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Cameron Bracken 925.548.7392

M.S. Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (Hydrology, Water Resources, and Environmental Fluid Mechanics), University of Colorado at Boulder, 2011 Environmental Resources Engineering , Humboldt State University, 2009 Applied Mathematics, Humboldt State University, 2009

B.S. B.S.

Senior Staff Engineer at Geosyntec Consultants, Portland, OR, 40 hours/week Work in a water resources group performing a variety of technical tasks including: water resources data analysis and statistical analysis, water resources model development and evaluation, database manipulation, stormwater modeling and report preparation. Jun 2009 - Dec 2011 Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Advanced Decision Support for Water and Environmental Systems, 40hrs/wk summer, 20 hours/week school year, 2 years and 4 months Feb 2012 - Present Worked with Bureau of Reclamation to develop an operations model of the Colorado River Basin. Other work included water supply forecasting, statistical modeling of water resources systems. May 2008 - Nov 2008 Student Researcher, National Weather Service, Eureka CA, 20 hours/week, 6 months Developed a wave hazard forecasting model of San Francisco Bay using SWAN and ADCIRC. May 2007 - Jul 2007 Student Researcher, Environmental Fluids Research Experience for Undergraduates, University of Colorado at Boulder, 40 hours/week, 10 weeks Streamow forecasting using advanced statisical methods.

General Data Analysis Technical Writing, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Communication of Technical Information, Time Management, Public Speaking Water Resource and Hydrologic Data, Regulated and Unregulated Stream Gauge Data, Reservoir Data (Inow, Outow, Evaporation, Power, etc.), Snow and Climate Data


Water Resources Operations, Large Scale Water Supply Systems, Decision Support Modeling, Reservoirs, Batch Model Processing, Streamow Forecasting (Regression and Time Series based), Streamow Simulation, Analysis and Processing Snow and Climate Data Extensive experience with data analysis, visualization and statistical programming with R
A Procient with Matlab, Fortran 90/95, L TEX, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Excel, SQL (MySQL), VBA


OS Models

Procient with Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, Windows RiverWare, HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, SWMM, ADCIRC, SWAN, RMA2, EFDC, CE-Qual-W2, IPX

Department Fellow, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, 2009 - 2011 Best Undergraduate Research Project, Humboldt State University, Spring 2009 Homer Arnold Award in Applied Engineering for outstanding achievement in applied engineering design involving environmental and resource problems, Humboldt State University, Spring 2009 Roscoe-Schneller Award for outstanding potential in Environmental Resources Engineering, Humboldt State University, Spring 2007 ($500). Robert S. Chambers Award for academic achievement in mathmatics, Humboldt State University, Spring 2007 ($500).

Bracken, C., Zagona, E., Rajagopalan, B. (2011), A New Probabilistic Model for Reservoir Operations in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Submitted to J. of Hydrology. Bracken, C., B. Rajagopalan, and E. Zagona (2011), A Nonstationary Hidden Markov Model for Stochastic Streamow Simulation and Short Term Forecasting in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Submitted to Water Resour. Res. Bracken, C., B. Rajagopalan, and J. Prairie (2010), A multisite seasonal ensemble streamow forecasting technique, Water Resour. Res., 46, W03532, doi:10.1029/2009WR007965.

December 11, 2012