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rE Ar RT ‘Conch Wille Tepgut 9588 Dscr Valley Drive “Tallahassee, Florida 32312 Re: Leder of Ofer nd Memoranda of Understanding Regarding Head Football Coach ~ Flora Antic University Dear Coach Tagan: 1 az pleased wo offer you the position of Head Football Coach for Florida Aante Universit the ‘ners of time, am providing you this Memocindum of Understanding lo preset the matrial ems ofthis offer. These und aher eas willbe neorpored nia superseing formal employrment corral wilh Florida Alani University fr exceuion by you athe ears possible date. By signing below, {Yat agree o accept position at he ine on the tr and condon described herein, ‘Your compensation as Head Football Coach wil be the following: + Guaranteed annualized base salary of $750,000, Annual Retention Bonus (begining January 15,2021, and each January 15 threes) of 25,000, + Performance incentive compensation for the progrim schcving agreed wpon athletic perfomance goals in such eatgorics as wining a confereace championship, ceiving a bowl {CEP invitation, and eaming extn talinal Goal reakngs. To ear any performance Incentive compensation inthis or the fellewing sections, you must be Head Coach ofthe program atthe time program achieves the goal, and you must emain Head Coach trough the following March 30th The incentive amounts below are not cumulative, yu wil be paid he Fighest amount associated with tbe pogeam achieving ay of he elowing: ‘> Conferenes Championship = 20,000 (appearance), $40,000 (win) {© Bow Game ~ $30,000 (appearance inary bow game); or $100,000 (appearance in a CEP New Yeats Six bow! game}, $250,000 (apnssrance ina CFP Semi-final bow ‘game), oF $350,000 (appearance in the CFP Nalonel Championship gam); or $500,000 (win CFP National Championship) ‘9. Top Ten Final Finish - $100,000; of Top Twenty-Five Final Finish $50,000 Performance incentive compensation forthe program achieving agreed upon scam performance goals in such etegris at APR rates and team OPA, ‘+ Performanes incentive compensation fr you personally being ramed Conference Coach ofthe ‘Year-$15,000, ot National Coseh of the Year ~850,000. + Provision of «busines vehicle or ressnable ca llowanee, complimentary tickets to FAU fottall games and oer athletic contests, sponsored retail apparel and gear, membership privileges at Boca Raton Resort & Club, access 10 private sue for home game contests, spouseldependent children may travel on team charters for away game contests, and a ell ‘hone DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS Winning in Paradise Reimbursement for your reasonable and documented houschold moving expenses in sccordance with University policy and sate lav. Elgbily to conduct cosching cams for supplomena income. Fall standard benefits onthe sumo lens a provided by the University to FAU Adin ‘Management and Professional (AMP) employees, subject tothe same Unversity regu policies and payroll practices applicable fo AMP employees, with contributions and benefit “mounts based upon the base salary where relevant Final employment is contingent upon appropiate resus fom a University backround check and completion ofan 19 employment eligibility frm. Aniong other terms, your employment agreement inches the fllowing The tes of your sppointment as Head Coach sive years beginning December 11,2019, and concluding December 31,2024 ‘You shall be protibited fim cciving benefit compensation ether han as described above {hom any oer source, engaging in any otber ouside activity, without ror writen consent fom tc FAU Athities Dicetor IF you terminate the contest or if the University terminates the contact for caus, the University shall not be ible for any payments or benefits afer the date of termination Case sll be defined inthe fomnal employment contact o include (i) any set or emission that amounts to neglect of failure to perform of rfusal to perform your courerated dics as Head Football Cosh (i) grave dishonesty, insubordination, cond, o¢ derogatory comment tha adversely affest the University, the Progrom, or the Universiy’s leis Department, Including eputsonal juris; (i) material breach of any University regulation or polly ot any tem ofthe formal empoyrent contact () any reklss or knowing et or omission thi Is legal (except for minor traffic offense), fauéulent or involves morl turpitude I you andlor the fothll program ace found by the University to have commited » mejor violation of NCAA oraplicabe conference rules and regulations, wheter while employed by ‘he Univesity odin prior employment anater NCAA member sian, yo shall Be subject to disciplinary or emestive ation a xt for inthe NCAA enforcement proce, up to and inctoingteninaton of empoyment for eause [fhe Universiy terminates your sppoiniment as Head Foobsll Coach without caus, the ‘University may feloase you or reasign you to anther position within the Univesity tse and absolute diseretion, and will provide you annual compensation for up to 36 moat, vail {you terminate your enplayrent with the Universi, or the remainder ofthe tem of the onset, whichever fst occurs. ‘You agree not to sek o apply for ther position without prior notice, you accept another coaching position while you are employed es Head Football Coach or olherise terminate Your employment witout good eause, you ill be requited to pay Florida Alatie Univesity liquidated damages buyout of() $3,000,000, if tersinated on or before December 1, 2022; (i) $1,00,000 if terminated on or before December 1, 2023; a (ii) $500,000 if terminated ‘between December 2, 2023 and December 31,2024 ‘You will sport dcetly to the Director of Albee, and subject 1 the final approval oF the Director, wl ave de authority to hire, manage, dicptine, nd tate your staal subject tothe budgetary imitations ofthe program), You willbe provided with an asstan salary pool ‘cnmersuate wih cnterenc peer tation, DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS Winning in Paradise === 1+ Prior to you engaging in subetantive communications with another emplayer for» foobalt aaching position, you will be obligated lo naify the Director in advance of any such ‘Your signature below indicates your soceptance of the postion under the terms set forth in this “Memorandum of Understanding, We will then make every reasonable effort to romp fnlize and ‘ute ino a formal employment contract that wil supersede and incorporate and expand upon the tems ths Memorandum of Understanding lwever, you gre to accept and be governed hy te tems of {tis Memorandum af Understanding se 2 binding contract unt such Gime ss a superstding Toma employment contract is entered into by you and the Univers kis with great aneipation and enthasiom that 1 offer you the postion of Head Football Couch at Forde Allantic University. have every confidence thit you wil lead our football program with ‘etegrty and pride, Please indicate your acceptance ofthe terms of his oer by signing below. Sincerely, em ‘Stina White Director of Athletes Florida Aantie University ecepte pate: 12/2/19 DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS Winning in Paradise

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