success. and the: walls of bi~ Sb. sure which Of ie...effort was to create a ~'7eafmar/~ characterfor his client.

e process would be when were1\10 &1@i~~liS mn the finished.ilmtrrJ:1eDS'ion.I uked what Ith.s.I:&& ] .m.. with the-shrupness ofthe selected 7 mag me_edll~ 8€lrs. bit lighter for No bla~ @uttJiilJ:i1e was used on the face . and 'lms~.nges in the process be used. -L' . tIh_(S~ ..hvqr used a! disposable tube for 13 ma!~fi. nil this beiiRS mae fir.t blackand gray piece ...only shadingand contours define ~brat~~I!:!Eion.mki.""". h: was 00 ifJ«' a ~la9!k and g. . Larry needles 001 ~t2Irk.' nooxe _.pi<11 a~iJil~. tattoo.djwo6able tubes when traveling a'S'a W~f '00 (keep his flying weight down. jew}i:¢ sawstbal: even rhe factory-sealed.~dlook of the leaf man's would re~l!li~ lIJine facial.e~ml'€ because he was running of (h~ sooe~ Fi. A few fina] Findi.Larry to create a "leaf mad" next bit &f lFl~. putJvin~.tatry ~ketdted up the illustrarion.tb sa:ape of the faoe quickly rakes n After a few minor chan~es to the skt.· a big Nilil :ij{ the Halloween season" had inSJJrnM(~d.0Sl1! would be a. drag homea bunch 0 fused n tQ tJJr0:r~. . Larry used the grimacing focial fiatures asa guide when drawing his own illustration.e 1e\t~®d the drawing. fe\\" of the upper leaves A gtt an &tttliwlt. Oncefranlbi:e~s leg was prepped. _~lIl'~A IlU1. tral1rsferreiiti1le: image 'to his skin.. av.. this basic drawing shows us his..a.estar's grimacing face. eriginal sketch as well as at of. Now seated' in-the chair" Larry . a lot of paint :and resultingin a lower quality 't~tlil if aft.tlU~ L~ nave bent or U'L k d" nps.. abiliry to erein a {In.'reps the area to be' ink:ed by wiping it doton with ctctl1'tsing soap prior to shaving the' calf 13 . up a felt 19 "en eompleredthe required lines ::end Ltiry was ready to get [0 work.the .and i:IIhtsu:uion.ng this image on the internet.r the needle work. ith a GGj'" d 6u. uses.e needle [0 the skin. if only [0 set it a..h~11it comes to (he actual Fm. he always .ilRle'S.he loads them into [he ma. ill higllfeclide6nirion._W~~..jing one taken from a popular movie.m"1!~lill~S Qf the hardware through a. ~ m1S)vi. features to be darker tl\e U~weFl1fiJ. 'Walking from some refer~'"J. II.ts the size andplacement on Fr_a1'lk-ie~ l~g.es ~ that can carry the bigger set.part f~om..h.Fl~""~ ~"UjIU""" !'l!'''&Ii'''~ inci1JJ. Beginning around the lips. and shaved.al form. but this is only of the ke0elrg W.a&il!i"l. and after a 1 SlllggsS1ilDllS they selectedthe proper locahi's 10wef l~ :fO.ray piece" and ] wonhl)w l!bfement . The layen.tch) Larry tes.

lded trI:tJ holds .htl hlack ink in 'place tIS well as the thinner shades of gray that will be employed dari'n.adedintO th~~.refolly tollflilti up the' shadow! tu~d shapes..(). Larry spends a few minute: making sure .aper removed we can see the ink blue lin:es that w_i Ii guide' L.egun work artJund . Lan.e .. 14 .to see' before getting started A 7 mag set b.e 'w:()'rk.trllnsj--er p.ccd using only 2' needle sets" and' each is pre-lo. has b.egins the basic work .a.gh the process.every line of the piece is ens)!.g th.tttlining will be done due to th. own machine before the process b.oj. This blat~k'and gt:ay tattoo willlNt pro:du.me piece~ lh_'f very little' . ••• • ' A mt).throu.that .en to .egins.e bittd' and gray emoork that is scheduled.rry .tn.egrinning .With th. and uses a filt tip p.moiJpoj the leaf man and shades each area ctl.add missing lengths of line.

rtq1.~arly 3~dimensional fo rm as he p £0)]'jlf! eups of ink were .of density.ced areas~ltr~li nearly pure: black to make them appeal' as bad~Wf'areas among the highly detailed.fH led with a pure ~.zi~ at) see Larry work: his magic using onmy shaH @J Mack.~ in . I was surprised to watch as the rattiiOOllQMe to Hfewn ever-expanding derail. tinues to apply small sections of black andgray ink.Larry left room for the next lnstallarioo bich wiU be an evil jack-o-lanrern that will WJ1J1ef on Frankie's calf required. 'Q.nstlJI!€~1 lea. His eye £0[0 detail was 2S[OUD~n.t4lILMrn..tJe between the leaves of this mythical creature. wedted.JlII'IIOU'i'll':l \Vh~IDIwJ.p'e away the excess. behad bteJnready for whatever level of pain might oaol[i..g~.ud that wou~d tell him mor-e clearlywhat n_m 00 lJe addressed. H villgl~aliAedabout eight tattoos ago not to ask qu..lfwhy something was being done. avoid turning any area into a refb~a€k. As they say on TV" don't try thisat !i bomt.with such clarity and detail. Ail I toldhim during thework I'd be happy to be able to am.] he as saw and added small bits that did- ~Eehe guide lines. only sq'UirDlim~ ·.. iPranki. were taken during' the' prooess.lil'~f. tali.steadily. it was ama. let alone translate It in~m rattoo. Sm·all sections of ink were J. and the piece grew in progrnss.e£slup e and contour tills place 81aw1yas to. Small details (In' added as thetedioIls prOtess moves along..!)rkil)g in the black and gray ..e~s iscomfort seemed to be highd ~ tdlera~ £ro'f about 950/0 of the work.tstiml~s.exposi'ng mare and mor« of the epidural IS . 40 "rutimre the depth. him to change ruts posi [ion often so Larry could reach every me pJI~e:nt rut eeen i&l1lalll be required. The size of the art and to /IeG.J.vlng behind a subtle shape that would imm'i n. Every once in av hj).._~m:um certain sections of the calf were darlrem:ed.aUhe said rhar other pieces he 'wears WeJl Holding the leg meat of Frankie' tllught~ Larry CQn . Lany Even lacking tbe usual black outline we can quickly see the 3-dim'ensi..o'n effects of Larry} ink work. When placing the 'transfer onrr0hj~l~". out the ltl!t~ W0rk still progressed quickly and the tartoo c00kfJil mere life with ev:ery passing siting' of th netdlts.. Given this Jimit..s:~ie..M()t being a beginner at geu~ ng new ink. he would wipe the work dean to reveal his &'1' Wfl)rse. . ftlkw breaks..w. deffinilii@ll. and definition he also 6Ued in several well pb!.~J!l as: a few rhat were thinned-out with l cer: ~r dl€ gray in-between shades. . Lntefl$biy asdle continued to an the needles" place ihe ink mtd wi.

on~y OlH~ more Wa'J to gauge the talents ofa gifted artist fi:OlU [hose. his shop.eeyc$' willenh. b 16 .'S ack to review hisw()rk so fo}". but the imm~ diare ·effects:ofLarrys talented hands were obvious. During creation of this tattoo. Larry had to explain that he was hooked fur nearly 2 monrhsin adlvance. It woukitake another week to tell days for the piece to heal completely. several people came into. but in the end.(}rhs ting W'O[k:.The [a t eo0 required nearly seven hours inthe chair. The evil gri.. done. al] parties were very satisfied with the results.mac(J of the piece begins to talr'e shape as Larry $.. and the amount ofea:g~r di~nt~ that 'will b'e highlighted in a later step.ance the uacan« . This long lead time is .tep. who may s!t:Ulbe learning (he crafcBeeween rhe awards in.d th. Sadly-for them. waiting 00 receive his work it was obvious te me that Larry has earned alr0p spot in the crowded world oftattoo artists. or called the shop inquiring about get"" me Shiading ttroufl.

Subdt!tfJntoursq/ifitch leaf must be' built-up slowly to alJ(jUtm'ning (flO dark and appe.the wort? sa for reveals Larry~ pogrtJS (ff1:d gives: Frankie lzl)1'. b. 17 .ado'wyarea behind's(}. Anotbrl' ttcp baek foo.etween some of'the leeues will be much darker to enhance the depth of the piece.m .shades of black tIJ!lcl. USing the wider 13 ?nag needles" Larry turns the machine sidetiJll:Ysto create a zhin detail wi.me of the ft011:tat leaves will create more lift when the tattoo is complete.iejrespiu from the sringhtg ner!dle!.th the bigger irtstru'!lUtnt.gray. Thr il!tl'lles TIf1tlr the face will be done in d:arke1' An area it].a.while those toward the top of/hi piece toilt r~tJ(!Je into lighter levels. as blttck chmrps.ring lJniy The sh.

.d ha'1../r soon turn into amazing under the conirol of Larryls talcnte. art! The areas' of p'l!me . 1.'.Not sU"'C if'they leaves 0'.. 13 'l'JItag ne.pleted with long sweeps of tile needles win'ie S{l112e equire smaller r Again~ the large.'J.trded with a section of the fo€c .he m'outh.black will contrast n_ice6i agai'lft the lighte~ more detailed' sections oftbe .that seems to be almost phot()grttphic' in its detail" Certain areas a/the tattoo ere corn.~7J~ bu. l:{£(!d toftll ill a movements. det:ails Lanys .lds .w{)r/e~.~grne1Zt of the art.t Larry turns his attention to the fowlng lines .Jil!lebztr.efforts are' rtu)t..edle is bigge. Smudges of black i}.thtU surr()1-~nd t. s.8 .

o/the 13 1nag l'leedles one way or fllJtJihtR' allo'ws Lt1r1]~ crease a 'l!.Moping tDwan:ls tht.ariety of tine to widths.dg(!ofthe larger 13 mdg needle is used to create a thi'n line .r:cis 011. deMil Titnling. central regio''fl of the tattoo. ~ can now see the .qalfsm. Lany c.the width .agairl.of ink.()ntinlJc'S create eacb leaf in small steps for to t/~greatest r. fomy To my unt1'ained ~JeJ>the initial stepS' always look CJ"ttlil. bu: will quickly develop into terriflc Once .beginnhzg of'Larrys efforts to go' from dark to light leav:es as he movies upwa. The' ongoing detail WI) rk on the leajjl flCf! continues and we can see how Larry} carefit! steps have created a layered look on the flat stu/ace.the e. the tattoo" 19 .

20 Slowly we see the . Unlt'ke the lower leaues.blue guide lines being l"eplaced GJ the permanent ink.bits will be outlined in black so compensate for' their lighter shade when filled in. the upper . more . Making sure chlit the eyes of the leaf man stand out.black ink is used to define the sbadoios.of white inie' is used so highlight the vacant The leaves that' will be seen against the emptjl skbA are to be' outlined as wellfor better d~finiti(Jn. a layer. orbs.TO.ading and outlining' ensures that the upper leaues are set apa1~trom those lower on the f piece.augment and accentuate the lower sections. . U'iing bath sh.

.gfee~... 21 .arrl·f .s.I~.rent.· .s).~ never .bout la:ttt). . ·'Ofa'ft classes. f€u'~ of ~t as just that.htwe?· I was dra.t M'ind.shop~ r foun:d.i caters mote to.~.fJ Cif!j BOlJ.IF:tis.ts. s~htlQl and colh::~.and' ·t. we in 19'~4!~ hi~ .. j~n. I b~.l1).laC~tj. itl~ a big· di£fer~n"e ~tI!o1llgh) as rhey ..()fa. and.Sie~..Phe watts ana.m. .tamingi·n.'id.t see Mum cb."got~ farmaI' ·de. shc/i)c£ in L.u:C4UgOS and one 6)'l" pietdngs. the0ustom cltsip'e~.a.1f! tarcin&.:an:ging4n ihrat :tega. Tke .t.ies.aundd(). Whit/I imll'f!'ovwints do ypu see . have :3 other artists wot:king her€..ly talen:tedl artists" ar-e.ing tM..rt 'baikgr. Ylha.. atld Tl2'. crear~a in.citt FJ.a kid.d. my s own.bu t $tHl· create paintings and i'lhillstmtibns :@aMidle ·df th€ tateoo wo.n.in.ndust:ryt . t'()() i.prove the "X~y p'€QP.tgwh1ke'they smtdd:le a fu'a~hine-g1l!.se'Pttln:d -se'ction 'Of the busjn'es~ T ope:ned 'in 2'004.r'th· and'set hi"m apart froth many wi#hrh'e trophies ~nt! ~ward$'he' 'other .:F X6aI$ ake. etlr Tell us . .hight.on'for .i:n:g two women ki$~b.im.a?!tfllJ' 1(f/o.maahin¢s ~kem.:!:(!ttc. tbe· tat.(JtJJSt(Jm~ !ShtlWrfJom are cave~fd has WlJnfo. I wanted to open.this . ana w.r 'hi!.acnai I a:oil.selv~s're only· gLQxiije-d door a ·l!~H.even as' ..~. malE.2' tQ.i5td.dka ton. tlflJ.

Some foi.th.~leaves are nour .neaJing c()m.qM.er Leaves .addre:~$ed as [twry continues thl(? steps.. is Progress has been stead" but most of the upp.the' sh:ad£wlg lnag needle set.eccomplisJ.have )fe't to he filled' i~~ 1!vith the black lInd gray in!e'. .~iy lafge portions ()f.i'dt~.ed :using the foIl width of the 13 Sor1'U! l)f'.pletim'l. 22 .

23 .. making subtle additions tit evtfj'Slr.added distinction.he ttl.m place to plact.{:tu. wit}] . ~lladi.p.A flcIWier (Jutliue is now app lied to the upper edges ofthi iet( mans foliage for . t Bold use of the bLack ink will be wiped away leaving behind a gentle curse that accents the shape.ngof the t~pper gret!nery tak'(. Anor«rMlrge bllJtch of ink is thrown into the blend. The uppermost seC#OJJS of the leaues are now filled in with contours and shadows.tt()(}S'omplet£on drawing near. Only a few more leaves remain to befilled in) and will require tess time and attention thal'l th ...rest due to their lighter density.s shape as Larry mOclJi 'S.

we' are gettlngexcit.edges·(}f the leaves are darkened with additional ink b :lildi'F~gtheir intensity. With anI] 2 or 3 leaves left to be filled ill. Tbe contours of eat:h leaf diffol~ h-ri:nging added dimension and realism to the oterall tattoo. The previously outlined leaf designs an! now getting thei» share of'sh. The curving . each step taken by Larry leaues behind another whiff of tlN{ jin£S:/1ed piece.adowy detail 24 .Although subtle:.ed to view the completed work: U0rk begins on the lass of tbr1leafmans fleial foliage.

Here we can see most of·the·fi. (onto urs and shttding that have created a realistic tdtt().tVith t/j'e upper sect-ion.mttn ph!" e. now complete. ~~eve(dingthe details. 25 . and will soon be joined by an euiljack-o-lantern that Larry has ltb~eady draum up and integrated into the tayottt of the leaf.()~ even though it lacks any form of color: The backside of the piece is equally detailed.dettlils he fiefs 1'U!f. bmy Jftmds bad? to look for an)! additional..'Cl to be added.ont section.

Their trust is seldom if ever shattered as Cleenstechnical ability is on par with his creative As a fixture at Top No. he begins to visualize the work that will end up on the skin. 26 . «D'rIlS~spends his days installing pie.Top Notcll Tattoos 'Once Cleen has discussed the needs and thoughts of the client.tr:h Tattoos. Many that come: to him merely make a suggestion of what they're after and let his fertile imagination do the rest.the shop. Setting his pencil to paper allows him to put his thoughts into a visual format. With a canvas of skin that has already been decorated with other ink7 it seemed to make sense that hid let Cleen work his br_andof'magic on this piece.ngs on clients for .rci. giving the recipient something 'to approve before work begins.

he begins the pfooess. but it typicaliyd~J1mds Ofl hoio ornate the piece will be. and Cleen is clinical in hisarrangemenr of the required inks. the skin is shaved clean to provide the bestworking surface. 111 rhisexample.y be covered with artwork.. The 'WdUS ma. Preparation is a hIg part of the process.On. Cleen has created the illustration tha. of art.. fie-shape the curve ofthe skull for thebest result. Spraying the 'targe'['areawitb 'Green soap. When faoed with a blank canvas of skin. he sets into motion 'applying the shading required to bring depthto theart" Viewing this process reveals a.toftracing paper: 27 .ceeveryone is satisfied with the image:~it is n:amftrred onto a shee. His technique begjns by applying black ink the outline of the. Once rhe rools of rhe rrade have been set our. Unlike many other forms to Within the space of mayh'c 15 minuses.es a lot of grief Satisfied with theapplication of the black outline. Some of his Jtt:ljftak'es: days to c:om::Pletetheir desired art. Even this seemingly siInple task requires skin and an artistictouch. su btle yet distinct changewirh almose ~€~ybuzz of the machine . Top Notch goes through miles of paper towel and other sanitary supplies intheir que-SI to avoid infection. and the slightese due fhJl]n rhe client) he set's into acnon. The applicarion of a multitude of colorswill .illbe used for the tattoo. and changes win be made as he gets further into the tattoo. Much.t tlJ. piece. Certain changes can bemade later to the muoo)but doing them correctlythe first rime 5av. ofthis work is done with a baU point pen drawn directly on the skin. The simple black lines will provide Cleen with a basic guideHne. This smooth surface is then marked wich the heat nansfer layout created from. but: the :floors and counter tops are as neat as a pin. his initia] sketch. once this ink is applied) there's no going back tore-do your motions. he felt the lleed [0.skins . tools and working supplies.

tmdit .e art. ThiS: assures th'tlt the ima~e£5 the .begin.Cutting around the art.will be used to' place the outline .corre(ft dimensia n .til:in~ another copy is made. but thu time 1. This includes ho'sts.on:t1J the skin before the tattoo can . After milking a photo copy of th.n Jai(/ onto . 28 . cablr:s1md spray bottles.a..the locasio» to be inl?ed. it is the.for .tsingthermal fax paper.all th.e ·tr.tht! area receiving th. Top Notch .takes an extra measure rI cautio» and cooers .. with plastic to avoid tra:mfor of any' bodily fluids from one client to tht· nexs.f!'telatedfJ.

Preparing the mttchin(! for use requires inserting the
chosenneedle into the tuo'e, A 7 round needle' will be usedfor most of the work.

After spraying .the target area with ansi-bacterial Green SOtlP, the region is shaved dean.

If '}zo·ts,ec'U'f;et4the

needle .would vibrate .freely with.in the tube Ult!'h disastrou: results: A set ,of tubber bands, designed for this use, d()' thetritk'.

Carifidly aligning the bea: tr:ansftt; a final check for position and location can he made'.

.A 'Sh,r:e.t clean pllper towel is set down before' of
arranging a small quantity of moistttrizing com .. pormt/, used' to ,ke'lp th.e small cup's foam tipping. 'The' tr:ansfir is .then placed on the'skinan,d'gently



make a clean imprint of the outline,


cOlnplete the work, bur the selection and use seems to happen with littlerhyme or reason. 'Only after viewing the repeated choice of CQ,~0J\t
and techniques can we see the evil gf:nius of
Cleen coming to Hfe.,Some of his mo,(esapp~ to be quite random, but make more sense wi~h every passing motion. He also 'works in small areas :at a. rime, moving around to reduce distG'J!il"

Once the backingp'aper is remoued; we can Jet! the sketch which will become the road' ,map for the ink.

fort ro the tarrooee, Each time themachine touches the skin, a~ the mechanical buzz occurs, it locksas if only a small blocch of ink has been applied ..Once di€ excess is 'wiped Clwa.ywe can see the trausfonm:" don happening. Often times) repeated use of d!jf·

ferent hues and intensities are required to .ach]e~ the desired shape or color ..Working quickly b~~ steadily, the final contours come ro·life .. Blending ink colors to create the exact bu~ii

common with Cleens work) and the outcome makes his efforts become apparent. Even the smallest details, like the curvedteeth on this s1ml . receive numerous layers of colors to achieve th~


Filling one of the cups with black ink~ ,themachine is loaded with the color: To avoid prerntlmre drying,th,(! r:emaining colors 'will nat be poured until needed.

three-dimensional shape that comes from the multitude of mOEions. As] watch the ink being applied, I often wondered what end result would be for anyparticular region, Oinlyatt·er seeing the repeated use of colors and shapes am his work truly be appreciated.


Some sections ofthis piece only required a single color to .fill in the shape, but even this task is done in smaH sections, often adding a s,~ight1,
different shade to achieve

deeper leve~of tex,. rure and de(aiLWith this: tanoo being the fIrst I had. everexperienced in-process, the illeveJ. art of required made .my head hurt. ] had trouble s:ra:ringwithin the lines of a coloring book, and I used fairly sharp crayons to do the job, Severa] times in the p'Iocess) 1 'was certain that an areawas complete, Little did 1 know t'h~] Cleen still needed to add another touch of colQF here} or more contours there. Although done oW a" one-dimensional surface, the skull soon cook~11

,Ou,tiining the art is thefint 5tep"and requires a steady hand: 'The entire tramfer will need to be outtn4 i I L . (fore ' lluatt1()na wort< can . , . '. ". L ea _n ,b:f.UC~ ,b.·.~'£'·'· anyin»Il', '~" ···.t·'-,·· .. t: ca ·b- tgtn.

new levels ofderail

that made it appea.r to grow

from the skin. The glowing red burst that emanates from behind the growling skull hr.] Wl~

1iJ "educethe discomfort level for the client, Cleen

oJiPl movesfiom one area to another to spread the
setJJ1ttion a1'o'und:

With the black ,(Jutliru: complete, etten terns his attenti01:lS to filli1'lg in some of th.e black sections of
the tattoo.

Tbeprocess moves to the' upper edge a/the piece and

lrogress is swift.

Each buzz a/the machine lays down another segment of ink) leaving a beautiful contour behind.

11 r;{rntainerof hot water all()wsCleen to rinse the previous ink from the machine before beginning the

sh:ading andfilling.,

Cieen has a well-earned reputation for highly de,tailedtatt()t).s~ ,and thispiece will be no different. M£nltt1! sections of the art are filled' in as he moues
from one area to the next.


step'.me plan before starting each job allows Cleen to move around the site. a slz'ght~ brighter shade of blue is used to enhance the lower jaw oftbe skull .. random process.ed ~'e~. and his grasp for 'the technical aspects wa~ aU he needed to transform ordinary flesh into wo.. templates or friskers were uSled ro creare the image . although it was done somewhere in the middle ~ the entire job. A constant applicttt-i"on oj:moisturizing ointment helps to keep the skin: moist and recepm« to the colors bdng used. by-stefl images. another level of depth to the completed piece..WOrkingftom dark to light again" (1 small bit of Jark blue is .. Stepping to the next pbsse. . ing 'tattoos is selecting the proper voltage from the power supply~This \eve\ Qf 'pow'·e-r needs tl.. untrained eye r~ appearsro be.M. Patt of the technique used in appqr.l ~ adjusted to' meet with the section of skin in qu· tiornas w.The raw talent of the artist.. no masking. As we can see from viewing the.dl as the customers own special con:d . Cken sets out the uariou» ink colors abead of time.rk of art.. 'Having a fairly good ga. a. although to 'the.. . nons.t. .

.erce teeth tfA1tt{iom the' backgrou.itlonallight blu'(! is used to set the jl. needs.(J few more minor being used.blend! the hues to meet with his specific Although only a small amount a/ink has been tl_pplied we can now see the sh.he tattoo .Wi' a. Al/iJ. Ag/owing red backgy:(JtJ.apes and direcsion of t..tails are seen to.eflesh and is a great contrast to the cooler hues of the' primary art: 33 .k at hiJcommand Chm:rften .the colors Before changing ink colors again.foH c(Jmpliment of in.tive to . .king shape.> A ~ofiS't'4nq'application of m.nd.ndwill help to set the skull apart from th.t and r:eccp. de.o'isturizing ointmen t helps to ~eep the skin mois.ta.

increase in size. Some. 34 .applied to the ..from drying (Jut.ye. the white will be joined by mustardyellow and other hues to complete the. W0rking. ""- "--. . and so on . AU of these aspects must be considered when applying a successful tattoo. target.gh£s tothe skull.t. dental w(J'rk.To know this and to be able to properly apply the corresponding numbers is all a part of the craft. Of course certain portions of the body ate more responsive to stimuli. use only enough pressure on the needle to do the job. Thinner areas of flesh require Iower voltage than thicker segments.: while others remain unfazed by the stinging needle.ca. Having a client squirming around in pain makes for a difficwt As mentioned earlier.~ -. Cleen begins adding tiny spots of ink '00 add highH. The latest overall view begins to show us . Hke Cleen. As work draws to a close. Less experienced artists may use an excess of force" causing unnecessary pain to the client. Anorher bit of black art is in the touch of till artist.swi[t-/y. moisturizing ointment is continually . bringing new lifo to "the art.afficted area to keep things . These: miniscule e:ffolfls may 'be seen as..refoL~ we see the red area .the shape of things to come" but Cleen has only bl1gun his work. Adding sOfflebright:ness so the teeth.

achieved by . The gently sh.each other: 35 .With the tee'th nearlyftnished~ 'purple ink is: 'used to Jbegin cf.~'.aped' contours reveal . what Cleen has in store fo'" this bit of ski 12 ar. we get a better idea of Additional de.the overall .tion is .ed bit ofcrafomanship.clearly defi:ne:d' .than the las: s.tioti while the sharply .c()nfig~ ura.outli'n'ed deta.ils separate the ttoo aspectJjTom .adding darle ink rt#htJhadoW] porti(J'1'tsof thepiete.the skutldevcloping into a tMarf:y thrte-. JAdl:itional defini.every step completed.e skull tu:lt:l realism to tbe otherwise fontdfY' b(/S. M(}r..dim:eriSion form.t!ttting the fl~k'td-t-ongue.t.tep~ UN! can see . ~lh .tail work on the fissures and plates of th.

mi With several large areas leftt.the remaining ink 'we een see the delicate details left }. to b.Helping to hring more dep. When both Cleen . 36 . ~Ii~ Toy'pica1 healing time for '3. By wiping away . regjo1JS-.th and shap'c to' the dark. leaving behind a one-or-a-arne of art. hut clients: never complain about much detail.and the recip.lJ. and protects the vulnerable skin from .. at least when it hails from CI~en's Top Notch Tattoo..ie~~.o£i sandwich wrap will also ensure thatthe new~ inked section of skin holds the ointment in. fresh tattoo is about 10 days.o be fillet4 we now see eteen wing largeapplicatiom of cow.ehind.nd highlight the work. dark 'onlyworks due to the tra'nslucent nature of th.a . This will aid in the healing process. are satisfied 'with the results a heavy layer of moisturizing ointment is applied to the surfa~.bright hlue ink will diffus:e a.egin the final stages.e colors" allowing the sh:a'ftt£ beneath to ShlJ'W' through and add dimemi()n~ compulsive.exPOS. and alloWfOli the final piece to retain its intensity The Iayo . ink on. And' each layer ofcolor hrin_gsmore realism to the art. The use of light.

ehindan indelible marl: that helps so create shape and contour: ..w·J ~f.euse of light ink' on top tldark will leave' b..skilled application of ink.ff).rue .. The larger areas co'ntinue so befilled in with ink.1.Mii'ition4i sections that had remJ. Some of the w()rk is so sub. but a closer look reveals the efforts. t t li/e det-ails.o.W!ith a:nother section lzppli'ed and wiped away we ~e..ined untouched are ~w treated to the ..tle it makes it difficult to see theeffict" of each application. 37 .. leaving nQ~a slJuareinch untapped. filling in: the blanks and i(iAlf. witness to the resulting detail Again~ t-h. and will be enhanced ~y the use of details later. 'he {BPller ortion of the skull is nota the recipient of' p ~er sections of ink.

step now s.t white to .3.the butcher shop> the area is then wrapped in cellophane and sealed to' ensure .edunda.J1 su hue insertions can aaa 1tp.ealism to the'pir.ed piece flrings . Much lik.hows us how th.. ti~J 1forts into focus..' t: .bleeding has been stanched.e use oj.aU t?fthe r.these . What often.ith a heavy layer of maisturizing ointmen: to help aid in healing.bri"ng some . seemed like a its return to normal.. . .any minor .ea flesh cut of meas /rom .nt .the fi:nish.'With the subject heing a human skui4 there' needs to be some' sections that arealmt)s.ture~ Some of the last ink to be appLied is that of the white flm~~ In·i'-lzginghe final hits of dimension and t detail to the piece~ Once .added r.that the' brigh. the entire tat-too is coated w.t:iy co[():redskin can now begin An overall shot of.8 ..

39 .

ma. Lance is fairly fearless in 1: "1 h oetrer ) tnat arena. "Th e .-ark an.d more evu.Adrenaline Tattoo Like most talented tattoo artists. The more adventuresome.. however. _"" d"1 cer claimsLance when asked about his favodte style of tattoo.thepeifect backdrop for her latest parrot art) and closely resem. understand that a truly individualbit of design sets a tattoo aparc frOomall the rest. tne b ". "G"" ".created'by Lance Norrie Her txiJting veldt of jungle foliage and creatures made . Lance prefers doing custom ink Some customerswill still choose a bit of safe. factory art for their images.btes one' ofher own at-hom e P'. 40 .ca b stu ff" IS me h h O'i. Having no limits as to what kind of images hell do. 're I While requesting the safety of anonymi~ Lisa happily llgreed to have her latest bit a/ink .~). ruesome.ets. ghou I'lS.

The fr'ollt showrooms m. n mo-st. Once this g!l~. to botheJ:Lisa. In his case. it was something to watch him turn Mank skin into a highly derailed bir-d. in .the waiting cups.ay not be as lucky. 0010.tecipient is different. of some sor-t. Not being a fan of the ~v.c/i'en. This fJrocess keeps the discomfort leve] to a. fare. and the needle didn't seem. but he was able '£0 behave h. have been sportinga skull Wor. Lance began with at simple outline of the bird.[8 can be laid on top. He targeted ~neareat at a 'time then movedto another.king with an existing. The procedure for creating any tattoo begins with the transfer of an image to skin. Given his druthers the bird would. especially when the person getting rhe f From what I have seen so far.ayappear to be a bit. but wiping away the excess Black a. additional details will 'be added to the piece as it progresses. '[he pin may' he sticking through an illustrated eyeball. creating the shapely contours in the finished art.and then added his own personal flair to the piece.ts request. tolerable threshold for the tattooee. The pain threshold and sensitivity of each .lue ink witl . . The basic black outline wiU determine the @vetall image as well as creating boundaries tor the ·soon to be applied colors. 'but 'the actual tattoo booths are antiseptically clean.red form to ft.question. but makes for a terrific ink-master.ddine has been positioned the real work begins.ealted by now.t the .ee.Often times. The tiny spots on the bird's face we're another highlight that a lesser artist may have A clean sheet of material is placed on the work surflct! and the b. Lance is no different. dodgj. Lance says that he can see the finishedltattoo in his mind long before touclUngneedle to skin. Having seen several other tattoos being ci'.asic needS' are' set ou: '0"verlooked. This level of creativity is. un. Lance tracts thedesi.P'iece of art. Any areas to be shaded in black are: completed next so that the.iatyworld. with an incredible amount of contour in the feathers coveJring the body. Lance's methods were fairly typical while lis attention to detai] was top-shelf. too 'badly. for this blue and gold Macaw tan.be used in tIlefirst steps~ and the colors ate squeezed into . btu you get the idea. and strives to make and keep hits area as neat as i pin.ink sets me rr.ndb.imsdf this time around. The next guy m. the majority of tattoo shops are kept as clean as they-can be.

a clear image of. J'~' tme- !y detailedpie:ce. After lifting .' U a k ~ngre6uentt()' a fi ..of pr.tbe tattoo is left behi'nd.ry .:P'to the fini:shed piece.tattot)' in black.the wo.~.. to be used' on the tattoo..th a m:.taytng h·}· . aith'ough the task is tedi'O'us. . A sLight amount.the backing papler. pr:o'viding Lance wi.L. '.rk begins by outlining the .__________ ~'1IIIl A series of additio nal ar:t will help to guide Lance thruugh the maze' of details In typical ftlShi()n.'.essure transfers the im-age. 42 .tn Inc unes . As the black outline progre-sses~ excess ink smears the area until wiped clean..er to the ski'n.from the p-ap." s.1' 'wtt.

. Some kids collect trading cards for~un~ but rhatwouldnt seem. Lance on the other hand was' able to chat 'with Lisa.hft IL¥amd~ypically applies to a customer.riyof the' parrot is now in process. Lance . other pieces I have seen.()12. ri~ght being all offspring of Lanoe. This small geS£[Jlrt.it ended up being slighdy morethanthar.ayha:V. am~iN~ usually ask the clienr if they intend on. heart.j!Hlkey'S.arrot. Attempting to keep Lisa's discornfQr~ llievelunder control. ()u.'tinues to smear ouer th. but willS()(Jn be cleaned ojfto reiJealthe work sofor:.) tropical plants and 'other assorted anibeen inked onto her arm so fax.ink was avoided when possible. her husband and I without a hitch as the needle buzzed away on Lisa's skin. Lanoe has two kids.nthe people in the: room m. one of which already has a bu-ge tattoo featuring an angel holding irs own.pons in his 'bedroom. dhave lfi6te addirions to foUow. peinr of pride for Lanoe.ingwork on the p.Continuing upwards~. ~ hi.Iwe{llwith her new art. In the end" Lisa: was f..etwee. t but he lS llillly Gapablft of ere acing a. JPersonally.(). her armalready M.tlining the h.m'oreto the area in the futun!. Our topics of conversation seemed to center around grue'some motion pictures and other related subjects. Other ratcoos are wiped dean rna re often as theartistgauges his progress and checks for needed details.eed skip that step :a few times.recently torn from its chest ca.e completed outline of the !lira. 00 Lance was for. a parrot is hardly 1!1if. hav~ngbeen .s tail feathers.r! ajfoctedregio'n. but the constant chattering: b.§tuessedan elapsed time of about two hours Ito ootnplere the work . The inkc. and was a Beneath' tJJe smudged area we can se« th. leaving space for 6resh irtrk 'asthe clien t req uests.wlth . we mentioned earlier. will ~tiIDFi:g'. This allows tt&emtbe ability to plan ahead.'I have a tough time talking and dOlug much of anything else at the same time.-vity~ Not '[he happiest of images) but right up Lance's alley. _~~ Ji£e-3lt easier for the artist and avoids the f Uie~tfu work around an existing piece or to cover tID ~It ~pl~tdy with fresh 00101:. nestled amongst the vir~Ra~ jungle she has: growing on. the . He told us that hils son has a nice collection of !Sharpedged wea. .e been tihe'canse for' the extension. Beforebeginn.As with. "In about 6 mon ths" she Glalm~il. finished piece that is W~rt~y flit histalenes.

the clear outli.the bi'r:d. 44 .added to the' body .of .ting the firs-t dabs of blue'. With most.tion inks..After beingcleane:d. ~lc()ll)red . of the Mtlt:aw~ body done. leading us to the more extiti~g a:pplica.ne oj the tattoo awai.we can see .to be outlined. but has yetto be wiped clean of the smudged refuse. additional outlin« work is done on the tree hranch. tal.".ing. ana requtr:es more attentzon./ d' .()'utlirucomplete. more details are The parrots head is the last th..of the bird contains more detail than the The .Returning to tbe scene of the crime. . . The body .

N.J·l~·.Jflf. 'the cearlieJt applictltionsbegin to show us the '$IJ4itJlrtr (Jnd conlours tha. tv the tail feathers} the first bits of blue .. Comple.3-dimensional D'espite the clutter a/excess ink~ we can begin to see the centaurs of the feathers taking sh. 45 .ape.t will mak. >ROW being appb~td. Cont(Jurs and shading are achieved by !Ising difforen: shades of blue~ going fro:m dark to /£ght.e the flnished' ~:Pltl~e'tIJ~:JJt~~r'to be' .ted in: small sections. t-he ink' will slowly be built up to become a fin:ished bit ofart. .

Sf-ChOTIS of lighter blue are used to add .Small .sults of the b4Siccolor appl£e:ation. .dimen ... Moving to the bodjfoathers. the Macaw is startbzg to appear shapt:lie. With tbe unused ink wiped' clean.t7~ Every step shows usadditlonal detail and clttrity of the finished pitce.teps to flllo~ we can already begin to see the bird comin:g to lifo. With many s.. As the piece continues} smaller details are added 'will enhance the completed art. we can see tbe re. sum.

ed clean.bird. Section by section use can see how the application of iheblue ink turns blank skin into a ji. and he plies his craft at Adrenaline Tattoo in Orland()~ Florida.AI. _ Lance Norris was the artis: sekctedfor this tattoo.nished' . 47 . the body of the Macaw is taking shape. Again wip.

' ..ng.ntion to detail.ts extra asmensum..ts w#l set thls .he same fttte. bod} of the parrot gets closer to' be.er we can:see the work coming to Lighter shades . • .cleani.Another vi-eweleared oftiJ. of the area is req.Mareftequent . J. pves tne art t.ing fi:nished .Feather . nw"""..by fiat.tattoo' apart'yom . now adding up ". nearly complete b.uired to keep tabs on progress and required contours.t: excess ink shows us·(/. O'YS.. lifo· 48 . The ti'ny st~ps being taken are." 'The intricate effor..ody.. tb'ose done without t.t?f blu'(!~laid over the' darker base. . "1.

glimps:e at the completed blue segmens: 49 . Although not yet cleane:d:. Mdni/Jtfal sh. a Befort! moving on to the lighter colors.7jJitJt/~()m head to the tail ink' can now be the iIPIlidllJ fJ!jat region of the piece. we now get a . M(J.ades ofblll<c are introduced to the canBJ1J:~ tlJ1l1ing new level of realism.Lo'nge-r tail ftathers are filled-in indiv'idually before lighter sh.adesare placed on top.tc.nowcompie. we can sec that the basic blues of the ta'il feathers are .

61nga ..dused as our model. Highlights of white are drawn onto tbe·face.: adding some f!f tbe .: wue .a/goid hav'e also been added'to the cbes: and tail. 14" ... Ayellt. .' ".·ld·''.thehead we set on .'go...the .e to sbmo shap. an.. brin~ ing new levels of'detail to thc·piece. A hint' ofgrerenis added if)' the top' rOf.~"".to hring more realism $1)' the art.tI)jj$ appropriate hue.rII Shading on the pointed heak comes next and is also don. B' ..1fdPFn.actual bi.e and dimension.w eye glares at us after being filted:in . Areas' .epn . .blue .d...1J'JaCtlU$ iss time to b... 50 ..brighter ink to the . .head.

addressed with the fi'rst touches of brown. iiNf"lefl!rm'F_'lS' /.the same color: S1 .the branch~ Theupper segment of the branch is now .ifor.using other shades .tree limb gets its first bit of color.~".oj..n! first { rmn. The' last area to be flnishe~ the twig is completed' by . take away from thep'rimary focus. A r-eddi5b-brown is now thro.'1'/'llf:' ttdded to" filled in b.wn into' the mix to ~rm!·lifito the perch.e shades of' . and is begun II widtyy mag needle" Gently' shaded curves define the branch but don't.

52 .ni'ngtievil nota peers (}tlt /tom th. "Pyro" was all too happy to agree to have a new bit-of fte-s. but no work will begin Unti1 all parties agree on the: art) color. Scott begins the process hy discussing the needs and desires of [he client. size and loca:dQH of the piece. He selected Scott Fricke'. and the evil grin. Once a direction or theme has been chosen. It luay take a few attempts tn Sll'~ isfjr 'the requiremems.Jy .o.h ink inst-alled on hi~ skin:.already adorned wi-til se7)e~alother tattoos.for m'l! job.Insight Studio.hirts.e top of his low-neck t~s. Scott puts pen to paper and begins to sketch our his version of what he thinks will work.s As with the other artists we'll meet in this book. - Scott prefers creating original art over using With ab.

and forthemthe .ip_g the piece up :6:0. area to be r:a:!:cooe:d is ~~~~d with asolution iha€ will make 'the tran~fer.-... uses m~srink an H. The...e bl~1& seen. .ment of th. bener and last longer..may overlook..for Scott.ere.. storage slots and '1ng'te allow for uninterrupted work. the outlining l?.. Peeling off the transfer h~lefCa few places devoid of the needled markings.Pl'al(]~:.&ing the required needle sets ~J\e~i!chines.the After discuslions as to the desired subject matter. those 'ratrees is .. Al~~WJie_'Partides land on any available surcan :tl~~ ~"bangjngas many oomponents as possible -td!§the recipient. this result 'will make it easier fa r the artist to know wh. 5 round set and black ink. loaded with a.arpJiS'l' I have mer.~§im. As [be ]jEst machine buzzes to life andthe Trimming the excessfrom the art allaw$ for better place..g (._.pst Insight Studios are an a ~ ~~lrOOin plastic.y -out the tools of his ~ l)Jt~ar.Hoping to avoid. · ~. ~C"'~§ott a marker to complete [he road map.ldi~d~Mter loa.~:-..suffice . Imf ~I 'aai ·Wi11.is illustta:tit:in 'Was created by SC()# US~ in the tatto« f. There are some peo- ~nr . Doing.pfellty .. ~1~. ¥lork_area has been wiped down with dis_-fd~i 5'OOtt begins to la. then transferring the ink to ~ dreams to life.needles-they will need £0·[ the ratthe (~-a. the use of the fn!sh ~~.-.of shelving.]~dtor cups are filled 'with the hues needed . ~S proof-of the details we . .. Ea:chbay is lth.:plebit of iak. : both the area: and tools ready to go. Depending on the region being b ~~ne~ andthe settings of£hemachine" [he skin ~~netththe outlinewill swell sUghdy.'mJi(j)~1is.'.OW fl" be positioned one last time cbe jiob call begin.l. fresh tubber bandsare used to Ilclltl~Ii~m' . the transfer of in any'mi :~i-aJsbetween clients. _.J!!'V:la~il~Jble. If nothing else. :th.The _~~ -tJallsrer can IJ.~\i. 53 .111 a mere iot..As ~h~Alnr'ows~additional colors wiU be added to the g Q]~lbtJ: and are only poured when required . . Real satlsfacrioa '-""'''''''.he)s been ...r~!htJ!):f~jf~~tlon~.' _- ifrn-e~~~rli1~:m. Anything not changeable m[0 ~ ~J(wm.'V[ng dear outline to follow makesapplying at the easier task.punt~r-co.to. Scott moves around a bit as he applies the black to reduce discomfort.dsts:wiU rypically pre-load each ma~him!lf:wJ~b.. cleanliness is paramount and 'Ghvw~ ~ina:er of that practice.'.e piece. . €aaHe:nging ocr rewarding .cess egjns.

the twisted vines behind the J'" b J_ ". Scott C(J'nti11UfJ to mort 'Up the thorny uine. ct.Moying c~()unter-clot:kwist.~w()~·kc.(1. 54 .an begin. is oJ cousse b'l k tuacs.d in she aa:ep'ted positim'l. . The first ink. is placed so be visible when ueer- high on tth..t: aeuu snanas.~ Now with the art complete.~ Progress is swift in the creation of the basi: .black lines that will comprise the background ()f the fin- ished pie. + .applied to .c(.l1.g his finished tattoo b~ga tank top~the transfer y:pper back. A bit of additional pen wm·k was n:qui'red to' {{)m~ p les« the basic 0 ltdi 11.Warl#n.

Once the black outline has been complered ewe canstart the more entertaining portion of the show. Some it{:llo. Whi le viewing the fArs:r tattoos heing done for thi'S project} I almost qlH~stioned the reasoning. but for some reason this one seems to be more painJu. depending on the space being: targeted.tion of inks can result in such a dimensional bit of an.[s even brighter once the 10 day healing are pmcess is over. 55 .Wiping rhe mess away reveals the latest layer of his work. Moving around the skin. Some dark. Lacer in the tattoo Pyre is becoming visiMy uncomfortable.~.nd 'shapes co the forefront. A 7 m. Ir doesn't matter bow often 1 view the tattoo process.lthoughmaving quitk~ the early stages of the tattoo are barely an indication of whatwillfollow. buzzes some ink lUW placewipes awaythe residueand before [00 long we can. pletedl)bur he returns to the scene ofthe crime to add a. the red ink.of the w()rk~ we' can still see the design beginning to come to' lifo. Being a Chicago fireman he is no stranger to undesirable situations and rhisis no differenr) albeit less dangerous. shaded areas are also filled in. The bulk of rhe red hues have now been com- Tbe demon} horns are now . wider swath. a palette of hues wiU bring more life and definieion to this devilish canvas. Adding color to the piece allows us (0' see the work become real. sh.of lighter shadeswill bring a new level of amazement to whomever views the final piece.steps continue. is being applied (0 both small and large areas. bringing some shapeto [he otherwise black work. Scotr's hand! places the needlesat nurnerous pointsof the piece.mapplica..ag needle set puts down a. Although predominantly red in color. Almost invisible hints . bringing even more ]Jluncatepauernsa. He has had many tattoos done in the past. touch here and there.owing us more detail [han before. of color allowing for shading aswell as fining in larger sections with less motion. [he skin win grQw' increasingly raw [rom the snnging needle. By US~llgthe highesr quality inks) the tattoo will look as:good afcer healing as 1[ does when fresh. see (he fruh:s of his labors. He will periodically lay a sheet of paper towel over rh. A. but held my tongue only Never as' interesting as the color port£(}'f} .{Jutlined ahead of the color to be added later. but soldiers on likea Hooper. I am always amazed at how the: seemingly mndo.e art then hose it down with cleaningsolurlon. The larger needle does add some addi rio nal sensadon to rhe process~burPyro holds his ground. than the rest.

Continuing in It righ. accenue 56 .and fl. A lot of details wi'll be seen as the artproceeds.orkl~fi to be done. With the vine outline nota complete there is much 'W.. Tbe simple outline' of the vine is now additional details.t to teft pa.ce now get some attention the black outlining process moues on. tIS Prelim:irutry work is speedy as we have already reached she for side ()f the background uines. Ifnd carefol.application of the black is a key Jactm'in t& jinishedpi'ece.ttern~ more of the vines are completed. The right hand' .

~a the: eyes and teethadd needle)s fIDuch.!. a few m:0r~ouches of detail It seems like he and other t an!s1lSare:never satisfied asthey push the envelope willlliJp"to set the: red devil apart form '(he back- Shading of th. Scott will ottGemOE. FYIo prefers to huve.ck to pro- vide .wipe the area dean with paper rowe] and fl.thand.6nalleg of [he journey will be the addinen of fine bright green background color. Not £e<tuiroo by any means} but the contrasting color ~lln. 'With the needle work complete.Q Pyres back.oj the uines. Facial accents and details are added in bla.Before wrapping the fresb ink with gaUf.ppiicdtion(}j color ink. as well as most .ing as mueh time On a.lli. i lo/ff.to ~ the beauty of the work 'before: me. its tol]. Sf~r. afinnni:tt details to the limit and beyond . Spend. 57 . are nmo being readiedfor tbe chosen color. &dJy for him. With the a. Scon returns 'to add. The'.e~ he applies a heavy coat of an ointment that is~i(i. Small bits clarity and _nsian to the evil being created O. and 0 to the affected area.ting by your favorite artist) but try lugging it around with you wherever you go.}ln vitamins A.mv(Hrknearly complete..d.his art attached and part ofhis own body. motorcycle as he does. collectible p.dJ progress is made ·in the process a/outlining the'piece dnd gro'ws near "be(l. the ordeal has taken.aim.d andthe flesh that lives beneath. leaving th¢'afTeGr~ area raw and even more sensitive to (he rlwhite. Sure" you can buy a. we have witnessed the the birthof yet another example of human flesh turned xnt0 art in motion. i~ end of the day.I ishappyto be done with the piece after nearly fOurhours of stinging.a soiidfoundation for the red that will soon be added.e nails of the rz"gh.

The firstapplica:tion of red ink isplaced on th'e IrA hand' bringing lifo to the o'utlined £rnage. green and whitei12k as Scott gets readyfor the final steps:. 58 . Several cups are now filled with the red.he use of'Ted' and gre.en in. work can mooe to the face. With the details of the hands now complete.tbut ail parties trudged on.les.Outlining near the top of Pyros neck caused some additio1'lal disc()~for. The eyes and mouth are now given attention in preparatio n for the use a/red. Additional detail and shading ejfortsare made' to entire piece bef01~eshifting into t.

quickly while still Jnaintaining control. WOrkingin small areas . P.efilled in more . 59 . hand has nour begun.helps to minimize discomfort for the recipient tIS Scott returns to the l'!ft hand for more attention.'Using larger needle allows the area to a /.''eliminary color work on the right.

The deta'il is in thede-v.g swift~ wi"th lJVer-..qui.if as work continues to mutate . Ov:erall "Wecan see the' art moving . Using a brighter shade of red' will br£ng added dimension .alcm.Turning his focus to' the devil} foce.changing sections .bright red hue. Larger areas call be filled' in . .()'rdinary/lesh into' a work of art.ck~ but 'will.0 the hands as well as the rest of th:e· ptace.1.stili reveal anotherfocet of the artists vision and ability .step reveals another section of detail. Scott begins to apply' the . Each sfl'Utll. 60 .ofgreater contour dha depth.d~pthand form.

l brighter red is installed to bring shape to th.e curvature of the cheeks.eps taken.The left h. By applyi'ng the inks in layers goingfrom dark to light) we can see the results of the multiple st. Mt)ving back to the foce a/evi. 61 .and is nmo complete and appears to blJ'O/ real flesh.

detail The . Continuing with the dark to lightprtJcess} is now applied to th't!first of the monsters horn. .With the red sections complete. white teeth are important.ba'ckground glow now complete. SO whitt ink is also used to JJ'. timeto add some green to the backgroundfor contrast and effect. 62 Clean.teIJlt2'fJtJtI!t1 pointed fangs. its With the'green .lustrous green hue' will set the head and hand.b:~g spread of ink. even to the of darkness. ills time to add thefinal touches oj.s apart from the skin for more dramatic results. Filling in the green sections requires a larger needle than used on the details and thro'ws dawn a ..

rs of'the .and lose the sheen they wear now.gp recess begins.eyes art compli(me:fJted by t-h.iece.The most minute details malee the difference as we set th'c glowing white teeth b'foughtto lifo. 'The'fillish..tur. Once th.ed piece now can be viewed in its entirety.focial jel/.e healing process is complete) the cosors will become more vivid . A final coating of moisturizing ointment is applied to the skin r4w'fi"()m the needles' sting: lbe· menacing grimace and glowing . Covering the tattoo with a soft ckJ.ehighly detailed.. 63 . Nodemon would becomple"te without a set ofgJow~ itzg orb'Sand white ink is used to light up their' evil.thwill ensure safe transport bomeas tht healin.

t'~Yyears .U "'_. of the remaining artists in this book.gan 'with some: ink on his grandfa[hei's arm.'.. drawing or illustration . if not all. and probably go on to bec:ome:l1 tattoo artist himself Many of us arestil] dreaming of being astronauts or some other unrealistic choice at that stage in life. His intrigue with the crafr he. so we can see how in 'LoG-. that single ' exposure.hz~mlelf Thefoh WlIiJ onepiece in a tong series of plaJ'l:nedpieces. has no formal training in the world of art.Little Ftank It's Just A little Prick Unlike most. was eager so hav:e her husband apply her nextbtltch ' art. Arthe render age of 9 he knew he want· . 64 . Autumn. With their pending nuptials on the horizon. and his interest grew from. She is no stranger to the craft and her fiance has been In the racket for m. Frank.ed to get tattoos..

IUJiU. lots of bright colors to really bring the 1 ink to life.gtheir initials.othenois« known as a 3-liner n. Franks Mlis~onhad.eedle~will be used to begintl1e basic outline' of:the' tauoo: The starfish is the first to get attention. >l@n decided to be hernext bit of ink. Star.l)£Itttttlt). and keep infections at hay. Little ~fankprefers '[0 do the work by hand.~ the rest of the artists here. Several watIiq tattoo machines hang at the ready on of the cups get filled with black ink. ~lenty of shelf space and 'terrific lighting ~ fox a.~.l1lby the same.n.effortS will prevem cr.J!·. JL':' .QSS contamination ~~n. Frank and a partner designed a. 'on Autocad first. the "Duf" tatroo i1liadU~ne came to be.~ Nice watlil(n~'l:UQm and reception area. Enamored of the colors and shilifes of. By drawing the &@!t. and tbe machines art loaded for' action. . 'While on vacation in Las Vegas recently.uirMgear in. Not everyone in his position ea. The combination 0 tlthe fish and the related undersea life captured rtlle essenceofwhatthey saw on vacation.tbe fish and their surroundings.rile in the cleanliness of his shop.rom Frank over the years.l:I. Frank himself is an B1liibffieguy who is easy to get along with right . with several that have been converted into tattoo 8" the layout of the SpOol'was perfect. Wf0re setting up fot the tattoo. restaurant.nsteps. he deans an '.twee. viewed an enormous fish tank.y Q{£. Au.eerchoice. aImad_f spotless work surface and wraps the req. His new ~~Il"'Jj~o"Jn ecatur. friendly environment.e. men laser cutting the steel . Illinois used to be a dentists D • !EaS . clients.~e .. is: also lin) namce. Frank sketched outs small diora~~ of sea life before continuing. from1ih:.\l'U. ro-afie racks.. Ifl. and can be put into service at a. 'Upon mwrrung home.c ·get-go. a major back piece on Autumn's mom. 65 meve their sketch to the transfer paper.tm <dhape~they had a machine to call their very ~~ C'@mbin.itLml.transfer is put inplttce. m@m. Little Frank .conferring with another artist in the shop. Frank has even HIs willing participant" Autumn ~ted. so ~kn(1JW her family is OK with his appearance tmdt€ar. n ma~ll1eof their own years ago. and! has received many bits: of tattoo . final location for the neurplece is decided on and the .iftn'f~otice. ~if.a persons persistence can pa. Additional manges can be made to the art this WaLy" providing onelast opportunity to improve the work.B and Frank. While many shops use a copymachine to A 3 rouru:/. it was lft ~chain After . disposable plastic sheathing. The water cup will nOO be' used to rime outthe needles b.

.r.the 'sta.(J#lusirYfZOf heing '1~rz.ng.iftiy as tlther bits of undersea lifo ar. To aid in th. fish and seaweed are ~"ecei't?'iftg th~ir btIJia .()'utiineswith' color inks to follow .continue The coral.f to .1 Moving ~tJan.. and sea weed are (lIt a part of t.t:Q:nj~~fJ~ fer (Jutli ning on the coral is nota adiled. 66 .it to .foh Little l F"rankmtlvQ.the sand dollar below .mt:1U.hiJ: ttndersta vision and when compltoted will mttAlfr. The v. Tinybuhbies great setting.other $txtio'n of the skin~ the conti is now jiven itsfirst bit%utlini.e completed . 'With the ()utiine.asit: bltu:k'outJine moues alang !iU(.Before comp/tting th~' outline of.

of.added to the' .ill bring some liK" ter t-o the lower section of th is u:ndcmen in'Jage addzng to the'ov.Pleased with the amounsof color and detail .edgesof the coml18 70 .egment of th.t-s .erall appeal· . Bright yellow .tbe sam'tbr-ight '\I.f_ tattoo.'U()WI'mi bring the shape into sharper fl~ now .e.ink w.Frank can now moue on to another s. intensity Highligh.

A ligh. M:ovifZgto Even the otherwise orange coral gets a bit of bright green ink to add some flair. Overall we can see' the tiny bits of color adding to the entire piece.d to create a 3-.up for the final stretch..t into thew'tliting ink cups. the sea weed a dark g'f<een ink will begin (hemultiple stages needed to fill in the afficted areas.ank r_amps .etlch in thtir own: small measure" As Little Fr. a vast palette of colors' art pu.dimensional effect to :the 'Wav'ing foliage. ..ter-shade of green is now added to the sea wee. 71 .

u:tetting .a.paper towel with solution wilt allow Fmnk to clean off the J.trtly ink so he cn-n view his work completed safar..

The small santi do/Jar at the bottf)m now grts som« illuminating corai-colored ink to In-lng it to lift.

'We get a ,quick' glimpse atpr;f)g!ess made so for beft":;!!
Fmnle returns to .cole«

skin with his loaded needles of

Background sh:ading will help to set off the brlgliih colors used on the variety ofplant lift seen on thh fles.h canvas .

Returning to the aneFnonewith some vivid red i'",k lJ _J J_ . reauy t«uu' some sc "}J~ tf'Jit .tattoo. pop to

Subtle iasen tier shading on tbe hody of the foh



tUJwbitgin) and will be the fir1t .of.many steps tdifJI


A !ttM/ttlted periwinkle ink is· noto ~~7fJJ; 'thebody 0/ thefoh and will L ttmong many color: utilized.

1hturning with the lavender ink,

iflmtzli: works on the top section of the

brightly ,colored fish.

Steppi.ng h'/Jckfto'm his work. Little Franksizes up what needs to he don«


The lowerjin receives a large section Qf #ght yellow in,Ie'to separate it fi~.om ,thblue' and purple body.

Adding It stripe ,of orange to theytUul1J ,ufi-_l.. ' ... .... :, LJ. fi 17. WUt ...urtner as'd'In sne aecorat/ll8

of this piece.

The dorsal fin nota gets its OW1Z .' yeilo-wand orange to match the 100ftr fin.


. r.r.8Jf· .F5 li. puc a ~Jnid.1f.~e ryte.il1g rea~~~rli~ fJie«s.cott Wlnske the l(!\)ltib~aad! h:is w!.e..e14fiffjng"1Ji!ttt)r)S? yelllJ..• _ rue Fran k' . lb1lln1ieirHr. 'wnite.l:~. .jr~'lfa1itDd.you IIi/Ire tjldrllqr_~. ~.. fJitt can cilf0 ra·all! as ~elt .. I' &.~:ou.:and 'way of U. < WtJIrt#J'¥ .gil/lle anomer' per .ri. '-~---'-~----.~aI t~ieEes done by s. Are th-e.~.. . . colare S0'fl'e lig mp-.w g¢?n. . 75 ..dimr wallt'S b~ackand 9fcolor.S1.f~Y(Wf1f¢S.eAtJ:.1o'Opt.re:yc¢u like sa s in! likedl.mn~ ankle . with: lets ceurse if .? There ar€ ~v.A : Li kmg /iarilt:.e rQrtfsPJ tltyW there who inspire )Iou.Jf(J.

ing fin"J~ome ~eative'li(:en'seF .k~ep the colors sQ.from .define the edges coloiful tail fin.bu/a.ral skin: tone. Ever see a fish with f!)(!' lashes before? Returning: once agaln to.tIle lift~ creatures.e 76 .an. wO'uldn'tlik£ a set of'hright red lips? The' entirtain.the tnat:u.gregated. lik.e. Fr. finishing touches to .A black outlint will help to .nature of this tattoo allows White ink is noui .t· slashe» .a creature.k creases . What "unders.appli'ed to' the background to :bcP. sure to . anemone.the'fo'ce.small sections of whic:e ink to add .that represent the gills of thefish arc now added.. The firs. of the ~ can now seethe sha¢ing added to tbe gills as as the lavender ink being used to color . the tu.

.. take out. UJi/tlg white ink Little FranJe adds almost invisible scales to thI •. 77 .n:zu~ lJJjj. Once' rit. .' of tht fijh. It is details like ·.. true' for many years to come.ttoo.~iiat akefor a terrific ta. .eaw. m !fi/Qe we see the completed piece before' ~eit1g wrapped Upfo.e:ed also' receiaes a bit of to htJf}· ''C its edges and contours.JI!1f1IJII'.. .gJJt heals the colors will remain..

..a high set of handleba)"S-. U.i(lf I didn'r have kids. The man moveswith a...D. space shuttle at Hfr~ Returning to the chair for' a second f'tJu. ''-. nent J. In addition to the tattoo shop.d1'lJoling rat grllspi1'1g . Somewhere between a Japanese buller train and the. the new art features a . The benefits that are '1"\ ..:arrielr.. tattoos full-rime.D"n of Art with Ata:tt()oedfDr his neuiest ink-. IH do." datiU1S 'Dale.. the:{lying eye' hall of Von Dutcl».1ui ~TJro n chose <"U.'s energy level..U. nervous.D'. Art With Atattooed Having spent the better part of New Year's Eve in the shop documenting [he process for this 'tattoo" I found it difficult to put a finger on off is about right. c 78 .~omplete with. he delivers packages for ~l. Borrowing heavily from the art of Ed "Ra: Fink" Roth:... yet highly focused~ action..

."" !o.tadytllbe transferred so Placing thefinalJzed sketch on .Dafe does ~ f~municate with the customer ff)IUitiirilllg a.wn· 'V . ~ra~ a more finely honed illustration tirt~·workbegins.rou~tTh~~~mcnes· ·h .Additional ~. .1 k an d tne lL. .-.(!liJ.. ~ij dmrt with either a heat transfer or scribe @mftm' directly onto the skin .0. .&Om.{1rate the person's arrirude intothe s. based on what he found missing on existing units.. W~rll!~ e many ·t" kn'." le\~[~t' pel:sonru inpur rnakes for a.akind bit of an.iJwlngthem to rake a seat in my chair... This facrposeda problem for experienced artists) thus foecing Dale's machine into the shadows before wreaking havoc in the open market. . Nothing Uk..· . There maybe genl'es~ ..1J-" ing t. rna n·.[ and allowed almost anyone to create high-quality ink work. 'Using a vari- bb~ at@ne. Alongwith the OOJJ¥'$~uions and comparing notes~Dale ro m~IDJfnp.. but it appears thatmany of the tattoos being can done today fall into categories that refuse to be IabeledvHow could a..ar .t·l&o·ar.. ered supper-smooth flow of po:we.The better the road F !1I~lr.hefinal t . . The shop offers a wan full m ~ran. Dale considers: tattoos to be "The mast form..al.r.Dand PJro~..·. fiDr ore. few people horne mIDiI~ deeply about their desired tarrs i11.··. f h . U.. (~Ihave sent Q.~df&l:dl earrooartisrs I've met. ·t· r. Some wil] bring . In his..{g1I1'Nl! :~_l 0 styles and formats chat be put into groups:. . him:tkrough his full-rime job provide r~HJhfufamny~ thus making it a: difficult transfer.e.. to say he's correct. f fr:ees·.· ·.~ to choose from...·o·.. but most clients art a lD1\~{)if:.. u variations and derivations I have witnessed so far.so be added to a heat transfer before aG'lmtd rocess begins . the better the end resuhswiU be.. wr .. person define a cartoon mouse that was widding an assault rifle and a bloody head? At-many communications ~112 shtilitir therilain.. . .h..the target area assures both parties that size and location are correct: The beas transJer art is now applied to theflesh~ then pealed away iea. :Ot'la€" :thechosen design has beenconfirmed.he blue lines behind. r he o... earlier days) Dale actually designed and built his own t-at t-o 0 power supply. needlete sian.eproviding amateurs with gear that can produce professional results to mess up the works. happier 31l!dIWe:ps both new and old customers ety of electronic components~ his machine deliv. the . Ie:YU . rd have.

'You can"[ force: creativity out of b6:d Onefinal check of the placement and size before the needie gets put to use. Dale used ['0 make his own needles for use in the machine.en before noon. AIlthough they did the: job. Maybe: one: daly his other responsibilities will allow for more rime behil~ the machine. Although his life is divided intothe rates of family man and working man. safeguard the client.and. blelld~ ing until needed.at better quality and deli-vera: consistent flow 'of ink. Early morning appointments are not an optionas most shops in the arena. too soon. the small cup is filled with . Even though we were working on New Year's Eve. requiredtools hdp to.. Despite his old world talents.fangled hardware really helps his cause. Nocomplains were heard as' the eager CUi- comers sat and awaited their number to be caU~d. Surfaces of the work station are wiped dean before: any other steps are talcen. Beinga bit of a maverick.Cleanliness is again the dominant feature ot the shop and. create what With bla. Numerous effores are taken to ensure that no fluids are transferred from the client to anyone else.vas steady and many had to wait for over an hour 10'F the chance to get their work. Dale still has plenty of passion and energy to create his own for01 of art-' on the clients lucky enou. but for now hes happy to. individual containment of the.ck being the first color required. the How of people into the shop .ink:. 80 . current production units ar·e'o·f f.Repeated use of the ultrasonic machine keeps the tattoo machine in tip-top form aswell as keeping colors from. he can.. l\rt with Atattooed employs about six al:tists ahhough they are seldom aU on duzy at the S1Jme time. 'when he can. done. don't even op. some new-. the process.gn [0 get an appointment wirll him.

- Teeth.a when annpi/!.uait: addit:iCJ}.it terrifle pie.D.infs d!11i min·ardeta..()rkfor the rest of the work.the way as he continues lay- Moving . made in tiny increments.()n ()fth'ea~·t.ilsare.(?. i ng thegrmu1li 1.al color: Filling' in some areas around tlu p()'inted t-e.thadds to the dim.:t'e.inward blade 0 tttl.~m most of the upper ponio}? . tail andpert of theforearm are now oudined in black and ttl. The black outliru! helps to $ho~w V. 82 .D'etails on the' elongated tail are n:umm"'()US and wiLL makefor. Bla.ensJ.ck ink hilS 1UJW' heen appli.{).of thee transfer and we can b~gin to Jet tIt creature come to life.

illum.iIJ {lorl7plete th-e'bJad~.he blttck outline is now complet« and awaits further de.tail effof'tJ.i. 83 .work bcfo1t mtlm'ng on to the UJ:e()fcl)l~ Ot'J.fJtltlining on the/lying eyeball raw begins.of heavier concentra- The large ears are now apP1''O.inate the dir:ection . A mqj()'rity of t. .S11il1/J lZt1Jf1J .the work . MOj.equired seem ttl ath. lng.en their share .t1Ni little until w'e set those that follow.t of the st..eps ~~. ..hed Even having the smallest space'S li~fJ1V.ojshad- filled in wi:th bLack helps to' .ac.of. and ar~ giv.

'at .will he used' to' complete the piece tm'dltJmrt aml)Ut/.that lie withi'rz.begln to see . hues .D. Wiped clean . j Addi'tional detailing on the fingertipswilildter' shoeo us the results of these minor touches ..ts are meted o'ut in:Jotbe wilt be used.A variety of colored inks .'et- dimensional form taking shape. Subtle shading. waiting cups" 84 .and sets U.the thr.the excess in'k} zoe can now .tn.in the ears helps to bring depth to the work . ~ tattoos apart from the rest With the black ink work now com- plete we all look forward to the installation of the rna":).of.Returning to themouth shading will help to dCfi'ne' the jagged teeth .

(~U'H. green are now . JllI.wor!(Jjrom dark to light colon.ents of a brighter 85 .D.li1i'') uitr4Sonic cleaner continues to clean as we prepare for of cotor.· U~ll. Smaller Jl:gm. thefirst tolorapplied as U. Dark green is.completed as the transflrmation continues. .

l smau.re now complete and the extra bIb bos been wiped clean bit of shading. leaving excess color that will h.'!sections..zaw added to th'eeqUtllion. toe can see more and more of the details 1'''evealed Tbe green p'O'ttiO'TlS a/the pim (l. Large areas of'the b. Bright red will bring some addl~ tional hrilliance to the' flnished piece.eea f() 1M filkd in with red.The needle' piaCl!S the ir"k into place.but if d{meIf) i~ . of yellow are .appli'ed ever much of the piece.e wipeel clean to reveal tbe next With green: being . °6·' 0' .elly n'. . Moving into a range of lightr:rcolOYJ} bits.

cr towel and nant hue.details .c-(rrrt()ttrs .(In:d .nb'l seen in the f f}e'S.hy additional colors for YJdpt.e letters of down with diluted.green soap. the shin with ye.w as the domiered tvlth a 5. M~ gH. 87 . to be folto.an'd detail EaCb 1ttter is outlinedfirst. cleaned.llo.tinue to b'c added.Oft pap'.con. Bright ..blue is selected ryes U)I to' brin. tongue..of the mouth" and !rowing th't?[eve/of detail being JrtdJm:d."flS . Pet£(Jdicatl~ the area is washed Work now begins on th..:g the lifo. cov. The canvas of Pyro s flesh is" taking on a new lifo tIS .~m:d.Red(l.

nt)ther cie'tt:nsing of the' p.. The results ..me tjjort.' ..defi~n. A few Jubtle sh:apes help theflying O1·b. .Pale blue' highlights will do ._ d··" . .c : .ll Sh()1l)'U. The hi. . to . A.._ .lifo like appearance to the compi'e~eJl'f ball..afthe incremental steps art becoming more .ndlebar$~ ar:e given their own bit of contour by using a bright.a.Areas of hright color' willgitl'e a .apparenttts 'we app~oach thefinal steps.iCCt-e lll.red..(! .DI" where the last hits of detail will be r:equi.. ."1_ t. b" '.nngtng:eptn . blue de:tail. 88 .gh-rise ha. to ~L" ".tbeir part tn .

top l!f the art: The blue line applied M' :the handle . tuhula.ed .D.oj.e (J'Ompleted"tatsoo Details seen in evtrysquare inch ..tailwill discover the tiny battle of XXX potion at the .C8n')!)~ jlyi'ng eye through ... bars is now highlighted with a brighter shade to proviae .rt/S collection ability of U.of tbe piece are a testamen» to tbe Sboum here in all of its final glory is .t/. and his many years .r loo]: Afinal 'lath {)f green soap w'itl MVP~'ttj. 89 .th'f!latest addition to Py.expelie?ue in thefield of body art.t de.Anyone' with an eyt? fl.the the l1ighMkies will be a pair ofr.

the first step for them is ta meet with their chosen ink personto discuss.d ·during the festivities. people can go about the process in one of several ways. If .eta.esults. tlle art to be created. pick a piec-e from the catalog and '[he work.Joefor .a.12ptetued with the'r. Since most people wish re atioo something original.6' ..m.t g/rt and . Giving joe nothing.h eir stock _L s.hi . 90 .City Festivtll~Erin was more tha.) . After a period of time) dep011d· Erin had wanted a:tattoo from .().ce. than the theme" he drew' up-th.rtths in adva:r.ne:a'rly3' ]¥lean and booked her si. can begin. . local shop..te.1.jae Capobianco When deciding to . tattoo done.)\) mey can 'w-alk mtot .Cre.g.tting . Its somet!-_IIng (( .turned it into a pain:ting of the flesh.at the Hell .

Erin simply told. the arrist win contact the per-· ion saying the sketch has been completed for review.the guidelineS' beneath.at[he H·eU City tattoo convention in 2006.away we can see the beginning of th.l esire was for the tattoo to represent joe's d ta. Knowing . aJt[ooguy. both Joe and Erin were scheduled to . she was immediately pleased and eager to get the ink started.His choices: of colors as wen as his use of s&adingand contours sets his work apart from the msf. him of her "vampiregeisha' idea and let his imagination and pencil Dunwild.oe:'5work in numerous places.c. 1Jh.t£'oos for nearly a:decade.'Once [his process has been approved. Her initia. and Joe Is no differ- mE.While dQl1lg the tattoo 'we see here. Joe's abilities as an artist as weU as a Sat£ffied with placement.e piece to be created.cr now p'eeled . have a signature that runs' through lliPSt of their custom work. In the case of Erias geisha-vampire piece.be. Erin knew she wanted Joe: to do his magic. Artists like Joe work best when nor 00. but knew [he Hen City event would be busy~and accep ted the assignment. and would c ~€ :dehucingthem on Sa.e·hacking is removed to expose .es of his latest efforts were fHled with colp With thepap. and joe ~¥Ol'ks out of his shop in Connecticut. ~eeing[he chance [0 finally get some ofjoes art {Inher body. He was showing a~!fance opiesat the Hell City event. This is not to say that &in would have accepted any old sketch tor her ~f.ing on the request... Joe typically doesn't book . but was willing to wail: fot the chance Since she lives in Ohio.ltnt. fly by the seat of their pants. She has been ge£tingta. and to be recognized as one of his pieces.0~tminedby too much direction and prefer to. lite pieoe can be put onto the skin. but had faith and confidence in Joes work.After moisturizing the skin~ the . they were to work wirh Joe.hcat transfer isputi place to check for size and position. Erin made her appointment 6 months in advance. 91 . early. th. hardly neighbors. AJter waiting three years for her oppouunity.turday evening . the path was a bit longer. ~w~huestions about when and where people q eQuid buy their own copies of his laresr books. BesidesJoe's vast exposure in the world of tatr0n~] uch of his illustrarion and airbrush art has m Iwtnpuhlished in several books. Joe was deluged. Having seen 1. Many artists.e ag. When seeing the final drawing.

ons b'ejore' starting out: After a quick wipe of the excessink we can ~BI outline wo:rk taking shllp.cti. the outline work b. Details in . i-shed pie:ce.t~ butfoe :needed to clear up a few implf..e.wi{Ll!4tel.black l}'u. 9'2 . major part of the art.alltJwsjpJ to create minute details that :will enhance theflll- edg1!sof't-he art before se:tting needle to skin.JOt uses an ink pen to define some of the mare remote Seeing the'finishedpiece long in advance .the section chosen.the geishas kimono .egins. As is typic(/l~ the case}' the . Using either a 3 or 5 liner needlf!J dep'ending on ..ifr.tline comes firs.

The .@5i!n medium.r:iy use of blue ink will assist Joe' latsr as he returns to' the location to complete th. only bad things wiU w. This being sUd. he qUIckly explained that the two werie.!~.define the shape of the k. Since there are no rules or regulations as tID' who can own and operate a. but once purchased" a tattoo machine can he used in the convenience of your own living room..~ .ll!.i.was not' your typical approach it ~y . I asked Joe ifairbrushing was similar eo art.QlllelO. class.r.level of talent .311rm... although many talented tattoo artists did their L.n1. !. Joe's use of colors and textures in tatCoo or airbrush art are obviously . we can see how much more w()'. people would be .k lies ahead. tattoo machine" &neneeds to do some research before having the needles taken to the skin.3. Q I The .'possess the ability to do one or the &t alone both.5diiFel!ent as night and day..tlCl. I have ~Jl~d [hat the tattoo machines are basically the: srune matter where you go.. wron& can be made right.es.Joe retains a level headed nature: .Most.heis so capable in both forms of art is his talents .< .While certain aspects of any art form can 'fal!lgh(~ true artist seems to have been. 93 .. Despite his .~. •.rQ the pinup influence in his see ~.. Ra¥ing no formal training besides high . This cannot be 'f aUpartie's who achieved any level of norotheir field.. Much like a surgeon's tools" in the ~#tt ands.eprocess again~ Joe con( tinue: to .dy graphic illustrations of beautiful of which wore smiles.tlin.. AJlt~ough f-adllays down ink using' a needle: or set of nee. ~luringthe creation ofthis book. makeshim easyto deal with.n:'i'~~.bla'c_kJu.there no may be some models that are: different in one way &J:ianother~ but for the most part they are built IllSing the same principles and design. The fruits of his labo» so for. ifs the technique of the user that makes the m~c happen.it's amazing to see these same machines :bIng used in such a variety of ways. '¥aj. Opening a proper shop reqllires the usual Iirany of paperwork and approvals.form. This is where the troubles can begin.'lIU'~H' . born a.epiece~ I Picking up'the . and little tQJlll~~u. Oh sure.imono. but h laced into my meat hooks. 'Dle ability to create the chosen illusions in ~t~a.

. Wip'ing down the suiface with moisturizer h:rfort wiping the tattoo cleanfor a quick review.refi:nishing up' with the blacckwork.ink later. The tiniest of details are addressed first so as not to get lost in the flow .from the .[or a moment.t:ional details are addedto the SU? rounding Meill Joe again uses a hint.ghlight the larg-eeyes of the geisha.ay. of color bifo. sam« addi.eyes.of. Lavish eyelashes will hi.Wi:th the lower section af.theart outlined Joe will turn his attentions to the flcial details next. Moving aw.

Small hrtprovements are always added as a piece progresses.theface become form.ink cleaned off we can see the tattoo coming to lifl~ fiiftzg a larger 7 mag needle allous joe' to begin ihliding. By adding . we can see ~liSt work at home.the shaded areas to .thepiece.helf among purveyors of tattoo arr. bur anyonewho knows what goes into the creation of a.~ ut his vision of the overall balance and b hues that will be employed help' make the actual 'process a thing of beauty. In the early stages of creating the sketch for a mti~oo" begins to see the colors that will be joe apPlied in the final piece'. Moving to the hail. Joe begins to add large sections of ink to create shape-and' .e prominent. Being artistic by nature makes the application process seem easy to the untrained eye.[1e the traits that sets his work on the top of . .With the excess . This level of vision is (\).nsi(J. It seems that "buyer beware" .n.. 3Wu1d apply 'when choosing '[he man behind the nee·d1es.or. 95 .dime. rarroo will be stunned by Jols efforts.in the area around the flce.

rn:{)no. its shapt and color .thefoce of the geisha . Every step taken sbou» us more deta'u' and emotion I1S . we can tit the le..ound the roses in her hair w. Another cleanup reveals the wl)rk done with the wider needle. ampire receives attension. v By placing areas of black outside the lines of the' ki. With' the ..wltl stand out uit'h greaterintemity. 9'6 .velof intensity that lies ahead.Using black a. Larger arees of the jl(twing' kimono are now shaded to add contours arld shadow.il-J later allow the red petals to stand out.r.black work nearing complaion.

e hair: U7lth the 1:1)$(1 97 . JOlt . Afow strlU'lds of red hair will help to bring liflt()' .. b'righ t redink Mused toftll in th.e othtrwisc raven locks.a big meal.adrls a bit of color to the decoratio ns in th.t(y ()verjlaw flas.foce .e a/fell' around the mouth .t are added to the.th. Now the red i» the ~es and' bloo..With the black work now Cl)mplet. of the 1lJwtratt~l1g a oampir« right aftttr. Joe can prt:ptlre t$ J~in tbeap_plicationo/colo1'S . n()wfilled in..ed_.

e living-dead geisha just' the right shade in he.~t disappointed us.and/or has-n. 98 .Using an ashen graycnlor will give th. . Wiped clean again" we can set! the resuLts tif the first bloody steps: in the piece.r skin tones.Being a vampire~ we expected a high level of red to be used .

Afew bright highlights are now added to the hair to create a sense of dimension. .ng the dead to lift· Euen the flesh qf her heaving breast witlbe d()n:ein the deathl~graycolon Th.bring a level of eerie beau.§moil tcti()nsof yellow and green are nota added to ~ big/ili:bt the eyes.tyto .th'etoomans flue . Cleansing the ink aW'tl:fi we' 'nOW see the efforts taken on thefocial region of the tattoo. hut a few more fin- ishing touches will be added later: lad} ~tlSeo/&olor and shading are .eyellow £nk in the yes will .bringi..

Workingfrom dar~ .ffore.ticularly heavy meal th.00 .e done in a dark lavender to' t)ffiet the' bttt£ silk. After a . not Additio n. Tbe sash of the k.imo-no will b. 1..d ht1j ..A hrigh.With blue as the primary color.(}bwo.p-ar.n. large areas are cou- ered in a short amount of time'. 'down onto the'folds of her kimono ..toligp.t:yellow section.t) di. .t shades of blue will be used" as well as additional hues.al shades ()fyellow will help to "w'i~if'R'if(JlJTC shape to the jltJwing robe. witt soon reuealcentour: before seen in thisp'£e~'£.

101 .Even the simplest: of'shepes requires the 'use of a vari. Final touches of yellow 'Will complete the kimono and the' entire piece of'art. Ou..bring the needed detail to' the fi'nished tattoo.e last measure q/.ddath.artd talent.tty of shades to .rall>the tattoo screams of reality l1. :useoj' white inles ~.:.C()rtt()'ur to the pr:evio'Usly flPPli~dinks. {fit)tllsteps in any tattoo involve the.:nd melees a gr.eat showcase for foes abilities .

along withhis obvious ability in creating detailed illusrrationa. 102 . microscopic images of insects :as his inspiratlon. Using a book on.. i!lr hOJ It chest p. nor a mockery of the insect.Kevin Harden Kunin Tattoo Wid] his well known history in the tartan world.in the past~ some of which were ofKevins: doing.Having no background roT B.agreed to hav. Kevinmerely h~ew the:sbg:~ out of proportion while retaining a fairly high ]evW of accuracy inthe dep~ction.tJzt ttltf(Ja done.agge.nation.ieee being completed in several stages" but for the book .e an entirely diffor. Kevin decided to create an ex.Jrated bot[ weevil Brian Q~tUhfJt'has hadmor:e than one tattoo done . While nor quire cartoon-like.er and Kevin} active imagi. Til( exaggerated boll weevil wtlShnJZ'gh.ri~Ul~S· arm.Brian gave Kevin fret: reigr1 when it carnierime to get his next tattoo.t to lift with bright' hu.

Not JD easy task to achieve.depth and contour for at dose of realism.ev.begin . ourlining the illustration..0 times larger rbrol Hfe. but weD within Kevinsabili1I. providing him with the 5 lVeIsadlity I'eq uired to nlap the colorful hug. making &em lucre apparen( as they seem to g~ab more am~ntion.f'S. the wide on the palette and incl uded a up W~a€array of greens" blues and yeUow:s to bring his bug[0 [ife.e avoids the delay of having to sw. machineof the current color and rc.enl~~m:!!. Considering the fuel: rhar an actual bon wee~'mfasllres less rhan a quarter of an inch in Length. Kevin his (l!Ir:n~.~.:"f! applying the outiine to Brian} arm. . In life) bon weevils are &irly f in usion was 'to be: based on the select- Before he can . nec~tngp()s'ttz(}n].g needles. His goal was to create at bon weeyn lba:tW.I_: needles sets h.gpiece:wasamazing nonetheless" ilrEe Kevin had chosen rhe subject matter for dt~ ~utOOl he set out lei draw what he envisioned ~~ ~na1-antc be. The end result of this etion \¥ouldgive a more mysterious fil1.loading with me next hue.time in beginning the black outline of the boll we. By simply cleansing the chosen. :~Jjruls version of the bug is almost 3. m03 . I[ required about eight hours of work@verhe space of three days to capture the t im!f(! Yle'set here. Likeall rartoos we have seen so fall~Kevin begins ~. \l7hh plans tocreate anuber-weevil. .. Kevin WClStl!S no .'. Kevin works quicklyas the outline takes shape. but o ~ecmdtttD.ishwith!CHlt the dis[11lC!! bhlCk lines we usually see. . his selected weapons illnthis piece were4~).Cj'tJr.. The mild disroetion and seemingly readyrojlQuucestance of the crearure only adds to the &ri:ooa. This ~riliangement: permitsthe needles DO. His use of a IS. t.'. and 7 ma. s. without much fun involved.seC[ion f the weevil is actl1aUy called. By pre-loading different machines with the required as his guide.llsdt just a "flat tatroo" ~ but one that exciteJIlCJ](.ng an ·d' stse one UfJtt1... fut ofthe t'lI €'OJ.rs or 'the bug.COI:'.ap needles into machines. . float and move n«>r( ill their mounting which delivers the wider pathwhUe retaining control 'of the ink.OO'tattoo pt"f)tess~ Kevin applies t some final touches tv the illustration .that will bt used da:r~in their shading.o. Kevin can move fluid~y from one area roanother. With the arrworktransferred onto Brians skin. One variation onthis be was the use of the blue nadine on the ~o:wer ~t'ion of the insect. A#S needle ~ used to "calligraphy" some of the lines.me h~'.ilart./' . Overall.' .llogy ysd£: 1 have no 'way of knowing m whacn~il(dl.. . . '. lOOse/roundneedle set allows him both conrrol and theability to cover larger sections at once.

.the outlining in .icr:e.The t(J'tversl}cti(}noj'the weevils h(). Returning to the .. .k'W()rlf~some small details . Cleaned of the stray :In. are Black iFiJe' is runu .added in outline form. will be O.tiines and .tlined using blue ink for It diffir.the lower' segrrunt .U..the effect they will baue on tht de:p'thoj the' tattoo.kwe' can nour see the darker ()u. m04.theart.etu '!Ifoct in th.d.blac.(!final p. certain shapcs of the £nsect. Bright turquoise ink is used to continue . Heavier lines of black' are now added to the mi» to define.appli:et:lto shade' in some small areas of the bug.of'.

ed of the unused ink.hour days.There are.many of the tattoo.areasof' the lines" .(1n the . He plie&n doing the drawing at horne where the envimnment is bit morepeaceful. numbering five per ~k This does not count the time he spends at nOim€ relaxing whiletaking :pen to piaper~ creating tI1. His:studies of the actual insect gave no input inm\wl~.Narvinrg taken three days to create t:he initial . ~~rrung ro Brian.d1rvirh variety of illustrations and paintings. but (hey are able to translate their talent into a visible form of art that the world can share. . their 'wait is rewar-ded with an original piece :of art every time: he sets his needles into action .he[e look first but hope to. of artists plying their trade in the skin ink Lucky for [hose who are able co secure a place in his agenda.. The sketch B oonl.eadycarved himself a 'tidy niche in the expanding wodd. catch every' nuance of to me images being: viewed. gentle touch. . In his first 14 years ofraeroo art. assuming the level of talent and 3ftWI}lI!k doesn't suffer in the process.fill in some sh'aded .liidy even and gentle.inclean. Some a ~} 'Ghework is his own while others hai] from artiscs headmires.£V. Aga. f the rwochcices. most people: WQuMI pre-' O fer.Qtt:(w artists who acre better known for having m~~~ rampant andamwJng inks and where they'd be placed. Kevin has obvioUSlly been trained to combine both aspects: into his wor~~~eping the people flowj. today's tattoo recipient) K~it18'COuchis: fo. Not only are the walls covered-with an amazing array' of art. Kevin begins to. k hJS(. which increases disoomfort by a large ma:rgjll.eholors would best suit this distortion of c realj~1 so we have only his: creative mind eo blame ahtu¥yhand. The walls of Kevins shop are beautifully decorate.e: required illustradons for waiting clients. their creativity appears to be limitless.pletedin nothing more than bffia. Like his tattoo art. rome ~. he limits his time at UtiC: &air to seven .As with . All manners of macabre and unusual jmagesawalil: your senses as you await your time in the boorh. .oodof working at a manic pace. Kevin has :a~t.tiniest of details will result in a highly detailed piece upon completion.. artisans we have met.·prematume burn-cur. whichwould i~~to a.a. but the surfaces themselves are coveredin bright hues we seldom see ina residential setting. we' can see the clearly defined lines of the p'icce~ With the outlining complete. f~r¥entimaginarion could envision the vivid use of colors.ngrhrough his door. I~ couldalready see the finished piece in mfnd: efore setting needle to action.i.ckon white. your eyes don'[ know ~v.

l(evin has chose» a b.p{Jl:tian oj the bu. needle is ttSed the weevil.rA'itcolor ink as the tattoo pr~tlYJsses. lJS The appendages and belly are th. D:arkel' green is now added to' a diffirent.efirst rectJiitnts ~ .with the ji. Brighter green is used the hues intensifY.rst ust'ofgreer2' ink' as shading. A large. adding more dimension tv the art. 106 .igh..r array of greens and hlues to complete thepiec«. to fill in some bigger areas df The leg-like things can be seen in added dimrnlSion .While a real ball toeeoi] is dark in: color.gs bor{y:.

bringing another di11'lx!.)ftlMOn ()f the weevil. OrU:8 swiped clean we can see how tJleprevious masses of ink are becoming more realistie. Until the excess is wiped clean the ink appears so n()thingm().tn't orange inle is applied to several t~gi()ns. .E? than e blobo/l:oto1r. 107 . "f}l~'UJtherdean vieto shows us tlut steps taken s()ftr '(t~jdthe results achieved.'f. A bright .en ink is used on the l1IiiJJ.lJiIi~n41~iSeof bright gre.tN! Before Jwitr:hing to the nextcoio1.fJ'ra'nge hue is noio thrown into the mix. tv the tattoo.nsi()'rJ.

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