Process Mapping Survival Kit

Process Mapping Symbols
Branch Level Process Use for representing processes above the start point (leaf level). Decision Point Text in the decision point symbol should be in the form of a question. Operator Decision/Information /Activity or Operation Use for activities carried out at the time of the query. For other activities use the delay symbol. Also use for information presented to mediators - not viewable by the public. If within the flow then it should be used as an operator decision point, if outside the flow it should be used as operator information. If both operator decision and information are required at the same time then both the decision point and the information should be detailed together within the flow Start and End Point This begins or ends a line of enquiry. Endpoints should be aimed at the mediator and should include any information relevant to the process and also information for the mediator to 'pass on' to the customer. Start points should indicate that this is where the leaf level process begins Document (Paper or electronic) Use to represent documents, forms & information leaflets. Should contain the words 'sig' if a signature or authentication is required. Delay The delay symbol should only be used where the process must pause until the customer returns. This is most likely in instances where the customer needs to provide additional information for the process to continue. The delay symbol should not be used when the delay is essentially a back office process, and therefore not part of the customer interaction. System Activity Use to identify a system and guide the mediator on how to use the system to view, add or edit information Description should include actions such as check/view, update, add or delete. Off Page Connector Connection to another part of the same process on a different page. Can also be used to connect to another process. This symbol should be used at the top of every continuation page. On Page Connector Connection to another part of the same page. Annotation Used to supply additional relevant information to the public. If the information is for the mediator use operator decision/information symbol instead. Hook to common or back office Process Should contain a brief synopsis of what happens next. This is one of the methods by which local back office process maps will hook into customer facing processes. Re-engineering Symbol (Should contain number and an explanation) 1. National Changes 2. Planned Corporate Initiatives 3. Planned local re-organisation 4. Inefficient/Inconsistent practice 5. Other 6. Verification needed

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