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Find out Day intotheEnvironment

how people DayandApril
USA, in Great Britain, 22nd to
all over
the world react to environmental issues.
June 5th 2006
Use your own words and try to reformulate. If you need help
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Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 nd. It is a time to unite and take action to
protect our planet. Earth Day which began in 1970, has been celebrated for 35
years by millions of people worldwide .Every Earth Day, hundreds of events take
place around the world. It is a global effort to accelerate environmental progress
and save the Blue Planet for our children’s future.

 What can you do to celebrate


There are little ways we can help every day to make our world a better place to
live . We can stay informed and join the fight. For example we can connect with
environmentalist on Facebook or get updated thanks to Twitter, we can support
EDF by making donations and taking actions to make our voice heard. We can
spread the word and tell our friends about EDF. As one person can make a
difference, it is useful to calculate our carbon footprint , or send e-cards .

What is
World Environment Day ?

 WED stands for World Environment Day . It is an annual event that is

aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive
environmental action. It has been celebrated since 1972 . WED activities take
place all year round but the day is celebrated on 5 June every year and
everyone from everywhere gets involved . It is a great way for the UN to
stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and encourage political
attention and action. WED is also a day for everyone to come together to
ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter world for future generations.

What are the problems ?

Air Pollution and water pollution are the main environmental issues that harm
natural resources . Polluted runoff is the number one cause of water pollution.
What are the 3Rs ?

The 3 R’s are known as : Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Why the 3Rs ?

The 3 R’s should help us use less energy and save natural resources to reduce
pollution . Thanks to the 3 R’s you can learn how to reduce packaging and
waste, how to re-use organic materials at home , or you can learn how to
recycle different kinds of packaging such as steel, aluminium, plastic, glass,
textiles, cardboard, or paper. Find good ideas to save

There are may tips to save energy on a daily basis. We should conserve energy
at work or at play and be careful not to waste.
We cold biy and use energy –saving bulbs or take showers instead of baths. We should
never leave computers, televisions or other appliances on when not in use and
always turn off the lights as well and use natural daylight as much as possible.
Carpooling is a good way to reduce pollution.

Always remember : think before you do as a little bit of effort can save a lot of

How eco -friendly are you? Are you good at

 saving energy ? Play a game! Then complete
the Earth Day Wordsearch to learn some
ecology-related words.
Air L’Air

Animals Les Animaux

Atmosphere l‘Atmosphère

Care la Protection/soin/l’attention

Clean Propre

Conservation La Sauvegarde/la défense

de l’environnement
La terre
En voie de disparition /en
Energy danger

Environment l’énergie

Extinct l’environnement

Fossil fuels disparu

Global warming l’énergie fossile

Habitat le réchauffement planétaire

Home l’habitat

Intervention l’habitat/ planète

Landfills l’Intervention

Litter les décharges

Oceans les ordures

Oxygen les océans

Ozone l’oxygène

People l’ozone

Photosynthesis les gens

Plants la photosynthèse

Pollution les plantes

Population la pollution

Preserve la population

Rainforest préserver
Recycle la forêt tropicale

Resource recycler

Reuse la ressource

Sanctuaries réutiliser

Soil les réserves naturelles

Symbiosis le sol/la terre

Volunteer la symbiose

Water bénévole/faire du bénévolat

Wetlands l’eau

Wildlife la zone humide

world la faune et flore

le monde