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Renaissance Book Review

Myra Brown and Julia Evans

Class period: 3rd period

The author of the book Renaissance is Alison Cole and it was published by Dorling
Kindersley Company. This book happens to be non-fiction and its overall idea is to give
informational facts about the Renaissance and all its amazing history. It shows some of the most
amazing and unique sculptures from some early times as the 14th to the 16th centuries. The term
renaissance is from a french word which means “ rebirth”. The label renaissance is usually applied
to a period in the history of western Europe stretching from early 14th century to the mid to late
16th century. In writing of the time, however, the term was used more specifically to describe
a movement - the spirit of rebirth in art and literature. It first applied to the revived study of
classical learning.Art historian, Giorgio Vasari insisted that art had been reborn in Italy 1250
and had progressed through “childhood” and “youth” to it’s 16th-century maturity. It is this
self-conscious awareness of being part of something new and superior that gives a confident and
cohesive character to the Renaissance period. Now, with the advantage of historical perspective,
the Renaissance is seen as building on, rather than breaking with, its medieval heritage. This book
is full of visual picture of the Renaissance’s art such as sculptures, illustrations/paintings, sketches,
and ornamental panels.

The author’s purpose can work in two ways, it’s informational and it’s entertaining. It’s
informational because the book is basically delivering enlightening and historical facts about
the Renaissance as a whole. The book can be entertaining because the book is dishing out many
interesting facts. Although it’s not entertaining as a comedy, it’s giving pictures, background, artist,
and the Renaissance’s creativity.

The author of Renaissance is Alison Cole and it was published by Dorling Kindersly
Publishing Incorporation. The DK Inc. was established in 1974. It was founded as a book-packing
company by Christopher Dorling and Peter Kindersley in London of 1974, then in 1982 it was
established as a publisher.

This book is memorable, interesting and entertaining because there’s so much to learn and
there’s so many facts in the book Renaissance you never ever would of thought of. In my opinion
the book about The Renaissance was very educational and learning still, in my opinion i would rate
the Renaissance a 9 out of 10. :)

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