4-day Comprehensive Analyst Boot Camp

Overview 4-day intensive training program where trainees learn financial & valuation modeling in Excel using in a hands-on, case-study approach. The modeling methodologies covered include: Boot Camp Agenda Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Excel Best Practices & Analyst's Accounting Financial Modeling (Generic Company) DCF & Relative Valuations Financial Modeling-Asian Paints ( forecasting and valuations)

T A R G E T A UD I E N CE □ IB Analysts & Associates □ Equity research associates □ Private equity associates □ Business development analysts □ Corporate finance analysts □ Accounting/Treasury/CFO professionals □ MBAs □ Students P R E R E Q UIS I T ES Financial Accounting Excel – Beginner level

Step-by-step, intuitive approach Each modeling methodology is preceded by conceptual introductions that relate academic coursework to the hands-on step-by-step exercises trainees undertake on their computers in class. The program is a synthesis of Excel modeling, navigating through various financial reports, and the application of accounting, corporate finance, and valuation courses. What sets this program apart? • The training materials that trainees receive are comprehensive and intuitive, and are designed to serve as stand-alone materials for easy use long after the training session has ended. • Case study presentations and an end of program examination enable both participants and supervisors to assess individual performance. • Our instructors are all practitioners (investment bankers, equity research analysts, etc.) with a passion for teaching with years of directly relevant real-world experience. They understand the importance of teaching in a way that empowers finance professionals to apply the lessons from the classroom directly on the job. • Unlimited support for 2 years post-seminar • Issuance of Certification in Financial & Valuation Modeling

FORMAT Classroom Training-50 hrs (approx).

Duration : 4 days (Weekends)

Fees : 6,000/- (inclusive of taxes)

R AT E S & M O R E INF O Nikhil Dhulla +91 92222 87739


Ratio charts.2pm) Module 3: Financial Modeling Classroom Training-50 hrs (approx). 3 Apr □ Mumbai 9. CHOOSE) • Graphs and Charts (Two-axis graphs. 27 Feb. HLOOKUP.19.000/. 5. DuPont analysis . 27 Feb. P/Sales.17 Apr P R E R E Q U I S I TE S Financial Accounting Excel – Beginner level FORMAT Day 2 Financial Modeling (Generic Company) Morning Session (10 . • • • Pivot Table DATA Tables Macros Module 2: Analyst's Accounting • Ratio Analysis – Liquidity Analysis.16. Expensing • Income Taxes □ Bangalore 12. Internal liquidity analysis. 2.10. . 27 Mar.net • Trouble Shooting • Completing the financial Model.30 . EV/EBITDA. 5. 6 Mar Module 1 : Excel Best Practices • Excel Basics ( Analyst’s Excel Formulae And functions. Common size statements. Duration : 4 days (Weekends) Afternoon Session (2:30-6PM) Module 4: Financial Modeling Fees : 6. 6 Mar Day 1 Excel Best Practices & Analyst's Accounting Morning Session (10 .6pm) □ Pune 26.Return on equity /. Risk analysis • Inventory Valuations • Depreciation Policies • Leases • Capitalization vs. Band charts – PE. Operating / Risk / Growth Analysis.2pm) Afternoon Session (2.13. 20 Mar □ Hyderabad 26.(inclusive of taxes) • Hands-on working along with the Instructor • Overview of Financial Modeling • Excel Best Practices • Long term Items (Others) Schedule • • • • Building Income Statement Shareholder’s Equity Schedule Shares outstanding Schedule Preparing for Debt & Interest RATES & MORE INFO • Modeling Warm Up • Key Financial Statements • Working Capital Schedule • Depreciation schedule • Amortization Schedule Nikhil Dhulla +91 92222 87739 nikhil@corporatebridge. VLOOKUP.4-day Comprehensive Analyst Boot Camp SCHEDULE □ Delhi 26.

net .4-day Comprehensive Analyst Boot Camp SCHEDULE □ Delhi 26.2pm) Module 5: Valuations • Discount cash flows • Terminal Value (Exit Value.2pm) Module 7: Financial Modeling Asian Paints (The objective is to make a real quick model when we require a quick analysis of a company) • Annual Report Analysis .000/. Qualitative factors in valuation . 20 Mar Day 3: DCF & Relative Valuations Morning Session (10 . 27 Feb.analyst’s dissection of the available information • Quick method to forecast revenues and cost drivers • Balance Sheet. perpetuity Growth Method) • Discount Rate (cost of debit. 27 Feb.17 Apr P R E R E Q U I S I TE S Financial Accounting Excel – Beginner level Day 4: Financial Modeling-Asian Paints ( forecasting and valuations) FORMAT Classroom Training-50 hrs (approx). 6 Mar □ Bangalore 12. 3 Apr □ Mumbai 9. Replacement cost method. CAMP) Afternoon Session (2:30-6PM) Module 6: Valuations • Sensitivity Analysis (TABLE Function) • Equity value multiples: P/E. Sum of parts. PEG. Duration : 4 days (Weekends) Fees : 6. cost of Equity. 6 Mar □ Pune 26. 2. 5.management quality □ Hyderabad 26.13. Income Statement and Cash Flow adjustments Afternoon Session (2:30-6PM) Module 8: Financial Modeling Asian Paints (The objective is to make a real quick model when we require a quick analysis of a company) • Applying DCF Valuation Technique • Suggesting BUY/SELL for Asian Paints • 100+ page step by step excel handout guide on Asian Paints RATES & MORE INFO Nikhil Dhulla +91 92222 87739 nikhil@corporatebridge.16.19. 5. Mergers and acquisitions comparables.10. 27 Mar. P/BV. Dividend Yield • Asset based valuation.(inclusive of taxes) Morning Session (10 . P/CF.