Relay and control cubicles

VSH 200
1MRK 514 002-BEN
Page 1 Issued June 1999 Changed since July 1998 Data subject to change without notice


(SE 880569)


• Standard cubicle type VSH 200 • With standard dimensions: 2300 x 700 x 650 mm, (Other dimensions see Technical data) • Standard degree of protection: IP 21 (Optionally IP 43 and IP 54 for all types)

• Standard colour: beige (ABB-H) (Other colours available) • Front door (opening angle) 105o-150o • Normally supplied with a hinged frame 43U • Including lighting and door switch • Cable entry at the bottom, optionally at the top


The cubicles are used to accommodate 19” racks mechanical assemblies, plate mounted modules and single relays.
Type VSH 200


The cubicles are made of Aluzink R-treated steel plate, consisting of two side panels, rear panel, kick and trim plates, roof panel, rear mounting plane, hinged frame, etc. The hinged frame is provided with two mounting planes according to the 19” standard, both 43U high.

Cubicle side panels are divided into three levels by four cable attachment strips. The hinged frame is always hinged on the opposite side from the front door (if fitted). For fixing to the floor, 4 holes of Ø22.5 mm are provided in the bottom of the frame.

. 1 Exploded view of VSH 200 Technical data Cubicle Material Surface treatment Finish Dimensions Hinged frame Opening angle (hinged frame) Max load on the hinged frame Front door On the rear mounting plane Inspection window Opening angle (front door) Lock (front door) Rear door/plate Cable entry. optionally on the right side 160° 100 kg. thickness 60 µm.Relay and control cubicles VSH 200 1MRK 514 002-BEN Page 2 Fig. hinge on the left. 1660 x 450 mm. Including door switch and lamp holder on top Optionally included. Interior lighting Floor plate Degree of protection Special design on request only VSH 200 2 mm steel plate AluzinkR pre-plated steel. Visible surfaces with beige colour (ABB H-colour) 2300 x 700 x 650 mm Incl. H = 43U. optionally on the left side 75 kg Included. to be specified IP 21. IP 43. Painted with polyester-based powder colouring. glass 105°-150° Screw + removable handle (optionally lockable handle) Rear plate At the bottom. Hinge on the right. IP 54 (96000414) .

Relay and control cubicles VSH 200 1MRK 514 002-BEN Page 3 Ordering Specify: • Type • Quantity (up to three cubicles mounted together in one unit) • Options Manufacturer ABB Automation Products AB Substation Automation Division SE-721 59 Västerås Sweden Tel: +46 (0) 21 34 20 00 Fax: +46 (0) 21 14 69 18 .

Relay and control cubicles VSH 200 1MRK 514 002-BEN Page 4 .

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