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Dr. Nadeem Ehsan Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA Spring, 2011 Three (3) Friday, 6:00—9:00 m4nadeem@yahoo.com Instructor’s Notes/Slides

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Entrepreneurship, CASE, MEM Spring 2011
Dr. Nadeem Ehsan

The understanding of entrepreneurship owes a lot to the work of economist Joseph Schumpeter and the Austrian School of economics. Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new businesses and particularly new organizations. Entrepreneurship ranges in scale from single projects to major undertakings creating several job opportunities. generally in response to known opportunities. Entrepreneurship forces "creative destruction" across markets and industries.Course Outline Entrepreneurship Introduction Courses called Entrepreneurship are taught in various universities with emphasis on useful knowledge areas for a business leader. Entrepreneurship is about taking risk. simultaneously creating new products and business models. Success is still not guaranteed till one has a vision to assess the future challenges and poise to transform to be in a winning position. which go on to apply themselves in the form of new business 2 Entrepreneurship. for a leader to look BIG. creative destruction is largely responsible for the dynamism of industries and long-run economic growth. and exploiting opportunities. This course has been designed to train a mind to think BIG. evaluating. The behavior of the entrepreneur reflects a kind of person willing to put his or her career and financial security on the line and take risks in the name of an idea. CASE. An entrepreneur is a person who is willing and able to convert a new idea or invention into a successful innovation. To be a business leader one has to have an aptitude for it before one succeeds. MEM Spring 2011 Dr. it requires a complete mindset to be in the leading position. Entrepreneurial activities differ from each other based on the type of business being pursued. Entrepreneurship is generally a difficult undertaking. This vision encompasses more than just the knowledge of business. and an Entrepreneur to act BIG. Still another view of entrepreneurship is that it is the process of discovering. since many new businesses often fail. In this way. spending much time as well as capital on an uncertain venture. Nadeem Ehsan .

Understand the internal. social sector development organizations. The course will be useful for you if you join industry. academia. In this model an entrepreneur could be defined as "someone who acts with ambition beyond that supportable by the resources currently under his control. team leaders. organizations. Learn the art of remaining politically correct in interactions and resolve the conflicts amicably. politics and journalism or chose to be freelance thinkers. or if you are expected to be engaged in such activities in future. in relentless pursuit of opportunity" (a definition common to entrepreneurship professors Howard Stevenson and Jeffry Timmons). Nadeem Ehsan . This course will particularly be of a great value to you once you will be the middle and senior level managers. Pinchot (1985) coined the term Intrapreneurship to describe entrepreneurial-like activities inside organizations and government. Objective of this Course  Understand the concept of Entrepreneurship Enhance skills to become an effective Entrepreneur in any institutional or social environment. and particularly as an engine for job creation and economic growth.    Broad Course Contents Introduction to entrepreneurship The Evolution of Entrepreneurship Who Are Entrepreneurs? The Entrepreneurial Personality The Entrepreneurial Mind-Set The Macro View The Micro View 3 Entrepreneurship. CASE. Entrepreneurship is widely regarded as an integral player in the business culture of social life. project conceivers.ventures. The concept is commonly referred to as Corporate Entrepreneurship. external and physical environment of a business and develop a vision to take prudent decisions. MEM Spring 2011 Dr. coordinators and volunteers and will be directly or indirectly involved with the projects. engineering.

CASE. MEM Spring 2011 Dr. Nadeem Ehsan .Developing the Vision Encouraging Innovation Sources of Innovative Ideas Human resources and the entrepreneurial organization: the organizational perspective Entrepreneurship in other contexts: non-profit and government organizations Developing an entrepreneurial culture Corporate strategy and entrepreneurship Leading the entrepreneurial organization Assessing entrepreneurial performance Management Versus Entrepreneurship Concept of Balance: Simultaneous Looseness and Tightness Avoiding Folklore: The Myths of Entrepreneurship The Entrepreneur’s Confrontation with Risk Stress and the Entrepreneur What Is Entrepreneurial Stress? Sources of Stress Dealing with Stress The Entrepreneurial Ego Overbearing Need for Control Unrealistic Optimism Entrepreneurial Motivation Overriding Desire for Success The Entrepreneurial Mind-Set in Organizations—Corporate Entrepreneurship Reengineering Organizational Thinking Developing Individual Managers for Corporate Entrepreneurship Developing Teams The Ethical Side of Entrepreneurship Opportunity Identification: The Search for New Ideas Ignorance of Legal Issues Understanding the Key Financial Statements Strategic Planning The International Environment: Global Opportunities 4 Entrepreneurship.

A good paper written by group of students (maximum 3 members) may fetch a better grade in the course. Timely submission of Homework /Assignments is mandatory and if not turned in when due. the student will be graded negatively. You may choose organization in public or private sector (Service or Manufacturing). Grade Distribution Mid Term Exam Assignments Class Presentations Final Exam Research Paper/Project 15 Percent 20 Percent 10 Percent 30 Percent 25 Percent Misc. Nadeem Ehsan . CASE. A paper shall have to be completed within the course time period. New Business Venture/ Project & Research Paper Instructions/ Important Dates Projects will be done in Groups (maximum 3 members) and must be from real life or may be from your own background/work environment/ parent department but it must cover the subject. The instructor and RAs will help the students selecting a paper topic and will keep guiding the students throughout till the publication of papers. Topics should be innovative and must have strong relevance with the subject and real life. To encourage students to write technical research papers. 5 Entrepreneurship. The students will not be allowed to publish the same paper in other courses. Instructions All classes are Smoke and Mobile Free. Homework may be submitted via E-Mail and Fax in case individual is out of town/ Country. Individual homework means individual effort. MEM Spring 2011 Dr. students will suggest topics to write technical research papers to be published in reputable journals or conferences.Venture Development Stages New-Venture Development Course Schedule The course consists of 16 Week Schedule out of which there will be One Week for Mid Term examination and One Week for Final Examination.

MEM Spring 2011 Dr. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Study Week 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 5th Week 8th Week 13th Week Important Dates 4th February 2011 11th February 2011 18th February 2011 4th March 2011 25th March 2011 29th April 2011 Tasks to do Group Formation Finalization Synopsis of Project/ Abstract of Research Paper/Proposals Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts/ Proposal/ Synopsis Feasibility Report/Markeing Strategy/Literature Review Mind Storming Session (Discussion week) Final Submission/ Project Report/ New Venture 6 Entrepreneurship. CASE. Nadeem Ehsan .Sr No.

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