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I am Joseph Kurian, M.B.A., student of Kongu Engineering College,

Erode conducting a survey on Retail Penetration Level of Airtel PrePaid Cards
along with Bharti Cellular Ltd, Coimbatore. The details are asked purely for
research purpose and to improve the services of Airtel in Coimbatore. Kindly
spend a few minutes to fill this form. Please attempt all the questions. Your
co-operation is highly appreciated.

Area :

1. Name of the Outlet :

2. Outlet Category ( Tick the corresponding categories below )

Books & General Dept Browsing
Service Duty Paid Pharmacy PCO Others
Stationery Stores Stores Centre

‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬

3. Does your Outlet Sell Telecom Products such as Pre Paid cards and
recharge coupons.

. Yes . No (Go to Q No. 11)

4. If “ Yes ”, tick all the telecom products you sell in your outlet?

Competitor Availability

e) Tata
a) Aircel b) BPL c) BSNL d) Reliance f) Airtel All

‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬

5. If you are asked to rank the various prepaid card services provided by
different operators, in terms of its performance, sales, service provided by
the distributor, etc, how would you rate the following from 1-6?
Aircel ---------
BPL ---------
BSNL ---------
Reliance ---------
Tata Trupaid ---------
Airtel ---------

6. According to you, which prepaid card is performing in your


Why do you think it is performing well?

Because the company often comes up with new and attractive
schemes and offers.
Because the product would be made available through out, as the
service provided by the distributor is good.
Because it has a good network coverage through out Coimbatore.
Because it has a attractive tariff plan catering to all segments ie
students, employees, business people, retired people, etc
Because it has a very good visibility in my outlet.
People come to my outlet mostly asking for this prepaid card only.
Others, specify

7. Do you shelf Airtel Prepaid Sim Cards and Recharge Coupons.

No (Go to Q.11)
8. If “Yes”, are you satisfied with its performance in your store?
Very Satisfied
Not Satisfied
Not at all Satisfied

9. If you are not satisfied, is it because of

The non-service provided by the distributor sales person.

Not satisfied with the retail margin.
Too many complaints about the product from the customer’s side.
The formalities newly included with respect to the SIM card registration.
Not being informed of the new schemes and offers available, by the
sales person.
The people who come to the outlet do not prefer Airtel.

10. There are a few statements below. Please indicate your level of
agreeableness or disagreeableness.

Agree Agree Disagree Disagree
Statement Agree nor
Completely Somewhat Somewhat Completely
Airtel is the leading
1 prepaid category ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬
service provider
Airtel services are
2 ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬
superior compared to
its competitors.
Airtel comes up with
3 many attractive ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬
schemes and offers.
Airtel provides many
value added services
4 ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬
when compared to its
I would continue to
5 purchase Airtel ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬ ‫ڤ‬
11. Are you interested in shelfing Airtel Prepaid SIM cards and RCC?

12. If “NO”, State your reason?

Retail Margin is not Attractive
Wont be able to concentrate in our regular business
Not sure by shelfing, this would give me business in this part of
Used to shelf it, but the enquiry for the product was very less.
The company won’t encourage credit basis payment.
I am basically not interested to shelf and sell it.
Other Specify---------------------------------------------------------------------------

13. Your complaints (positive or negative), remarks, suggestions for

improving the services of Airtel, please record below:


Date : Outlet Seal & Signature

Thank you for spending your precious time and effort in contributing
towards the success of this research.



1. David A.Aker, V.Kumar & George S. Day (2002), John Wiley &
Sons, INC, marketing research.

2. C.R.Kothari (2003), New Age international (p) Ltd, Research




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