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-------------------------Version 11.2 build 938 - March 14, 2011 - Official Release New Features: * Added Finnish language file. * Added Indonesian language file. * Updated Polish language file. * Updated French language file. * Updated Farsi language file. * Updated German language file. * Updated Croatian language file. * Added support for the Y'z Dock format. * Non-square icon images and document thumbnails are now displayed with the prop er aspect ratio. * Added an automatic retry after 30 seconds if returns an 'unknown e rror' when polling weather data. * URL files (such as shortcuts to Steam games) now show the correct icons. * The 'Delete Item' explosion animation is now smoother and twice as fast. * Glass blur for semi-transparent backgrounds on Vista and 7 is now enabled by d efault. * Moved dock's 'Lock Position' Nexus menu setting to the 'Screen Position' sub-m enu. * Changed UI background color so buttons no longer have ugly white border under Vista/7. * Added support for the new NOOA Weather module METAR URL

* Besides the already existing right-click option, you can now also customize th e image displayed by a system tray expand icon by dropping an .ICO, .PNG or .TIF file in to it. * Languages in the About tab of Preferences are now sorted in Alphabetical order . +++ Beta 2 * Set the Tab order of all dialogs. * It's now possible to 'Browse', via the right click context menu, the contents of virtual folders in Internal Commands (e.g.; My Computer). * Added support for the new Help system. +++ Release * You can now drag files over taskbar window thumbnails - after half a second th e associated window is restored and brought to the foreground. * Added support for RocketDock skins with negative margin coordinates. * Re-organized the Advanced dialog in the Advanced tab of Preferences. * Added a 'Thumbnail File Types' button to the Advanced Settings dialog from where you can set which document, video and image files generate thumbnails. * Changed the default clock and recycler module images so they are no longer NeXT based. * Improved usability of task window thumbnails in the dock. * Added troubleshoot warning that pops up if Comctl32.ocx is not installed corre ctly. * Optimized handling of RocketDock backgrounds with negative coordinates. * Theme wallpapers that are not set to tile are now automatically set to stretch . Changes: * Task grouping is now turned on by default. * Edge bump activation when the dock is visible is now turned off by default. Fixes: * Nexus would corrupt memory and crash if it failed to retrieve the configuratio n settings of a 3rd party dock theme. * It was impossible to use system tray popups if the dock popup delay was set to

. * Editing a virtual shell folder with the Item Properties dialog would break the ability to browse it's contents via the context menu.0 ms. which could cause windows to overlap the thumbnails. * Customized system tray expand buttons images were not being shown unless the dock was also set to display the currently running applications. * Windows preview thumbnails sometimes lost their 'Always on top' status just before Aero Peek. * If the dock was set to 100% transparent with opaque icons and the dock backgro und skin was already semi-transparent. * Fixed some major issues with high DPI virtualization on 7 and Vista. +++ Release * Under XP non-square image and document thumbnails displayed white borders. * Application was not being high DPI virtualized on Vista/7 with high DPI (150%) when starting up. * Added missing icon to Weather. * The 'Exit' button in Preferences was not being translated when switching languages. mouse movement over the dock and drag & drop operations could become erratic. * A hidden taskbar was being restored with the auto-hide status on. * Selecting the first monitor in the Monitors right-click menu was not docking a dock to the selected monitor but instead toggled the dock position lock. CTRL+1 would also activate if the user pressed CTRL+SHIFT+1) * When moving a dock from one quadrant of the screen to another. +++ Beta 2 * The Effect 'Settings' button was sometimes enabled when it should not be. so that the background would flip or mirror. * The dock clock label displayed the date with the month and day reversed. * Hotkeys were being activated even if the Shift key combination wasn't an exact match (for instance. * Fixed crash when mousing over a module if the current mouse over effect was 'Sonic boom' and the modules icon cache had been disabled in Performance Setting s. * The grouped tasks menu was sometimes displaying the wrong icon for running app lications. under Vista/7 the 'glass' region wouldn't always update to overlap the new background. * Fixed some minor issues with the size and position of the 'number of instances ' text that overlaps the icons of running applications in groupped's icon set.

Nexus was crashing after displaying the uninstall survey. * Added an Exit button to Preferences. shown when you delete an item .9 build 921 . * Fixed bug that could cause icons on vertical magnifying docks to appear croppe d. * Updated Norwegian language file. * You can now right-click drag & drop in the dock to get the copy/move/create shortcut context menu.Advanced dialog so clicking on a shortcut to an already running application brings that application forward instead of launching a new instance. * Balloon tooltip now also displays thumbnails of document files. 2010 . To force launch a new instance.* Groupped task icons could sometimes not display the number of running instance s.October 8. * Fixed an issue that could cause Nexus to stall for a while after installing a new font if another application was not responding to broadcasted messages. . * Added 'Do Not Launch Multiple Sessions' setting to the Misc. * Alignment of docks attached to screen edges (docked) can now also be set by dragging the dock horizontally or vertically. * Added Chinese Simplified language file. * Updated Spanish language file.Official Release New Features: * Added Hungarian language file.Advanced dialog in the Advanced tab of Preferences. pre ss SHIFT while left-clicking. * Added Korean language file. * Added option to disable the Explosion Animation. * Since beta 1. * Added Bulgarian language file. * Added support for 3rd party dock themes with negative content offsets. * Updated Dutch language file. * The Windows taskbar no longer reserves screen space when hidden. * Fixed ugly system tray icon. to the Misc. -------------------------Version 10.

Heal. Sonic Boom. * Added 'Keep this dock visible when pressing Win+D (Show Desktop)' setting to t he Advanced Behavior dialog of the dock. This makes window thumbnails with peek ability pop up when mousing over task icons and brings Windows 7 "superbar" functionality to Nexus. . bumping the screen edge a dock is attached to does not bring the dock forward. * Added option to disable 'AeroPeek' in window previews. Fire. Magic. Fire. when enabled. * Added 'Disable edge activation' setting to the Position & Behavior tab of Nexu s Preferences. Flare. * The bounce mouseover animation no longer 'holds' the icon at the top while the pointer is over it. * Effect settings specified in the Effects tab of Preferences are now specific t o each effect. * Added 'Lock/Unlock Position' to the dock's main context menu and the synonimou s 'Prevent dock from being moved by dragging with the mouse pointer' setting to th e dock's Advanced Behavior dialog. Magic. * Added setting to change the color of the dock mouseover label to the Appearanc e tab of Nexus Preferences.* Added Squish. which. Changes: * Increased the default range of the bounce mouseover animation. Flare. Wind and Water) can be colorized in the Effect Settings panel for that effect. allows any e xisting theme wallpaper to be applied as well as the new theme. * Icons can no longer be dropped into a dock when the 'Lock Icons' setting is en abled. * The new particle effect animations (Heal. When enabled. * Added 'Wallpaper' setting to the Themes tab. Wind and Water mouse over effects. Spin. * Moved thumbnail exclusion list in the Tasks tab to the Advanced dialog. * Users can specify the size of the window previews. * Added 'Show window previews (thumbnails) on mouseover' setting to the Advanced dialog of the Tasks tab in Preferences.

Fixes: * Empty balloon tooltip was appearing when mousing over an empty dock. -------------------------Version 10.* Moved the dock 'Z-Order' and 'Monitor' right-click sub-menus to 'Screen Positi on'. 2010 . * The 'Prevent maximized windows from overlaping the dock' setting is now disabl ed if 'Auto-hide the dock' is enabled. * Sometimes restoring a maximized window that was minimized would make it lose the maximized status. even if SHIFT was pressed. * Nothing would happen if the user dropped an ICO. PNG or TIFF file into an empt y dock. * Dropping files into a shortcut to a folder in the dock as always copying the source file to the target folder.Official Release New Features: . s o they don't appear too blurred. * Size of the application icon overlayed to the thumbnail of running application s is now always half the size of the icon. * Assigning huge PNG or TIF files as shortcut images no longer slows down magnif ying animations. independent of dock magnification size. * Double clicking the first icon of a floating icon without the Nexus control icon was causing the dock to collapse. * A hidden/collapsed dock would stop magnifying and auto-hidding when changing t o a new theme until Preferences was opened and closed again. * The magnification size slider no longer allows you to chose values lower than current dock icon size.6 build 911 . * Fixed bug that preventing re-organizing icons in the tasklist section of a doc k via drag & drop.July 13. * Application icons overlayed to the thumbnail of running applications now also use the application icon (instead of the window icon) for sizes over 32x32 pixels. as in that case no screen space is reserved.

2010 . * Fixed item positioning problems when hovering a magnifying dock and shortcuts were added. * Setting a dock with a semi-transparent background to be 100% transparent with opaque icons prevented the dock from working properly.* Added Serbian language file. -------------------------Version 10.4 build 906 .Advanced Settings' dialog in the Advanced tab of Preferences. * A drag & drop move of the first icon on a dock with no control icon would corrupt the dragged item and would not allow the item to be copied. Fixes: * The dock's 'No Background Flip' setting was not being saved properly. * Fixed issue in which Nexus could freeze for up to a minute after resuming hibe rnate due to 3rd party services being busy and blocking.May 22. Fixes: * The dock was not displaying running application thumbnails when the dock was s et to display running applications via the context menu. * The Zoom dock effect could sometimes cause currently zooming icons to be cropp ed when sitting next to icons that updated frequently (like the clock). * Fixed other visual glitches with special dock effects and icons getting croppe d. * Added Slovak language file. .Bug Fix Release New Features: * Added option to disable the 'Initializing' splash-screen at startup to the 'Misc. removed or had their running status changed. Changes: * Moved the 'Show dock control icon' item from the main Nexus menu to the 'Inser t New Dock Item' sub-menu.

This should help prevent accidental dock activations. 2010 .April 27.. This prevents Nexus from freezing or taking a long time to initialize on systems with very slow hard drives and very full recycle bins. * Screen edge bumps now only activate the dock when the pointer bumps the area where the dock is. * Blurring of semi-transparent dock backgrounds is now 25% faster. * Inserting a new item via the Item Properties Editor now shifts the icons in th e dock to make room for the new item. etc. +++ * Improved time required for Nexus initialization even further. Enabling this setting will redu ce memory footprint but also significantly lower performance of the expansion and contraction phases of the magnify effect for non-tiled dock backgrounds. * Added negative Edge Offsets up to -16 pixels. This shou ld give Windows enough time to finish booting before Nexus engages in a concurrent and potentially very disk intensive enumeration if the recycle bin has many items on it. * Insertion of items into the dock by drag & drop is now a bit smoother.).-------------------------Version 10. * Moved the enumeration of items in the recycle bin to a background thread. * Dock expansion when magnifying is now 3 to 5 times faster. * Nexus is now also compatible with specific 3rd party dock themes that use huge dock backgrounds (Eclipse.4 build 905 . * The icon of the System Tray Expand Button can now be customized by right click ing the item and selecting 'Dock Item Properties'. Memory dialog in the Advanced tab of Nexus Preferences.. * Functionality specific to specific modules is no longer active if the module i s not being used on the dock. Changes: .Official Release New Features: * Windows thumbnails of grouped tasklist menus now pop up immediately. * Added 'Disable Magnify Effect Buffer' setting to the Performance vs. Scepter. * Delayed the initial enumeration of Recycle Bin items for 30 seconds.

* Nexus could freeze for a long period of time when returning from hibernate or sleep. * The Email Checker module balloon tooltip was not reporting the number of messages found on the servers. * Fixed bug in the Task Exclusion and Task Customization lists which prevented properly editing and removing items in them. * Some tiled 3rd party dock themes had graphic glitches on magnifying docks. * Fixed some issues that could cause Nexus to crash on exit if certain dialog windows were open when exiting.' settings to the Position & Behavior tab in Preferences.. . * Fixed 'This Array is Fixed or Locked' crash that could occur on Vista systems when mousing over one of the Vista system tray icons. * Corrected rounding errors in the magnification algorithm which could cause a dock being magnified to 'shake' slightly. * The Language Manager no longer uses the English language file to perform an unnecessary English to English translation when the currently selected language is English...' and 'Do not flip background. * Eliminated the dark 'shadow' that seemed to expand around the dock when the icons magnified. * Applying a 'Tile' dock background after using a theme with overlays would not dismiss the previous overlay.* Moved the dock activation shortcut to the Advanced Behavior dialog and the 'Respect space. icons of docks docked at the top of the screen could extend beyond the screen edge. Fixes: * The dock no longer 'flashes' when changing sizes or being repositioned between different screen quadrants.. * Fixed potential memory leak. * Under 64 bit systems some programs in the dock might not be flagged as running if the 32 bit version was running when the dock expected the 64 bit or vice-vers a. * The Task Icon Customization. Task Exclusion and Snapshot Exclusion list dialog s were not enabling the Remove and Edit buttons even though the first item was selected when opening the dialog. * The Running Application indicators were not working anymore unless you added a CPU Meter module to the dock or enabled the CPU Meter systray icon. * With large effect magnitudes for the bounce and zoom effects.

* The dock wasn't immediately displaying all the groupped tray icons when it opened.Bug Fix Release Fixes: * The separator between regular dock icons and the system tray wasn't always there. * Enabling running indicators when the dock was already displaying the system tr ay could result in Nexus crashing with an Access Violation error. . the currently selected dock icon would keep flashing after opening a context menu even when the mouse moved away from the dock. -------------------------Version 10. * Fixed problem where Nexus could delete the contents of the Nexus Ultimate Shel f.* The system tray expand button would disappear from the dock if all system tray icons were set to be hidden in Windows. * Fixed issue in which the docks could stop responding after running a full scre en game. * It wasn't possible to access individual tray icons in groupped mode when not using the magnify effect. * The dock could disappear or become unresponsive after running a full screen DirectX game. 2010 . * It was possible to initiate a dock uncollapse operation while the dock was sti ll playing the collapse animation and vice-versa.3 build 882 . * Clicking on the icon reflection is now the same as clicking on the icon itself for launching and right-click context menu operations.March 29. * When using the AfterGlow effect. * Values could under certain conditions be reported as 0 KB. * The new default separator bitmap was being used even on tiled dock backgrounds . * Nexus might not repaint properly after exiting Hibernate. +++ * Recycle Bin enumeration was still potentialy taking a long time at startup. 0 MB or 0 GB. * Nexus was still performing actions specific to some modules even if those modules were not placed on the dock.

* Added 'Show/Hide System tray' and 'Show/Hide Running Programs' to the Insert context menu. Weather and Email Checker modules now glow while connecting to the internet (behavior can be disabled in the settings dialog of each module).3 build 881 .' and are now able to control the Windows Media Player as well. which could end up being installed at the wrong location. -------------------------Version 10. Fixes: * The 'Check Weather' button in the Weather Settings dialog could use the wrong difference between location and UTC times (UTC Bias) when getting the weather fo r locations in the US. * Removed the blank separator between normal and system tray icons in the dock when the system tray expand button is also visible. 2010 . * Thumbnails of some files were showing up blank (transparent). * Nexus now uses a default separator bitmap if the dock skin does not have one.* If a system tray or tasklist icon updated while dragging a floating dock on the screen. * Long dock icon labels no longer extend beyond the monitor edge. * Groupped systray icons were too blurred when magnified. ..Official Release New Features: * The clock. * The wrong icon was being displayed for unknown themes.March 27.. A grid of 16x16 tray icons can now be groupp ed together into a single dock icon. * Added 'Group Tray Icons' setting. * Added 'Enable/Disable Background Blur Effect' to the Effects sub-menu of the dock context menu. * The WinAmp Internal Commands have been renamed to 'Media. * The voice and sound schemes were being installed into the wrong location. * Fixed issue auto-installing themes. which caused it to jump to another position. the dock could switch orientation in mid-drag. * The troubleshoot option 'Reset Dock Content' was also reseting the dock settings to their default values.

* Added 'Dock Entry Properties' option to the right-click context menu of the control icon. * The Update Manager can now notify the user of. via right-click menus.March 22. +++ * Added option to always display all tray icons to the Effects tab. 2010 .March 18. * Added option to select the Dock control icon color. or hide it altogether to the Appearance tab of the Dock Properties dialog. 2010 . to name the dock..Official Release New Features: * Added Japanese language file (incomplete). can now be directly specified by the user via the module's right-click context menu. * The icons of modules/widgets such as the clock. to the right-click context menu of the control icon. and install. -------------------------Version 10.. rename the dock and set the dock's activation hot key.Silent Update New Features: * You can now Browse. * Added UAC Warning at startup if Nexus is running with elevated privileges. new Language files . shortcuts placed in the dock to Virtual Shell Items such as My Computer. etc. Fixes: * Fixed some issues with resolving certain icons and Internal Command icons.. * Added 'Rename' option. * Added option to display the Windows system tray in Nexus to the Effects tab. which allows the user to change the image of the dock control icon . * The Icon Browser dialog now displays a large 128x128 icon image when dealing with a single icon file.3 build 878 . * Improved performance of displaying the system tray on a dock. replace it with a user defined icon.3 build 873 . recycler.-------------------------Version 10. * The image used for the Nexus control icon can also be set by dragging & .

dropping an image file directly over the control icon. and the wallpaper could beco me . Changes: * Re-arranged the Effects tab. Fixes: * Dock was not repainting when magnified. and a tasklist or system tray icon was updated. which prevents the system tray from having to repaint every second.' setting to the Advanced Settings dialog of the Advanced tab in Preferences. * Should have fixed some problems with Nexus not starting at Windows startup. * When the icons are locked a floating dock can now be dragged around the screen by left clicking anywhere on the dock and dragging. with the cursor at the same position. * Added new set of Weather icons made by Mark Gisis (aka. * You can now add multiple themes/skins in bulk via the AutoInstall feature. * Nexus system tray icons now only signal a change when necessary. * The 'Add New Item' context menu option now opens a sub-menu from where you can quickly select the item type (or add via the Item Properties Editor as before).. * Re-arranged the Appearance tab * Moved the "Launch applications with a single click. Teknofrik). * Added option to open sub-menus on mouseover to the Advanced Settings dialog of the Advanced tab in Preferences. * Re-arranged the Advanced Settings dialog. * Added option to 'Hide Windows taskbar at startup' to the General tab in Prefer ences. * Module and Internal Command names are now sorted alphabetically in the Item Properties Editor dialog box regardless of the currently selected language.. * Moved the 'Show running applications' setting from the Appearance tab to the Effects tab. +++ * Added 'Lock/Unlock Icons' to the dock's control context menu. * Showing or Hidding Desktop icons wasn't working properly under Windows 7 after applying a theme in the Windows Personalize dialog. * Reorganized right-click context menus in order to be more consistent between different item types.

* When Importing. * Added setting to the Advanced Behavior dialog not to flip the dock background . * Made some minor improvements to the Icon Browser dialog. * Improved the display of some system icons which appeared 'fuzzy' when using la rge icon sizes. * Native Nexus themes and 3rd party dock backgrounds are now listed under the sa me 'Themes' heading. Nexus will automatically distinguish between native Winstep themes and 3rd party dock themes. * Fixed potential bug which could cause icons in a dock to overlap if the dock content was changed while magnifying. * A hung or non-responsive application could hang Nexus when changing wallpapers .1 build 856 . * Memory was being leaked every time a shortcut pointing to Windows Installer was resolved. +++ * The dock could stop magnifying when the mouse was over an icon and the dock contents updated for some reason. * The Alignment sub-menu of the Control Icon was not aligning the dock correctly because of changes in the previous version. * Added Czech language file. * Dock alignment is now by percentage and set via a slider. * The system tray was not reacting fast enough when expanding or collapsing it.Feb 11. * Added Russian language file. Only if there is a conflict will it ask for clarification. * Added Danish language file. -------------------------Version 10. 2010 .corrupted. * The user can now specify the folder used to save screenshots taken by the 'Capture Desktop' internal command in the Advanced Settings dialog of the Advanced Preferences tab.Official Release New Features: * Added Chinese (Traditional) language file.

* The Themes Manager in Preferences now automatically saves thumbnails of the th eme previews. * Even after removing all instances of a particular module from the dock. Fixes: * Fixed a few Internal Command icons that were not displaying properly under Vis ta. . +++ * The icons of some shortcuts were not being resolved properly when dropped into Nexus. This makes it possible to have a Leopard style d ock at the top of the screen looking like it does at the bottom. Changes: * Resized the Item Properties Editor dialog in order to show a larger icon. If also asks the user if he wants to empty the Recycle Bin and empties it if the answer is affirmative. for instance. it was still possible to have events related to that module activating (such as the time being announced). * Fixed icon remanining on screen when performing a drag & drop operation that resulted in a prompt requiring user input to complete the operation. * Added a 'Restore File Associations' button to the Troubleshoot dialog to resto re Winstep theme and license key file associations. a warning pops up saying that the Recycle Bin is too full and that it is causing Nexus to take a long time to start. like the clock.for docks at the top of the screen. * Settings in the Advanced dialog of the Dock Position Preferences tab were not being properly set or retrieved. * Thumbnails with alpha channels should now be displayed properly. * The folder browser dialog popped up pointing to the wrong folder. * Thumbnails of folders in Vista and above no longer appear as jagged icons. which are later displayed when browsing themes in menus and dialogs. * The Themes sub-menu in the Appearance & Sounds context menu now also lists 3rd party dock themes. * Added a warning to Nexus startup: if the number of items in the Recycle Bin take 10 or more seconds to enumerate. * The 'New Folder' dialog still used the old UI and the text in it was not being translated.

2009 . * Added item separator bitmap to the Leopard theme.Nov 26. * Added complete Dutch language file. -------------------------Version 9. -------------------------Version 9. * Under Windows 7 the 'Show Windows Start Menu' internal command is now able to keep the menu in the same screen position when using Search or All Programs.Emergency Update Fixes: * The Cancel button in Preferences was not working unless the user Applied the changes first.Official Release New Features: * Added support for 3rd party tiled dock themes. which can happen when importing 3rd party dock backgrounds). * Added support for separators of 3D 3rd party dock backgrounds.11 build 847 . single folder with multiple backgrounds in it). 2009 . Functional but not pretty. The K-TEK4D1 to K-TEK4D5 tiles are examples of Nexus themes were icon reflections are not allowed to show outside the tile background itself. *are extracted Where supported. Fixes: * Icon reflections were not being properly adjusted to the background tile if a bitmap reflection mask was provided and the icon image had a size mismatch with the maximum magnification size.e. folders within folders. -------------------------- .* Fixed Spanish translation that translated 'Settings' as 'Clock Settings'. * RAM usage values in the system tray icon were all being reported as 0.12 build 850 . although with a lot of flicker as the Start Menu tries to reposition itself back to its original position. * Added support for nested 3rd party dock backgrounds (i.Dec 1.e. background names of 3rd party themes from the configuration files themselves instead of folder names. * Added support for multiple 3rd party dock backgrounds (i.

Advanced Settings panel that controls if the dock pops up on mouseover or not and the popup delay (from 0 ms to 1000 ms).Version 9. +++ * It is now possible to perform drag & drop operations on 'Browse Container' menus. * Added Catalan language file. +++ * Added missing functionality to the Save As and Delete buttons in the Sounds tab in Preferences. * The appropriate user language (if available) is now selected by default when running for the first time.Nov 23. +++ * Added a setting in the Misc. 'Maximized Offset'. * Added 'Change Icon' setting to the right-click context menu of dock items. * Added partial Italian and Dutch language files. * Added Italian male and female voices. * Adjusted the UI to make room for larger foreign text strings.Official Release New Features: * Added Hibernate and Sleep options to the Exit sub-menu. to prevent certain Nexus themes. from reserving too much screen space when the dock is attached to a screen edge and the 'Prevent Maximized Windows from overlapping the dock' setting is set. 2009 . The control icon can no longer be dragged. * Fixed problem where certain context menu options (such as My Computer's . Fixes: * It was possible to delete the dock by dragging the Nexus control icon into the recycle bin.11 build 846 . like Leopard. Changes: * Running indicators are now offset from the icons by a few pixels more. * Added a new theme setting. * Shortcuts to virtual file system objects dropped onto the dock are now resolved instead of stored as pointers to the shortcuts themselves.

Fixes: * Fixed a MAJOR bug where Nexus would stop responding to clicks on the configuration tab headers after 35 days. * Changed the included Leopard Nexus theme to prevent it from reserving too much screen space when the dock is attached to a screen edge and the 'Prevent Maximized Windows from overlapping the dock' setting is set.8 build 836 .Public Beta 3 New Features: * Added German help file.Manage) resulted in an error under 64 bit windows.September 16.. * Added Portuguese (Brazil) language file.. \Windows\System32 +++ * Context menu options on file items of 'Browse Container' menus now work properly. * Fixed 64 bit redirection issues with 64 bit applications in the \ folder. docks. * Logitech's Setpoint software was causing painting problems on menus. * Shortcuts to 64 bit applications were not being resolved properly.. on 64 bit systems. +++ * Fixed problems with desktop icons losing focus when being selected after raising the desktop with WIN+D. etc. +++ * Some settings were not being properly initialized on first run. -------------------------- . +++ * Fixed annoying flicker that happened when the mouse pointer exited the dock after the desktop being raised (WIN+D). 2009 . * Setting some of the Sounds to <None> was not sticking. * Some settings were not being properly applied when exiting Preferences after a Restore or Troubleshoot. -------------------------Version 9.

7 build 834 . * Added 'Browse Container' item to the right-click context menus of file's XML request string to work with the new requirements.Public Beta 2 New Features: * Added dock icon spacing setting to the Appearance tab in Preferences.August 3. -------------------------Version 9.7 build 831 . * Added <Current Wallpaper> to the list of wallpapers's source URL and XML request string in the advanced dialog of the Weather Module settings. * Updated Weather. * The user can now specify Weather.7 build 832 . * Started using Interpolation Mode HighQualityBicubic instead of HighQualityBili near which improves the 'sharpness' of icons a little bit.August 2.Silent Update Fixes: * The 'Always Open Folder in a Menu' setting was not working. * Added setting to make the righ-click context menu of file and folder items in the dock display all the options that would be displayed by Explorer. -------------------------Version 9. 2009 .Silent Update Fixes: * Changes to the Magnification Effect settings were not being applied. allowing you to browse the container folder in a menu.Version 9.July 30. * The Theme Preview in the Themes tab in Preferences now also displays the corre ct . * Added setting to prevent the auto-hide function from only kicking-in when another window has the focus. 2009 . * You can now rename modules/docklets. 2009 . * Added ability to lock icons and prevent them from being changes the format of the request string again a new release should no longer be necessary to fix the issue. * Added 'Running' indicators for dock shortcuts to applications that are current ly running. If Weather.

* The 'Show Nexus icon in the system tray' option had no effect until Nexus was restarted. +++ * Added 'Display confirmation dialog before deleting' setting to the Advanced Se ttings dialog and to the Delete Confirmation dialog itself. * Customizable Left. Fixes: * Removed 'Make Shelf from Folder' item that appeared on the context menu of folder shortcuts in the dock. * A dock set to an effect other than magnify could leave parts of it behind when hiding into a screen edge. +++ * Reduced a bit the font size used for the title of windows in the list of curre ntly running applications so more of long titles can fit. * Icon reflections in vertical docks now take into account icon spacing. Polish. * Renamed the 'Browse with NextSTART' item that appeared on the context menu of folder shortcuts in the dock to 'Browse'and added the missing functionality. Changes: * Moved the 'Hide Dock Control Icon' option from the Appearance and Settings sub-menu into the main Nexus menu. +++ . middle and right click actions for running programs. which prevents the reflections from being horizontally cropped too soon with most them es. * Switched the 'Sounds' tab in Preferences with the 'Tasks' tab. * Added Norwegian. Farsi and Spanish languages. in the * The Net Out module was showing exactly the same values as 'Net In'. * Blank separator items no longer show a background when using a tiled theme. * Improved the timing adjustment of the dock's sliding animation so it adjusts i tself to where it should be at a certain point in for the clock and recycler modules. Swedish. * Fixed the broken click and hold feature which opens the contents of a folder shortcutdock on a menu.

Supports virtual file system objects. Multi-level docks (Winstep Xtreme version only). Document thumbnails. . Live icon reflections. Extremely easy to use with intuitive interface. In-dock modules/widgets. Ability to reserve screen space. Automatic semi-transparent background blur (Vista and Windows 7 only).* Blank METAR codes would always be replaced with the default NY METAR code on startup. -------------------------Version 9.Silent Update Fixes: * Fixed bug that could crash Nexus on startup when unzipping the default themes. Skinnable context menus (Winstep Xtreme version only). * Running indicators were only appearing on shortcuts to applications that appea red on the tasklist.June 12. * Right clicking on the dock's running applications separator did not pop up a context menu.June 14. -------------------------Version 9. Features: Multi-dock system (Winstep Xtreme version only). Internal commands.5 Public Beta 1 * Initial Nexus Release. Multiple special effects. Full Drag & Drop support. * The 'Run As Admin' in the Item Properties dialog and all the settings in the Performance dialog always appeared cleared. Item magnification and other mouse over effects. Ability to respect screen space reserved by other applications. 2009 . * Fixed an issue in which the dock background would disappear when magnifying if it was set to be semi-transparent. Full multi-monitor support. 2009 . * Fixed an issue in which a tiled dock background set to be semi-transparent wou ld display the magnified half of the tile fully opaque when magnifying.5 build 823 .5 build 821 . Completely customizable.Nexus 9. Auto-hide and auto-collapse.

Screen resolution of 800x600 or higher. Includes Update Manager to look for.Configuration backup and restore. . and automatically install new ver sions. download. System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/SE/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7. 256 MB of RAM or more. 30 MB of free hard disk space or more. Multi language support. Quality and performance tested. 500 Mhz or faster processor.

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