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AN ATLAS OF ANIMAL ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS BY W. ELLENBERGER, H. BAUM AND He DIT TRI CH, Second Revised and Expanded Edition Edited by LEWIS S. BROWN, Exhibition Department, American Museum of Natural History DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC., NEW YORK coprnicur © 1949, 1956 sy poveR rusLicaTions, INC. All tights reserved under Pan American and International Copyright Conventions Published in Canada by General Publishing Company, Ltd.,30 Lesmill Road, Don Mills, Toronto, Ontario. An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists, frst published in 1949 by Dover Publications, Inc is a new English translation by Helene Weinbaum of Handbuch der Anatomie der Tire fr Kuntler originally pablished by Theodare Weicher, Leipzig in 1901 ‘The second revised English edition, edited by Lewis $, Brown and frst published in 1956 by Dover Publications, Inc, contains a new Preface, 25, ‘ditional plates and an enlarged bibliography. International Standard Book Number: 0-486-20082.5 Library of Congres Catalog Card Number: 56-14001 Manufactured in the United States of America 180 Varick Street New York, N. ¥. 10014 Preface to Second Revised American Edition gb in wi ha be pin is et Soro me hy ld me thy ltned Yeh se kp ‘ina in er ‘he fd et ‘orally weaned by te nda a tel mena ‘Sra mt al yom pr. Ahegh lam of the da aneate,cah n mer f= ee ee. Te om af te oer Prod ei the tpi nd heise ap el he “tis tar ‘smnnn eT oer hr ds aretha werner to ete The Bio ode you ‘ill mace. ye ted onthe Sevlopment of they he ‘de ed the th ‘nd beth Th envi of te bare y Cong St ‘Some Th a td the rer vce fom ancl ip ‘eat oth Heeger paso the borehe-rigial er, “ipsam he estar Te ein a he ‘sts eet vodeed Ste dy wy an hem tw