ISLAMISTS say Qaddafi is an enemy of Islam and will always be. They claim he is a Pharaoh who has transgressed beyond bounds in the land and caused monstrous corruption and is actually a Jew (the Times of London, on April 18, 1972, carried a report that Qaddafi¶s mother was a Jew) who became one of the true successors to Kamal Ataturk, following his footsteps in more than one way, but particularly by the implementing of Ataturk¶s primary Jewish propaganda tool of ³using religion to combat religion´ by promoting ideas and concepts outwardly Islamic but in reality designed to destroy the foundations of the religion. The Islamic Fighting Group (FIG) was formed in 1995 among Libyans who had fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. FIG declared the Government of Qaddafi un-Islamic and pledged to overthrow it. FIG is aligned with al-Qaeda and is active in the international mujahideen network. When a crowd at a rally in Wadi Achatt greeted Qaddafi in February 1996 a FIG member threw a hand grenade at him from less than nine feet away. Libyan bodyguards moved Qaddafi to a platform some feet away from where he was to sit in front of the crowds, while other bodyguards seized the man. Qaddafi later said the man, who appeared in television images to be in his 30¶s and who had a moustache, was ³an agent of the British intelligence´ and had confessed he wanted to kill him. He gave no further details about the identity of the man, or his fate. David Shayler, (left) a former MI5 intelligence officer now living in Paris, went public in 1997 with information from intelligence agency files that confirmed Qaddafi¶s contention that MI6 was involved in a 1996 assassination attempt on Qaddafi without permission from Prime Minister John Major. In May 2000 the British Government sued Shayler and a London newspaper on the grounds that publishing government documents without permission violated copyright law, rather than prosecuting him under the Official Secrets Act. In November 2002 Shayler was convicted of breaching the Official Secrets Act and sentenced to six months in jail.1 In 2006 Shayler stated, ³The more I look at 9/11, the more I am convinced it was a staged event. I am convinced the U.S. government


manipulated events - let it happen ± to create a trigger for the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq and of course what they're trying to do now with the imminent invasions of Iran and Syria.´ In the early 1970¶s Qaddafi routed Islamists from Libya. In 1986 he closed down 48 institutions, for being Islamist front groups. Qaddafi replaced the Shari¶a of Allah, what the devil worshippers consider to be unparalleled justice and wisdom, with his Green Book. In addition to this, he has created doubts in matters of religion, and has according to FIG´ Mocked the Prophet the honorable companions, with whom Allah was pleased, and the great leaders of Islam, may Allah have mercy on them, as is clear to anyone who has followed his speeches. Qaddafi attacked the sanctity of this religion and its followers by imposing his evil designs on the people by the policies of an iron fist and fire and subjecting the Muslims to extreme torture, punishment, degradation, and discrimination! Qaddafi has substituted man-made law for the laws of the Lord of the universe. Qaddafi¶s anti-Islamic laws included communist theories found in his accursed Green Book that is full of kufr, abominable heresy! Although alcohol and music are banned women are allowed to appear in public unveiled and are allowed to attend university. In 1994 Qaddafi sought to placate Islamist sentiments by broadening Shari¶a law provisions, and ordering the Islamic Call Society to fund our activities abroad, while at the same time expanding co-operation with neighboring Maghreb states (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia) to fight Islamist groups. This was confusing for many terrorist Brothers. In May 1998 Qaddafi¶s motorcade was attacked near the city of Benghazi. Several bodyguards were killed, but Qaddafi was only lightly wounded. The Islamic Fighting Group was responsible. Qaddafi denied news of the attack, but, soon afterward, at least 100 people were arrested in and around Benghazi on suspicions of links to opposition groups. The fate of the detainees, who were tortured, remains unclear. A 1997 law allowed collective punishment, including the elimination of public services and food subsidies, for communities alleged to support insurgents. In 2000 he unleashed his secret police against our Islamist Brothers at the University of Benghazi, killing several and imprisoning many more.

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