The making of cloak 6.Optical camouflage 3.References OPTICAL CAMOUFLAGE Introduction: .Component requirements 5.Methods of producing optical camouflage 8.1.Technology focus 4.Introduction 2.Instruments 7.Conclusion 9.

Optical camouflage : This is a kind of active camouflage which completely envelopes the wearer. The interesting application of this optical camouflage is Invisible cloak.naoki kawakami created a prototype camouflage in which a camera takes a shot of the background and displays it on the cloth using an external projector. The same year time magazine named it the best invention.masahiko inami. wearer making the wearer invisible.000 years. The word camouflage means " is to blend with the surroundings " . It displays an image of the scene on the side opposite the viewer on it so that the viewer can "see through" the Technology Focus: . In 2003 three professors at university of tokyo -susumu tachi. Many animals can disguise themselves into the objects beside them to protect themselves from the predators.Invisibility has been on humanity`s wish from past 10. Amon-ra a saint could disappear and reappear With recent advances in optics and computing and advent of flexible electronic like liquid crystal display can allow back ground image to be displayed on the material it self.This word comes from the French word "camoufler "means "to disguise" this concept is also found in the nature. This wish is now full filled with the concept of optical camouflage. this is nothing but making the idea clear about creating illusion This makes the image onto the masked object and u=you can observe the masked object as if it is visually transparent..

a garment made from highly reflective material .a computer projector.(made with high reflective material) step2: the observing screen should be placed in the location such that it should focus the view of raincoat The optical camouflage works on the concept of augmented reality technology which was first pioneered . 2: the virtual environment is made by making the virtual images which are done by a powerful computer graphics.totally virtual environment 1: make the users look through a special viewing apparatus to see a real-world scene which synthesized Ivan Sutherland in Harvard university. Augmented-reality systems add computer generated information to a user`s sensory perceptions. a special half silvered mirror called combiner Working: step 1: the object (a person) dons a garment that resembles a raincoat.a video camera . Components requirements : Optical camouflage is a pure physics application that can provide the invisibility in the visible physics by using the behavior and properties of light and interaction of light. there are two types of environments 1.augumented reality 2.

Originally developed for studios. the light rays bounce back exactly in the same direction This is called the retro reflective surface. video camera professional video camera (television camera)is used. . these beads act as prisms and hence cause the reflected light to travel back. The Making of coat : The coat is made with thousands of smal beads.when light strikes one of these beads. rough surface .smooth surface Eg:traffic signs road markers and bicycle reflectors.

step1:a digital video camera captures the scenes behind the person wearing the cloak. Combiner: it is a special mirror that reflects the projected image towards the cloak and let light rays bouncing off the cloak return to user`s eye.there are two types of professional video cameras: high end and recording cameras. step3:the silvered half mirror which is completely reflective bounces the projected image toward the person wearing the cloak. step2: the projector receives the enhanced image from the computer and shines the image through a pinhole sized opening onto the combiner. This is called beam splitter or combiner. Method of producing Optical camouflage Projector: projector accomplishes this task by shining a light bean through an opening controlled by a device called iris diaphragm. : step4:light rays bouncing off of the cloak passes through the transparent part of the mirror and fall on the users side CONCLUSION: . Computer: it manipulates the data according to a list of instructions All augmented reality systems rely on powerful computers to make graphics and then super impose on the backgrounds. it processes the image and makes necessary calculations.

1991 2) Kodansya. 8/01/30/japanese-invisibletechnology-opticalcamouflage . Ghost in the REFERENCES: 1) 3) http://en.wikipedia.htm 6)http://objsam.wikipedia.Hence the optical camouflage is made to appear from the retro reflective material and makes the person camouflage 5) g_device 4) http://en.

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